Easter earthquake in America. Video

The boundary of the United States and Mexico On Sunday, April 4 about 15:40 by the time the west coast of the USA, approximately 30 km to the southeast of the Mexican cross-border city of Mexicali, an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale, according to the USGS. Estimated seismologists, this earthquake felt at least 20 million people - in Mexico and the United States. According to CNN, tremors felt in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. After the first powerful earthquake were recorded three aftershocks of magnitude 5.1, 4.5 and 4.3.  According to preliminary data, the earthquake killed one Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Mexico. Photo

Security officer inspects the damage on the road between Tijuana and Mexicali. (Daniel Conejo-AFP / Getty Images) Tonight, at 3:40 am local time, just south of the Mexican border with the United States was the strongest earthquake. Magnitude quake exceeded 7 on the Richter scale. In several localities interrupted water supply, damaged communications and electricity. Echoes of the earthquake and felt US residents. Clickable.Saleswoman gives the customer the change through the broken window of a store in Mexicali. This shop - one of the many buildings affected by today's 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Read more [...]
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The intense heat in south-east Asia

Previously allotted time heatwave came to the Indian subcontinent and Indochina. Since early April, the positive temperature anomalies greater than 4 degrees. At the beginning of the month the leader in hot weather was India, but then the epicenter of high temperature shifted to Myanmar. 5 April the air is red-hot to almost 44 °. And while over the western China remains high background pressure, change the type of circulation is not going to happen. The sun bakes every day more and more.Source: Weather @ mail.ru Read more [...]
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A huge failure in Yekaterinburg

Residents along the street Malyshev today go on the edge of a huge pit, which formed near a neighboring building.   Here it is - a failure, senseless and merciless. Thirty meters length, depth - about ten meters. As an expert agrees to act worker Ivan, he is working on a nearby construction site, because of which, according to local residents, the ground and showered. According to him, the builders dug debris and soil is old and probably used before, were void, because of them, probably, and formed a failure.   Ivan colleagues believe that the reason for the collapse of asphalt was global Read more [...]
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On the beaches of Tunisia is more than 40 degrees!

July 26, 2013. July 26 hot air mass from Africa will continue to advance deep into Europe. On the coast of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia, the maximum temperature will reach and exceed 40 degrees! On our continent while 40 did not expect, however the majority of European countries will feel tomorrow 30 35 degrees, and in some places higher. In the UK, the west coast of Scandinavia, the north and west of Ukraine and the north of European Russia is expected to comfortable temperature, 23 degrees 28. In Europe will be the dry weather, but in Ireland, somewhere in France, Germany, Ukraine and the Read more [...]
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Torrential rains flooded the Rio de Janeiro

Torrential rains that lasted 14 hours, flooded Rio de Janeiro. At least eight people were killed in the city and three others in the province, five people missing in a landslide. Water level rose up to 7 cm. Traffic in the city is paralyzed, canceled classes in schools are not running the company.The death toll from mudslides and flooding in Brazil Rio de Janeiro has reached 79 Livni lasted more than 15 hours. As reported in the fire service, at least 40 people were hospitalized. Rescuers continue search for missing persons. "The situation is critical. Roads are blocked. We recommend people Read more [...]
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Bad weather in Western Europe and in the south of European Russia

Europe Another Atlantic cyclone hit the country in Western Europe. In Norway, the wind increased to 24 m / s, in Ireland to 23 m / s, in the UK up to 26 m / s. Received good rains. Their number is in Ireland for the night was 39 mm, 33 mm in the UK. Bad weather is associated with cyclones that approached from the mid-Atlantic to England. During the day, the cyclone deepened to 20 MB; Now the pressure at its center is 975 mb. Dell cyclone spread far to the west, so there was an increase in wind and in Germany to 19 m / s, in France, up to 24 m / s, in the Czech Republic up to 22 m / s, in Austria Read more [...]
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MOE disappointing forecast

In 2010, Russia will face a strong tide and peat bog fires. In the forecast of the Russian Emergencies Ministry is also a major accident on the power grids and gas pipelines: without light and heat at any time may be left almost 400 thousand. Persons, and worn out pipes by 21 thousand. Kilometers of gas pipelines. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry announced a forecast of emergency situation in the country in 2010. Basic PE will be associated with a strong tide. There are also serious accidents on pipelines and thermal power generators. Against the background of climate warming back Read more [...]
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In the Volgograd region flooded 12 villages

Due to the receipt of meltwater and ice jams Kumylga river rose to nearly three meters. Suffered about five hundred houses, hundreds of residents were evacuated. Particularly difficult situation has developed in four areas. According to weather forecasts, the situation will soon improve. At risk is 23 and the Volga region of the island in the district of Volgograd. In case of unfavorable development in the flood inundation zone could be more than 30 thousand people and 9,000 homes. On the eve of the Volgograd region burst dam. Because of the flooding area of ​​railway track train traffic Read more [...]
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About Earthquakes in the Urals. Video

Previous News: · An earthquake in the north of the Sverdlovsk region arranged nature · In the Middle Urals earthquake · Earthquake in the Urals · Earthquake in the Middle Urals · Nizhny Tagil goes underground. Photo Read more [...]
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Earth lost her balance and time

Also, watch the news on the topic: · URGENT! Dozens of earthquakes in Chile! Video · Chile earthquake shifted the Earth's axis and shortened day · Slow down the rotation of the Earth! Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Solar activity dropped sharply

According to the monitoring stations of solar activity NASA, there was a sharp decline in her - the fifth day in a row on the luminary is not observed a single spot. Less than a week the share of "unblemished" days in the current year 2010, an estimated SpaceWeather, tripled - from 3% to 9%. When the Sun will stain again, is still unknown. The sharp decline in solar activity, the traditional indicator of which is the number of spots (so-called "Wolf number"), suggests that the assumption of the beginning of a new solar activity at the end of last and beginning of this year could be a bit premature. In Read more [...]
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In the Arabian Peninsula the climate is changing

The Arabian Peninsula is undergoing significant climate change. Seasons change and the intensity of rainfall, registered a record rainfall, the number of sandstorms, said Monday a prominent Emirati meteorologist Ibrahim al-Jarvan.Categorically that climate change in the Arabian Peninsula, will be possible only on the basis of not less than 25 years of observations, but now, according to the database, obtained in recent years, we can say that the region "has become the arena of climate change. The new data do not coincide with the values ​​that were recorded during the three decades before Read more [...]
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25,000 Norwegians without electricity in the Arctic Circle

Accident in the power transmission system left without electricity on Tuesday about 25 thousand inhabitants of the Norwegian Arctic. The reasons for the incident that occurred on located in the Norwegian Sea, Lofoten, are being investigated. "The accident is localized, began repair work. Based on currently available information, we believe that the electricity supply will be restored during the day ", - quotes agency the power company statement Lofotkraft. Currently temperature Lofoten where in this time daylength not exceed a few hours is about -7 ... -10 ° C. Reference: The Lofoten Islands Read more [...]
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Climate change in Australia

In Australia, climate change becomes catastrophic proportions. Materials, which publishes The Los Angeles Times, it is impossible to read the faint of heart. Farmer gardener Frank Eddie told the publication that the drought in his area has been going on for ten years. "A lot of suicides. Sad mood. Families break up. Complete ruin. " South Australia is suffering from drought and catastrophic wildfires north — from flooding caused by monsoons, agriculture is in decline. During the period of the most massive in the history of forest fires in February 2009, killing 173 people, as well Read more [...]
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In the west, Georgia residents evacuated due to flooding

July 30, 2013. Part of Senaki in western Georgia was flooded due to heavy rains, do not stop for a few days. The water level rose to 50 centimeters, and in some areas of the city up to a meter. Local authorities decided to evacuate the women, children and the elderly. At this point in the city paralyzed traffic, remain flooded basements and first floors of dozens of homes. Source: RT Read more [...]
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Snow … snow everywhere

Odessa, Paris, Volgograd, Kamchatka, Ukraine, Moscow - all in the snow. And the Far East and the United States and Canada. This was not very long ago. Odessa Consequences of snowfall in Odessa. Due to bad weather in Odessa and the region having irregular supply of bread, reports "Interfax". Snow and frost paralyzed traffic and thus violated the delivery schedule of bread in the shops and stalls. The correspondent of "Interfax" reports from the scene that the residential areas of the village and Kotovskogo Tairova no bread from 16 December. In Iljichovsk Ovidiopol and Belgorod-Dniester Read more [...]
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Coffee producers suffer losses due to climate change

Increasing the temperature climate in coffee exporting countries compels manufacturers of this product to fight for the cooler mountain areas, which increases the costs of the business, said representatives of the International Coffee Organization (ICO) at a conference in Guatemala, reported by AFP. "Over the past 25 years, the temperature in the countries where they grow coffee, rose by 0.5 degrees Celsius, which is five times more than in the previous 25 years," - said the head of ICO Nestor Osorio (Nestor Osorio), whose words lead agency. According to the participants, warming leads to Read more [...]
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Shiveluch volcano threw ash to a height of more than six kilometers

Shiveluch volcano erupting in Kamchatka, threw the ashes with a gas to a height of 6 thousand. 500 m above sea level. "A day in the edifice of the volcano recorded 63 seismic events in the growing dome Shiveluch observed thermal anomaly," - said the agency "Interfax-Far East" representative of the Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Service RAS Wednesday. According to him, on a volcano is possible avalanches. He also noted that now Sheveluch dangerous for planes flying in the area. "Ash particles can get into the mechanisms of airliners and provoke a crash," - said the scientist. However, he Read more [...]
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The Northern Kuriles active volcano

Ebeko active volcano, located seven kilometers from the North-Kurilsk on the island Paramushiro newly acquired activity. Currently, the volcano emits steam and gas clouds height of 100-150 m above the crater, the displacement loop going south. This was reported by a representative Sahgidrometeosluzhby. According to her, the smell of hydrogen sulfide in the air of the North-Kurilsk not observed. Height Ebeko - 1,156 thousand. Meters. The volcano has three craters with a diameter of 350 m each. Besides it, the island Paramushiro are 22 more of the volcano. Source: Utro.ru. Previous News: · Shiveluch Read more [...]
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