Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 44

Krasnoyarsk predicted a devastating earthquake

In the coming years in the Krasnoyarsk region may occur strong earthquake, which resulted in the destruction of not excluded about 30% of the city's buildings. Threatening seismologists forecast was made at a meeting of the regional committee of the Legislative Assembly on economic policy, according to "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". Subject powerful earthquakes in the region rose three years ago. In September 2007, the vice-president of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Laverov with a group of seismologists from Moscow and Irkutsk, sent a letter to Governor Alexander Khloponin. The letter stated Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Bashkiria threw 625 trees

On Saturday, June 5, in the October suddenly bumped hurricane, began to rain and hail. Wind gusts were so strong that they have broken and uprooted 625 trees and power lines poobryvali. Here is how an eyewitness Vladimir Kochkin:  -Two minutes hurricane laid at least a hundred trees, so they are almost gone in Victory Park. Wind racked and wrenched with the roots of poplar and birch. Fallen trees damaged cars. A plurality of residents were left without electricity. Completely destroyed several private homes, many no slate, corrugated, chimneys. Severely affected the organization of the city: Read more [...]
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American cities in ruins

Powerful tornado hit by three American states - Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. Victims of Hurricane became seven people. Several cities in the northeastern United States in ruins, reports NTV. The element has completely destroyed 50 houses, dozens of buildings were left without roofs and windows. Wind overturned cars and uprooted trees. Tornado damaged power lines and brought to a halt a nuclear power plant. Swath of destruction stretched for tens of kilometers. Now the disaster area lifeguard, they make the rubble in search of victims. Several dozen people have been sent to hospitals. Source: Read more [...]
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Sandstorm in the Chinese city. Photo

June 1, 2010. Like a scene from a Hollywood movie disaster, amid a huge cloud of sand, facing rows of houses in a small town in central China seem tiny. Residents of closed doors and windows in their homes when the dust storm at a rate of 21 meters per minute (70 ft / min) swept through the region.Day instantly turned into night, tons of dust temporarily closed sun and visibility dropped to 180 meters (600 feet). But when the storm has calmed down, the clouds of sand dust hit the Earth, causing residents to begin a major clean-up operation. The population of the town of Golmud 200,000 people, Read more [...]
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In the north-east of China flooding in the south-west — drought

August 4, 2013. While northeast China overcome cyclones which poured rain. So in the last 12 hours a number of settlements fell more than 60 mm, and sometimes breaking the mark in the 90 mm. Heavy rains accompanied by thunderstorms and strong wind. In some provinces there are floods that have affected tens of thousands of people, destroyed crops. According to preliminary calculations, the local weather forecasters here will continue to torrential rains, and the level of risk associated with flooding may increase. In the southwest of China, Guizhou Province is a severe drought, which has already Read more [...]
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In the Lviv region lyutovat element. Photo

Weather sometimes presents a very unpleasant surprises. In the cities, the strong winds are not so noticeable, protect the house. But in rural areas there are even small tornadoes. Recently element cleared in the Lviv region. Wind tore off the roof of the houses, broke trees, and even turned the minibus. Hurricane victims was three children. In the village of Sokolniki, Lviv region, strongly consider losses. The wind tore off the roof, almost, with all the houses. - Have done something terrible, I thought, was the end will come. Everything was all gray, and flew in the air stairs, Read more [...]
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In Kamchatka active volcano Kluchevskoy

Volcano in Kamchatka Kluchevskoy threw ash more than 2 km. As reported in the Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Survey of RAS, the last day on the volcano registered a series of emissions of ash to a height of 2-2.5 km above the crater. Scientists claim that the threat to settlements not. Emissions were observed from the townships Keys and Kozirevsk located a few dozen kilometers from the foot of the giant. At night, their inhabitants could watch as well as a giant ejected from the crater of molten lava to a height of 200 meters. Vulcan assigned "orange" aviation code, warning Read more [...]
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Famine in Niger: Millions at risk

At this time of the year wandering around the Sahara tribes usually sell grown cattle, but the drought has ruined the grass and grain yield, so pets or dying out, or too thin to sell them. Trade with provisions freezes. It does not give to the poor inhabitants of the Niger and other West African countries a chance to feed their families in the next year. Chadians fleeing their country and sent to a neighboring Libya to find work and livelihood. The World Food Programme has warned that if the situation does not change in the next three months, will be hungry for more than 10 million Read more [...]
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Hail the size of baseballs. Photo

Not far from the Ust-Kamenogorsk has dropped incredible size hail! On a typical day, when there was not even a sign of rain suddenly out of nowhere appeared a cloud out of the gorge. Within 15 minutes the whole village was hit by a firing squad. School, a couple of streets, houses and cars were punched through the hail reaches the size of a baseball. Also hit the trees and gardens of residents. No injuries have been reported yet information.       Source: lifun Read more [...]
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Baghdad struck a powerful sandstorm

June 7 powerful sandstorm struck Baghdad. Dozens of people were hospitalized with symptoms of breathlessness and problems of the upper respiratory tract.  Authorities recommended residents of the Iraqi capital as much as possible not to go out into the streets. Life in the city came to a standstill, closed many shops and shopping markets. To ensure safety on the highways exhibited more road patrols. Recall the strongest sandstorm collapsed on the Iraqi capital in June 2009 According to witnesses, because of the sand visibility in some areas is only a few meters. Hundreds of residents of the Read more [...]
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Flooding and landslides in Kyrgyztane

More than 2 million homes flooded in Osh and Jalal-Abad oblasts of Kyrgyzstan. Several hundred families were left homeless. This is a result of heavy rains and landslides. In addition to residential homes in some areas have been blurred and roads. In some areas, the Bishkek-Osh road linking the south and north of the country, destroyed bridges. Now experts from the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic carried out the restoration work. In flooded areas continues to receive humanitarian assistance-Products Food, tents and personal hygiene. Anyone who has lost the roof over Read more [...]
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Mudslides in southern Kyrgyzstan

46 families were left homeless in the south of Kyrgyzstan. Heavy rain and hail caused mudslides. Injured dozens of settlements in three areas. In these areas have received humanitarian assistance. From the event - report Nurlan Adaeva. Irisova Aziz said that this night would never forget. She was very scared for himself and for his family. Downpour, and then completely washed away agricultural one house on her backyard. The second can not be restored. Killed domestic animals. "We were sitting at home, when suddenly heard a noise, it was dark. There was no light. My mom was in the house and Read more [...]
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Abnormally hot summer in Europe, will soon become commonplace

Abnormally hot summer, not typical for Europe, will soon become commonplace. This is the conclusion Swiss researchers from the University under the direction of Christoph ETH Cher, who compared the six current climate models in the region with eight older indicators. After analyzing the data, the scientists made a very unfavorable prognosis. As it turned out, from year to year during the summer growing number of so-called tropical days, when the air temperature exceeds 40 ° C. At the same time, according to the researchers, in the XXI century. intense heat will burn the old world more and more. So, Read more [...]
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Powerful impact of elements threatens south Russia

Torrential rains and hail and mudslides caused by heavy rainfall, can lead to the destruction of roads, railroad tracks, bridges and communication lines in the cities of the Southern Federal District on Tuesday and Wednesday. Residents of this district entities experts warned the ministry. According to the staff of the Centre "Antistikhiya" during these days will a strong gusty wind - about 20-24 meters per second. In addition, the predicted rain and thunderstorms accompanied by hail. Bad weather can lead to the rise of water in the rivers to dangerous levels or even dam.Difficult Read more [...]
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In southern Russia locust invasion

Locust attacks crops crops in southern Russia, including in the Rostov region and the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories, which threatens the loss of the crop. In the Krasnodar region against locusts, as in 2009, will be processed 20 thousand. Hectares of fields. The first field will be processed corn, sunflower, sugar beet and perennial grasses, said Acting Head of FSI «Rosselhoztsentr» Regional Lyudmila Shulyakovskaya «Interfax-Yug». According to her, according to the monitoring, the maximum number of Italian locust — a particularly dangerous type of locust Read more [...]
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Pyongyang threw a military exercise to combat flooding

August 4, 2013. North Korea's leadership had to cut summer military training program to redeploy troops to fight the effects of the devastating floods. This is with reference to South Korean media reports Agence France-Presse. Flooding caused by strong rains, has already led to the deaths of 33 people, the destruction of homes and farmland. In response to floods to military units stationed in the west and south-west of North Korea, ordered to reduce teaching to a minimum and do the restoration work. Summer teaching North Korean troops were to be held in parallel with the joint exercise of the Read more [...]
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Antarctica is hidden from warming the ozone hole

Paradoxical increase in ice off the coast of Antarctica in the global warming associated with the so-called ozone anomaly in the South Pole. According to the representative of the Arctic Research Institute Alexander Klepikova, reduction of ozone leads to a cooling of the upper atmosphere, and the strengthening winds, protecting Antarctica from warm air, reports RIA "Novosti". "Over the 30 years of observations that we have satellite data, we increase the ice cover in the Southern Ocean surrounding Antarctica, more than 4%," - said the scientist. At the same time, the amount of drift ice at the Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Sochi

   According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake is in the hundred ninety kilometers from the city in the mountain range of the Northern Caucasus. Shaken during the day, about half a second. It was an earthquake on a regional scale and small capacity. Such shifts of the crust, the professionals call "background earthquakes." In Sochi, they occur two to three times a week. And they are almost impossible to feel. Helen Karpovich, head of Sochi seismic "On, on the treatment of our station, it was small, ranging up to 3 points, it was felt on the higher floors and seysmochuvstvitelnymi Read more [...]
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A powerful earthquake in Chechnya

The epicenter of the quake was Terrible Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 occurred on Wednesday in Chechnya, told RIA Novosti spokesman for the regional emergency department Timur Taisumov. — Tremors were recorded in Grozny at 21.30 MSK. The epicenter of the earthquake, according to seismologists, became the city of Grozny. Tremors recorded at a depth of 33 kilometers, — said Timur Taisumov. According to him, the information currently available about the damage or injuries were reported. Gathering and processing of information, the spokesman said. At the same time, is reported to Read more [...]
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In the Philippines, prepare for a volcanic eruption of Taal

The pressure rise of magma beneath the volcano Taal led to a number of volcanic earthquakes, yet tangible only by special equipment. In addition, seismologists have found the temperature rise under the lake. volcanic activity recorded in this place, may be a harbinger of imminent eruption. 5000 local residents prepare for possible evacuation. Volcanic lake and its island popular with tourists, but soon admitted to the picturesque island in Crater Lake, will not. And the locals working guides temporarily left without work. Source:   Read more [...]
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