Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 49

In Irkutsk caterpillar plague

In the gardening department of the city administration a lot of calls are received every day. People complain that the tracks in their backyards destroy trees. In one of the courtyards in the New Lenine dead garden emerged this week. It made black caterpillars. The first tree was occupied for only one night, after a week enveloped another 12 trees. Tells about NTS. The whole yard is strewn tracks and they just crunch underfoot. Insects gluttonous. Now in a few large pockets. Olga Nekrasov, Irkutsk woman: "In the morning, went outside and saw that the trees are in the web. Thought, Read more [...]
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China continues abnormal geological phenomena

China. Residents of the city of Chengdu, Sichuan Province witnessed an unusual phenomenon - roadbed suddenly swell, after which it formed long, narrow fissures from which start foaming flow clay mud. On the same evening, the water in the underground water has become yellow, it is not suitable for use. It happened on June 17 about 15 hours close to the local market. Puddle of yellow mud slowly spread over the sidewalk. People thought it was a harbinger of impending disaster and the next began to disperse quickly. In the local media have been no reports about it, so many of the locals, Read more [...]
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Photos from the natural disasters and their consequences. №13

Railway employee walks along relsamlyubitel play slot machines, mangled during a flood in Poland. (Marta Rybicka / Associated Press) In addition to the review of events from May 18 to June 7, large foobzor. Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos are clickable. Photos from the past: the twelfth, eleventh, tenth, ninth, eighth.After the tornado Warren Waltz estimates the damage to a truck stop east of Oklahoma. Tornado blew cars off the road and tore the house from the ground. As a result, five people were killed. (Louis DeLuca / The Dallas Morning Read more [...]
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The researchers found hundreds of volcanoes around Norway

August 4, 2013. It is named Loki's Castle Norwegians found volcanic mountains, the presence of which they did not anticipate. Researchers from the University of Bergan (University of Bergen (UiB)) found hundreds of volcanoes in the deep sea around Norway. The area can be a new national park or Norway or place of billions of dollars in revenue. Unique results found Norwegians, a volcanic mountain chain length of 1500 km, which stretches from Jan Mayen to Frem Strait, located between Greenland and the Archipelago Shlitsbergenom.Prior to that, on the map in this area were white spots, and Read more [...]
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Photos from the natural disasters and their consequences. №14

Flooded cars in Vale De L'Argens, France. Since the beginning of flooding due to heavy rains killed 19 people. (Maxppp / ZUMA Press) Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos are clickable. Photos from the past: the thirteenth, twelfth, eleventh, tenth and ninth.Teddy bear lying in the mud in the flooded village of Polish fork. (UPPA / ZUMA Press) Magura is stranded in Sultanpur bird sanctuary, near New Delhi. (Gurinder Osan / Associated Press) Workers prepare to pump out water from the flooded restaurant fast food «Starbucks» in the financial district Read more [...]
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Azov sea turned green

Due to the very high temperatures in the Sea of ​​Azov is already full of algae. If the heat will last - their number will increase. The fact that algae appeared in the beginning of June, environmentalists are not surprising. In Mariupol there have been cases when the sea was filled with blue-green algae, and began to "blossom" in May, reports "Mariupol-Express." According to environmentalists, the number of these organisms may be reduced if in the near future will be rain or windy weather. Individual algae are not harmful to human health. But when a large cluster of them swim in the sea Read more [...]
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Half disasters

American experts are waiting for new earthquakes in California and the Midwest. World "season earthquakes" captured the first six months of this year and threatens the continuation of the infinite. If last week was shaking India, China and the Pacific Islands, then on Tuesday morning disaster force of 5.7 on the Richter scale struck in California (USA). By the end of this week around the Californian city of San Diego is expected aftershocks force of up to 4.5 points. The correspondent of "NO" talked to American seismologists, it is believed that all these riot of nature are the result of the collision Read more [...]
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Extinct volcano Pektusan activated

Located on the border between North Korea and China Pektusan extinct volcano is a growing concern among Koreans. According to experts, this volcano, which is considered sacred to Koreans, may at any time come to life. This problem was already interested in the South Korean government. Experts point out that since June 2002 there was already a solid body of evidence that is considered extinct volcano gradually activated. According to geologist Yoon Hyo of Pusan ​​University, markedly increased the frequency of oscillation of the crust, which occasionally occur in this area. In addition, Read more [...]
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In China caught waterfowl «zmeekrokodilov.» Photo

Strange waterfowl body snake and crocodile jaws were caught in the river in Hunan Xiang. Photos from China. In one of the village restaurants in Hunan Province on June 6 started a large influx of visitors. But most of them do not come to dinner, and look at the "zmeekrokodilov", which recently acquired a host fish market. According to the newspaper "Xiaoxia Morning" a few days ago, the owner of a restaurant in the village Xiaoxia went to the market for the products for the restaurant and saw these strange creatures merchant. Total sold 4 "zmeekrokodila", he bought two. Merchant Read more [...]
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Sakurajima volcano sets records

Sakurajima is gaining more and more activity Japanese volcano Sakurajima awake, located on the island of Kyushu, in the south of the country makes nervous seismologists. The fact that this weekend the volcano Sakurajima established his original record, far exceeding the number of eruptions over the past year. Sakurajima volcano in Japan holds in a state of constant fear residents of a large city of Kagoshima, which is located nearby. Recent studies give seismologists a disappointing result, as evidenced by the growing power of one of the biggest active volcano in Japan. According to the research Read more [...]
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On 36 tornadoes hit Minnesota

American Minnesota was the victim of a series of tornadoes. Three people were killed, dozens were injured and are currently in the hospital.

Destroyed more than 200 homes, broken power lines. Hurricane lifted up cars and parts of buildings, gas broke several localities. A series of 36 tornadoes was a record for the United States since 1992 (when they were recorded by 27). And I still can not exclude the risk of new tornadoes.

Source: Conduct

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Austria covered with snow on the eve of the summer solstice

Austrian weather continued fever: over the weekend the western part of the country covered with snow, the traffic on some mountain passes was paralyzed. According to local media today, it is - an unprecedented event for the country, because an unexpected winter returned before June 21, that is, on the eve of the beginning of astronomical summer. Today, the day of the summer solstice, which in Austria is the official beginning of summer. However, think about the heat is not necessary - in the west of the country in the federal states of Styria and Tyrol because of heavy snowfall over the weekend Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Omsk region

In the Omsk region at the weekend strong wind tore the roof, and hail the size of a hen's egg beat in the homes of the glass. As the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in the Omsk region, on the night of 19 to 20 June at the Omsk region blew heavy wind, the speed of which reached 17 meters per second. Moreover, in some areas went hail the size of a hen's egg. In four villages in the district Tyukalinsky — Bekisheva, Gurovka, Obroskino and Tokarevo — were broken windows of private houses and slate roofs. Source: SAN Omsk Read more [...]
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In the United States once again raging tornado

On the American state of Montana struck a powerful tornado, news agencies reported. Strong vortex overturned cars and tore roofs off houses. Wind speed at the center of the tornado exceeded 200 miles per hour. Hurricane winds accompanied by hail the size of golf balls. Tornado also swept through the city center, damaging a bar and a casino and leaving only the walls of the automobile dealer. Coming in from Main Street, the vortex toward the 10,000-seat avtoarene, felling trees and posts. A few hours the main street was closed while the bulldozers removed garbage and debris. Rescue teams Read more [...]
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Flood in Pakistan and Afghanistan killed 86 people

August 5, 2013. At least 70 people were killed in floods in Afghanistan, with at least 16 killed in neighboring Pakistan. Most of the deaths due to the collapse of buildings or the wiring harness. In Afghanistan, the hardest hit Kabul and the surrounding towns, where dozens of homes were destroyed. Also flood affected eastern province of Nuristan and Khost. As reported today by the representative of law enforcement agencies, is not yet possible to specify the exact number of victims because many people are still missing. In Pakistan, the major damage and casualties occurred in the city of Karachi.The Read more [...]
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Flooding in the Philippines

The water level in the towns and cities continues to rise. For the third time in the last two months evacuate 20,000 residents of the southern Philippine island Minadano. People leave their homes due to flooding. Torrential rains caused flood Simuay River and its tributaries overflowed due to heavy rains. Water flooded some areas of cities Sultan Kudarat and Sultan Mastura, as well as about two dozen villages. Residents forced to flee to the hills. Evacuation is carried out with the assistance of the Philippine armed forces. For the operation they provided trucks and boats. Infrastructure Read more [...]
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Flooding in Slovakia

Livni again caused floods in Slovakia, news agencies reported. Flooded village of Zvolen Slatina in the central part of the country. From there, several families were evacuated. The threat of flooding threatens village Viglash. These settlements are located on the river Slatina, the water level is rising rapidly. In the southern and eastern Slovakia also saw the rise of the water level in rivers and reservoirs. The country in the past two and a half months of floods occur for the third time. Disaster victims became 11 people. Material damage in the tens of millions of euros. Source: Read more [...]
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In the south of China 10 million people suffer from floods

The list of victims is already 175 people. Another 107 are missing. Nearly a half million inhabitants of the southern regions of the country had to be evacuated. In total, the flood anyway affected 10 million people. Approximate damage is already close to a half billion dollars. Prolonged rains caused flooding in Brazil. His victims were more than 30 residents of the north-eastern parts of the country. About 50 thousand have been forced to flee their homes. People fleeing on the roofs, evacuated by helicopters and boats. A number of cities recognized disaster area. Many of them interrupted Read more [...]
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Flooding in Brazil left homeless 32 thousand people

According to the local civil defense services, continuing heavy rains in the Brazilian state of Alagoas deprived of shelter for more than 32 thousand people. Six people on the list of missing persons. According to authorities, the rain comes the third week. As a result of rampant floods in 21 settlements were flooded homes. Rescuers say they have suffered at least 55 thousand people. Data on casualties have been reported. The number of flood victims in northeastern Brazil has increased to 38 people According to local authorities, the death toll could be higher - these just do not Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Croatia

22iyunya 2010.Dva people were hospitalized, 40 cars damaged by fallen branches and shingles, toppled 15 telegraph poles and dozens of trees. These are the results of the disaster that struck today at the capital of Croatia. According to the police in Zagreb, injured an elderly resident of the city, which fell on a temporary construction site fence, and the young man injured by falling trees, ITAR-TASS reported. It is reported that the amount of material damage caused by the urban economy and private property, has not been established. Other parts of Croatia for the third consecutive day suffer Read more [...]
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