In Volgograd storm broke out

It looks like May will delight us with surprises. Day in the sun thermometers fixed to 35 °, and in the evening the city was overtaken by the wind clouds. Wind speed of 20 meters per second, storm, rain. In Central Akhtuba several neighborhoods there is no light: because of the wind broke the wire. Possible power outages and Volgograd. Rain delayed in a couple of days. So Victory Day will have to look under umbrellas. Aartistam, which is set to perform on the streets, hiding props for the film. Tomorrow afternoon, weather forecasters promise thunderstorm, rain and 18 ° at the east wind. According Read more [...]
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In Germany back real winter

In the south-west of Germany, in the mountains of the Black Forest, you can see very beautiful snowy landscapes. However, they are not particularly pleasing to those who are trying to get on the mountain road to the famous resort of Baden-Baden - the visibility is less than a few meters. On summer tires cars skidding on slippery roads, and sometimes get bogged down so deep that they have to push out of the snow drifts. But there is an opportunity to go skiing again, though the season ended nearly a month ago. Source: The first channel Previous News: · Abnormal France. Overview Read more [...]
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Floods and storms in India: dozens dead

Floods and hurricanes that occurred in the Indian states of Utter Pradesh and Bihar in the north, claimed the lives of 43 people, more than 70 wounded, RBC reports referring to the Associated Press. Element caused by torrential rains the day before. Destroyed many houses, some trees uprooted. Furthermore, the power line is damaged. Flooding led to the death of the crop.According to Indian meteorologists, storms and downpours occur regularly in the country on the eve of the annual monsoon season, which begins June. Recall that in mid-April, a strong tropical cyclone that hit the Indian state Read more [...]
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In the snow in France «nothing sverhneobychnogo»

Heavy snowfall and gusty winds that hit the south-west of France, and has left without electricity for thousands of people, is a rare but extremely unusual event, according to Russian meteorologists. Winter, on the eve of returning to the south coast of France, left without electricity for 23,000 households: trees can not stand the severity of wet snow, broke and was terminated by electrical wires. Perpignan airport is closed, partially canceled flights to Montpellier. On the Cote d'Azur, which is preparing for the opening of the Cannes Film Festival on May 12, ten-hit by the wave. «It's Read more [...]
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Ash cloud canceled flights between Europe and North America

Hundreds of flights between Europe and North America were canceled or delayed because of the spread of volcanic ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland, which has spread over the Atlantic, the Associated Press reported, citing the statement of the European organization for the safety of air traffic control Eurocontrol. Currently, cloud-long 2 thousand. Spread km from Greenland to the south of Spain. "We assume that basically most routes transatlantic flights will be changed on Saturday. Because of this expected to be significant delays " — Eurocontrol said the representative Kyle Evans. Approximately Read more [...]
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In Yaroslavl came a heat wave!

Here came the long-awaited spring. Today, 8 May, the thermometer will show up to 28 degrees. Forecasters promised Yaroslavl heat and dry weather and sunny tomorrow, May 9. Victory Day over the region will be 23 + ... + 29 °, forecasters predict Gidromettsetra. However, in the evening possible cooling to +9 ... +11 °, so those who are going to go on a "green" or walking late, jacket or sweater to take with them still stands. By the way, due to the heat wave in the region of possible emergencies. "There is an environment conducive to the increased likelihood of natural foci (peat) fires and move Read more [...]
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Photos from the natural disasters and their consequences. №12

Hillside collapsed on the main highway in Keelung, Taiwan. As a result, three cars were buried under the ground. Authorities blamed the incident long rains, and could not find the drivers. (National Airborne Service Corps / Associated Press) Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos are clickable. Photos from the past: the eleventh, tenth, ninth, eighth, seventh.Leslie Wood (left) and her family members assess the damage after a tornado that swept across the state of Mississippi on Sunday. Tornado continued its movement to the northeast, taking Yazoo Read more [...]
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In China, there is drought mitigation

With its abundant long rains in southwestern China have improved markedly moisture conditions. This mainly affects the main granaries of China - Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. However, in the whole country since the beginning of the ongoing drought, the only partially softened. In particular, in the central, northern and eastern parts of China the number dropped during the spring precipitation has been significantly below normal. According to Xinhua, with reference to the All-China headquarters for flood control and drought, 8.2 million. Hectares of arable land covered by drought, 17910000. Residents Read more [...]
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Photos of the consequences of a hurricane in China

Gusts, which lasted in the disaster area almost daily, reaching 11-12 points. The wind speed exceeds 32 meters per second. Over the south-west China was the strongest hurricane, which brought in the Chinese city of Chongqing area large hail and heavy rain. Damage from the elements revelry that lasted night, more than 61 million dollars.Torn hurricane wind roof of the building. Strong wind, accompanied by hail and rain, hit the 12 districts in the suburbs of Chongqing in southwest China on Thursday night. According to recent reports, a hurricane destroyed in the region of more than 6 million Read more [...]
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On the effect of earthquakes on global warming

July 31, 2013. Studies conducted by a team of scientists from Germany and Switzerland, have shown that taking place under a layer of ocean water earthquake help to increase global temperatures on our planet. This effect of underwater earthquakes occur because the tremors disturb huge reserves of methane, resting in the depths of the ocean. Collects more than one millennium to the bottom of the oceans of methane, one of the main greenhouse gases of the atmosphere, is released from the deep storage and wanders out of the water into the air. Such a process has been launched in Pakistan 70 years ago, Read more [...]
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Number of typhoons in the world will increase dramatically

The frequency of destructive typhoons, wind speed at the center of more than 200 km / h, by the end of 2010 increased by 10 times. This is the scientific forecast of the Japan Meteorological Agency. The cause of the damaging winds will be the global climate change and the rise in water temperature of the oceans. A team led by Ouchi Katsuoshi created supercomputer model that takes into account all the modern climate trends, laid the forecast data and information about the atmospheric state of the Earth. The whole planet was conditionally divided into sectors by 14? kilometers. Based on these Read more [...]
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Update the blog

In China, due to the flood disappeared 3 people, more than 400 evacuated

In China, as a result of binge element missing 3 people, more than 400 were evacuated. According to the authorities, the incident occurred in the north of the province of Inner Mongolia, which hit the heavy rains that caused flooding, reports «Xinhua».

They made it clear that the damage from the disaster is estimated at 20 thousand. Yuan (about 3 thousand. Dollars.).

Source: RBC

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Flooding and ground failures in China

In southern China are heavy rains. They have already caused severe floods, which affected six provinces. Rivers overflow, collapse of the dam, washed off the face of the earth dozens of villages. According to preliminary data, the element destroyed about ten thousands of homes and caused the death of seventy people. Tens of thousands of people homeless. Authorities sent rescue workers to the region. They provide humanitarian assistance to help look for survivors, and build refugee tent camps. In one of the villages in Sichuan noted another disaster. It started fall through the ground. For no Read more [...]
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Tornadoes in the American state of Oklahoma

Destruction after a tornado May 11, four people were killed on Monday in Oklahoma because of the tornado that struck the evening on the southern and central parts of the United States, reports the Associated Press. Bad weather led to accidents on the roads, blocking ultimately two federal highways, and cut off a significant portion of the population with electricity. According to the TV channel CNN, in this state of a few dozen people who received injuries as a result of the tornado, were hospitalized on Monday night. Status of eight of them rated as critical.Powerful tornado was on the Read more [...]
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Klyuchevskoy volcano emits a red-hot magma hundreds of meters

The highest active volcano in Eurasia - Kluchevskoy Kamchatka throws burning magma to a height of 200 meters, according to RIA Novosti, the representative of the Institute of Volcanology and Seismology. "On his last day as there are emissions of ash from the crater of the giant to a height of about 1 thousand meters," - said the agency interlocutor. According to him, in the area of ​​seismic Kliuchevskoi recorded daily over 200 local earthquakes and continuous spasmodic volcanic tremor. Kliuchevskoi eruption began in August last year. In mid-November, after the glowing mass completely filled Read more [...]
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In Canada, the ground collapsed houses

The whole family went missing, including two children. Their house was in a funnel-fault, which was formed in the earth. While the causes of PE are installed. Rescuers are hoping that the family is still alive and is in the basement. But before he did not get. Neighbors - the residents of the next five houses - were evacuated. Only village is home to about a thousand people. Source: Channel Five Previous News: · The colossal failures of soil in China. Video · Under Russia and China is melted earth's core · Moscow fail in underground sea · The capital of Mexico falls to the ground · Read more [...]
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In Tomsk, from 25 ° to 0 °, and snow.

On 12 May. Abnormal weather occurs in Tomsk. Here, after a few days of summer heat with a temperature of 25 ° C the snow fell, accompanied by very strong winds. Its performance is up to 20 m / second. Now the city is about 0 ° C. Forecasters believe that the cold will hold in the region before the end of the week. Meteorologists believe that the cause of the cooling was the arrival of the Arctic anticyclone. Tomsk. May. Snow ... "Wind north ... The average daily temperature is below normal ...". This is all the quotes from the weather forecast Tomsk Center for Hydrometeorology in the second Read more [...]
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In China, on the ground there are deep cracks

This event took place on November 28, but we know just now.China. In one of the miner villages in southern China began to appear deep cracks on the roads and fields, from which crack and structure. People thought it was a harbinger of the earthquake and afraid to return home. According to the publication "Xiaoxia Morning", it happened during the day on November 28 in the village of Gokuan Hunan Province. Already cracked more than 30 peasant houses, over a hundred people now have nowhere to live. People stood and watched the scene from afar, afraid to come closer. You could see that because Read more [...]
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Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka for the first time in decades intensified

Flat Tolbachik volcano in Kamchatka first time in decades has shown seismic activity, according to RIA Novosti Senior Fellow, Institute of Volcanology and Seismology Alexey Ozerov. Last eruption Flat Tolbachik observed in 1970 and 1975. At the bottom of the crater periodically observed lava lake. "According to the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of Russian Academy of Sciences, the last day of a seismic station recorded a series of surface seismic events in the construction Flat Tolbachik and short spasmodic volcanic tremor", - said the lake. According to him, to assess Read more [...]
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