More than a thousand hectares of winter damage due to hail in the Kuban

In the Krasnodar region, where in June dropped heavy rainfall, hail damaged about 1.2 thousand. Hectares of winter crops, the head of the regional department of agriculture Sergey Garkusha. «Vyselkovsky area affected, the Leningrad region and others. Well, now that the farms are already aware that it is necessary to insure the culture, and many crop insured», — S.Garkusha said at a press conference on Monday. He noted that this year hail fell not only in those areas where it traditionally falls, but where it is not expected — North zone of the region. Source: Read more [...]
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The intense heat in New York City

In the largest city in the United States New York City and the surrounding area for three weeks worth of heat and high humidity, the efforts in the last few days. The air temperature in the city reaches day 40-degree Celsius mark. On Monday, the government announced the discovery of the metropolis of special air-conditioned centers for people who have no home air conditioners. In addition, the city Department of Health appealed to the people of New York with a number of recommendations. So, in all the newspapers on Monday published advice on how to try to protect themselves and their loved ones Read more [...]
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Hurricane raged in Vologda. Photo report

On Sunday afternoon in the sunny skies over Vologda clouds gathered, lightning flashed and blew squally winds with heavy rain and hail knocked. Some hailstones were with a small hen's egg. - I was out of town and hid from the storm in the car. - Told "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Natalia. - Hail so badly rattled the tin roof! I was afraid that he breaks through it. When hail cracked windshield, I just closed head in his hands and squeezed into a ball. Fortunately, nothing happened. After I walked around the car hail. She had a lot of dents. But I do not even really upset. The main thing is that she Read more [...]
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In the Yaroslavl region from hurricane affected more than 500 settlements

Damage from the hurricane in the Yaroslavl region was much more serious than previously thought. In «White House» held an emergency meeting on the elimination of the consequences of the incident. In total, from the disaster affected more than 500 settlements. Remained without electricity for hundreds of towns and villages. The total length of transmission lines break up almost 2 kilometers, and the repair of the roof area residents will need more than 17,000 sheets of slate. Large-scale destruction recorded in the May district, there are damaged buildings and utilities, Read more [...]
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Locusts attacked Lugansk

On Saturday, about 10 pm, everyone who was walking in the city center, Sovetskaya Street, noticed a strange phenomenon: straight from the tree branches on their heads falling locusts. Huge "grasshoppers" galloping feet. People crushed locust legs. Some of the teenagers photographed on a mobile. In some places - for example, near the museum, Russian Drama Theatre and near the supermarket - it was impossible to pass - the asphalt beneath their feet was covered with winged insects. They jumped up and flew in a chaotic mess, sometimes fell on the hands, feet and face to passersby. Apparently, Read more [...]
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Drought in Tatarstan

In Tatarstan drought affected 900 thousand hectares of crops, or 56.3 percent of the sown area, Itar-Tass reported today in the Republican Ministry of Agriculture and Food. In all likelihood, the damage still increase. The other day in the country will be introduced a state of emergency. As previously reported, the material damage from destruction of crops in the country this year is already more than 2 billion rubles, the additional cost of reseeding — 1.5 billion rubles. The republic was established abnormally hot, dry weather. Is hot — 35 degrees Celsius, 10 degrees above Read more [...]
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Drought in the Ulyanovsk region

In all parts of the Ulyanovsk region introduced a state of emergency due to drought: moisture reserves in the plow layer low in some areas fixed crack depth of up to 35 centimeters. — Most of the region affected crops. According to recent data, predicted the death of summer 81 thousand hectares (total plantings of these crops suffered in an area of ​​517 000 hectares). Difficult situation and with winter. Because of the extremely low temperatures in December last year and the deficit of the autumn soil moisture affected crops in the area of ​​126 thousand hectares (one-third of Read more [...]
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Pervouralsk tornado swept over

Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region, June 29 - witnessed the unusual natural phenomenon began on the eve of the day the villagers Magnitogorsk Pervouralskiy urban district. Following the frequent hurricanes in the area of ​​the village collapsed real tornado, - the local "channel PTV." According to eyewitnesses, a whirlwind of a few tens of meters in diameter and a few hundred meters high, went through the outskirts of the village, raising clouds of dust skyward. Within a few minutes a whirlwind gaining strength, walking about on the ground. At the base of the tornado funnel clearly Read more [...]
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Element is de-energized 300 towns and villages in Ukraine

Heavy rains and gusty winds left without electricity on Tuesday about 300 settlements in Vinnytsia, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky and Chernivtsi regions. Most affected Chernivtsi region, where no light and communication were 182 towns and villages. In the seven districts in the area to the west of the country were flooded 3650 homes. In the regional center — the city of Chernivtsi — 18 flooded streets and destroyed a pedestrian bridge. MOE, local utilities and railroad urgently strengthen the part of the railway connecting Ukraine and CIS countries with the Balkans. Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Kostroma region

Eliminate the effects of the hurricane today in Bui and Soligalichsky areas. Element raged here on Sunday with four days before six in the evening. Wind felled wood Elektroopora, tore the wire. Done a lot of troubles and fallen trees. As soon as the wind died down, the work started gang repairmen. Hurricane grabbed the edge of the area only - went through the most western areas. Rain was not only a strong wind. But his speed was 25 meters per second. Remained without electricity for 57 villages. There was no light in homes and social facilities, worked intake and treatment facilities. Energy Read more [...]
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Flooding in the Amur region: Army Corps of Engineers will induce crossing

August 6, 2013. Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov off flooding in the area in the Amur region, to personally monitor the progress of flood control works - it is reported in the press service of the head of department. Meanwhile, a disaster relief attract additional forces the Defense Ministry. The military will help the people most affected settlements Zeya district. Flood damage is already estimated in the millions.It is not just a natural disaster - the inhabitants of the Annunciation and Ivanovo regions are preparing for the defense, as if for battle. Mounds of sandbags Read more [...]
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Rostov fell heavy downpour

A storm of hail, suddenly began 29iyunya about 16.00 in Rostov, significantly impeded traffic on several main streets, RIA Novosti reported. The main highway flooded in four places. On one of the streets even swam bus. The passengers had to get out of the cabin. Due to the downpour fell a tree, there is a power outage. Information about the victims and the extent of the damage has not yet been reported. Meanwhile, according to forecasters, storm will last in Rostov region and a few more hours. Due to the sharp deterioration in the weather department for the prevention and elimination Read more [...]
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Flooding threatens Moldova

In Moldova, announced a warning about the threat of flooding due to heavy rains in the region. As reported today corr. ITAR-TASS News Agency of Civil Protection and Emergency Situations, the danger appeared in the floodplains of major rivers Prut and Dniester. They noted that in some places the water is already out of bed. Were flooded villages and fields in nine regions of the country / Edinet Glodeni, Rishcani Cahul Kriulen Grigoriopol, Anenii Noi, Slobozia, Stefan Voda /. Existing reservoirs on the Dniester no longer cope with the indwelling water, in consequence of which in the Read more [...]
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Showers in the Altai region turned streets into rivers

That's now look the streets of some cities of the Altai Territory. Torrential rains turned roads into rivers. Flooded homes, shops ... From the disaster affected and drivers, and pedestrians. Forecasters reassured locals. According to their forecasts, rains stop next week. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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In Dusheti District of Georgia landslide

TBILISI, June 30 — News Georgia. As a result of heavy rains in Dusheti region (Eastern Georgia) landslide, said Wednesday June 30 Georgian TV «Rustavi 2». Landslide interrupted communication with 18 villages of the district. According to eyewitnesses, the inhabitants of these settlements lack of food that were delivered from the center, and the need for medical care. Cleaning work at the place where landslide, yet did not start due to severe weather conditions, according to broadcaster. Source: Georgia News Read more [...]
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In China, a landslide covered the village

More than a hundred people were buried in a landslide in southern China. Rescue from time to time suspend because of the threat of new mudslides. Until the work of emergency teams in Guizhou Province has brought no results. On the search for the dead and wounded connect hundreds of military and civilian personnel. In the south-western China landslide covered village Rescuers search for mud and stones more than 100 people, but hope that they will find the living is not enough. 300 residents were evacuated - put in a camp. How many victims - hard to say. Hit a hill and fell asleep about fifty Read more [...]
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Hurricane in the Tver region

On Sunday, in the territory of Kalyazinsky Tver region occurred natural emergencies - for a few minutes a powerful storm with thunder and strong gusts of wind caused great destruction to buildings and networks in the city and a number of rural settlements. Immediately, thanks to the operational tasks of the district head Konstantin Ilyin were raised service to remedy the effects of the hurricane. The consequences were severe: felled many trees, causing the roofs of private houses, several cars, damaged roofs of 10 apartment buildings, broken power lines, demolished support. Hit particularly hard Read more [...]
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Karymsky threw ash to a height of 7kilometrov

Karymsky Kamchatka on Wednesday threw out a cloud of ash to a height of about 7 kilometers, told RIA Novosti the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of Russian Academy of Sciences. Karimsky considered one of the most active among the 29 active volcanoes of Kamchatka. «Seismic stations in the past day, registered in the area of ​​the volcano, about 70 local earthquakes. Video surveillance Karimskaya difficult, however, seismic data suggest that some local earthquakes accompanied ash plumes. The height of the most powerful release was up seven kilometers», — Read more [...]
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The villages of Ivano-Frankivsk region was a tornado

Photo courtesy of Crime TV 29.06.2010 Natural disasters recently swept the west of the country. Ivano-Frankivsk region suffers constantly. No sooner had the poor villagers recover from the previous rains and hurricanes, as they were replaced by the tornado came. Recently, some villages severely affected by the elements revelry. Now, some people simply have nowhere to live. What was going on in the village, people have taken for end of the world. Huge clouds swept over the sky and strong wind tore trees from their roots. — When there were two clouds, we got a tornado. He is twenty-five Read more [...]
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