In Rostov-on-Don, strong winds and a storm of hail

Element raged all day. And somewhere in the water is now knee-deep, and somewhere and on the belt. In the center of a traffic jam of dozens of flooded cars. Regulate the traffic police manhandled. Squally wind knocked signs and uprooted trees. In some areas, torn harness. There were no casualties. Staff of emergency services now cope with the consequences of the storm. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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Emergencies in the village of Paris, Chelyabinsk region

August 8, 2013. By the evening of August 7 due to heavy rains in Paris were flooded 75 private homes. As the press service of the State Ministry of Interior in the Chelyabinsk region, in the water were three streets, reports Information about the incident in the village of natural character Paris came to the duty of the Interior Ministry in Nagaybak area in 22 hours. On the night of August 8, there were flooded dozens of private holdings in the streets of the World, the Komsomol and Pioneer.Head of the Administration of Paris introduced a state of emergency. In the local school Read more [...]
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In Romania, the flood killed 20 people

About 300 had to be evacuated from flooded areas. Element caused serious damage to the economy. Destroyed hundreds of homes, damaged bridges, in many localities there is no electricity, interrupted railway communication with Ukraine. Released from the shores of the Danube flooded the border crossing between Romania and Bulgaria. The rain continued for a week and the weather forecast is not expected to improve. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]
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Tatarstan is an emergency — severe drought

There is no rain for a month, and the earth is warming up to 60 degrees. Local farmers can only pray. That they do. Source: Channel Five Read more [...]

The heat in the Russian dry river

Debilitating heat and scorching sun. Thermometer "crawl" up and not encouraging. Unusually hot and dry standing in the central regions of Russia. Another temperature record was broken yesterday in Voronezh, Belgorod and Lipetsk regions. The thermometer climbed to 37 degrees. And, according to forecasts, the abnormally high temperature will last a few more days. In the Saratov region had not seen rain for more than two months. Now sandstorms, or rather, prairie tornadoes, here - a common phenomenon. The heat became a serious challenge not only for the people. Penza save the inhabitants from Read more [...]
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Black Sea turned red

Vacationers are scared and afraid to swim in strange water. Even old-timers not recall such. In Cossack Bay water near the shore of red, and at the edge of floating dead fish.- I went to dip, and then some pink clots - told the "KP" Andrew, who came to relax on the beach with friends. - The color of the water do not scare me - on the contrary, was curious what it is, so I climbed into the red wave. The water was cold, 18 degrees, although these days the sea was 23 ... + 25 °. And at a depth of three meters feet cramp at all, there is still the temperature a few degrees lower. No itching Read more [...]
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Unusual cold for Australia established on the continent

In Australia, where it is winter, established unusual even for this time of year the cold. In Sydney, the thermometer dropped to minus 10 such frost, and the locals call it so the weather outside the window on a green continent had almost 30 years. Most Australians are not used to such cold and prefer to stay at home. Those who failed to defer the case and had yet to go out, dresses, hats, mittens and warmed tea at roadside cafes. Source: The first channel Previous News: · New Zealand was covered by snow · In Africa, it snowed. Video · Austria covered with snow on the eve of the summer Read more [...]
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Sandstorm in Central China. Photo report

Sandstorm. Gansu Province. June 27, 2010. Photos from Yellow-black grains of sand quickly covered the thick veil village Minchin County of Gansu Province on the afternoon of June 27th. Sandstorm lasted about two hours and was accompanied by strong winds, according to Chinese media. In China, gaining speed desertification of land, therefore, each year an increasing number and strength of sandstorms, experts say.Source: The Epoch Times Read more [...]
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Sudden hurricane in China

China. Suddenly risen 14 ballroom wind flipped three laden trucks, and snatched from the hands of a businessman in a big wad of money, shattering them on the steppe. It happened on June 26 at the track in the county of Turpan, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.According to local meteorologists, wind force reached 41.5 - 46.1 meters per second (149.4 - 165.96 km / h). This area is often a strong wind, and the authorities do not recommend to drive large vehicles here. Drivers of trucks turned over, which fortunately were not injured, said that they were told as soon as possible to deliver Read more [...]
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Drought in Mordovia and agriculture

Unprecedented drought was the main theme XXIV session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Mordovia. Prolonged heat in the country, when the thermometer meteorologists surpasses 40 degrees, many are ready to compare a natural disaster. Many in the memory of the drought of 1972, but what is happening today, in lieu of all limits. They say the same heat was in 1917, the year of the last century just before the October Revolution. Summary of the deputies of Mordovia — farmers and they more than anyone are aware of the seriousness of the situation. Our Republic — Read more [...]
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Flooding in Novosibirsk

According to RIA Novosti, the rising water level on the Ob River, in the upper of which is the peak of the second wave of floods in recent days has led to flooding of about 170 suburban areas in Novosibirsk, told reporters Wednesday the chief of the regional department of the Emergency Situations Ministry Anatoly Kuznetsov. Tuesday spillway Novosibirsk HPP was opened by an additional one meter — up to ten meters. In the next two days spillway dam will be opened by two meters due to the large influx of water in the Ob reservoir. This will raise the water level in the river Read more [...]
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Active volcano in the Northern Kuriles Ebeko

Eruption Ebeko. Photo from Ebeko active volcano, located in 7 kilometers from the North of the island Kurilsk Paramushiro Kuril again intensified on Wednesday in a faint smell of hydrogen sulfide due to volcanic emissions, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, spokesman of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Sakhalin area. After the tsunami disaster in 1952, which destroyed the North kurilsk the town was moved to another location. He was chosen without a volcanological expertise, so calm and at the western wind volcanic gases reach the city, and residents feel the Read more [...]
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Floods in Sudan killed at least 11 people

August 8, 2013. At least 11 people have been killed in Sudan which began on August 1 floods caused by torrential rains. This was reported today UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Eight people were killed in the Greater Khartoum, where the flood zone were 60 thousand people. Just to the east of the country suffered 98 thousand 500 people. «The flood killed 11 people, more than 14 thousand homes were completely or partially destroyed» in six states of the country and in the suburbs of the capital. «Victims in desperate need of housing, drinking water and health Read more [...]
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Around 3,000 people were evacuated in Texas because of the hurricane «Alex»

The first Atlantic hurricane of the season hit Mexico. Element attacked on a broad front, he stretched out on the three hundred kilometers, reports NTV. In coastal areas - showers and wind storm, its speed reaches 180 kilometers per hour. Of the Mexican fishing villages evacuated several thousand residents. Now, "Alex", which has already assigned the second category of danger, moves to the southern coast of the United States. Ahead of Texas, there is also the evacuation. Three thousand people have fled their homes, but many refuse to leave. Total threatened more than 10 million homes. Possible Read more [...]
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Veliky Novgorod attack snails

In Novgorod local gardeners do not know how to get rid of snails — such their invasion in the area was not, perhaps, never. Pests literally precipitated all the gardens, they do not act almost no chemicals, collect their accounts manually. And it is not easy to do — because breeding shellfish at an incredible rate. Three weeks from one snail are born 300 individuals. «Every day I collect 120-150 pieces already brought four cans. A leave — scary», — says a local resident. «They are collected, or after a rain, or in the Read more [...]
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In the Zaporozhye region crop hail smote

On Wednesday, June 30, in Melitopol was a heavy downpour and thunderstorm (particularly dangerous phenomenon). This was reported by the head of the meteorological station «Melitopol» Tamara Merhaleva. Its epicenter hit just the city, where nearly one hour dropped 68 millimeters of rain, that over the past 60 years in June was the first time. Places in town hail, and visibility due to rain does not exceed 800 meters. Flooded many yards, and some high-rise apartments have suffered because of a leaking roof. Due to severe thunderstorms without electricity and telephone was Read more [...]
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Because of locusts South Russia is preparing for «plagues»

Winged "cannibals" Awe before the hordes of ravenous grasshoppers humanity is experiencing since biblical times. Locust plague among the ten plagues that God brought down on the land of Pharaoh to convince him to let Moses and his people to the Promised Land. In the Middle East and Mesopotamia has always been considered a delicacy locusts and did not cause the people of the hostility which it Europeans. Everything is good in moderation. In the biblical book of Exodus describes how vile insects eaten in Egypt, all that did not beat the previous fiery hail, and at the end of the day covered Read more [...]
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In Georgia, the flood-affected seven villages

In mountainous Svaneti in Mestia district as a result of flooding caused by heavy rains, hit seven villages — correspondent reported. «Georgia-News» June 1 in the municipality of Mestia district. Damaged homes and infrastructure villages Mulakhi, Lenjeri, Chuberi, Adishi, Tsvrini, Latali and Lahamula. According to the representative of Mestia municipality Murgvliani Elisha, in the village of Lenjeri completely destroyed one house, the family managed to escape at the last moment. In Mulakhi homeless were eight families. «District municipality and the special Read more [...]
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In the regions of Russia because of the heat declared a state of emergency

More than ten parts of the country are suffering from the heat and drought. In many areas, dry river water ends, dying crops. Today introduced a state of emergency. State of emergency was introduced in Mordovia, Tatarstan, the Saratov region. Drought in the Volga-Ural region, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, Kalmykia, Orenburg and Kurgan regions. Losses are counted in the Chelyabinsk region. There, too, no rain, dying crops, many farms - on the verge of closing. For the three months no rain. Under the scorching sun dying crops. What is happening now in the fields south of the Chelyabinsk Read more [...]
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In China, about 100 people remain in a landslide

About 100 people remain in a landslide in southern China, the operation to rescue people continues the fourth day, a third buried alive - the children, said on Thursday the news portal "Chzhunsinvan." On Monday afternoon, a landslide covered the village of Dazhai in Guizhou Province. According to local authorities, under the lahar were, at last count, 99 people. According to experts, people have virtually no chance of escape: agricultural covered residential area just two minutes. According to local residents, including buried at least 30 students of rural primary school. Children Read more [...]
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