Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 35

Tasmania recorded the mass death of dolphins

The mass death of dolphins recorded in the west of the island of Tasmania. About 40 mammals jumped in the shallow water, and half of them died, according to ITAR-TASS. According to the representative of the Ministry of Environment, the rescuers are doing everything possible to save the life of the remaining individuals. Most of the strandings were females and their young. At the moment the rescue boats organized support survivors of dolphins in the ocean. Scientists still have not figured out the reason that makes marine mammals from time to time to leave their native element. In this regard, Read more [...]
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Eruption of the volcano in the Krasnodar Territory

The eruption of the mud volcano started Hephaestus on Mount Rotten Temrjuksky area (Krasnodar region). Volcano wakes up every 5 years, mud gush to a height of 3 meters. According to "New Television of Kuban" for locals erupting mud volcano not a threat - to the nearest house more than 100 m. However, the volcano is a very strong smell of methane gas concentration is so great that it can catch fire, so light a fire near the volcano can not be . Hephaestus can erupt from several hours to several days. Total Taman Kuban volcano 62, 12 of them from time to time "wake up". Source: The South Previous Read more [...]
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April surprised yuzhnouraltsev snow anomaly

In the southern Urals in mid-April (14.04.2010) it snowed again. In the power of snow anomalies were almost all areas of the Chelyabinsk region. Though of impending precipitation forecasters warned the day before, for the majority of the Southern Urals snow in April was a complete surprise. Roads already dry, many motorists have changed winter tires to summer, and here again - snow pirouettes on highways. Car inspectors warn that in any case, follow the speed limit and be courteous on the road. But forecasters are not encouraging: a few days in the South Urals will host a cyclone. And he will Read more [...]
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Global sea levels could rise a meter in 50 years

The water level in the oceans 81,000 years ago there was a meter above, rather than 30 meters below the present one, as previously thought, calling into question the idea of ​​the response of glaciers to climate change, scientists say the United States, Italy and Spain, in an article published in the journal Science. Science links fluctuations in global sea level with the growth and melting of the ice sheets of the world. So, 125,000 years ago, when sea level was similar to today, the glaciers began to grow and reached a maximum size of 20 thousand years ago. As previously thought, during Read more [...]
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Ahmadinejad called 5,000,000 residents to leave the capital Tehran

Iranian President warns residents of the capital of the possibility of a strong earthquake. As the Bakililar.AZ, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday that at least five million people in the capital should move as soon the city may suffer from strong earthquakes.  Experts warn that can be lost hundreds of thousands of people. - We can not force people to leave the city ... but arrangements must be made. At least five million should leave Tehran so it was not crowded and it was easier to control in the event of an incident - quoted him as saying the Read more [...]
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Tremors of panic. West China shaken by a series of aftershocks

Series strongest aftershocks occurred on Wednesday morning in Qinghai Province in western China. The epicenter of the first, the most serious, was located in the county of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu. As a result, destroyed almost all residential buildings, as the locals live in mud-brick and wooden houses. The number of victims, according to state television PRC amounted to 300 people. Local officials say that it will continue to grow. On the streets of a panic.State Seismological Bureau of China reported that tremors were recorded at 07:49 local time (3:49 - Moscow time) Read more [...]
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Earthquake in China. Photo

People walk among the ruins in the province. In the north-west province of Qinghai rescuers managed to lead a successful operation. There from the rubble were removed about 900 survivors. (Ren Xiaogang / AP) Earthquake in China killed at least 400 lives, more than 10 thousand victims were in the hospital. However, only in one of the counties under the rubble were buried more than 100 children. China authorities have allocated $ 29 million to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.Rescuers carry an injured woman. An earthquake measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale was recorded on Wednesday Read more [...]
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Four Kamchatka volcano — above the background seismicity

Just four of the volcano of Kamchatka "trembled" and threw steam, gas and ash, K2K reported in the Far Eastern regional emergencies center with reference to the observations of experts of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology FED RAS and groups KVERT. Rescuers reported that volcanoes Shiveluch Kluchevskoy, Unnamed and Karimsky above the background seismicity, registered a series of seismic events in the construction of volcanoes. Over the past days were observed weak ash-gas explosions and avalanches. In this regard, the rescuers have warned of the danger to flights on international and Read more [...]
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Car passengers miraculously died in a landslide in China

July 30, 2013. Chinese news agencies distributed video landslide on the car. The incident occurred in the Shaanxi province in the center of the country. Fortunately, none of the four people who were in the car, was not injured. The car was moving along a mountain road when he collapsed right on the mass of earth and stones. Machine, ehavshaya behind, managed to slow down and not hit by a landslide. Of the affected cars to choose two people, two more later learned rescuers. Strong rains were in Shaanxi Province during the month. They have caused landslides and flooding in the region. The rainfall Read more [...]
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Heat waves in India will destroy all the tea plantations

In the north and east of the country, the thermometer rises above 40 ° C, which is abnormally high for April. Temperature record broken in Dzharsuguda (Orissa), where the heat reached 45 ° C, while in Simla, located in the foothills of the Himalayas, the temperature for the first time rose to 27 ° C. Indian meteorologists report that a record was preceded by a hot April unusually warm March. According to their forecasts, the weather will last in the country for a few days. Hospitals can not cope with the flow affected by the unprecedented heat wave of citizens, people fainted in the street. Read more [...]
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Powerful Indian cyclone confined hundreds of dead

As a result, a powerful cyclone in the northern Indian state of West Bengal on Wednesday night killed 31 people, according to Associatep Press. Gusts of wind in the Northern District Dinazhpur destroyed several villages, and felled trees, which are found under the rubble of 31 bodies. In just the last night as a result of the cyclone had destroyed more than 50 thousand huts locals. — At least 116 people died as a result of a strong tropical cyclone that struck the Indian state of West Bengal and Bangladesh. According to local police, the cyclone ravaged 500 kilometers north-east of the Read more [...]
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Unprecedented event on World Water Day. Video

On the occasion of World Water Day, the agency BDDP Unlimited partner organization "International Solidarity" through an unprecedented event: to capture the attention of passers-by, the agency has developed a new type of poster, using water as a carrier of information. The wall was installed in the heart of Paris and showed during the week passers damage reports, which causes lack of drinking water in the worldSolidarite from La Boite Concept on Vimeo. Read more [...]
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In Peru, the glacier has destroyed 20 homes

A piece of ice broke off and fell into a mountain lake that overflowed and destroyed at least 20 houses in the mountainous region of Ancash Peru. Authorities in the region «charged» in the incident climate change.

According to experts, if the picture is not climate change, the glaciers in Peru below 5.4 thousand. M will disappear by 2015. The most pessimistic climate scientists predict that fully glaciers in Peru could disappear by 2050.


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Mining tsunami. Video

In Peru - the collapse of a huge piece of ice in a highland lake caused a veritable tsunami As a result of falling ice block more than a kilometer in diameter formed wave height c five-story building. Mud flows spilled its banks and covered the nearest village. Three people are still missing, more than a hundred people were injured. The village is almost completely destroyed, the residents rescued the surviving assets. According to experts, the reason for the tragedy - global warming. Over the past thirty years in Peru melted more than a third of mountain glaciers. Source: Channel Five Previous Read more [...]
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Icelandic volcano preparing a nasty surprise

Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, instead of calm, is counting on that air carriers are losing each day with more and more money, on the contrary is becoming increasingly active. As reported today by geologists after the overflight of the volcano ash cloud had risen to a height of 8.5 kilometers. Previously, it was about 6 kilometers. Scientists watching the Eyjafjallajokull believe that due to the melting of glaciers, located on the volcano, is expected to emerge from the ashes of rain clouds, which will also interfere with air traffic over Europe. In the meantime, more and more countries Read more [...]
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In Zambia, an epidemic of cholera due to flooding

Since early March cholera in Zambia sick already 5,000. In the African country of Zambia for two months raging cholera epidemic. Since early March, the country's infected more than 5,000 people, 130 were killed. According to local authorities, this outbreak was the strongest in the last ten years. The main cause of the disease has led to numerous floods in Lusaka - the largest city in the state and its capital. In small ponds, which are the main source of drinking water for local residents, were cholera bacteria. In warm and humid climate of Zambia disease spreads very quickly. The country Read more [...]
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Icelandic volcano ash paralyzes Europe

Spread of ash Volcanic ash can cover the north and west of Russia. In the first place under the threat of Murmansk region. After the border with Finland and Norway it is already paralyzed. Experts warn that perhaps volcanic dust will penetrate into the lower layers of the atmosphere. According to doctors, it is the concentration will not be hazardous to health. However, people with hronicheskimim respiratory diseases such as asthma, it is better to stay at home and have on hand inhalers with medicine.The emergence of a giant cloud prepared in Kaliningrad. It can reach the Russian coast of Read more [...]
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Over the United States swept the meteorite. Video

Meter over the United States Residents of the United States where more than an Icelandic volcano jitters other natural phenomenon - a meteorite. Early in the morning on Thursday, a giant fireball streaked the sky over the American Midwest. — Meteor rain watching the residents of the Midwest United States. CCTV cameras recorded a real meteor shower. In Iowa, witnessed the phenomena become policemen who patrolled the streets at night one of the small towns in the state. Three-second process, followed by a bright flash, fixed camera mounted behind the windshield of the machine. Residents Read more [...]
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In Ukraine, the city falls to the ground

In Borislav Lviv region began to emerge karst holes under houses. Reported by the Ministry of Emergency Measures in the Lviv region. In particular, April 15, at 19:11 in the control signal was received, over the last few days in the city on the street. Modritskoy arose several karst failures. The greatest of them (depth of 3 meters and 4 meters in diameter) under a one-story brick apartment building, which is home to 5 people. After the occurrence of the failure of the people carried their belongings out of the house and do not live there anymore. April 16 in the city council and Borislav Read more [...]
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Heat waves in Europe: In Germany, melt the rails in Mallorca burn forest

July 28th. In Germany, ending the weekend became the hottest this year. Unusually high even for the summer temperature was established throughout the country. In Berlin, the thermometer rose to 37 degrees today. Residents of the capital flocked to the located between Berlin and Potsdam beaches lakes Big and Small Wannsee Wannsee. Many went to the public swimming pools and fountains to the city. In Munich (federal state of Bavaria), where the temperature in the heat of the day was also in the vicinity of 37 degrees, due to deformation of the rails blocked segment of urban railway (S-Bahn). As Read more [...]
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