In the Krasnodar region returned winter. Video

At least two people were killed and another seriously injured in the Krasnodar region. The southern and central regions of collapsed heavy snowfall and squally wind. Azov sea coast disappeared under snowdrifts. This rarely happens, even during the coldest winters. In the capital region hampered vehicular traffic. Visibility on the roads does not exceed a few meters, the wheels get bogged down in the sticky snow. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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Natural disasters — a view from space. Part 1

Before impact Hurricane Ike in Texas. Employees of the company GeoEye made a selection of images from his companion, who makes a very detailed pictures of the Earth surface, dedicated to natural disasters. Basically, in the compilation of forest fires, floods (before and after), impacts of cyclones and hurricanes. In addition to the United States there are pictures of Europe and Asia. According to the online photos show how much land can be unfriendly. All pictures are clickable.After impact Hurricane Ike in Texas. Flooding in Galfporte, Illinois. Forest fires in California. Coast of Indonesia Read more [...]
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Hurricane blows in Altai buses

Due to bad weather in the Altai region on Thursday, March 18, the Barnaul Bus canceled all flights. But the ban on the movement started to operate since 9:40 am. Because coaches who left early in the morning, still managed to come out on their routes. Accident happened in Kosikhinsky area of ​​the Altai Territory. Raging storm blew the road, two buses, which followed the directions Barnaul - Gorno-Altaisk and Belokuriha - Barnaul. By happy coincidence, none of the passengers was injured, drivers also escaped fright. Buses have already been evacuated from the scene by rescuers, and passengers Read more [...]
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Can Mississippi Haiti become an American?

In recent days, in the newspapers and television screens do not go reported the strongest earthquakes in the Western Hemisphere. In January kick underground elements hit Haiti, six weeks later even stronger jolted Chile. And here and there were killed or found themselves under the rubble of destroyed homes, thousands of people, countless homeless, the two countries have not been able to do without foreign aid. These disasters, so little time division involuntarily raise the question - who's next, and when? And it is clear that most cares close neighbors affected, including residents of the Read more [...]
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Possible areas of flooding in Russia

click to enlarge According to the MOE, this year in the flood zone can get more than 3 thousands of Russian towns and villages in which they live more than 2 million people. In many areas, flooding is expected earlier than usual, and in the Rostov region, he started back in the winter. In some regions of Russia coming flood can lead to environmental problems, according to Natural Resources Minister Yuri Trutnev. The water level in the Moscow River in the period of thaw could rise by 80 centimeters. Such data on Friday voiced staff MGUP "Waterworks." According to experts, the last winter was Read more [...]
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Updated on-line monitors online

Giant flood 2 million years ago flooded China and India

July 24, 2013. Geologists have found in China and India, traces of a giant outburst floods mountain lake. This flood is the largest known natural disasters of this kind. To such conclusion the American scientists from the University of Washington, whose article was published in the journal Geology. The authors examined the traces of a mountain lake, which was once located near the south-eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, just above the gorge of the Tsangpo (as it now is the river Yarlung). Judging by the coastal terraces, the volume of the lake was about 800 cubic kilometers. After a sudden Read more [...]
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Climate refugees. Photo

Refugees in the Dadaab camp in Kenya expect when they register they can get food. It has been six years of drought in Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea led to the fact that millions of people left their homes and moved to neighboring countries - Kenya and Yemen. They - climate refugees. They have little food and water, no roof over their heads. In November 2009, the Danish photographer Jan Grarap traveled to East Africa and made a series of snapshots from the life of climate refugees. He started with the Dadaab camp in Kenya, home to about 300 thousand people, and has completed a trip to Yemen, where Read more [...]
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South America will shake to its foundations

Chile does not come up after a natural disaster on February 27. And the reason to believe that the people will soon be able to return to the traditional way of life has become even smaller. American seismologists promised that the country in the coming months, expect 25 to 45 new aftershocks with magnitude above 5. Such information is contained in a report published today, the National United States Geological Survey. Seismologists have also warned about the threat of a new devastating earthquake of magnitude 7 The probability that it will happen, is about 30%. Recall, 27 February 2010 Chile Read more [...]
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Heavy rains caused flooding in Haiti. Video

Torrential rains have caused flooding in Haiti. In the flood zone were refugee camp, which is now home to hundreds of thousands of people. All of them lost their homes as a result of the January earthquake. Sediments eroded soil and caused debris flows. The water and mud sowed panic among the refugees. No casualties and no injuries were reported. Now, the lifeguard, to help eliminate the effects of the disaster. February 27, 2010 in Chile were documented numerous tremors to nine points. Up to 800 people were killed, hundreds missing. There are about 2 million people were left homeless. An Read more [...]
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In Beijing, a raging dust storm. Video

Dust storm struck on Saturday at Beijing, bringing strong winds and tons of fine sand. City shrouded in a yellow veil, through which passes almost sunlight. Dust covers the streets, parked cars, enters the room. Before reaching the Beijing dust storm has created havoc in the north-western provinces of Gansu and Qinghai, Xinjiang ygurskom and Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Inner Mongolia, where the complicated traffic movement and operation of the airport. Most Beijingers prefer to stay at home, those who still go out on business, wear gauze bandages. Source: Conduct Previous News: · Israel Read more [...]
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The landslide destroyed a home in Pyatigorsk and pipeline

Power of Pyatigorsk, where on Wednesday a landslide destroyed a house, trying to persuade residents to move and the nearby private home, but they flatly refuse to leave the house, said a representative of the city administration. As a result, activation of landslide processes on Wednesday morning was damaged pipeline and gas supply is interrupted one thousand homes and 36 businesses in Pyatigorsk. The landslide completely destroyed a house on the street Pasenco, 23, and touched the garden of the neighboring house. No one was hurt. "Residents of the home down the street Pasenco, 21 categorically Read more [...]
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Sinkhole in the center of Volgograd

Bus route №6e "Avenue of Heroes - Airport" got yesterday in a sinkhole at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and the Komsomol. As described in MTE-7 serving this route, the incident occurred last night. Bus made the last lap on the route, and the driver performed a U-turn to follow in the park. The bus was one driver. He was not injured. The car also got off minor scratches on the body and has been removed from the failure by the Company. Meanwhile OGIBDD ATC for the Central District said that the place was fenced asphalt failure, and the bus driver decided to overtake a dangerous place, Read more [...]
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A dam burst Kiev reservoir. Forecast

In Ukraine, there is no such rivers as the Dnepr ... Pripyat Chernobyl threat? ... How MOE will save citizens, if he himself need to be saved? ... Everyone should be ready backpack with everything you need ... A few weeks we are frightened spring floods, which threatens many areas of the capital and the numerous settlements of Ukraine. We turned to the experts-katastrofologu Basil Creed, the head of an international group of independent experts on predicting the effects of disasters and emergencies that he outlined his vision of the expected threats.In Ukraine there is no such rivers as Read more [...]
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Turkey continues to shake. A summary of

We constantly hear about the ongoing earthquakes in Chile, Haiti, sometimes. But there is one place that the media ignored - Turkey. Yes, Turkey continues active seismic processes and they clearly localization. Earthquake on March 8 in 6 points, which occurred at the junction of tectonic plates could have been a trigger. The total number of about a hundred earthquakes. The average strength of 3-4. Most recorded substantially at the surface 10 to 2 km. Most likely there proihodit active process of mountain building.By Turkish activity, you can add trend of earthquakes that occur in the same Read more [...]
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Landslides in Dagestan

The landslide came down on Thursday at the Dagestani village partially destroyed seven houses, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the Republican Ministry of Emergency Situations. "In the village of Lower Katrukha Rutul district of Dagestan on Thursday landslide. In the area of ​​sliding soil masses got seven houses. They are partially destroyed, decided to evacuate people as landslide process can continue and completely destroy the house, "- said the agency interlocutor. According to him, moved out and placed with relatives of 15 people, including four children. At the scene works task force EMERCOM Read more [...]
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Severe cyclone in Vladivostok

To Primorye got a strong cyclone. Gusts. Snow and rain. View - strong waves. The temperature jumped to plus three degrees. However, at night, it is expected to fall sharply - down to minus seven, and will snow. Given how strong the wind, forecasters say to expect a snowstorm. According to their forecasts, it will be the next two days. Meanwhile in Vladivostok prepared for the cyclone - the streets brought about a hundred snow plows, but motorists are advised to refrain from traveling. Source: Conduct Previous Related News · In Primorsky Krai struck a powerful snow cyclone Read more [...]
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In China, the earthquake caused a flood: 21 victims

July 27, 2013. At least 21 people were killed and four reported missing in floods and landslides that hit the Chinese province, where more than 95 people died after the earthquake, state media reported on Saturday. Floods, landslides and rockfalls were reported Thursday in the northwestern Gansu Province after heavy rains, Xinhua news agency reported, citing a local government. Several villages and provinces were blocked, power lines are broken due to landslides. In one village, more than half of the houses were destroyed. The authorities have ordered the evacuation of 30,000 people, as weather Read more [...]
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In Iceland, the volcano erupts. 500 people evacuated

Five Icelanders were evacuated on Sunday, March 21 due to the eruption of the volcano, reports AFP. Volcanic eruption started under the glacier Eyjafjallajökull - one of the smallest in the country, which is located 150 kilometers of Reykjavik. According to eyewitness reports, there are flames and lava flows. Icelandic rescuers emphasize that there is no danger to people. However, as a precaution from the surrounding areas were evacuated 500-600. The volcano, which began erupting on March 21 is considered active. Last time it erupted in 1823, and before that - in 1821. Source: Tape Previous Read more [...]
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Flooding and avalanches in the PRC

Due to flooding and avalanches caused by melting snow and heavy rainfall in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China, affecting more than 300,000 people. The most difficult situation, reports Xinhua, has developed in the Ili-Kazakh Autonomous Region and other regions. Increase in air temperature in combination with the heavy rainfall over the past three days has led to the melting of snow mass, which in turn has caused floods and avalanches in the northern part of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. As a result, seriously affected the local livestock sector, a number of highways Read more [...]
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