In the Voronezh region flooded part of the federal highway Kursk-Saratov

Water hides the road connecting the two routes are federal. To get to Rostov from Belgorod and Kursk, drivers have to storm the site. 200 meters along the swollen river. At the risk of flood the engine. Fortunate, since this part of the coast is removed on a mobile phone. And as a warning to spread on the Internet. Evakuatorschiki on duty nearby. Lucrative post. If you do not know the ford, you risk to stay here forever. Overcome this portion of the federal highway is only possible with an experienced pilot. Local drivers are trying to choose bypasses. But motorists from other regions are Read more [...]
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Drought in China has reduced sugar production by 1 million tons

Shortage of sugar Sugar production in China in 2010 will be reduced by about 10%, or one million tons as a result of drought in the south-west of the country, the agency "Xinhua" with reference to the China Association of sugar. The strongest in a century drought prevails in the south-western regions of the PRC in July 2009, according to forecasters, it can last until May 2010. Experiencing water shortages territory with a population of over 50 million people, drought struck by agricultural areas, providing about 15% of China's grain harvest. Sugar production in China in 2010 will reach 11 million Read more [...]
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In South America has fallen snow

July 26, 2013. Natural anomaly observed in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. Snow in these countries did not fall more than 20 years, reports «Uralinformbjuro». The air temperature dropped to minus 10 degrees, while the norm at this time of year is a plus 3 cold wave, which covered South America, came from Antarctica. Approximately 11,000 homeless people in Sao Paulo were urgently evacuated to temporary shelters. Total in Brazil from the cold death of nine people in Argentina - six write federal media. In Brazil, closed several roads, including federal. Doctors recorded Read more [...]
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Iceland has opened a new crater

Hundreds of tourists were evacuated from the slopes of the volcano in southern Iceland - there opened on the eve of a new crater. The eruption lasted for two weeks. Past 200 years, the volcano considered dormant, and its revival was a surprise to scientists. It can cause the eruption of a nearby, more powerful volcano - Katla. In the meantime, volcanologists claim that up to settlements you reach the lava, however, about five hundred people decided to leave their homes. A crowd of tourists, on the other hand, rushed to the crater of the volcano. Wildest watching eruption at a distance of five Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the north of the Sverdlovsk region arranged nature

Seismologists today confirmed that an earthquake in the north of the Sverdlovsk region arranged not miners or manufacturers, and nature. Residents of several days were lost in conjectures. In towns and villages were born several versions - from the collapse of the roof before the attack. To find out how it was in fact, "Vesti-Ural" went to the epicenter with scientists. The road to knowledge they are clearing to establish a portable seismic station. There Tree benchmark. Two days ago there was the epicenter of the earthquake to the Urals with unprecedented intensity - 4.6 points. Today, the residual Read more [...]
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Landslide in Peru has killed 5 people

Landslide in Peru At least five people were killed in a landslide in the department of Huanuco (Huanuco) 450 kilometers north-east of Peru's capital of Lima, said on Thursday the Peruvian radio station RPP. "In the village Kansehos (Cansejos), located on the road from Huanuco, an avalanche of rocks and mud caused by the continued heavy rains five o'clock. Beneath it were buried 43 houses. There is evidence of five dead, including one child, "- said the representative of the radio regional civil protection service. According to him, the death toll could rise as several people are still missing. On Read more [...]
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Fish suffocating in lakes

Thousands of tons of fish are dying in lakes Novgorod region. Fishermen complain that the population of burbot, carp and pike almost completely destroyed, reports NTV. According to local residents, freshwater suffocated. With the onset of spring water level in the lakes started to fall, and the ice has melted, stirring jambs migrate to open water. Gennady Mikhailov, villager navolok Novgorod region: "All is ruined. It's a big lake, but there is no audio rybinki - all One dead. " People fear that the dead fish after the thaw in the ducts can get into one of the largest lakes in Russia Ilmen Read more [...]
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Tens of thousands of homes without electricity in Northern Ireland

Because of the continuing the third day in the north of the British Isles snowfall and blizzards in Northern Ireland remained without electricity for about 100,000 homes, according to British media today. Operating in an emergency mode repair teams local power company was able to restore the power supply to 82 million homes, but about 20 thousand buildings remain without electricity. Repairmen working round the clock to re-pulling to break under the weight of snow wires, raise hundreds of wind collapsed pillars. In the struggle against the elements involved police, coast guard, rescue climbers. In Read more [...]
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Volcanic eruption in Iceland. Photo

Tourists gathered to see the eruption of the volcano near a glacier Fimmvёrdyuhauls Eyyafyatlaёkyudl, 128 km east of Iceland's capital Reykjavik. (Halldor Kolbeins-AFP / Getty Images) The volcano in southern Iceland began erupting for the first time in 200 years, which attracted thousands of tourists to the area. However, scientists fear that the volcano can activate another, bigger volcano nearby.Volcanic eruption forced hundreds of people to flee their homes, fearing that might wake up the larger volcano. (Fior Kjartansson-AFP / Getty Images) Iceland is in the Mid-point hot volcanic ridge Read more [...]
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Destructive hurricane in Vancouver. Video

On Friday, the hurricane broke the power supply in the Vancouver area. Wind speed was 60-80 km / h. As the representative of the power company "Sea Bee Sea", about 90,000 homes were without electricity. Because of the strong wind was broken Ferries from Vancouver to Victoria and Nanaimo. On one of the ferries were damaged during loading alignments cargo hatch, through which I stop the car on the lower deck of the ship. As the representative of the shipping company "Sea Bee Ferriz" Mark Stephenson, stoppers securing the hatch could not stand squally wind, ITAR-TASS reported. Source: Conduct, News Read more [...]
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A hurricane does not fly to the Japanese

More than 10 thousand people today could not just fly out of the largest in Japan Tokyo‘s Haneda Airport due to strong winds, the attacking zone of the country’s capital. Already canceled 65 domestic flights, ITAR-TASS reported.

Because of the powerful wind gusts stopped traffic on one of the railway tracks to the north-east of Tokyo. On other lines in the metropolitan area of ​​the train are significant delays.

Gusts near Tokyo‘s Haneda Airport is 17 m / s.

Source: Conduct

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Found evidence of past geological and climatic changes

An international team of scientists from several universities in Europe, Japan and the United States completed the data collection and analysis of cores from the glaciers of Greenland. According to the research experts reported on two very significant temperature jumps that have occurred during the last Ice Age. Experts say that these races have had a significant impact on the circulation of atmospheric tides on the planet.Ice samples showed that in the northern hemisphere of the planet were two significant warming period - the first took place 14,700 years ago, when just 50 years of global Read more [...]
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Maritimes scientists await the tsunami

Tsunami In the twentieth century in the Primorsky Krai was noted four tsunami waves. Fortunately, the waves were not huge and does not produce any damage. But the fact that you will agree, some concern is. "This phenomenon can be expected if off the west coast of Japan has passed an earthquake of magnitude more than 8 points. Then the consequence for us is just the tsunami, - explained in the press service of Primgidrometa. - Fixing the magnitude of the oscillations of the earth, it is possible to make predictions about the threat of a wave. In time to determine which of the earthquakes can cause Read more [...]
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Night storm swept across southern Kansas

July 26, 2013. Recent night for residents of the southern districts of Kansas is anything but calm and quiet thanks to a strong storm, the wind speed at the time of which managed to measure only the three-digit numbers. In the city of Hutchinson except squally wind storm brought large hail, some fragments reached 12.7 cm in diameter.Fully assess the damage caused by the storm, it was possible only after the morning. As it turned out, in low-lying areas of the storm sparked a mini-flood, wind gusts at a speed of about 160 km / h broke a record number of trees in the district of Reno near Read more [...]
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50 million migrate due to desertification in Africa and East

Desert returns to the Middle East, destroying fertile land and more destabilizing the situation in the region. Vadid Erian, head of the Department of Land Resources of the League of Arab States, in its report for the World Conference on Water, which is taking place these days in Alexandria, Egypt, wrote that "the process of transformation of agricultural land in the barren wasteland hit Syria, where because it had resettle hundreds of thousands of people. " However, the scientist stressed that the situation in Darfur, Western Sudan also extremely difficult. Erian said that desertification is Read more [...]
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Heavy rain and hail in the northern region of Azerbaijan

Serious damage to agriculture Balakan, Zagatala and Gakh regions Heavy rains and hail have created serious problems in the north-western regions of the country. According to the local bureau reports, from a night on April 2 in the north-western region of the country observed the unstable weather conditions. Running from last night torrential rains and hail lasted until 03:00 last night.Heavy rains and hail have created a number of problems in Balakan, Zagatala and Gakh regions. Told APA Balakan region executive, hail and torrential rains fell more in the village Sheriff region. Thus, in the Read more [...]
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Severe storm c tornadoes in North Carolina. Video

On Sunday, North Carolina withstood severe storms. Residents reported eight tornadoes that "moved the" home, pulled the trees and made "solar eclipse". A wide range of convective phenomena observed from Florida to Virginia, according to NOAA. One tornado was recorded in Oakland Park (FL). Another pillar funnel swept the roof of a factory in Belmont (NC). Multiple mobile homes were overturned in Linwood (North Carolina). Another tornado has found application in Greensboro (NC), where wind gusts reached 140 km / h, and the hail was the size of a baseball. The smallest damage - it's a power outage.The Read more [...]
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Italy threatens underwater volcano

Southern Italy threatens underwater volcano, the agency France Presse. Marsili volcano can be activated at any time, it will inevitably lead to the eruption of a powerful tsunami that flooded the southern region of the country - Campania, Calabria and Sicily. Eruption may be due to the collapse of the walls of the volcano, scientists believe they are too fragile. According to the structure of the volcano is not solid, and the amount of lava in it is quite large. Employees of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Italy (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology) believe Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Russia

North of Siberia Magnitude: 5.5 Time: April 4, 2010 09: 51: 26.9 UTC Depth: 10 km Coordinates: 110.19 ° E 68.10 ° N Comment: Interestingly, the data of this earthquake was quickly removed, as when sleduyuuschem update it was not recorded on the general map. But cash is a good from a saved cache. clickableNorth-East region of the Republic of Sakha Magnitude: 3.9 Time: April 1, 2010, 04: 30: 19.6 UTC Depth: 20 km Coordinates: 70.59 N 139.91 E Comment: The earthquake occurred in the vicinity of the junction of tectonic plates.Southwest Region of the Republic Read more [...]
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The powerful magnetic storm covered the Earth

According to the Center forecasts IZMIRAN geophysical conditions, the next day the storm will continue gradually weakening. April 7 geomagnetic situation should be normalized. As a result of interplanetary disturbances, threatened the work of electronic equipment, transport and communications. Magnetic storm can affect the health of weather-sensitive people. However, scientists believe small magnetic storms have a greater negative impact on the human body than the strong. You can prevent sickness, giving more time to rest and sleep.Land covered most powerful in the three years the magnetic Read more [...]
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