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China is building huge underground bunkers for evacuation in case of earthquakes

China is actively building a huge underground bunkers for evacuation in case of earthquakes, wrote on Tuesday, Xinhua news agency. One of them will be opened soon in the center of the city of Nanjing. "Underground city" area of ​​16 hectares will be able to accommodate up to 6.6 thousand people. It will be not only temporary housing, but also hospitals, grocery stores, garbage incinerator. People will be able to live independently in such a bunker during the month. China has stepped up the construction of underground seysmoubezhisch occurred after May 12, 2008 the most powerful in the last Read more [...]
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Tropical storm «Flossie» cross the Hawaiian Islands

Diagram of the shift of the tropical storm "Flossie". © Gismeteo July 29, 2013. Tropical storm "Flossie", which became the sixth season of tropical storms in the northeast Pacific, was born on July 24 near the Mexican coast. Monday morning local time, it will be released on the Big Island of Hawaii, and then continue to move westward over the rest of the archipelago. Despite signs of weakening in the last hours, the storm will bring dangerous surf on the island, damaging winds, heavy rain and flooding. Center of the storm will pass in close proximity to the city of Hilo? the second largest in Read more [...]
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Mini tsunami in the Dominican Republic

Three women drowned on Sunday when a large wave from the earthquake of 5.2 points capsized boat in which they sailed, said the Centre for Emergency Preparedness (CE). The dead women - residents of La Romana, San Pedro and Saman (Dominican Republic), were on board the boat, "Bruno." In which also was the captain of the boat, one Italian and four Russian tourist. The survivors were rescued by a ship of the Navy divers who got killed and took them to La Romana. According to the United States Geodetic Survey epicenter of the shock was 230 kilometers east of Santo Domingo and in depth was 86 km. Read more [...]
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Iceland volcano eruption may Katla

Icelanders believe that Katla volcano starts to erupt within seven days. In the past, all three of the eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull less large have always led to the eruption of the larger volcano Katla - says Data on the home page of Iceland Weather Service indicate that volcanic tremors intensified in the area of ​​the volcano Katla in the last few days, reports Iltalehti. If Katla eruption will happen, it will bring a lot of damage, as it can throw in the air of Europe more dust, he has more power than the Eyyafyaldaёkyudlya. Source: Delfi Previous News: · Read more [...]
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Whether seen through the ash end of the world

What if a lot of volcanoes begin erupting at the same time? Do not have time to settle down passion for the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull, as in Kamchatka volcano awoke Sheveluch. He threw a column of ash to a height of 7.5 km above sea level. Sheveluch raged after numerous tremors of the earth's crust. In just the past day, seismologists counted in the area 42 earthquake, which was accompanied by a gathering of the slopes of the giant avalanche. What is happening with nature ?! What will happen to us if all terrestrial volcanoes wake up at the same time? End of the world? All these questions Read more [...]
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Photos of the earthquake in China. Part 1

Recovered from the rubble of a man waving his arms and rejoices in your salvation, April 15. (AP) As a result of the earthquake in western China in the mountains of Tibet, killing more than 2,000 people and injured 12,000 Struggling with strong winds and a lack of oxygen rescuers recovered the bodies of the dead and the survivors from the rubble of the ruined city. The maximum amplitude of tremors was 7.1 on the Richter scale. Were destroyed about 15,000 houses. "A lot of dead bodies, they are literally stacked on top of each other a bunch. Now we face the task of burial of all bodies, "says Read more [...]
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Nearly 100 homes were flooded in the Novosibirsk region

Nearly 100 houses, home to about 220 people, were flooded on Wednesday night in Iskitimsky district of Novosibirsk region, the press service of the regional EMERCOM. "For the last night there was a sharp rise of water in the river Koyniha Iskitimsk district. Level rose above the critical 1.5 meters ... In the area of ​​flooding were 94 houses, inhabited by approximately 220 people, including 25 children, "- said in a statement. As explained the representative of Ministry of Emergency Situations, 43 houses flooded above floor level, 51 houses flooded to the basement. According to rescuers, Read more [...]
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Photos of the earthquake in China. Part 2

Girl reading a book at the tent, set right on the ruins of a building in the county of Yushu. (STR / AFP / Getty Images) April 14 inhabitants of the remote Yushu County, located on the Tibetan plateau, were awoken by an earthquake of 7.1 (according to other sources, 6.9) points. In the sparsely populated villages and the larger town Gegu destroyed thousands of wooden and clay buildings, and more durable buildings were partially damaged or completely destroyed. Rescue teams hardly dobriiralis to remote regions, lying at an altitude of 3700 meters above sea level and is connected by several roads, Read more [...]
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Snowstorm hit the disaster area after the earthquake in China

The strongest storm with gale-force winds hit the disaster area in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (Qinghai Province, Northwest China), where further search and rescue operation after the earthquake, the agency Xinhua.

Snow covered the ruins of the city Tszegu which destroyed about 15 thousand. Buildings, access roads icy. Rescuers saved and forced to take shelter from the biting wind in tents. According to forecasts, snowfall will continue until Saturday.


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The Wall Street Journal: What will happen after the «global warming»?

So, global warming is "blown away" last nail in the coffin of his drove a devastating expose, desertion and re-evaluation at the same time. This means that soon we will need yet another apocalypse. Most recently, in October, Guardian reported that scientists from Cambridge "came to the conclusion that" the Arctic ice cap is currently fraught with such speed that will melt completely in the next 10 years. " This process is allegedly motivated global warming. All succumbed to the usual concern for their grandchildren.However, in March there was another article in the Guardian, this time it Read more [...]
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In the Far East continues to increase the likelihood of damaging earthquakes

High probability of destructive earthquakes in the Far East will continue over the next two years, said Head of the Laboratory of Seismology, Institute of Marine Geology and Geophysics (IMGiG), Far Eastern Branch (FEB RAS) Ivan Tikhonov. On it informs "Interfax". "In our opinion, in the next two years there is a high probability of damaging earthquakes in the Far East and, above all, in the South Kuril Islands - Kunashir up from Urup. This is indicated by the observed medium-term precursors. This probability continues to grow rapidly, "- said Tikhonov. According to the expert, alarm mode, announced Read more [...]
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Under Russia and China is melted earth’s core

Scientists have discovered that the Earth's core is still actively changing its shape. In the eastern hemisphere - for Russia and China, it is melted in the west - solidifies. It is estimated that the French had a geophysics, core of the planet is not as stable as previously thought. Melting and crystallization are still going on and that they are responsible for the fact that the shape of the nucleus is not symmetric.How do they see? Determination of the shape the Earth's core - is not a trivial task. No wells do not fall deeper into the earth's crust, not to mention the mantle, and therefore Read more [...]
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Worldwide mysterious hum drives people crazy

July 29, 2013. He makes his way under cover of night and heard once more from him never to get rid ... He is known as Buzz (The Hum), a constant buzzing noise which was heard in completely different places, such as Taos, New Mexico, Bristol, England, Scotland. However, one can not determine the source of the sound and why it hears only certain small percentage of the population in some areas. This puzzle remains in the top 10 unexplained phenomena. The first information started to appear with 1950s of people suddenly began to pursue a low-frequency, pulsating hum. All of these unexplained cases Read more [...]
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April snowfall in the Leningrad region!

St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region areas today will be in the tail of the cyclone, slowly leaving the north-east, to the coast of the Barents Sea. In almost all areas of the region are precipitation - rain, snow. Yes, Lesogorsk, Pine and Novaya Ladoga (north-west, north and center of the region) are real snowfall at near zero temperature. During the day in St. Petersburg and parts of the region is expected to cloudy weather, will be held rain, mainly in the form of rain, but in places and with sleet. Maximum temperature in St. Petersburg with a windchill of 5 ... 7 °, the area will be from Read more [...]
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Residents of the city of Guilin in China evacuated due to flooding

Flooding in the city of Guilin Flood inundated the famous tourist center in southwestern China - Guilin city - and its surroundings. Two people were killed, nearly 9 thousand evacuated. Locals reported China Central Television. Spill Lijiang River as a result of heavy rains, which lasted from Monday to Thursday, led to the collapse of 1275 homes. In counties and Quanzhou County saw record rainfall this week. In the latter the water rose more than ten meters, the agency reported Xinhua. Guilin, which is considered the "first beauty" China town, famous for its mountainous views, the most relevant Read more [...]
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Updated on-line monitors

Photos Eija erupting volcano in Iceland

Vulkan- "terrorist" Eyjafjallajokull (by the way, now just say Eija, it's easier to remember and pronounce), which closed the week on European airspace, although the Europeans themselves were themselves evil Pinocchio revealed another interesting geological and atmospheric phenomena - lightning in the cloud ash and lava. Bolts of lightning in the clouds of volcanic ash are observed since ancient times. Often such lightning can be a pretty spectacular sight (under the cut a few pictures of this phenomenon), and indicate that the column of volcanic ash have a very large charge of electricity, experts Read more [...]
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Earthquakes in the Baltic Sea

The Baltic Sea Seismic activity showed a 9, 14, 20 and 23 April. Magnitude from 2.1 to 2.8 points. Perhaps this activity was the result of a volcanic eruption in Iceland. Although not required. Source: EMSC Read more [...]
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The second volcanic cloud moves to Europe

British meteorologists on April 22 stated that Europe is approaching the second cloud of volcanic dust, which can occur over northern Germany, Denmark and cover a part of Sweden. Not exclude the possibility that a narrow strip of cloud make it to Eastern Europe, according to REGNUM. The day before, despite the hopes, the concentration of ash in the air over Europe again began to increase, so that the authorities of the European Union failed to fulfill his promise and fully restore air traffic in the Old World. Icelandic authorities on April 23 reported on the closure of the country's main airport Read more [...]
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The most dangerous volcanoes

click to enlarge Compared with volcanic disasters last eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which began April 14, 2010 in Iceland, it may be, according to experts, a minor. Some volcanic eruption that occurred in the history of mankind, on the possible implications comparable to large-scale nuclear war. Source: RIA Novosti Previous News: · Volcanoes wake · Increased seismic and volcanic activity · In the area of ​​Hawaii continue to form new islands · In Iceland, perhaps Katla eruption · About 3 thousand people evacuated from Vanuatu volcano eruption Gaoua Read more [...]
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