The whole island was submerged

New Moore Island (New Moore), for the right to have that for about 30 years, India and Bangladesh have argued, went under water due to rising sea levels, said Wednesday the newspaper "Indian Express", citing data from oceanography. The island, also known as South Talpatti Purbasha or an area about 10 kilometers away in the Bay of Bengal. There has never been a permanent settlement, but the island was known due to the fact that he was the subject of a territorial dispute between India and Bangladesh. In 1981, the Indian Border command even sent a group of sailors here with the task set on a deserted Read more [...]
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In Australia, a landslide derailed a passenger train

A passenger train derailed in the Australian state of Queensland because of a landslide, three people were injured, said on Friday the Australian newspaper The Courier-Mail.  The incident occurred on Friday morning, 16 kilometers from the town of Redlynch (Redlynch) in the northern part of the state. Passengers trains were 240 people. Year-old boy and 25-year-old man received head injuries, the third victim - a knee injury and shoulder. Representatives of the rescue services believe that the cause of derailment was a landslide caused by heavy rains have passed the day before. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Record warm weather in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic in recent days established unusually warm weather, on Thursday in 20 cities across the country was recorded record high temperatures - more than 20 ° C, according to the Czech Weather Service. In particular, in Prague, the thermometer rose to 21 ° (maximum temperature was noted here in 1974 - + 19,3 ° C), which has pleased many tourists in the Czech capital. In the south of the Czech Republic in Husince Thursday afternoon was 20,6 ° of heat (in 1955 19,5 °). It was very warm in Moravia and Central Bohemia, in Brandýs nad Labem meteorologists recorded a temperature Read more [...]
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Almost 70,000 Indonesians affected by the flooding on the island of Java

More than 66 thousand inhabitants of the Indonesian province of West Java have suffered in the last week of the flood Chitarum after heavy rains, according to Friday's national news agency Antara. According to the head of a social service district Karavang Banuary Nadeaka (Banuara Nadeak), there is only flooded about 16,000 housing units and is currently homeless have lost about 30 thousand people. Residents waiting for the recession of the water level, are placed in markets, mosques, schools and buildings leased by the authorities, are dependent on food aid. Every year, millions of Indonesians Read more [...]
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Rainfall in Brazil deprived housing more than 1,300 people

Heavy rain fell on the state of Santa Catarina, in southern Brazil. As a result, elements revelry left without a roof over his head more than 1.3 thousand people, one person was killed. On it informs RIA Novosti reported with reference to the local civil defense service. Due to the flooding of residential neighborhoods mode emergency declared in two cities in the east of the state. Material damage caused by 13 settlements. Recall from the beginning of December 2009 to the south and southeast of Brazil struck several of the strongest cyclones. In Sao Paulo, the rain came down 43 days in a row. Read more [...]
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Volcanic eruption in Iceland. Video

Iceland came breathtaking footage of the eruption of the volcano, which is located between two glaciers in the south. It began at the end of last week, but within a few days of bad weather did not allow to make a qualitative survey. Most complex fireworks show put on by nature, attracted professionals and curious, but violated the local daily life. Several hundred people have been evacuated from the danger zone. Also, talk about the risk of flooding in the region, if the glaciers will melt. However, volcanologists predict that all will end peacefully, without death and destruction, reports Read more [...]
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Georgia was the victim of a severe hurricane

According to West Georgia walked a hurricane. According to local media reports, the victim of the elements in the Van region of Imereti region became one person. A resident of the district center in the yard at the time when she was torn down by the wind the water tank. Located near Kutaisi Kopitnari settlement wind blew the roof of the building, populated by refugees. In Tskaltubo damaged two of the sanatorium "Geologist" and "Metallurg", where there are a lot of families from Abkhazia. In all areas of the emergency headquarters set up. Source: BBC Read more [...]
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Mexico will be without water

The head of Mexico, Felipe Calderon has called for an urgent program to overcome the crisis in the supply of water to the population of the country until 2030. According to the Mexican leader, without urgent action, Mexico in the coming years may be left without water. "Over the past 60 years, water resources decreased by 78% due to over-exploitation of aquifers, as well as wear reservoirs and water supply," - said Calderon. According to the Mexican leader, lack of fresh water may be one of the leading factors hindering economic development in the coming decade. Particularly alarming situation Read more [...]
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Koryak volcano shows increased activity

One of the "home" of volcanoes Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky - Koryak, located 30 kilometers from the city, after a period of relative calm began to show increased seismic activity, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of Russian Academy of Sciences. "On his last day in the area of ​​seismic Koryak recorded 13 seismic events with magnitude between 1.7 and 3.3. There is a weak spasmodic volcanic tremor, "- said the agency interlocutor.For the first time after 52 years of "silence" volcano intensified in December 2008. A few months of its slope formed on the three Read more [...]
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Merapi volcano ash covered the neighboring villages

July 23, 2013. On most unpredictable Indonesian volcano Merapi eruption called is in full swing. The crater of the volcano, which belongs to a. Java, constantly throws into the air ash huge portions. The last such release forced local villagers to begin the evacuation of unauthorized fuming away from the mountains.Column reddish volcanic ash reached a height of 1 kilometer. Formed above the crater of Merapi thundercloud accumulated ash and took him to the villages located on the slopes of the mountain. Virtually all of the property of people living in the village Kankringan and neighboring Read more [...]
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Flooding threatens two million Russians

Most severe in the past 40 years the winter, accompanied by heavy snowfalls, the Russians threatened unprecedented floods. According to experts, in the inundation zone may be about two million people. In this regard, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered officials to take swift action to prevent emergencies and to help people who still get in trouble. The Prime Minister also called on to make sure that the Grand Ustjug not flooded residence of Santa Claus."It is well known that the outgoing winter was in Russia one of the most severe in the past 40 years, and as a result - in many Read more [...]
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Flooding in North Dakota. Photo

Members of the National Guard during a patrol in the area, flooded during the flood the Red River on March 19 in Fargo, Se.Dakota. (M. Spencer Green / AP) All last week in the northeast United States continued severe flooding caused by heavy rains and became unusually snowy winter. Most went to North Dakota, where flooding continues for the second year in a row. Special danger the city was in Fargo, where as a result of melting snow and heavy rains have passed overflowed river Red River. In this case, exactly the same as last year's event, when there was the largest in the United States flood Read more [...]
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In Chile, a new series of earthquakes

Another series of earthquakes occurred in Chile. The first tremors of 5.9 on the Richter scale have been recorded in 120 km from g.Talka. The epicenter was located at a depth of 21.1 km, reports the USGS. Shortly thereafter, followed by new tremors with a magnitude reached 5.5 on the Richter scale. They occurred in 100 km from Talca, their epicenter was at a depth of 35 km. Information on casualties or damage were reported. Tsunami warning was not announced. Worth noting that after the devastating earthquake that struck the country in late February 2010., Chile continues to shake almost every Read more [...]
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On the sun fade spots

According to the space solar observatory SOHO, currently available on the solar disk two groups of spots (№1054 and №1056) disintegrate and soon, probably disappear again. In the north-eastern limb of the Sun, according to the Space Weather, has been observed for the fourth day active and dynamic prominence.

Source: CNews

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In Chernihiv, Ukraine, began flooding

Today, March 29, in the Office of Emergency Chernihiv Regional State Administration reported that in the area began flood. According to the head of the Emergencies Ministry, the threat of flooding exists in 13 regions of Ukraine According to the report, from the rise of the water level in the river again, which is a tributary of the Desna, broken transport links between the villages of Great and Little Dirchin Dirchin (Gorodnyansky district). Dam through which the communication between villages, overflowed with water on three areas of the right bank width of 50 m, 30 m and 5 m. Height layer Read more [...]
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Snowfalls do not want to leave the Kuzbass

Snowfalls do not want to leave the Kuzbass. Photo: Maxim Shipenko Those who tuned in for the spring and put it in the closet shovels and brooms, it's time to get them again. Spring this time clearly was late, and the sky continues to make the April snow already. Those who tuned in for the spring and put it in the closet shovels and brooms, it's time to get them again. Spring this time clearly was late, and the sky continues to make the April snow already. Cnachala heavy snowfall will run amok over the northern part of the region, and by Friday will be displaced to the south. Terrible cold we Read more [...]
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Hurricane tornado hit the Bahamas. Photo

Consequences of hurricane A powerful tornado that hit today, a number of states of the eastern coast of the United States, went to the Bahamas. According to local authorities, the impact of the tornado felt by several islands, including Grand Bahama Island - one of the two islands, where most residents of the state. As a result of the hurricane destroyed several buildings, overturned cars and broken trees. Information about the victims so far been received. Powerful gusts of wind with heavy rain, according to weather forecasts, will continue here throughout the day.On the eastern coast of Read more [...]
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In the north-east of Moscow road went under ground. Photo

In place of the state of emergency, as the disaster, attended the emergency services: Emergency Situations Ministry, the police, emergency vehicles Sinkhole on the drive Dezhneva this Saturday frightened many residents of the area Otradnoe. In place of the state of emergency, as the disaster, attended the emergency services: Emergency Situations Ministry, the police, emergency vehicles. DPS officers have formed the pit exposed fence, because of what the traffic on this section of the road was difficult. As the correspondent of "KP" communal, soil fell through due to the collapse of the plate Read more [...]
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Irkutsk goes under water

In Irkutsk, due to heavy snow melt, many streets were turned into real river, in the private sector flooded dozens of homes. Water in the room - literally - on a belt and clothes and furniture literally swim. Local resident: "I do not know what we'll do. It's not summer - water ice, everything floats. " Problems arose and with public transport. In one of the areas under the water left the tram tracks. According to forecasts of the MOE, in the Irkutsk region flood wave will be one of the most powerful. Source: NTV Previous News: · Flooding threatens two million Russians · Flooded central Read more [...]
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Superchron kill all living things

Dinosaurs killed not a meteorite, and the magnetic field of the Earth. This opinion was expressed at the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS Vladimir Pavlov, investigating the behavior of the Earth's field. "In the course of our investigations it was found that the largest mass extinctions followed by 20-30 million years after it was completed superchron" - said Pavlov. Superchron called time interval, when the orientation of the geomagnetic field of the planet is not changed - there is no inversion, that is changing the Earth's poles. Such superchrons in the history of the planet yet found Read more [...]
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