Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 55

Amur Bay yellowed

Flowering harmless to humans microalgae called the "yellow tide" off the coast of Vladivostok, where the second half of June to the Amur Bay is stained yellow-brown, said Tuesday, PhD, of the Institute of Marine Biology, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Tatiana Orlova. "The media microalgae bloom confused with oil spills. The analysis showed that the cause of spots was microalgae bloom "Geterosigma akashivo." Massive accumulation of these organisms in water colors yellowish-brown color, "- she said. Even on satellite images of the microalgae bloom is sometimes confused with Read more [...]
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Thunderball reversal house

Thunderball. Photo: The other day a fireball flew into the house in the village Volnovaha. "Electrical guest" has burnt attic and miraculously kept alive people. This event occurred in the evening and, according to the owner, who at that time was in the house and rest, suddenly the whole room filled with sparks. When the owner went outside and saw that the front of the building gathered neighbors, who said they called the MOE, because the roof was smoke. Female eyewitness said: — About 20 hours, I kept goats home, then I heard a whistle. Turning my head, I saw Read more [...]
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Squally wind in the center of St. Petersburg

Two people taken to hospital with injuries sustained from the squally wind, which on Thursday night hit Petersburg, told RIA Novosti urban emergency department. According to him, about six o'clock in the evening on the Petrograd embankment tree fell on a brick fence. "The bricks have fallen upon a passing man," - said the employee management. The second accident happened in the Haymarket area. Here, from the fifth-floor window shopping center "Peak" fell out of the glass. "Glasses fell by standing next to a shopping center a young man," - said the ministry. According to him, both suffered injuries Read more [...]
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Arctic ecosystems threatened by the melting of ice in Antarctica

August 7, 2013. According to Australian biologists, the melting of ice in Antarctica leads to the fact that the surface of the ocean floor becomes more exposed to the sun. As a result, underwater polar ecosystems may be "absorbed" algae. Animals that live in the waters of the Arctic and Antarctic, most of their lives in the dark. Sea ice prevents the penetration of sunlight into the water in the spring and early summer, and in winter the sun and all completely disappears behind the horizon. Thus, the only time when these creatures can see the sunlight - late summer and early autumn, the TV channel Read more [...]
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Europe is suffering from an unprecedented heat wave

Europe faint from the heat. Hard for residents of Germany, Spain and France. There is no wind, the temperature 40 degrees above zero. According to «News»In Germany from the sun has to hide in the shade of the trees. Without the fans, water or ice cream on the street it is difficult to more than ten minutes. In Paris, people sunbathing on benches or directly on the lawns of the city's parks. Many escape from the heat in the fountains. In the Spanish Almeria crowded beaches. According to forecasts, the heat will last in the region at least until the end of the week. Source: Read more [...]
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In Kiev, a heavy downpour flooded the subway

Heavy rain, which lasted about 20 minutes, partially paralyzed on Thursday evening of the metro station "Pozniaky" in Kiev. Trains continued, but passengers who were leaving the station "Pozniaky" could use only one output, the second blocked the special fence. According to law enforcement officers who were there, "the output is closed, because the corridor flooded with water," says «ICTV». Flood regional scale. Abnormal rainfall in Pozniaky On Thursday evening, July 1, in the area took place in Kiev Pozniaky unusually heavy rain, flooding roads, underpasses and one of the subway exits. Read more [...]
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In June, the nature of mankind drowned and roasted

Nature in June drowned mankind overflowed rivers, tormented by storms and heat and frightened by hurricanes and fires. Europe floats The first month of summer water flooded many countries, but most often in the water dive European countries. Powerful cyclone came to Europe in May and tormented continent the entire month, as a result of the heavy rains began spilling rivers. From «big water» affected Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Romania. Worst of all had to France and Romania. Victims of floods caused by heavy Read more [...]
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20 centimeters to the flooding of the city of Reni in the Odessa region

It is so much left to a critical level - and after him the Danube water gush over the dam, which protects the city. To strengthen it, poured out a thousand cubic meters of earth. Rescuers are preparing to evacuate residents. Flooding has already caused significant damage to the five regions of Ukraine. Destroyed bridges and thousands of homes. In the disaster area more than three hundred thousand people. But if you burst a dam near the town of Reni, suffer and are near the border villages of Moldova. Today two planes EMERCOM of Russia will transfer 70 tons of humanitarian aid to the affected Read more [...]
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In Novosibirsk, 500 suburban areas went under water

Water comes. In the May Day and the Soviet District of Novosibirsk flooded more than 500 suburban areas. Potatoes or tomatoes here have not exactly grow. The average water level in the gardens — 30 centimeters in some places reaches up to half a meter. In the houses until dry, but not so on the cellars. The hosts started their own dachas evacuate things boating. Some garden society drive the car is no longer possible. Evening rain further increased the level of reservoirs. Yuri Lousianin, Head of Civil Defense and Emergency Novosibirsk city administration: «On the Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic are dying pine forests

Pine forests in the Czech Republic in some places are starting to resemble the desert mountains of the Ore end of the last century. Affected by a fungus, dry trees are most often found in or near Miller, in the valley of the Elbe and near Nymburk. Pine trees in the Czech Republic is destroying fungal disease. Pine forest killed by Cenangium ferruginozum, and black pine from Sphaeropsis sapinea. In addition, the black pine still suffer from the same disease, as a result of which they turn into dust. In order to stop the spread of the disease, infected trees must be cut down and burned. A similar Read more [...]
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Two Kamchatka volcano spew ash to a height of 8 km

Emissions of ash to a height of up to eight kilometers took place in the last day of the craters Kamchatka volcanoes Shiveluch and Karimsky, told RIA Novosti on Saturday Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of Russian Academy of Sciences. Increased activity of the northern Kamchatka volcano Shiveluch, whose height is about 3.3 thousand meters above sea level, was launched in May 2009. Its dome is a normal eruption fissure cut through the depth of about 30 meters. Periodically rise above the crater powerful columns of gas and ash to a height of three to eight kilometers. «In Read more [...]
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Photos from the natural disasters and their consequences. №15

Flood in Poland, the Vistula river Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos are clickable. Photos from the past: the fourteenth, thirteenth, twelfth, eleventh and tenth.Flood waters around the buildings in the city of Barreiros in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. (AP Photo / Antonio Cruz, Agencia Brasil) A young man carries an elderly on their shoulders through a flooded street in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province. Severe flooding in southern China caused the death of 132 people and the evacuation of 860,000 people. (AP Photo / Xinhua, Yuan Zheng) People Read more [...]
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Flooding and landslides in Japan

In the south of the Japanese archipelago today two people were killed, another missing in floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains. According to local authorities, from disaster strikes the most severely affected several villages prefectures of Kagoshima and Miyazaki on the southern island of Kyushu. In some parts of Kyushu rivers burst their banks, flooded dozens of homes, there is destruction. Japanese meteorologists warn the local population about the possibility of strengthening the rain and the emergence of new landslides. Source: Radio Mayak Read more [...]
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Surfing the streets of St. Petersburg

"Gentlemen and surfers" - with the headline on the Internet today there was a video, which can be seen in all its glory the consequences of severe rainstorm in St. Petersburg. This pamphlet strikes, which literally flooded knee-deep. Cross the street could only be barefoot and rolled up pants. Well, or with the help of the gallant driver in rubber boots, who suffered at the hands of the girls. True, his feat was nearly prevented the surfer-extremals. Few thought that the wake-boarding can be practiced on the streets of St. Petersburg. Under a standing ovation man sped through a flooded street Read more [...]
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France — Castle in Germany — a storm in Russia — floods

August 7, 2013. Heavy rain and hail covered several villages in the French department of the Loire to the east of the country. Particularly serious damage is done Shampde city. Here, hail the size of a hen's egg. Element lasted only a few minutes, but it was enough to have been damaged dozens of homes, broken windows in cars and shop windows. "This cataclysm began suddenly, lasted only a couple of minutes, but in that time managed to destroy a lot of things around," - says a local resident.Heavy rains and storms hit the southern and north-western part of France. Particularly affected roads Read more [...]
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North of Moscow attacked fleas

Fleas attacked north of Moscow. Where did so many insects are still not clear. Sanitary inspection is engaged in processing of infected apartments. The first sounded the alarm on the inhabitants of the house №39 Festival street. According to them, in the apartments on the first and second floors in their home and in several neighboring started this insect attack. "People wake up in the morning, bitten by insects incomprehensible, with red spots all over the body" - quoted an eyewitness Radio "Mayak". Residents called Sanitary inspection, which experts have identified the mysterious Read more [...]
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Heavy rain has destroyed roads and grain crops in the Stavropol region

Blurred road The damage from the shower, which was held on Friday night in the city of Stavropol Territory and the Grateful destroyed asphalt and macadam road is about 6 million rubles, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the head of the municipal district Blagodarnenskogo Sergey Bondarev. According to weather forecasters edge, on the night of 1 July 2, in gratitude weather station recorded a record rainfall - 82 millimeters (170% of monthly norm). Such a powerful shower was not observed in the region of 50 years.In addition, a heavy downpour on Friday night was held in the village Gofitskom Petrovsky Read more [...]
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Earthquake 5.7 points on the island of Honshu

On Sunday, in the east of the main Japanese island of Honshu earthquake of magnitude 5.7. According to the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, its center lies at a depth of 33 kilometers. According to the American seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 80 kilometers south-west of the city of Morioka, 90 kilometers south-east of the city of Akita and 385 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. Data on the impact of the earthquake has been reported. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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An earthquake of 6.5 points in Mexico

Photo: emsc In the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico recorded an earthquake of magnitude 6.5 points, according to the BBC news service with reference to the USGS. The epicenter was located near the city of Oaxaca, 300 km from Mexico City, tremors were felt in the Mexican capital. Information about the victims and destructions. Source: Reporter Read more [...]
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Summer 2010 in Russia will be the driest

photo: krsk.sibnovosti This summer may be the most arid in most Russian regions. According to forecasts of the Hydrometeorological Center, the heat will last for at least another 5 days. The situation is exacerbated severe wildfires. State of emergency persists in many regions in the Volga region, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk, Penza and Udmurtia regions, as well as in Mordovia, Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. Due to the severe drought threatened the harvest of grain. Zakamensky-2 - one of the villages in the Chelyabinsk region, where today introduced a state of emergency. Due to the severe drought, established Read more [...]
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