Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 39

Eruption in Guatemala

Santyagito volcano located in Guatemala, to the west of the capital, started spewing ash and sand on Monday night. Seismologists call it the eruption of unusually strong and active. A cloud of ash and sand rose to 2,500 meters above sea level. The ash cloud hanging over the 6 provinces of Guatemala, threatening crops, because it harms the maturation of cereal. In addition, in the vicinity of the volcano is prohibited civil flights. Civil Defence of Guatemala are in a state of high alert since Santyagito has led to large-scale tragedies. In particular, in 1929 a strong eruption cost the lives Read more [...]
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April’s unusual weather

Here's a Perm end of April In Tomsk, declared a state of emergency. Because of the ice break-up on the Tom River were threatened by flooding areas, where more than 47,000 people, said "Russia 24". For the first time in decades, the water level exceeds the height of the city dam. MOE forces translated into enhanced mode. Several times a day in dangerous areas fly helicopters. This debacle has already been called on Tom anomalous. The river is opened from the entire length. This is a fairly rare phenomenon in nature. No less rare phenomenon can be observed in these days and in Omsk. There stands Read more [...]
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In Novosibirsk, the bus with people fell through the ground

Bus with 25 passengers today fell into a hole in the center of Novosibirsk. There are no victims. The accident occurred on Gogol Street. Bus traveling along the route number 203, standing in a traffic jam and suddenly hit on a hole and fell. Passengers were evacuated, the bus was sent to stsetsploschadku. According to preliminary version, asphalt dipped under the car in warm weather. — In the center of Novosibirsk, a passenger bus fell through the asphalt. — PE happened April 27 on Gogol street, — According to a source in the city traffic police. - Passengers only have Read more [...]
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Drought destroys coffee plantations in China

More than 16 thousand hectares of coffee plantations affected by the drought in the southern Chinese province of Yunnan, damage to the industry by the disaster exceeded 600 million yuan (882 million dollars), according to Xinhua News Agency on Wednesday. The strongest in decades drought came to southern China late last year and continues to this day. According to the Association of Coffee Growers of Yunnan Province, more than 60% of all the coffee plantations in the region affected by the prolonged drought. How to evaluate the representatives of the industry, the impact of the current drought Read more [...]
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Italy is preparing for the awakening of Vesuvius

Vesuvius (Photo: Google Earth) are clickable Italian Civil Defence is developing a new action plan in case of a strong volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius, said Wednesday the newspaper Corriere della Sera. According to expert estimates, such a cataclysm would affect a large part of the city of Naples, in connection with what authorities for a short time will have to organize the evacuation of 1 million people. "Vesuvius - this is the biggest problem in Italy related to civil defense," - said the head of the civil defense of the country Guido Bertolaso. He recalled that the violent eruption of Read more [...]
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Ukraine Lutsk heavy downpour flooded

July 30, 2013. July 30 from 15:30 in Lutsk was a heavy downpour of hail. As a result of low areas and roads of the city were flooded basements of apartment buildings podtopilo, stopped traffic, the press service of the State Service for emergencies. To rescue operations were involved in 10 pieces of equipment and 57 personnel of the departments of State disaster in Ukraine. Source:  Rescuers pumped water from the flooded Lutsk July 31, 2013. Rescuers pumped water from the streets and basements of homes and the hospital in Lutsk. It is reported by the State Service for Emergency Read more [...]
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Emergency situation in Brazil because of the cyclone

State of emergency (Emergency) declared in 38 cities in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, in the south of the country. The reason was the recent past a powerful cyclone. This was reported on Wednesday the local civil defense service.Earlier it was reported only on the five affected communities. According to rescue services, as a result of flooding of houses 7500 people homeless, seen shortages of energy and fresh water supply. In all areas under reconstruction. According to updated information from the disaster affected 64 settlements. As a result of landslides and flooding caused Read more [...]
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Karymsky Kamchatka threw ash to a height of more than 8 km

Some of the most active volcanoes of Kamchatka — Karimsky on Thursday threw out a cloud of ash to a height of more than eight miles, according to RIA Novosti Senior Fellow, Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Alexey Ozerov. «Observations of the volcano hampered by low cloud, but in the area of ​​the giant was registered 20-minute seismic event, probably accompanied the ash plume to a height of more than 8 kilometers and descent of pyroclastic flows (hot avalanches of debris magmatic material, volcanic ash and gas with a temperature about 800 degrees Celsius)», — Read more [...]
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May in Moscow will be cold with frost

Muscovites plans for holidays in May threatens to disrupt the heavenly office. According to «Ytru» director of hydrometeorological Roman Vilfand in Mayday expected Showers and even thunderstorms. But earlier this month, at least it will be warm. «During the first decade of May the temperature regime across the country will be above average for two — four degrees. The first of May will be comfortable weather, +19 ... +21 ° C at night +8 ... +10 ° C», — Vilfand said. Second of May, he said, will remain about the same weather as on May Day, and already Read more [...]
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New York and Vermont snowed

Pozndnoaprelsky snowfall in New York City In the northern parts of New York and Vermont received more than half a meter of snow. Unexpected for this time of year the snow left without electricity for more than 30 thousand residents of Vermont. As representatives of the region serving energy companies, for restoration of electricity supply in the home technical services will take several days.  Late spring snowfall in these areas - a rarity. The last record in Vermont was recorded April 27, 1874, when as 60 centimeters of snow fell. In New York, a record - 56 centimeters of snow - was recorded Read more [...]
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Eruption Santyagito in Guatemala reached the highest activity

The volcano is located just 200 kilometers from the capital. The country has declared the penultimate - orange - the level of anxiety. In the disaster area closed schools, government institutions. Santyagito throws a column of smoke and ash to a height of 8 km, which is comparable to the recent eruption of the Icelandic volcano. Therefore, under the threat of cancellation and air traffic in the region. Read more [...]
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In Europe, the real summer heat

In Portugal, the thermometer through the roof for the incredible for April + 30 °. Exhausting heat forced residents to occupy all city beaches. If it were not for the Eiffel Tower, one would think that this is not France, and any hot country. This year's first serious sunburn Parisians get right on the lawn at its main attraction. Especially popular are fountains. Forecasters assure that the heat will last at least a week. Source: The first channel Previous News: · May in Moscow will be cold with frost · New York and Vermont snowed · The April unusual weather · The incredible Read more [...]
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Spring flooding and its consequences. Overview

In Kirov suffer without water - drinking This is also the effects of the flood. The snow has melted and brought with it the dirt. Such water can not drink.Several regions of Russia suffer from the effects of spring floodingIn the Tomsk region and at night the water subsided, but the situation has evolved in the worst possible scenario. One of the suburban village of Black River flooded its entirety. On the eve of here had to evacuate nearly a thousand inhabitants. Rescuers whole day blew ice on the river Tom - is it possible to reduce the water level in the flooded areas, but residents Read more [...]
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Meteorite destroyed house in Jakarta

Meteorite fell on Thursday night at a house in Jakarta — space object crashed through the roof and the floor two floors of a house on the street Delima-2, after which he fell, and the explosion of a meteorite caused minor damage to two neighboring buildings, wrote in a Friday newspaper Jakarta Globe. Fortunately, the most affected building was empty at the time, and of the locals no one got even slightly injured. In connection with the explosion at the scene were caused by the anti-terrorist fighters Indonesian special forces stopped, but their assistance was not required. According Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in Arkansas killed one person, injured 25

The central part of the American state of Arkansas was a tornado. As a result, killed at least one person and another 25 injured. According to local authorities, the element also destroyed several houses in the area of ​​Van Buren, 120 km north of the city of Little Rock. In addition, the rescue team is looking for people in the house, hit by a tornado. It is possible that this building locked three. Natural disaster knocked down trees and power lines along highways. Source: Associated Press Previous News: · Pictures of destruction deadly tornadoes in the United States · Video of the Read more [...]
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Dips soil in Zelenograd and Penza

12 April 2010 The failure of the road surface the size of a large car formed on the evening of April 12 Suvorov Street, near the intersection with Kulakov. In the upcoming pit was seen clear water, which is eroding the soil, was the cause of the collapse. Eyewitnesses filmed on their phones unusual for the city picture. Someone called in the traffic police, whose officers immediately arrived on the scene and cordoned off the collapse of the pit. Traffic was hampered, however, the road do not overlap. Half an hour after the incident came to the place of emergency brigade "Gorvodocanal" with Read more [...]
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Giant hailstones the size of a tennis ball hit Germany

July 28, 2013. «Heavy artillery» — large hail caused extensive damage to the inhabitants of a German village Wassel Sehnte Saturday night. Eyewitnesses describe the size of the hail, argue that it was the size of tennis balls. The video depicted the damaged roofs, broken windows, broken furniture and garden dotted with vehicles. Source: Read more [...]
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The evacuation of thousands of people due to floods in Kazakhstan

Floods in Kazakhstan claimed the lives of dozens of people and forced authorities to evacuate thousands of people from their homes. According to the latest Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic, the number of deaths as a result of dam reservoir "Kyzylagash" in Almaty region on March 12 has reached 40 people. Another eight, including three children, are considered to be missing, according to ITAR-TASS. The village Kyzylagash which lived 2000 240 people, destroyed water flows 80 percent of the 465 households, and the rest damaged. At the moment here in search and rescue and liquidation Read more [...]
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In the south of the United States element killed 18 people

In the USA, tornadoes and floods that raged in the southern states of the country at the weekend claimed the lives of 18 people, according to local authorities. 11 people were killed in Tennessee. In Mississippi, the element has claimed the lives of four people. On Saturday and Sunday for the states of Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas and Kentucky have been severe thunderstorms that caused flooding. On Saturday, May 1, in Arkansas tornadoes recorded. He killed three people and injured 25 people. Tornado damaged power lines in the region. Source: RIA Novosti Previous News: · Tornado in Arkansas Read more [...]
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Deadly flooding in Tennessee

Frame CNN from the scene As a result of the floods in the states of Tennessee and Mississippi, caused by torrential rains continued throughout the weekend, were killed, according to the latest data, at least 15 people. On this May 2 news agency Associated Press. Previously reported five killed in the floods. Now states that only in Tennessee, the worst affected by the disaster, 12 people were killed. Two more are unaccounted for. Search and rescue operations are complicated by severe weather conditions and the inaccessibility of the affected areas because of washed out roads. From flooded areas Read more [...]
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