Earthquake in Algeria, there are victims

Two people were killed and 43 injured as a result of the earthquake that occurred on Friday in Algeria, Reuters reported citing local media. Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 occurred, according to the USGS, in 12.29 local time (16.29 MSK) 130 kilometers south-east of the capital Algiers. As has transferred to local radio, as a result of aftershocks hit several houses in a village in the province of M'Sila. Are currently under search and rescue operations. Magnitude: 5.1 Depth: 10 km (6.2 miles) Coordinates: 35.903 ° N, 4.032 ° E Time: 14 May 2010, 12:29:22 in UTC Source: RIA Novosti, USGS Read more [...]
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Record heat in Russia will result in fires

After a rather leisurely approach of spring nature sharply added momentum and decided to open the summer season in Moscow in early May. Current levels are already above the average high of July. And every day in the capital region is getting hotter, so there are very few — and maximum temperature, set nearly 130 years ago, will be broken. Then, May 13, 1883, in Moscow, the air warmed up to + 28,6 ° C. The same temperature was 12 May 1921. Therefore, a new record can be delivered today. At least, this is good background, says an expert center «Phobos» Leonid Starkov. «Temperature Read more [...]
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Czech Republic swept tropical heat

August 4, 2013. Abnormally hot weather prevails in the Czech Republic. On Saturday, the country had recorded 115 temperature records. According to the Czech news agency CTK, citing data from the State Hydrometeorological Service, the air temperature in the shade reached almost 40 degrees Celsius. Thus, the thermometer in the Brod-Over-Dyje (South Moravia) climbed to 38.7 degrees. Nearly the same high temperature was recorded in Prague, Plzen, Ostrava, Brno and other cities of the Czech Republic. Over Prague, Central Bohemia, Liberec and Ústí edges hanging smog in the air dramatically decreased Read more [...]
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1000 000 books buried in the mine

Read more [...]
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Amazon has dried

Every year, at the beginning of the Brazilian summer, which starts in the southern hemisphere in December, the great Amazon River much shallower. But what happens this year should touch up on people all over the world to think - in the Amazon began the most severe drought in the last hundred years. After close to a record level of precipitation during the rainy season at the beginning of this year, as a result of the drought, which continues today in the Amazon river level dropped to record low levels. In the Amazon basin the water is gone from the people, leaving behind tons of rotting Read more [...]
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Abnormal heat in the May Novgorod breaks records

Abnormal the May heat in Veliky Novgorod in the last four days has established two temperature record, said on Sunday RIA Novosti Novgorod meteorologist. "In the regional center on May 13 was recorded air temperature of 26.5 degrees, the former maximum (26) was recorded May 13, 1925 May 14, the air in Veliky Novgorod warmed up to 27.4 degrees Celsius, the previous record (25.7) was set May 14, 2003, "- said the source. It is assumed that the abnormally hot weather will continue in the region for at least a week, he added. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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In South China, torrential rains killed 86 people

In South China, as a result of incessant rain that hit the region in the month before the traditional rainy season has already killed 86 people, 16 - are missing. According to Chinese media, in just the last decade in ten Chinese provinces and municipalities because of bad weather affected 8 million people, 275 thousand were evacuated. "From the point of view of meteorology rampant disaster was unusual," - said Deputy Minister of Water Resources of China Jiao Yong. Feature of early there was a period of flooding are also concentrated and repeated showers in some areas. China National Read more [...]
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Element flooded Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is suffering from floods. In Poland, partially flooded the streets of Krakow. In rural areas, is already dead: a man blew a stream in front of his own son. Warning about the dangers of operating in a number of cities. Emergency declared in the east of the Czech Republic. Because of the rain here is rapidly rising water levels in many rivers. Authorities evacuated some homes in the settlements. Reported to be one of the deceased. In Slovakia, the situation is easier, but here flooded the streets of several localities, the water has already penetrated into the house. In Read more [...]
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In Odessa, hit a 200-meter plot of land

The collapse of the land length of 200 meters and a depth of four meters occurred in the village of Chernomorka (Odessa). According to the management of emergencies Odessa Regional State Administration, the cause of PE steel heavy rains. Currently, convergence lot continues. Fortunately, there were no injuries.  The department also noted that this could lead to the destruction of kurens 129 berth that belong sports club «Black Sea." It was decided to carry out the evacuation of people and boats from the territory of the pier, as well as turn off the pier of communications: electricity Read more [...]
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Landslide in Italy

The landslide occurred in the Apennines in central Italy on Saturday night led to the destruction of several buildings and the evacuation of 60 people, Italian media reported on Sunday. Landslides caused by heavy rains over the weekend, was in Vado di Munzuno, near Bologna in the Emilia-Romagna region. However, in previous weeks, the breed has already started slipping because of the lingering showers. Managed to avoid casualties due to the rapid prevention of local residents and the police response and rescue. Bad weather and poor infrastructure have led to a series of disasters over the past Read more [...]
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Emergency sitiatsiya in 25 cities in Brazil due to showers

The consequences of the shower Mode Emergency declared in 25 cities in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Katrina due to heavy rains, reported in the local office of the Civil Defense. According to authorities, a powerful cyclone caused partial flooding of residential areas affected cities, where homes have lost more than 4 thousand people. Another 17 settlements reported on the damage element of material damage. No reports of casualties. GO Service warns of a possible deterioration of the situation in the region. According to meteorologists, the next few days, heavy rains in southern Brazil Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Rostov region. Video

In the Rostov region of more than 10 thousand people remain without electricity due to the hurricane. The night before, a few areas in the region raged strong wind, accompanied by showers, and occasionally hail, reports NTV. As a result, elements revelry were torn wires and toppled electric poles. For several hours without power was mine "Sotkinskaya", it is in the center of the field. 70 miners, who at that time were at the bottom, independently came to the surface. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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Landslide in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

On Saturday night, 15 to 16 May in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo landslide occurred as a result of which 10 people were killed and dozens were missing, namely 46 people.

Torrential rains caused the flow of about a meter of mud, which hit 230 houses near Kirumba, 25 kilometers north of Goma — the regional capital of North Kivu, around midnight. Was found only 10 bodies. Conducted search and rescue operation.

Source: News Africa

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Annual rings pointed to the important role of climate in solar activity

The results of wavelet analysis indicate that compliance with temperature fluctuations 11-and 22-year cycles (a thick line) is almost complete. It is unlikely that the concentration of carbon dioxide could be the determining factor of temperature fluctuations with such recurring intervals. (Here and below illustration Y. Muraki et al.)  July 23, 2013. For many years scientists, heated debate, discuss the question of the connection of the solar cycle and global climate. This is understandable: the modern climate policy requires resources, and if solar activity is actually important for the climate Read more [...]
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Landslide in Uganda

Landslides over the weekend devastated areas of Mbale in eastern Uganda and Rukungiri in the west, with the result that 3 people were killed and injured infrakstruktura and homes. Three children, two of them from one family, were killed by a landslide, which caused heavy rains on Saturday night. Twelve people were reported missing. The police chief, who visited the affected areas and advised the survivors leave the dangerous slopes. Rescuers evacuated more than 300 people who at the moment are one of the primary schools. In the district of Rukungiri traffic stopped after a landslide blocked the Read more [...]
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Hurricane winds felled 170 trees in Moscow

In Moscow, a day hurricane threw 170 trees. For the past day the wind speed reached gusts of 20 meters per second. As promised, weather forecasters, there were heavy showers and thunderstorms. The complex urban economy of the Russian capital have reported that most of the trees - 102 was felled in the Eastern District. Today, during the day, all the fallen trees will be cut and removed. Squall in the capital was also damaged several advertising structures. Hurricane winds, fortunately, does not affect the operation of power grids of the city. According to officials of the capital, power outage Read more [...]
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Landslide in Norway

Two people were killed and two were missing in a landslide in central Norway. The landslide came down on a Sunday evening, when a group of eight tourists make a mountain hike. Due to poor cell phone reception, the rescue operation was not started on time. Survivors reported this to the police only on Monday night. Search and rescue operation is carried out in the vicinity of the mountain in the municipality of Dzhemtfzhelltiend Vevsn in search of the two missing tourists. One of the four survivors were seriously injured. Police said that a series of landslides and avalanches has been registered Read more [...]
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Technical information

2010 will be the year of disasters

New data from the world's leading climate scientists, depressing. In all likelihood, 2010 will be the hottest in the history of mankind. In addition, it will bring a lot of destruction. According to scientists from the American National Data Center of snow and ice, the level of Arctic sea ice fell to a record low for this time of year. Every day disappears about 40 thousand. Sq km of ice. The last time almost as intense it melted in 2007. Meanwhile, researchers at the Polar Science Center at the University of Washington say that the volume of sea ice in March 2010 was 38% less than in 1979, when Read more [...]
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Cyclone Phet in Oman

The number of victims of a tropical cyclone Phet, seized the eastern coast of the Sultanate of Oman in the last three days of this week, up to 17, said on Sunday the UAE newspaper «The National». Referring to the representatives of the civil defense, medical workers and witnesses, the publication indicates that the victims of the cyclone died primarily as a result of floods, collapsing homes and electric shock. The final results of the tragedy weather, the newspaper said, has not yet announced. Several people are reported missing. In hospitals, there are more than 50 wounded. «The Read more [...]
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