Terrible drought ruined wheat crop in several Russian regions

August 1, 2013. In the difficult situation the farmers were several Russian regions, not spoiled by rain in the summer of 2013. Earth cracked, and the harvest will either not at all or will be able to collect the grain is much less than expected. Almost 2 months in the Perm region was a heat wave. No precipitation, plus the thermometer did not fall below 30 degrees. As a result, more than 100 farms are huge losses. According to conservative estimates, 51 million rubles.«For us, it means a lot of fodder, grain production, and if we do not prepare food and grain, of course, we have nothing Read more [...]
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Photos of May snow in Novosibirsk

Snow fell on the night of Wednesday, May 12, in Novosibirsk. Despite the fact that at the end of April in the region has come stormy spring, now the city has received about one millimeter of snow.Forecasters explain this unusual phenomenon that emerged over the Novosibirsk stable atmospheric currents, which were an obstacle for entry into the region of warm air masses from the south-west. According to weather forecasts, snow will continue till Thursday morning. However, this happens very rarely. Meteorologists say that in this region have also been reported cases of snowfall in the summer. They Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in the world in February 2010

The past winter was on the territory of Russia the coldest in 30 years, said Monday the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov. "In Siberia, it will probably be the coldest on record," - Frolov said at a press conference dedicated to the Day of the meteorologist, celebrated on 23 March. But not only in Russia was strange cold and snowy, and around the world. Climatic variations, the heat, the cold ... An incredible amount of snow, and in the southern latitudes, rain. All this begs the question - what's going on in the world? RIA Novosti has collected a summary reference to weather for Verwall. Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in the world in April 2010

Last April was no exception, and gave the world a lot of "interesting" abnormal weather days. RIA Novosti has collected traditional consolidated certificate for the past month. Let's see.> April 1-2, in the central part of Azerbaijan Torrential rains. As a result, 25 villages Zardab and a third of the district center Zardab were flooded by rain and groundwater. As a result, about 500 houses were in an emergency situation. The causes of the situation began to increase in the water level in the rivers Kura and Turyanchay. > On April 5, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) struck a powerful cyclone Read more [...]
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Icelandic ash cloud touched Asia and Africa

The ash cloud from the Icelandic volcano that caused traffic jams in Europe today has touched Asia and Africa. A total of 500 of the ash canceled flights, closed 8 airports in Spain, five of them - in the main resort of the country - the Canary Islands. According to forecasts, the particles of volcanic ash can cover the entire Iberian Peninsula by Wednesday evening. For a few hours and was discontinued air service in North Africa - Morocco. Reached a dangerous cloud of Cyprus, but the authorities of the island has not yet imposed a ban on flights, unlike Turkey, which already canceled dozens Read more [...]
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Rupture of the lithospheric plates in the North Atlantic. Forecast

Iceland already prepodnesshaya worldwide surprise in the form of awakened volcano Eyjafjallajokull, can become a place where the foundation for establishing a disaster on a planetary scale. With such a warning made by the experts who took part in a press conference held at the end of this week in Moscow. It was on it and about what threatens the current eruption, which has already become a cause of traffic jams in Europe. Associate Professor, Department of General and Applied Geophysics, University "Dubna" Vladimir Krivickij believes that Eyjafjallajökull can still surprise. "From the first, Read more [...]
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Hydrogen degassing in the Russian platform. Part 2

At the end of April 2008 in Moscow at the national conference dedicated to degassing of the Earth (degassing of the Earth: Geodynamics, geofluids, oil, gas and their paragenesis), we reported new data on the hydrogen degassing, and showed photos of "mud volcanoes". And it turned out that many of the participants of the meeting, on the way to the capital saw the same thing in other areas of the European part of Russia, have seen and marveled, as in previous years, this phenomenon does not seem to be. So now the hydrogen degassing can watch everyone, clearly indicating that the expansion process. Read more [...]
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Disaster Kuban village due to flooding 50 sites

State of emergency was introduced in the village Pleasing Krasnodar region, where on Tuesday due to torrential rains had flooded eight houses and 50 plots of land, told RIA Novosti on Thursday Head of Civil Defense and Emergency Otradnensky district Andrey Makarenko. «Due to heavy rains on May 11 has been engulfed eight houses and 48 plots of land. Live there 169 people, including 19 children», — the spokesman said. As a result, elements revelry in the village no one was hurt, he added. «A regime of emergency situations, determined by the amount of damage and the Read more [...]
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Indonesian cities suffer from climate change

Sprawling city at the equator the world's largest archipelago — Indonesian - are already suffering from the effects of global climate change, but their power to try to prevent damage coming, said Friday the newspaper Jakarta Globe, talking about passing in the Indonesian capital of the Joint exhibition programs of cities on climate change. "We can not predict the weather, using traditional methods," - says the mayor of Bau-Bau on Buton island in the province of South Sulawesi Amirul Tamim (Amirul Tamim). Global climate change is already manifest themselves there as unpredictable Read more [...]
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Hydrogen degassing in the Russian platform. Part 1

In late February 2007, the website Hydrogen future we put the article "Degassing of hydrogen detected in the central regions of the Russian Platform," which is also widely known on the internet under the name - "Mysterious funnel. " Now, at the end of July 2008, we present new data on this issue. First of all, we have to tell you - dear reader: hydrogen degassing is not only not ceased, but has a marked tendency to expand. It captures the new area and likely to become more intense. If a half years ago, we were quite happy with gas analyzers, which measures the concentration of hydrogen to 1000 Read more [...]
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By tornado swept north Serbia

In the north of Serbia, near the town of Sombor recorded tornado. In a matter of minutes from the earth to the sky stretched giant crater, she moved towards the locality. Although natural phenomenon considerably frightened locals, great damage is not caused. there were no injuries. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Monsoon rains poured India

August 1, 2013. It is reported that heavy monsoon rains in India have caused an increase in the water level in the river Ganges. In Uttar Pradesh recorded numerous floods. The constant increase in the water level in the river has forced residents of Allahabad to collect their belongings and move to a safer place. Ganges River overflows annually during the rainy season (July - September), at which time the water in the vicinity of the cities of Varanasi and Allahabad may rise to 15-16 m. Since the main tributaries of the Ganga - Yamuna and Cauchy - very low banks, the disastrous floods - not Read more [...]
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In the Volgograd region killed crops crops

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Heavy rain drowns the Austrian capital

Torrential rain, which began on Thursday evening in Vienna, has led to disruptions in the transport, local flooding, evacuation of spectators from cinemas and stop supplying electricity to a number of metropolitan areas, according to the Austrian radio. Spectators of a theater in the entertainment center «Lugner City» had to be evacuated from the audience when the accumulated water has already reached the knees. Because of the leak was interrupted traffic on one of the central line of the Vienna subway U3. Firemen went on pumping water from the basements of the buildings between 19.00 Read more [...]
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In the south of Brazil, heavy rains have created a disaster

More than 257,000 people were affected by torrential rains in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, said Thursday the local office of the Civil Defense. According to the ministry, in ten cities declared a disaster mode, material damage is done 35 settlements. The floods and exit the riverbanks their homes were forced to leave more than 4 thousand people, said GO service. With the passage of a powerful cyclone 26 people were injured, one has been missing. No information about the victims. To help the victims, whose number is specified, directed sets of essential commodities. Source: Read more [...]
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Heavy downpours in China

One person was killed and about 4 thousand people to urgently evacuated due to heavy rains that hit the county Syuypu Hunan province (central China), according to news «Xinhua». In most areas of Hunan Province May 12 and 13 were held showers. From the elements hardest hit county Syuypu where by May 13 fell 194 millimeters of precipitation. «According to preliminary statistics, as a result of the rains in the county Syuypu affected agricultural crops on a total area of ​​10 thousand hectares, 334 hectares of crop completely suffered destruction. Besides, killing 1.5 thousand Read more [...]
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Large harvest in Tatarstan in this year will not be

Blame this spring drought and heat waves. Due to lack of moisture in the soil crops continue to be killed, and rain in the near future is expected. According to specialists, farmers, the state could save weekly rains. That's how much water you need to crops in the fields of the republic were able to fully grow. In the meantime, they are forming the main stem and ear, while the other shoots die. Dry perennial grasses and clover. Thus, even the necessary supply of feed in the agricultural sector to ensure Tatarstan unlikely. On a large crop of winter count is no longer necessary. With spring wheat Read more [...]
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In flooded Africa killed 77 people

PRETORIA, May 14. Torrential rains in East Africa led to flooding, killing 77 people. ITAR-TASS, the showers do not stop for a few weeks. Floods are recorded even in the north and east of South Africa and Kenya have already purchased the scope of a national disaster. The Kenyan government is alarmed at the prospect of continuing rains - then can not sustain the dam reservoirs. According to the representative of the Government of Alfred Mutua, people living in the river valleys, have suggested immediately move to higher ground. 10,000 families in the last month have left their homes. Total, according Read more [...]
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Photos of the huge sinkhole in Canada

Residential building fell into a huge hole A huge sinkhole in the Canadian province of Quebec, in the town of St. Jude. May 11 in the ground formed a giant crater, it vanished without a trace a family of four.A terrible tragedy occurred in Canada. In a small community near Montreal in the ground formed a giant cavity width of 500 m and a depth of 30 meters. Prefontaine family home fell into that hole in the roof. Dad Richard, mom Lynn, Anais nine-and 11-year-old Emily watched a hockey game when the house began to sink into the ground. As a result of the tragedy of the whole family died. Read more [...]
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Ship apocalypse — Freedom Ship

Construction of a floating city began in 2002. On "Liberty Ship" has everything you need for living and recreation. After an ambitious project saw the light, some have become seriously argue that with the construction of a floating ship-city can begin the gradual relocation from land to water. The idea of ​​floating the ship came to a head engineer Norman Nixon, who himself won a license to build a "steel structure for civilians." Manages the company's estimates Nixon «Engineering Solutions» («Engineering Solutions"), is located in Florida. The same company owns a factory that makes all Read more [...]
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