Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 46

In Tatarstan, drought killed harvest

In Tatarstan, the drought killed almost the entire crop of winter. Last year, after an abnormally hot summer republic were missing 16 billion rubles. This year, the losses may be greater. Source: Conduct Previous News: · Big harvest in Tatarstan in this year will not be · Hunger in Niger: Millions at risk · Drought destroys coffee plantations in China · 50 million migrate due to desertification in Africa and East · Scientists predict Australia's unprecedented drought Read more [...]
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Torrential flood in China

Unusually heavy seasonal flooding in China has already claimed 155 lives and forced more than a million people to evacuate from their homes into temporary shelters, and the economy of the affected regions have suffered damage in the amount of more than 24 billion yuan ($ 6.5 million). The water rose to its highest level in a decade. The last time this happened in 1998, when a catastrophic flood of 4000 cost the lives of citizens. Who destroyed 140,000 homes. Authorities said the damage four times more than usual, even though floods in some parts of China every year. Source: Read more [...]
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Cold winters will become the norm for Europe

Suddenly cold and snowy winter, which was in 2009-2010, will soon become commonplace for people in Europe, East Asia and Eastern North America, according to Dr. James Overland of the Pacific Marine Laboratory of the National Control of Atmospheric and Oceanic Research, USA."Cold and snowy winters will be the rule rather than the exception ... It is extremely cold and snowy winter of 2009-2010 in Europe, eastern Asia and eastern North America is related to unique physical processes in the Arctic," - said Overland was quoted as saying on the conference website on the results of the International Read more [...]
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Wind break trees in Latvia. Photo

Strong wind from Friday night raging in the territory of Latvia, breaking branches and damage power lines. Remained without electricity for several thousand families. In Riga, Kipsala gusts broke several trees. Source: Read more [...]
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Colossal failures of soil in China. Video

Residents of a Chinese village in Sichuan Province, in the truest sense of the land out from under their feet. Only last week in the area formed dozens of huge karst failures. In the depth of many of these holes, resembling a giant hole, reaching tens of meters. People have even been forced to flee their homes and stay in tents in a safer place. Arrived geologists explain unusual significant temperature differentials and the effect of groundwater. Source: The first channel Previous News: · Flood and failures of soil in China · Under Russia and China is melted earth's core · Read more [...]
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7.7 powerful earthquake in the Indian Ocean

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 7.7 occurred on the west coast of India near the Nicobar Islands, said on Saturday the United States Geological Survey website. The epicenter of the quake, which occurred at 23:26 MSK, was 448 kilometers south-west of the city of Port Blair, located in the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Its center was located at a depth of one kilometer. "Data on the extent of damage and casualties were reported. Declared a threat of a tsunami in the Indian Ocean, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, "- was quoted as saying the representative Read more [...]
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Strong earthquake in Japan

An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 that occurred today on the Pacific coast of the main Japanese island of Honshu, did not damage the nuclear power plant, located in the prefecture of Fukushima, where were recorded strong ground strokes. Two reactors of this NPP, said the directorate of the Tokyo power company, "are in good condition and continue to operate as usual", ITAR-TASS Reports of casualties and destruction in other parts of Honshu and has not received yet. The threat of a tsunami has not been announced. However, as specified local authorities, about 10 minutes had stopped traffic on the Read more [...]
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Heat waves established in Austria

Abnormally high temperatures have been established in Austria. In some areas, the thermometer has exceeded 35 degrees. And the heat covered the entire country. Vienna residents lined up in a public swimming pool, said "Russia 24". Profit counted ice-cream and soft drinks. Demand for their products has increased several times. Most drivers are out of luck. According to them, stuck in traffic jams in the heat is unbearable. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Sudan comes on desert

State of the Red Sea, south Sudan, August 1, 2013. © Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah | Reuters August 3, 2013. Sandstorms over the Sudan - a frequent occurrence. In July of this year, NASA's almost every day "watching" over the Red Sea Dust, brought from the African country. Sandstorms can carry huge amounts of sand, sometimes they look almost like a thick veil. In Sudan, the phenomenon nazyvetsya "habub." Usually the storm lasts about three hours, during her wind can lift dust and sand to a height of 1500 meters.One of the main environmental problems in the Sudan - desertification. Meter by Read more [...]
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In Arkansas flood victims became 20 people

At least 20 people were killed in floods in Arkansas. Dozens of people are unaccounted for, according to «Russia 24». Torrential rains hit the region yesterday. In just a day has dropped more than 20 inches of rain. Rivers burst their banks and flooded towns. Most of the victims of one of the sites visitors to the sleeper. Their cars were under water in the early morning, when the drivers were still asleep. Emergency services evacuated residents most affected by the disaster areas. The operation involved teams of firefighters from the air to help them rescue helicopters.In Arkansas Read more [...]
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Sun prepares merciless blow

Picture of the Sun's surface. In the coming years the Sun, which owes its existence to every living creature on earth, can give its inhabitants a nasty surprise. Now the light passing through the 11-year development cycles, gradually increasing activity, which will reach its peak in 2013. It is possible that in three years will happen solar storm, accompanied by high-speed solar wind streams. For human civilization consequences could be very serious.Powerful solar emissions can damage the power lines, satellites, navigation systems and devices, communications (including the Internet), and Read more [...]
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Photos from a difficult week in Guatemala

A huge crater was formed at the crossroads in Guatemala. In this hole the entire three-storey building collapsed. (REUTERS / Daniel LeClair) Over the past seven days, residents of Guatemala and neighboring El Salvador and Honduras had to deal with the eruption of a volcano spewing tons of ash, a powerful tropical storm, floods and landslides, and extreme "black" hole that swallowed up in Guatemala City, a small factory and intersection. Volcano Pacaya started spewing lava and rocks on Thursday 27 May, enveloping Guatemala ash, because of which had to close the airport. Killing one television reporter, Read more [...]
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In the center of Sochi landslide

At risk were the inhabitants of one of the houses. Night right under the windows of the ground began to go down. Rumors sheds, fences and trees. Over the pit depth of two meters hung barracks. Residents fear the emergency house next landslide, believing that it will damage plumbing and brake power line. Here once began to build retaining walls - especially from landslides, but now part of it is buried under the ground. On the restoration of the fence will take time, and while residents of the house on the street Sanatorium literally hanging over the abyss. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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Bad weather in Europe, destroyed houses and gigantic hailstones

Strong storm walked across central Europe, said "Russia 24". In Poland, in his way were several settlements. Bottom line is visible in these shots - destroyed homes, fallen trees. One person was killed and there are wounded. In Austria, downpours and gale-force winds were accompanied by hailstones the size of golf balls. Material damage - hundreds of thousands of euros. Flooded large areas, hundreds of homes under water in the streets of mud flows. Killed 13-year-old schoolboy - it blew over the swollen river. In the Russian capital and its suburbs are also raging storm with hurricane wind. Read more [...]
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Wind back the Nizhny Novgorod region in the 18th century

Squally wind in the Nizhny Novgorod region, accompanied by a strong storm, led to large-scale technological implications. As a result, the continuity of contact networks remained without electricity for 275,000 people on the main section of the railway Nizhny Novgorod - Kirov stopped 16 trains. The delay in the movement range from 20 minutes to 6.5 hours. To eliminate the impact of the accident sent to 150 people and technology. As a result, night storm in the Nizhny Novgorod region were left without electricity 12 districts, the press service of the regional emergency department, according Read more [...]
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Floods in Arkansas and Poland

U.S. Arkansas looking for dead bodies in the flood. In Poland, count the damage from the elements. The massive flooding killed at least 16 people in the American Arkansas. Due to heavy rains the water level in the rivers of the Caddo and Little Missouri increased by two and a half meters. The water pressure was so strong that it easily overturned cars, agricultural machinery, destroying the road surface and washed away houses. The most affected among the tourists, who lived in tents and houses on wheels. Missing there are over seventy people. Rescuers believe that the search for bodies, Gone Read more [...]
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Invasion of butterflies in the Southern Urals

Insect wings with white called Boyaryshnitsa. For the past week residents Kata-Ivanovo district of Chelyabinsk region as observed from flower to flower butterflies flit numerous. Old-timers will not remember a similar invasion of winged insects in our area. Most likely, butterflies migrated to our seats from another region. If ordinary citizens enjoyed the colorful winged beauties, the gardeners look at them warily. Caterpillars Boyaryshnits renowned for their voracity - they feed on the foliage of fruit trees: hawthorn, rowan and cherry other than to cause significant damage to the plants. A Read more [...]
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Medieval drought in Africa is repeated

Who died because of the drought giraffe. (REUTERS / Stefano De Luigi / VII Network / Le Monde Magazine) An international team of researchers studied the history of the climate of the North-West Africa by tree rings. In the samples contained not only information about climate areas in the Middle Ages, but the forecast of climate change in the coming decades. In general, the researchers traced the climatic changes that have occurred in the territory of modern Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia from about 1179 to the present day, although the oldest samples (it was found in Morocco) dates back to the Read more [...]
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Pictures of circles on the ice of Lake Baikal, Russia

In late April 2009, astronauts aboard the International Space Station observed a strange circular area of ​​thin ice at the southern end of Lake Baikal, located in the southern part of Siberia. Siberia - remote and cold region, the ice may persist until June. Upper picture shows astronaut circle of thin ice (dark in color, with a diameter of about 4.4 km), it is focused on the fracture of ice at the southern end of the lake. MODIS image sequence indicates that the anomaly first appeared April 5, 2009.On the surface of the lake can be seen another, very similar circle near the center of Read more [...]
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130 years of temperature change on Earth

August 3, 2013. How did the temperature of the earth's surface? In order to answer this question, the researchers collected information about the temperature for 130 years from 1000 weather stations in different parts of the world and combined them with modern satellite data. The result was an impressive video. The mini-movie depicts the temperature change on a global scale with respect to the local average temperature of the mid 1900s. Red means warming, blue - cooling. According to the findings of scientists over the last 130 years the earth's temperature has increased by nearly 1 degree Read more [...]
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