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Teachings Rural Rescue Teams

C 10 to 24 November 2009 in the northern pilot communities UNDP Project "Disaster Risk Management in the Decentralization Process in Kyrgyzstan" were teaching, the main purpose of which was tested preparedness plans and response of rural rescue teams.According to the plan exercise "after the first tremors of an earthquake of 3-4 and the threat of aftershocks" SCS members have worked on the action following key stages of response: · Early warning; · SCS collection and setting goals; · Evacuation of schoolchildren; · Search and transportation of victims; · Pre-medical assistance to Read more [...]
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Biggest flood in Sao Paulo, Brazil

For several days, both on the southern Brazil hit torrential rains, which have resulted in severe flooding. The most affected one of the largest Brazilian cities - Sao Paulo. Six people died in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo. They were victims of a landslide that caused heavy rains, reports NTV. People living in one of the poorest neighborhoods. This area is located on a hillside and was partially destroyed by the flow of mud and stones. Another consequence of the rains in Sao Paulo was a major flood. Local rivers burst their banks and flooded several major highways. Car traffic was paralyzed. Read more [...]
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In Lerik, Azerbaijan, 50 inches of snow

Reference: Lerik (Azeri. Lerik) - a town in the south of Azerbaijan, near the Iranian border, the center of Lerik region. The city is located in the Talysh Mountains, 56 km from Lankaran. In Lerik Heavy snow. Height fallen at the moment of snow in the city is 20 cm, in distant villages he is 40-50 cm. As a result of snowfall severely damaged electrical equipment area. Over the past two years, approximately 70% of the village was left without light. Efforts of emergency teams today in all localities managed to restore the electricity supply. Due to the lack of electricity in urban schools are Read more [...]
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Heavy snow and icy conditions in the United States

Since last Monday's storm in the United States captures more and more new areas. On the western and central states and snow moved to the north-east of the country. The number of victims of disaster has reached 16 people. The main causes of deaths are traffic accidents. Snowfall, accompanied by the formation of ice on the roads, almost paralyzed the movement of cars on main roads in the affected areas. The most difficult situation is in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Missouri and Minnesota. Reason for the sharp decrease in temperature in the United States up to 12 degrees below zero was came from Read more [...]
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Tornado in Florida

July 13, 2013. On Monday, in Tampa Bay, Florida could be seen a giant waterspout. The funnel of a tornado was moving over the surface of the water, then went to the land, causing little damage to homes, standing on the coast. Fortunately, there were no casualties.Source: News Gismeteo Read more [...]
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Snow ruled point in North America. Photo

Snow-covered cars, closed schools, fatal accident: the cause of the chaos in many American states was barbaric invasion of winter. Meter snow drifts and strong wind made many streets completely impassable, and already announced that the next attack.USA Massive snow storm the paralyzed significant part of Connections States and it's almost two weeks before the beginning of the cold period of the calendar year. Powerful snow drifts and ice caused chaos on the streets of many American states in the middle of the western and southern parts of the country. Hundreds of schools remained closed. Read more [...]
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In the capital of Dagestan, torrential rains

In the capital of Dagestan pour heavy rains, and in the south of Azerbaijan tons of snow. It seems a bit strange, is not it?Going in for the past three days of torrential rains in Dagestan Makhachkala flooded some streets that led to traffic jams. On the avenue Akushinsky December 9 in a traffic jam got hundreds of cars. The very prospect completely flooded, the water is already approaching the ground floor located near the houses. The situation is aggravated by the fact that the city does not have enough tow trucks and some cars are middle of the road with a stalled motor. The situation Read more [...]
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Recorded by an earthquake of magnitude 5.6 off the coast of Kamchatka

December 10 earthquake of magnitude 5.6 in the Okhotsk Sea off the west coast of Kamchatka, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Survey of RAS. The epicenter of the quake, registered at 14.30 local time (3.30 MSK), located 230 kilometers west of the Kamchatka Peninsula at a depth of 716.1 kilometers under the seabed. In urban areas of the Kamchatka Territory, including in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, remote from the epicenter of the seismic event 400 kilometers, significant tremors were not felt. Victims and destructions. The threat of a tsunami is not declared. Read more [...]
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Heavy snowfall in northern China

About 76 thousand people in the north of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China affected by heavy snowfall hit the region on December 6-8, according to news agency «Xinhua».

«Heavy snowfall almost paralyzed the life of the district, completely destroyed 23 houses and damaged another 2.3 thousand buildings. Because of the disaster killed thousands and affected 1.22 439 000 head of cattle. On a number of highways difficult to move «, — the report says.

Source: RIA Novosti

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«Unusual» snowfall

Forecasters called this snowfall "unusual" because it was formed in the zone of influence of the anticyclone, which usually brings heavy rainfall. Because of the so-called "city effect" forecast was developed according to the worst case scenario. And in the prefecture were informed that in the capital there was a great snow, two hours after it began. "Such a strong band of precipitation our computers did not show even a few hours before the start of snowfall," - said the CEO Gidrometeobyuro Moscow and Moscow region Alexei Lyakhov. Meteorologists predicted at this week's frosts expected the Read more [...]
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Weak earthquake occurred in southern Sakhalin

The earthquake occurred on a Friday afternoon in the south of Sakhalin Kholmsk, no casualties or damage, told RIA Novosti press officer of the Main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in the region. «According to the duty seismologist seismic „Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk“Tremors occurred in 15.41 Sakhalin time (08.41 MSK) 49 kilometers south of the city Kholmsk», — the spokesman said. According to him, the earthquake was felt in the upper floors of buildings. In the municipality «Chelm Borough» No casualties or damage, life-support systems are operating normally. As Read more [...]
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Off the coast of Australia iceberg the size of Hong Kong

At the end of November to New Zealand popped flotilla of icebergs, the approximate number of about 100 now to Australia sailed giant size iceberg, and to New Zealand, but again, too, does not move the small size of a block of ice. Antarctica is something apart. Ships in the South Pacific are threatening more than a hundred icebergs drifting toward New Zealand. These icebergs (the size of some of them is 200 m.) Were broken off from the Antarctic ice shelf, reports BBC News. Scientists believe that most of them will melt before reaching the islands of New Zealand, since the drift velocity is Read more [...]
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In the South Kuril Islands earthquake of 5.6 points

Seismologists recorded a magnitude 5.6 earthquake near the island of Shikotan (Southern Kuriles), told RIA Novosti on Friday, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Sakhalin area. "An earthquake measuring 5.6 was registered on Thursday morning 110 kilometers south-east of the village Malokurilskoye (Shikotan) at a depth of 50 kilometers," - said the agency interlocutor. According to the report of the operations duty officer, an earthquake in the region was not felt, victims, destruction, no tsunami threat. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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In Krasnoyarsk had the annual rainfall

Weather anomaly in Krasnoyarsk has made major adjustments in the usual daily life of citizens. For several days the utility in an emergency mode trying to clear the streets of snow drifts and ice, and the roofs of houses - from giant icicles. This rainfall in the region is not excluded for decades. Almost a million town stands in a traffic jam. And if you believe the forecasters, the citizens should be patient, because in the coming days is expected to snow. A few days in Krasnoyarsk and the surrounding area had the annual rainfall. Such a heavy snowfall in the region was more than 30 years. Read more [...]
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Snowfalls in Russia and the United States

At the same time there were heavy snowfalls in Russia, Vladivostok and the United States, Michigan and Texas. In Primorye, heavy snow cyclone moved further north. On his way caught Khabarovsk, Sakhalin and the Kuriles. Vladivostok was the biggest snowfall in 12 years On Saturday and Sunday (December 6-7) at night in Vladivostok fell more than two months of rainfall, heavy snowfall in the southern Primorye brought cyclone of the Yellow Sea. It is the largest snowfall in the past 12 years, forecasters said. In the United States a strong snow storm covered the states of Michigan and Texas Read more [...]
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Vladivostok is coming strong tropical cyclone

July 16, 2013. Typhoon Soulik, raged in the past two days in Taiwan and south-east coast of China, is coming to Vladivostok. On the way to us, he weakened and became a tropical cyclone, but will bring in Primorye heavy rain and wind. As REGNUM in the United duty dispatching service and the management of the Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Vladivostok, July 16 in Vladivostok expected heavy rain. He will start the morning with a gradual increase in the evening and in the night of July 17. Precipitation is predicted to 45 mm in 12 hours or less, which may exceed the rate fortnightly. Read more [...]
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Sun released the most powerful flash this year

On the sun on Thursday afternoon there was the most powerful flare of the year, which is classified as GOES C3.4 level was assigned — previously the biggest event of the year was considered the flash level C2.7, registered in July. Solar flares are divided, according to the power of x-ray radiation from the sun, into five classes, which are designated by letters of the alphabet: A, B, C, M and X. The minimum class A0.0, corresponds to the radiation power of the Earth's orbit in NW 10 per square meter and when moving to each next category is increased by 10 times. During the peak of Read more [...]
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In Greece — Flooding

Active cyclone hit by heavy precipitation on Greece and Turkey. Antalya fell 98 mm. daily precipitation in Greece over the past 24 hours had accumulated in some places up to 98 mm. As a result of heavy rains in some places began flooding. Firefighters have recorded more than 90 calls to pump water out of flooded homes. Bad weather in the first place hit central and northern Greece. Landslides have interrupted the movement of trains on the route Thessaloniki - Athens. Emergency crews organization of railways OSE Greece apart the rubble on the rails to resume message. Due to a heavy storm at the Read more [...]
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Earthquake in the Iranian province of Fars

On Saturday, Dec. 12, near the Iranian province of Fars Hanja, an earthquake measuring 4.1 on the Richter scale, said the site of the National Iranian television. According to the Seismological Center at the Institute of Geophysics, University of Tehran, the earthquake occurred at 05:28 local time. Information about the dead and wounded in the earthquake yet.

Source: Trend

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Along the coast of the Kamchatka earthquake occurred

At the eastern coast of Kamchatka earthquake. Aftershocks of magnitude 4.9 was recorded at 14:16 local time (5:16 GMT). The epicenter was located at a depth of Avacha Bay 133 kilometers. This was reported in the Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Survey of RAS In the settlements, including in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, located 40 kilometers north-west of the epicenter, the tremors were not felt. Victims and destructions. The threat of a tsunami has not been announced. Read more [...]
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