In the west of Antarctica, everything changed

American research vessel Laurence M. Gould in Antarctic waters The climate of the Antarctic Peninsula is in three record for the rate of change. Its coasts are changing all the components of ecosystems. Scientists are trying to understand how it is possible to keep up with such a rapid process. Scientists from several American universities, led by Dr. Oscar Skolfilda (Oscar Scholfield) from Rutgers University in the pages of the journal Science, analyzed the most recent data on the state of ecosystems of the Antarctic Peninsula, and trying to figure out how best to explore this part of Antarctica.Antarctic Read more [...]
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In the south of France because of river flooding regime introduced a natural disaster

From June 22, in the south of France, in the areas affected by severe flooding, natural disaster mode is entered. Such a decision, transmits radio "Mayak", adopted by President Nicolas Sarkozy. Because of the unprecedented for this time of year of showers in the south-east of France came out of the river banks. The water rose rapidly and unexpectedly, more than half a meter in a few minutes. Despite warnings from forecasters, flood caught by surprise people and local authorities. Many people were trapped in homes, schools and shops, climbed to the roof in anticipation of rescue or Read more [...]
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In the Chelyabinsk region caterpillar plague

One step away from ecological catastrophe. Southern Urals attacked by hordes of gypsy moth. Billions of caterpillars destroy forests throughout the Chelyabinsk region. Do rangers fight the invaders have neither the strength nor the ability. This enemy does not burn the village, and a good view of it can only be under the magnifying glass. His main weapon - a hunger that he is constantly trying to quench. Gypsy Moth - Butterfly of the family volnyanok. Distributed in Turkmenistan, United States, Japan and Europe. Now to this list we can now add the Southern Urals. On the same tree Read more [...]
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Floods in Romania

Torrential rains have caused severe flooding in Romania. Under water were 30 cities. One person was killed and another unaccounted for. Hardest-hit central and north-western regions of the country. Rivers burst their banks, flooded a huge area, destroyed roads and bridges. In the struggle against the elements involved more than 500 firefighters. Staff emergency help teams of volunteers. A similar picture is in Brazil. In the list of victims for the 41 name. Search and rescue operations do not stop for a minute. The fate of about 800 residents remains unknown. Around 50 thousand Read more [...]
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Destructive hail in China. Photo

China. In more than 40 villages in Henan Province about two hours went deg. Hailstones the size of a hen's egg reached. In many homes, broken windows and roofs completely destroyed almost all the wheat crops, damaged fruit trees and other crops.According to the website "Dahe Hebi", many people have been injured, killed hundreds of animals and birds, significantly damaged 3342 hectares nearly ripe wheat, economic losses amounted to more than 50 million. Yuan ($ 7.1 million.).Source: The Epoch Times Read more [...]
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Thousands of Filipinos were affected by floods caused by rains

August 5, 2013. Hundreds of thousands of people were injured in last weekend of heavy rains in the central and southern parts of the Philippines, said on Monday the internet news portal GMA News. «According to our data (of disaster) affected 22 towns, the water level in some areas can reach the knee, hip or waist»- Said the spokesman of Civil Defense of the Philippines Major Ray Balide (Rey Balido). In the southern province of Maguindanao by downpours caused floods affected nearly 250,000 people, with the information from the two cities have not yet received. The province was declared Read more [...]
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Flood podtopilo 80 houses in the Stavropol region

In one of the villages in the Stavropol region, more than 80 houses were flooded as a result of rain floods. In homes are about 200 people. In the village Shvedino Petrovsky district of Stavropol due to heavy rain flooded more than 80 homes, reports "Interfax" referring to representatives of the Southern Regional Emergency Center. "This rain flood. Due to the heavy rain that comes with 00.00 MSK, the water level in the village Shvedino increased to one and a half meters. Three hours of intense rain fell over monthly rainfall. As a result, three private homeownership destroyed, 80 are flooded. Read more [...]
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New Zealand was covered by snow

Heavy snow hit New Zealand. The main impact of elements occurred in the South Island near Queenstown, traffic is paralyzed. As reported today by the local weather service, snow depth reached 40 inches. Because of the snowfall vehicular traffic on the island of South partially paralyzed. Canceled classes in schools. According to weather forecasters, as a result of a powerful cyclone and front facing high and low atmospheric pressure temperature dropped to below zero mark, which led to snowfall. Currently, all the emergency services are on high alert. Information about the victims Read more [...]
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From flooding in China has killed 200 people. Photo report

Around Italy found an unknown underwater volcano

Scientists from Italy found in the Tyrrhenian Sea volcano, which until now was not known. It is located near the coast and Kalabirii yet-untitled. Its width is about 15 kilometers away, and the tip is located at a depth of 120 meters. According to researchers from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, the last time it erupted about 670 years ago and now does not pose any danger to humans.

Source: 7D

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In Moldova, the element is de-energized 35 settlements

35 communities in 9 districts of Moldova remained in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday without electricity, according to RIA Novosti press center of Civil Defence and Emergency Moldova. Because of the strong wind and rain the electricity supply was interrupted in the central and northern regions of Moldova. Torrential rains flooded dozens of farms in Sangerei and Cahul areas. On Wednesday, the restoration work began on the establishment of electricity, as well as for pumping water from the affected farms. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Sheveluch volcano threw ash to a height of 6.5 kilometers

In Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch threw a column of ash to a height of 6.5 kilometers above sea level. Threat to human settlements is not. According to ITAR-TASS in the Kamchatka Branch of the Geophysical Survey of RAS, the volcano keeps hyperactivity. During the day, it happened more than 160 earthquakes. Giant assigned «Orange» Aviation Code, warning of the dangers that might pose to aviation thrown them volcanic dust. Reported as the release of ash from the volcano's crater Kluchevskoy located near Shiveluch. Height of the eruption was about 500 meters above the top Read more [...]
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In several regions of Kyrgyzstan went mudslides

In Kadamjai and Batken regions of Batken region of Kyrgyzstan due to the heavy rains came down mudflows. This is the agency «» referring to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kyrgyzstan. In particu in areas Gayrat mud weight of about 60 meters filled ditches, and destroyed 125 meters of internal roads. Near the village of Ohn mudslide destroyed bridge, submerged about 10 meters of internal roads. The village was flooded Chukurkyshtak 5 houses. In two of these cracks. At this time, the local authorities are working to assess the damage. "In the village Read more [...]
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In Chernivtsi region flooded 65 villages

On the Prut River in Chernivtsi water is expected to rise by more than 6 meters. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with reference to the Minister Nestor Shufrich, who is now in Chernivtsi. In particular, Shufrich examined one of the most dangerous areas on the Prut River in the city, where the intensity of the rising water level is more than 10 cm per hour. «According to preliminary data, the water is expected to rise to the level of 6 meters, we are now seeing the rise of water level of approximately 5 meters on the Prut River " — Read more [...]
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Extinction of bees is fraught full decline of agriculture and hunger

Without bees humanity can not survive. And may not survive ... (Photo Visuals Unlimited / Corbis.) Britain could face a food crisis due to population decline of honey bees. Bees as pollinators of plants "responsible" for every third piece of our food. Consequently, if the insects disappear, pollinating certain species of flora, farmers will not be able to grow crops such as apples and pumpkin. Scientists also fear that a lack of pollinating insects can cause what is not properly pollinated species can not grow. By the way, in his time, Albert Einstein predicted that if bees disappear from the Read more [...]
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Georgia hit rain and hail. Video

Tbilisi collapsed rain and hail. The city flooded basements and first floors of buildings. Cars struggling to cope with waves that suddenly swept the roadway. For a few hours had to close one of the subway stations, because it literally went under the water. Not less trouble brought hail. Icicles in diameter up to several centimeters. Broke trees, roofs, windows and cars. Affected and other regions of Georgia. Especially dangerous situation in the west and north of the country. Here, after the rains descend sat down. Flows destroyed about 30 pedestrian and road bridges. Road washed out, to Read more [...]
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Sun’s magnetic field will turn soon, according to NASA

August 6, 2013. These solar observatories by NASA show that the sun was close to the point where its magnetic field «turn over»That is, change the polarity of the opposite - it happens every time, when the light is at the peak of the 11-year activity cycle, said the American space agency. «It seems to us there are not more than three or four months to complete inversion of the field. This change will cause a ripple effect throughout the solar system»- Says an expert in solar physics Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University.Solar activity is subject to the 11-year cycle, Read more [...]
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Photos from the European floods. Part 2

The man in the waters of the Danube River in the center of Belgrade on 16 June. The water level in the Danube River has risen to a critical point in Belgrade, and the authorities are prepared to take emergency measures to protect the Serbian capital from floods. (REUTERS / Ivan Milutinovic) and last month, heavy downpours across Europe have caused serious flooding. Somewhere water slowly flowed through the valleys and pastures somewhere - quick whiz through the cities and towns. Killed dozens of people, thousands had to flee their homes, some more than once - for example, Poland is experiencing Read more [...]
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Drought in the Ulyanovsk region

Ulyanovsk region administration announced a state of emergency in agriculture due to the abnormal drought, cover the region. On Wednesday, the governor of the Ulyanovsk region Sergey Morozov held a special meeting on agriculture and gave the order to enter the region in disaster mode. In the near future will begin work operations staff to minimize losses from drought and crop production. According to the Minister of Agriculture Salova Margarita, in the region is deteriorating surviving winter crops affected by drought crops of spring crops, are not well developed fodder and industrial Read more [...]
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Photos from the European floods. Part 1

Czech Republic, the city Bogumin (AFP PHOTO / MICHAL CIZEK) Eastern Europe which day dominated by floods. Weather forecasts are disappointing. Large parts of Poland, Slovakia, Serbia and the Czech Republic were flooded after several days of heavy rains that led to river flooding.(REUTERS / Piotr Deska / Agencja Gazeta) Czech Republic, the city Bogumin (REUTERS / David W Cerny) (AP Photo / Bela Szandelszky) Czech Republic (REUTERS / David W Cerny) (REUTERS / David W Cerny) (AP Photo / Petr David Josek) Czech Republic, the city Carwin (AFP PHOTO / MICHAL CIZEK) Czech Republic, the city Read more [...]
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