«Special Report»: Yawning skyscrapers. Video

In February 2004, the roof collapsed water park "Transvaal" - killed 28 people, injured 193 in February 2006 - collapsed Basmannyy market, killing 66 people and injuring 32 In November 2007, struck one of the towers of the hotel "Ukraine". There were no casualties. On the eve of each of these cases, scientists fixed tremors. At the same time Moscow officially considered seismic, and construct buildings up to a hundred meters can be virtually no restrictions.88 percent of housing units built in Moscow in 2009 - apartments in buildings up to ten floors. And it's not necessarily any status structure, Read more [...]
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In Kiev again failed piece of road. Photo

April 21 at 16:30 there was a failure of the soil on the corner of ul. Bratislava and Electric, which is housing an array of "Troeshchyna." On Friday the press service of "Kievvodokanala." Depth of the dip of about 2 m in diameter - about 10 m. According to the water treatment plant, the accident occurred due to damage to the reinforced concrete shell sewer collector drift. Leak is found. Currently, repairs are completed on the site, and the place of the accident prepared for asphalting. April 12 at noon in the street Mechnikov near the business center "Parus" failed asphalt, forming a pit Read more [...]
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The sun for a week without spots

According to the solar observatories in the world, the Sun a week completely absent spots — the longest such period in the current 2010 year. Currently, it has been suggested that the disk of the sun may appear tiny spot, but in general, the activity of the Sun, is traditionally measured by the number of spots on it, significantly decreased. The reasons for the observed dynamics of solar activity are unclear and incomprehensible - as, indeed, its general nature. Source: Federal Space Agency Comment: No stain, and magnetic storms were. Interesting. By the way, now we can watch the Read more [...]
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On the East Kazakhstan tornado hit

July 30, 2013. On the East Kazakhstan collapsed real tornado! Huge crater managed to capture on a mobile phone area residents, who were traveling on the highway Ust-Kamenogorsk — Families in the evening on July 28 wrote "Time" in its issue dated 30.07.2013, the (E.Fomina).East of the country at the weekend turned out to be at the mercy of the weather. Heavy rain, hail, and then the strong wind hit the region. "Gusts of wind on the field reached 28 meters per second," — told us in the press service of the Department of Emergency Situations (DFS) area. It is no wonder Read more [...]
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150,000 Indians have suffered from floods

More than 150,000 people have become refugees in eastern India due to floods caused by strong rains, said on Saturday the agency IANS referring to representatives of the local authorities. Livni with gale began in the east of the country in the middle of the week. Squally winds broke trees, interrupted wire power lines and telephone number in the foothill areas went mudslides. In the eastern state of Assam in the flood zone were about 250 villages. Livni also caused flooding in the states of Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura. According to media reports, the refugees are placed in railway wagons, Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Australia

Western Australia Magnitude: 5.2 Time: April 20, 2010, 00: 17: 08.0 UTC Depth: 10 feet Coordinates: 30.53 S 121.65 E — Earthquake of magnitude 5 occurred on Tuesday in Western Australia, there are no data on victims, reports the Associated Press referring to the national geological survey Geoscience Australia. The earthquake occurred on Tuesday at 08.17 local time (04 ^ 17 MSK). According to the USGS, the epicenter of the quake was located 30 kilometers north-east of Kalgoorlie - the center of the gold mining industry in Western Australia. Center was located at a depth of 10 kilometers. According Read more [...]
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Australia attacked by hordes of locusts. Video

In Australia, the giant swarms of locusts threaten the farmers of New South Wales. Billions of insects overcome great distances in search of food. It is reported that individual schools have already reached the outskirts of Melbourne. Locusts have already passed through three hundred square miles of wheat fields and pastures, causing enormous damage. Estimated losses are estimated at 10 million Australian dollars. Last time it was like the invasion in 2004. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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The American Mississippi tornado struck

On the western part of the Mississippi tornado struck. Official data on the destruction and casualties has not. According to witness statements, destroyed several buildings, at least 11 people taken to hospital. — Victims of tornadoes in the southern United States, Mississippi, steel, according to the latest data, at least 10 people. Among the victims - children. According to the State Governor Haley Barbour declared a state of emergency in 17 counties. Serious damage was caused in Yazoo City, which destroyed several buildings, including - the church. Tornadoes also touched upon the neighboring Read more [...]
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In China, a raging sandstorm

Western part of China covered powerful sandstorms. Many villages were plunged into darkness — the solar light is not making its way through a thick layer of sand. In the province of Gansu visibility on the roads does not exceed a few meters. Residents of cities covered by the element chosen not to go well, the street. According to experts, this is the strongest sandstorm in the region over the past 17 years. Chinese scientists have repeatedly stated that due to deforestation, urbanization and frequent droughts desert spread to 16 percent of the country. As a result, over the past half-century Read more [...]
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West China was plunged into darkness. Video

West China was plunged into darkness - in the region raging sandstorm, the strongest in 17 years Through the orange veil barely penetrate the sun's rays. Visibility in the province of Gansu - less than two meters. Stood the most important tracks of the country. People are advised not to go out. Over the past half-century such natural disasters in China have increased in six times. Desert is advancing, and according to environmentalists, the main reason for this - massive deforestation. Previous sandstorm swept over the country at the end of March - then sand covered 16 Chinese provinces. Source: Read more [...]
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In Moscow colder to -3 °

Cold weather, set in the metropolitan area is in no hurry to change for the better. Moreover, the short night frosts are expected. Warming, according to meteorologists, will only come to the following weekend. On Monday night in the air temperature drops to -2 ... -3 ° C in Moscow will be a couple of degrees warmer. In the afternoon, the thermometer will show 9 + ... + 11 ° C annoying all scattered clouds, sunny weather is expected. In the following days will be slow warming, but on Tuesday night also possible light frosts. By this heat should only be closer to the weekend. If weather forecasts Read more [...]
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World awaits the birth of the super?

On Wednesday, the American military base at Lajes Azores belong to Portugal, made an emergency landing flight of United Airlines, en route from Washington to Moscow. According to unconfirmed information, all my fault unfortunate volcanic ash, due to which one of the engines caught fire. "Boeing 767" American Airlines United Airlines made its maiden voyage from the date of introduction in Europe, a flight ban, which was caused by the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull. On board a ship bound from Washington to Moscow, there were about 200 passengers. Presumably, the trouble began Read more [...]
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Photos of the destruction of deadly tornadoes in the United States

The couple stands beside the ruins of his home in Yazoo City, Mississippi. It is the city most affected by tornadoes April 25, 2010. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images) In this Sunday, April 25, 2010, over the southern states was a deadly tornado. Tornado victims are already 10 people, including three children.Late on Sunday, April 25 electricians are trying to restore the electricity supply. (Sean Gardner / Getty Images) Destroyed building company «Reeves Rubber Engineered Products» in Alabertvil, Alabama. Can not be recovered almost 100 buildings. (Dave Hyatt / AP) Morgan Hayden carries a Read more [...]
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Video about the consequences of a tornado in the United States, Mississippi

In the United States apart the rubble and count the damage from the devastating tornadoes in Mississippi zvestna about 10 dead and dozens wounded. Thousands of people were left homeless. The hurricane tore off roofs, felled trees and power transmission towers. In the state declared a state of emergency. In the affected areas destroyed hundreds of buildings, including the church and the funeral home. There is no electricity, roads are blocked, a lifeguard. To prevent looting, soldiers patrol the streets of the National Guard. Source: Channel Five Previous News: · In the American state of Read more [...]
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In China, came the hottest period of summer

July 29, 2013. In many areas of China recently came the hottest period of the summer. According to the Central Weather Service, on Sunday the maximum temperature in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, and the provinces of Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi / East China / Hunan, Hubei / Central China / Sichuan and / Southwest China / reached the 37 39 degrees. As forecasters predicted, in the next five to eight days of sultry weather will be held in Chongqing, and areas south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. There, the thermometer will exceed 35 degrees. In the past month, residents Read more [...]
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In Perm, heat and cooling

Heat to 25° at the end of last week was a real weather anomaly for the Perm region. Air temperature above normal third week of April 10-15°, April 23 sites along the central and southern regions of the edge has reached 20°, exceeding 1-2° even the rate of July! It is reported portal Natural hazards of Perm Krai. Record warming was caused by the fact that the Perm Territory was in the warm sector of a deep cyclone: ​​the Urals began to flow very warm air from the Lower Volga region. Played into our hands and the lack of snow from a cloudless sky. As a result, even in the north of the Read more [...]
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Scientists from MSU not exclude doomsday

Underground element of civilization prepares new surprises. Another Icelandic volcano called Katla could be the culprit of the Apocalypse. This is the forecast of scientists from Moscow State University. So, the script cataclysm similar to the following. Katla is waking up and erupt. Of increasing the rate of melting of the Greenland glacier. And when the process reaches a critical point, there will be the fault of the North American and Eurasian plates. One rush up, the other down. In the resulting failure - natural furnace where the temperature will reach 1000 degrees - will flood flows of Read more [...]
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China dominated by snowstorms and snow

China is once again at the mercy of the weather. Blizzard struck the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Just a few hours tens of centimeters of snow fell. Roads covered with ice and the cars lined up in a multi-kilometer traffic jams. According to local residents, this winter was the worst in the last 60 years. Meanwhile, in the central provinces of China was played sandstorm. Hurricane winds uprooted trees. In one of the settlements fell crane. There were no casualties, although dozens of parked cars were damaged. Was also damaged the facade of the building was next. Visibility on the streets Read more [...]
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The incredible heat in the Altai

Tomorrow, April 27, in the Altai expected real heat. In some areas the temperature will rise to a very high level of 28 degrees, which is not typical for the end of April. In Barnaul is 24 + ... + 26 °. On Wednesday, April 28, the heat a bit cooler. It is expected to + 18 ... + 23 °. But on Thursday, April 29, the thermometer will rise again to 27 degrees. At the same time about Thursday is expected rainy cyclone, strong wind, but the temperature at the same time will not decrease. Heavy rains will be accompanied by the first rain of the season. Source: IA Atmosphere Comment: With various Read more [...]
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In Taiwan, a landslide covered the freeway

Hillside collapsed on the main highway in Keelung, Taiwan. As a result, three cars were buried under the ground. Authorities blamed the incident long rains, and could not find the drivers. (National Airborne Service Corps / Associated Press) In Taiwan, came down from the mountain landslide collapsed on the National Highway. As a result, about 300 meters flyovers were under the rubble of earth and mud. At the moment of the scene being excavated. It is unknown whether there is a car under the rubble. According to the Prime Minister Wu Den-Uiha message about the incident was received at 14:35 local Read more [...]
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