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Drought in Bashkiria

Altai and Yakutia, the startling flood. Flooding in Yakutia began on 19 May. Within a few days in several areas of the country and the city of Yakutsk was introduced a state of emergency. Were flooded 2,963 houses, damaged roads, damaged 173 social facilities. State of emergency was introduced in the spring and in Khakassia. In Bashkortostan, this year the opposite situation. Region threatens severe drought. Cities and villages languishing in the heat. In addition, heavy rains in the country has not already been a very long time. River water is not enough. The main waterway, White, Read more [...]
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How long does it take for volcanoes «charging»?

August 2, 2013. Journal Nature recently published some interesting information about the inner life of terrestrial volcanoes. Received news about volcanoes can be divided into "good" and "bad." Let's start with the "bad". As found by researchers from Columbia University, on our planet, there are special types of volcanoes, which to charge another portion of fresh lava requires only a few days, at most, a week. Previously, it was believed that preparation for the new full eruption takes much more time. Eruptive activity of volcanoes erupting at the same time and store fresh hot magma in its bosom Read more [...]
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Photos of floods in Spain north of the country is drowning in water

Due to river flooding in the province of Cantabria urgently evacuated population. To leave their homes on their own people can not. The region is interrupted by rail and road links. We recall a similar situation in the south of France. In the Var department of emergency was declared. Flood victims became 20 people. Rescuers remove residents from the roofs of homes and rescues from cars. Bubbling streams literally demolished parked cars as toys. According to meteorologists this flood - the strongest in the region for nearly two centuries.  Source: CTV Read more [...]
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In Kamchatka Shiveluch volcano erupts

Shiveluch volcano erupting in Kamchatka, threw the ashes with a gas to a height of 4 km above sea level, according to Interfax. «In the last day in the construction of the volcano registered about 112 seismic events in the growing dome Shiveluch observed thermal anomaly»- Said the representative of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service RAS. He noted that the volcano is possible avalanches. He also said that now Sheveluch dangerous for planes flying in the area. «Ash particles can get into the mechanisms of airliners and provoke a crash», - Said the Read more [...]
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Australia at the mercy of the elements

A strong storm hit the south-east coast of Australia.

The main impact of elements occurred in the state of Victoria.

Gusts up to 140 kilometers per hour.

Felled trees caused multiple fractures of power lines.

No light left more than 11 million homes. Rescue services translated into enhanced mode.

Source: Radio Russia

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Flooding in the south-west of India

At least 46 people were killed and more than 20 people unaccounted for as a result of severe flooding in the south-west of India. Powerful rainstorms have caused major damage to the administrative center of the state - Mumbai. There's flooded streets, knocked down trees, power lines disrupted. In one area of ​​the financial metropolis wall collapsed multi-storey building, killing 8 people. Paralyzed transport links in Maharashtra, canceled at least ten flights, trains followed a long delay, ITAR-TASS reported. As a result, showers, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, destroyed Read more [...]
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Nature never ceases to surprises

June 17 is World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. The date was proclaimed January 30, 1995 the UN General Assembly. But nature does not hold, and it makes its own adjustments. Thus, for example, suffers from Bashkiriya unprecedented drought. This was not in the country for 70 years. The main waterway - White River - shallow. Shoaling at the beginning of the summer season, the specialists call an anomaly. Situation could save rains, but they are not from the beginning of June. The Ministry of Agriculture of Bashkiria, special concern among experts is the state of crops in Read more [...]
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Tornado in Minnesota

As a result of the tornado in the state of Minnesota, killing two people, injuring dozens. As the representatives of local authorities, tornadoes were held in districts Otter Tail and Polk on Thursday night, according to ITAR-TASS. Tornado destroyed dozens of houses and a gas station. Serious damage was done to the city of Wadena, where there are about 4.3 thousand people. Only there sought medical treatment for more than 20 people. As representatives of the serving area power company, a tornado damaged the gas pipes, resulting in the formation of several centers of Vaden gas leak, Read more [...]
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The number of victims of torrential rains in China has risen to 42

The death toll during the heavy rains of Hurricane in southern China rose to 42, reports "Xinhua". Missing among 36 people. Previously reported six dead. It is noted that in the next three days the weather in the south of China will not improve.The number of victims of floods in China approached 50 The number of victims of torrential rains in southern China has reached 46 people, while another fifty unaccounted for, said on Thursday the agency Zhongguo sinven. Livni does not end with June 13 in six provinces of China. The most severely affected Sichuan, Fujian and Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Read more [...]
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Greece is roasted at 43 °

France is filled with water, but in Greece, on the contrary, came the heat. On the eve of the Athens was + 43 °. This in the middle of June in this country usually does not happen. Local people and tourists languishing in the heat, but meteorologists warned — this is not the limit. Firefighters Greece translated into enhanced mode because of the threat of forest fires.

Source: Conduct

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The massive flooding in Singapore

Heavy rain that hit on June 16 in Singapore, triggered floods in the city and flooded the downtown streets, according to local media on Thursday. Traffic on the popular tourist destination street Orchard Road, with its luxury shops, was completely paralyzed at the time, as the rescue team tried to free up about 70 passengers from flooded cars and buses. According to authorities, three hours incessant rain received 100 millimeters of rain, which made up 60% of the monthly norm of June and was the most severe flooding in the last 26 years. Another one of the main thoroughfares of the city was Read more [...]
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China poured rain. Video

The consequences of flooding forced to fight in the south of China. There's the fifth day of torrential rains do not stop. The streets are more like a river. In Hunan water eroded the soil, formed a huge pit depth of 50 and a diameter of 80 meters. And the funnel is constantly growing, absorbing around buildings. Went underground for 20 houses. Source: Conduct Previous News: · The number of victims of torrential rains in China has risen to 42 · Heavy flooding in China · Nature never ceases to surprises · In the Chinese countryside crater destroys homes. Video Read more [...]
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According to the Southern Urals walk tornadoes

August 1, 2013. Unusual for the region a natural phenomenon was recorded in Magnitogorsk.

Source: Uralinformbjuro

Several people died in the earthquake in Indonesia

Several people were killed and dozens of houses were partially destroyed as a result of a series of earthquakes on Wednesday morning in the eastern part of Indonesia, local media reported. "One person was killed and about 50 buildings were damaged in the first quake a magnitude of 5.3 on the Richter scale, whose epicenter was located 91 kilometers south-west of the capital of the province of Central Sulawesi town of Palu, a hotbed of lying about ten kilometers from the surface of the Makassar Strait "- passed the national news agency Antara. Soon, 123 kilometers south-east of the island of Read more [...]
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Livni brought to Brazil landslides and fever

Torrential rains since early June does not stop at the north-east of Brazil, caused landslides in the state of Pernambuco. Already killed eight local residents, said on Friday the local office of the Civil Defense. According to the National Institute of Meteorology of the country, on the date, the amount of precipitation has exceeded 400 millimeters. Usually at this time of the year falls on average 352 mm of precipitation. Heavy rains brought to Brazil another disaster: an epidemic of dengue fever. Peddlers infection - mosquitoes Aedes Aegypti, which breed in fresh water stoyaloy. Already Read more [...]
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France turned to Venice

In the south-east of France declared a state of emergency. More than a thousand people have fled their homes. Tens of thousands of buildings are de-energized, the train stopped with serious disruptions operate airports. Reason — severe floods, the likes of which has not been here for two centuries. And forecasters warn it's not over yet. Typhoon started out as a normal rain, and within hours turned the lovely towns and streets of the Var department in the south-east of the country in mudslides, washing off everything in its path: cars, telephone poles, trees and people. Only in Read more [...]
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Landslide lake in Pakistan. Photo

This photo was taken during the second landslide near the village of Attabad, northern Pakistan, January 22, after the first landslide on January 4th blocked most of the Hunza valley, blocking the river of the same name. (Inayat Ali (Shimshal) / Pamir Times / CC BY-NC-ND) Six months ago, January 4, 2010, in a remote valley of the River Hunza in northern Pakistan's strongest landslide buried the village of Attabad, destroying 26 homes, killing 20 people and blocked the Hunza River. With the growth of the newly formed lake authorities rushed to evacuate local residents and help the victims of the Read more [...]
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Cuba became shallow river. This drought was not more than a century

Photo: latindex Friday, June 18. Do not operate the hydro-electric station. On the fields - dry harvest. Fields groomed as paved roads. Decline of Fish, boat people had to hide until better times. And that catch - and in the rivers, and all around - all living things dying. In many towns and villages - drinking water weight in gold. Weather forecasts are disappointing, heavy rains in the near future will not be. Source: Read more [...]

Hurricane in the Samara region

Because of the strong wind and rain last weekend were knocked down dozens of trees in a national park Buzuluksky Forest, located in the two regions - Samara and Orenburg. Most suffered from bad weather in Samara part of the forest. According to foresters, hurricane swooped suddenly, his speed was just fantastic. From the first gust of wind the trees began to bend and fall. Stationed on the territory of the forest people saved by the fact that the element found them on the site with young plantings. Hurricane raged for about an hour and a verse as suddenly as it had begun. Element spared Read more [...]
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In the provinces of China, almost every day in the land of the failures appear

Scientists do not have a clear explanation of what happened, only versions, one of which is to blame for heavy rain, which replaced an unprecedented drought for the areaLarge-scale natural disaster threatens China. Some areas of the country can literally fall into the pit. Around the south of China is in one or another province almost every day there are failures. Scientists explain what is happening can not, and under the earth go all the new houses and land under crops. Details - Boris Butkova. It is not the consequences of carpet bombing and meteoritic crater. It is a failure on the site Read more [...]
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