Nocturnal heat waves will become more likely to visit the Pacific Northwest

July 25, 2013. Recently, a study on heat waves, brought quite interesting results, showing that the amount and intensity of such events will increase in the north-western Pacific countries not in the afternoon, and at night. Specialists from the University of Washington and Oregon have documented 15 instances of "nocturnal heat waves" in the period from 1901 to 2009. Ten of them came after 1990, 5 were in the short period from 2006 to 2009. While the survey materials were prepared for the press, it became aware of the appearance thereof, even so the heat wave at the end of June this year, which Read more [...]
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Temperature anomaly in Moscow

The temperature in Moscow and the region to the rest of the week will be 5 ... 7 ° exceed climatic norm. Told Vestyam.Ru leading specialist of the Center Fobos weather Leonid Starkov. According to him, the intense pace of snowmelt will continue and, apparently, to the Easter snow come down completely throughout the area. Changing climatic season occurred in average long-term time frame. March 27 average daily temperature passed through zero to positive values, and we started spring weather. And this was not smooth, as usual, but abruptly. The average daily temperature for 5 ... 7 ° higher than Read more [...]
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Soil respiration increased CO2 emissions

Scientists have found that over the past few decades, the allocation of soil carbon dioxide around the world came at an increasing rate due to global warming and to date has reached 98 billion tons per year in terms of carbon, the researchers reported in an article published Thursday in the journal Nature . This value is ten times higher than the combined emissions from all human activities on the planet."There are several possible explanations for this, but the most credible is that the average temperature increase throughout the world increases the rate of decomposition of organic Read more [...]
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Terrible drought in China. Photo

Severe drought experienced Yunnan Province in China. No precipitation for 126 days, 99% of all crops were lost. In the photographs dried reservoir volume of 1.6 million. M3. Former reservoir bottom was covered with cracks width of a palm and a depth of half a meter. As the disappearance of water in the reservoir, the fish "burrow" deeper and deeper into the mud. Most of the fish were collected residents living on the banks of the reservoir. Over the past 40 years, local residents have not seen anything like it. Source: Nature; Photo by: E Haibo Previous News: · 51 million people in China Read more [...]
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Sudden snow and frost in Scotland

Unexpected for late March snowfall and frost struck Tuesday at the northern regions of the United Kingdom, leading to power outages, according to the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC. In Scotland and Northern Ireland has dropped to 7.5 centimeters of snow, and the temperature in some areas last night dropped to No. 5 °. As a result of bad weather in Scotland were without power 22,000 homes. Energy were able to restore the supply of 20 thousand of them in the afternoon of Tuesday, in two thousand houses have to give light in the evening. Almost throughout Scotland in the next evening and Read more [...]
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In the north-eastern United States emergency

The region is already a few days do not stop torrential rains, and this may lead to the strongest in the last hundred years flood. In Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut flooded the streets, you can only move on inflatable boats. United States National Guard troops are on high alert. Sandbag barricades they build to reinforce riverbanks. The authorities are preparing to evacuate people. Source: The first channel Previous News: · Flooding in North Dakota. Photo · Flooding threatens two million Russians · Irkutsk goes under water · In Chernihiv, Ukraine, began flooding · In Lithuania Read more [...]
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10 cities of the world will be destroyed by earthquakes

The capital of Indonesia - Jakarta Eight of the ten largest cities in the world in terms of population located in seismic zones, said this week the UN representative. Life and safety of the residents of Tokyo, Mexico City, New York, Mumbai, New Delhi, Shanghai, Kolkata and Jakarta is under threat. Seismologists predict major earthquakes in other world cities, particularly in Istanbul and Los Angeles.Tokyo is located in the zone of the Pacific seismic belt, which stretches along the eastern coast of Asia, north and east of Australia, along the west coast of America. In this zone, 68% of all Read more [...]
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Anomalous cooling recorded in Britain

Forecasters recorded in the northern areas of the UK abnormal for this time of the year cooling. Snow filled up with Scotland, rain fell as the cars on the roads just fell asleep. The release of drivers and passengers, local authorities sent teams of rescuers. Not without accidents - with one of the highway slid and overturned school bus, killing a child, several students were injured. And in Northern Ireland under the weight of wet snow broke off the wires on the power lines. As a result, more than 40 thousand. Inhabitants of the region were left without electricity. Source: Russia 24 Previous Read more [...]
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In Tver send more water

One of the areas flooded Tver, the evacuation of local residents. To some of the houses emergency workers can be reached only on their inflatable boats. Water is coming, and it must be pumped. Marina Dominina, local resident: "Rescuers worked through the night. We begged them not to stop, because if they are left all around would flood. " Many residents, mostly senior citizens, refuse to leave the house. Floods are common in the area, but such a strong flooding has not already been more than 10 years, reports NTV. Source: NTV Previous News: · Flooding threatens two million Russians · Read more [...]
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Volcanoes in the Canary Islands may explode

click to enlarge Canary Islands - an archipelago of volcanic origin, so the presence of volcanoes there is no wonder. However, few travelers think about the fact that the volcano can wake up at any moment. Unfortunately, volcanologists can not predict the exact date, but can guess where this is likely to happen. That is the work done by scientists from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Barcelona's Institute of Earth Sciences. It turned out that in the last 11 thousand years, the volcanoes on the main island erupted 24 times, leaving traces in the form strombolitovyh cones (they Read more [...]
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Earth without water. Photo

Drought in Mali. Photographer James Whitlow Delano (James Whitlow Delano) years photographing the effects of the global water crisis. Global warming and population growth leads to the fact that in many places around the world just goes away water. The problem of the spread of deserts appeared in Yemen, Morocco, China, Mali and the western United States, these processes James Whitlow Delano illustrates the wonderful black and white photographs.A woman carries water from the almost dry river in Mopti, Mali. The remains of the buffalo, who died during a drought, Djenne, Mali. Ghost town in Read more [...]
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In France, due to the hurricane affected more than thirty people

July 29, 2013. Last Saturday, France was in the grip of a hurricane and torrential rains. The bad weather was expected - on the eve of the central departments of the country was declared a storm warning. Fears were not in vain. Holiday brought a strong wind, the speed of which reached one hundred and sixty-five miles per hour, reported by the news agency "RIA Novosti", referring to Sunday's information from Agence France-Presse. More than thirty people were injured, seriously injured when because of the terrible wind hit the big top tent in Joinville in the west of the country. Showers and thunderstorms, Read more [...]
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Rains caused record flooding in Rhode Island

Thousands of houses were left without electricity, and many residents were forced to evacuate due to the rains that caused record flooding along the span in the state of Rhode Island. According to the Associated Press, Barack Obama declared the state a disaster area and ordered to direct resources to oppose elements of the federal authorities. Last flood - is the second in New England in the last month - has been much more destructive of the previous. Stretching from Maine to Connecticut were flooded highways and sewer systems were overwhelmed by flood waters. The volume of precipitation in Read more [...]
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Heavy rains in Peru. Video

Read more [...]

Weather joked over the English. Photo

Children's toy - duck - partially buried in snow after blizzard in Derry, Northern Ireland. (REUTERS) Today, April 1, the spring confidently takes office ... and in the UK winter still does not want to assign the right to rule.Car stuck in the snow on the side of the highway A9 in Perthshire, Scotland, on March 30. (REUTERS / David Moir) Girl tries to escape from the cold and snow in Dunblane, Scotland, on March 30. (REUTERS / David Moir) Horse standing under a tree during a snowfall in Kinbuke, Scotland. (REUTERS / David Moir) Passer hard way through the snowdrifts in Peebles, Scotland, Read more [...]
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Showers in Azerbaijan flooded and deprived of electricity 150 private houses

Torrential rains in Azerbaijan on Wednesday and Thursday, flooded about 150 private houses, a number of government agencies in the district center Kyurdamir (about 200 kilometers west of Baku) and the nearby residential area of ​​Aran, in the villages and Atakishi Hyrdapay same district, deprived area of ​​electricity, according to the Baku APA news agency.Element created serious problems in the regional center, has complicated the movement of people, the water flooded rooms, cellars of several houses, some of which are having a crack, covered with silt monastery, in many courts of Read more [...]
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In the Amur region came unprecedented snowfall

Snowfall in the Amur region Khabarovsk Territory and the Amur region covered snow cyclone. All the structures of life support and rescue service regions translated into enhanced mode. In the southern region of the Amur Region in a few hours fell to 14 mm of rain (that's half the monthly norm). In Blagoveshchensk fell a quarter of the monthly norm. By order of the mayor of Blagoveshchensk, on enhanced mode from midnight transferred all city services, responsible for the work of life support systems, supply of heat, electricity, cleaning roads and pavements of snow. In the central and eastern Read more [...]
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UK. Snowfall. Video

In the northern areas of the UK abnormal for this time of the year cooling. Snow filled up with Scotland, rain fell as the cars on the roads just buried Source: Conduct Previous News: · Weather joked over the English. Photo · In the Amur region came unprecedented snowfall · Record warm weather in the Czech Republic · The temperature anomaly in Moscow · Weather anomalies in the south of Europe. VideoRead more [...]
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In the Middle Urals earthquake

In the Sverdlovsk region on the night of March 30, an earthquake of magnitude 4.3 points. According to the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the epicenter of the underground shock is located north of the city and Salda Krasnoural'sk. Tremors have made themselves felt in the third hour of the night. Fortunately, the night the earthquake did not destroy, the victims and survivors there. The tremor was felt in several localities of the Sverdlovsk region: towns and Kocjan Valerianovsk cities Forest, Kachkanar and Tura. Magnitude: 4.2 Time: March 29, 21: 02: 15.2 UTC Depth: Read more [...]
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Belarus is immersed in water

In Belarus, struggling with the effects of severe flooding in recent years. Flooded dozens of villages. Some — completely cut off from the outside world. You can get there only by boat. Water has flooded basements and first floors of homes — and keeps coming. 8.5 meters climbed the Western Dvina. Pripyat has spread to tens of kilometers, cutting off roads leading to the Ukraine. Meanwhile, hydrologists say - flooding has not yet reached its peak, the situation in the next few days may be impaired. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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