Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 57

Powerful rains flooded Tokyo. Video

Tokyo struck a powerful cyclone. Flooded several areas of the Japanese capital, TV channel "Russia 24". One person has been missing. Damaged dozens of homes. Residents had to evacuate. Several dozen people were taken hostage in one of the flooded skyscrapers. They managed to escape only with the help of firefighters and rescuers. Now the rains have stopped. City officials count the damage from the disaster. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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In Portugal, the blaze lesa.Video

40-degree heat was the cause of forest fires in Portugal. Flame embraced by hundreds of hectares of the country's authorities to evacuate residents from dangerous areas. Because of the strong smoke visibility on the roads fell to almost zero. The struggle with the elements thrown more groups of rescuers from the air helping them helicopters, reports «Russia 24». High fire danger persists on the other side of the Atlantic - in SSHA.V New York, Boston and Philadelphia, the thermometer showed nearly 40 degrees in the shade. Roads melted asphalt, and the power system can not cope with Read more [...]
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Cold pole record overheated

To record +35,3 ° C warmed air in Verkhoyansk, known as one of the poles of the cold. Winter here the temperature can drop below? 70 ° C. Heat prevails in many regions of Russia and neighboring countries. Verkhoyansk weather station recorded a maximum temperature record. In the afternoon, the thermometer rose to the level +35,3 ° C, which is more than a degree higher than the maximum set by the summer of 1977, according to "Meteonovosti." Verkhoyansk - a town in Yakutia, located above the Arctic Circle, 675 km from Yakutsk on the river Yana. Located near one of the poles of cold, where the Read more [...]
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Ekaterinburg face water crisis

Question of where to get drinking water, officials baffled: Ekaterinburg faces a water crisis, a reservoir, where the city came bottled water became shallow, the deficit now exceeds 100 million cubic meters. Shallow on the eyes, complains Phillip I.. He lives on the banks of the river Chusovaya comes every day here with his wife and cat. Timothy eats only fish the river, she, like the river, too, "became shallow." Winter was no snow, and the summer was zasushivoe. On the beaches that have been here a few years ago, recalls only garbage, covered with dried seaweed. This Upper Makarovsky Read more [...]
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Tornado in Altai

Tornado. Photo: Last weekend, more than twenty people Novokuznetsk went to rest in the Altai Mountains, in the region of Ust-Sema. When the tourists arrived, chose the scenic area and the night began to settle down from the sky rained hail the size of a little less than a hen's egg. On the part of the Katun became hang giant crater. Tornado threw dozens of mighty firs. Told portal «News of the Altai Mountains» From powerful people hailstones fell on the ground, under cover of «celestial bombardment». Funnel tornado passed arrived on holiday. But the Read more [...]
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Donetsk region locust attacks

Photo: In five districts of Donetsk region there is a plague of locusts. The Deputy Head of the Regional Inspectorate of Plant Protection Anatoly Manko. In particular, a plague of locusts recorded in Maryinsky, Volnovakha, Pershotravnevoe, Starobeshevsky Telmanovskiy areas and a total area of ​​70 hectares, according to "Mariupol-Express." According Manko, a few individuals identified as locusts in Mariupol. "In every area we are signaling points and forecast where our inspectors follow the development of pests and diseases, which include locusts" — Manko said. He Read more [...]
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De-energize the element of the houses in the Rostov region

Squally wind and rain, last Wednesday afternoon, de-energize the houses in three villages in the district of Rostov region Remontnensky, damaged roofs, felled trees, according to RIA Novosti spokesman of the Department of emergency prevention and response in the region. As specified press service, repairing damaged village, towns and Podgornoe Denisovka. According to him, currently set extent of damage specified number of residents who are without power. In place of the Task Force left the Department. It is planned that on Thursday morning for the emergency response to the affected Read more [...]
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Tropical storm «Mangkhut» hit Vietnam

August 8, 2013. Tropical storm "Manghut" reached the coast of Vietnam on August 7 and devastated the country the strongest thunderstorms. The day before, August 6, NASA's "Aqua" took a picture of the storm in the infrared. The image shows that the temperature of the upper limit of its storm clouds reached? 63 ° C, which indicates a strong storm with a probability of heavy rains. By the way, the same picture can be seen to the east of South China air temperature reaches +26,8 ° C. And that night!Around 8:00 pm (12:00 GMT) on August 7 storm brought heavy rains hit Vietnam. The Ministry of Read more [...]
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Flooding in China destroys bridges. Video

In the southern Chinese province of Fujian raging flood. The streets are flooded. Dozens of people had to leave their homes. In the city of Taining stream of water swept away the bridge. Collapse occurred in a matter of seconds, and it captures the security camera. And on the west of the country in Qinghai Province as a result of the disaster 5 people were killed and eight reported missing. The rains have been going here for 2 weeks. Paralyzed transport links in the 20 counties, another fifty counties - without electricity, destroyed 800 houses. During this year, Qinghai Province is the second Read more [...]
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Flooding has left hundreds of people homeless Moldova

The floods in Moldova were evacuated from their homes more than 200 families. Water on the Prut River broke through a protective dike. As a result, flooded several villages, hundreds of homes destroyed. Element withdrew from circulation pastures and fields. Hardest hit Ungensky and Hyncheshtsky area. The local population, together with military personnel and border guards, trying to restore and strengthen the protective dam. The Government of Moldova gathered Wednesday at an emergency meeting. Prime Minister Vladimir Filat promised to provide the necessary assistance to all those Read more [...]
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In the Kuban hail destroyed 4 hectares of fields

In Novokubansky area professionals determine the damage inflicted on July 4 agriculture hail the size of a pigeon's egg. - Hail beat a field of sunflowers, wheat, sugar beet, corn, - the "Yugopolis" Michael Verbov, deputy head of the district Novokubansky. - Today, we surveyed the field management of LLC "Innovator". Here, damaged more than 4,000 hectares. On the sidelines of the crop is destroyed completely, at best, 90%. It seems that on the field just past the ice rink. In the coming days, experts will analyze the fields of farmers. Every day, information on the damage caused Read more [...]
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In Tajikistan, fighting locust

In Tajikistan count nashestiviya damage from locusts that have ruined crops on hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmland. Winged invasion of Tajikistan suffers every year. For months, the noise of locusts is haunted by the residents of many villages. Basically locusts comes from Afghanistan. Previously set up special teams to destroy the pest on the border with that country. After the system agrochemical disbanded, the area covered by green pest control, began to increase. "If earlier the locusts were distributed in 12 districts, it has now been captured about 33 districts. Distribution Read more [...]
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In Nizhny Novgorod region pray for rain

In Nizhny Novgorod region, where he established a heat wave and drought in the Orthodox churches parishioners and priests are praying for rain. The press service of the Nizhny Novgorod Eparchy RIA "News" reported that the prayers for rain are held daily in all parishes of the area. "The parishioners of the Orthodox churches, especially in rural areas, have repeatedly appealed to the parish priests, rectors of churches to a request for the commission of such prayers. In this regard, the head of the Diocese of Nizhny Novgorod Archbishop of Nizhny Novgorod and Arzamas ordered to make such prayers Read more [...]
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Russia lowered the forecast of grain yield due to drought

Ministry of Agriculture of Russia decreased due to drought forecast grain yield from 90 to 85 million tonnes, but promised to keep exports at the level of 20 million tons. "In the regions of the Volga, the Urals and Central federal districts there is a drought, and has 12 regions declared a state of emergency," - said the Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik Monday. These three regions provide up to half of the total grain harvest of the Russian Federation. Domestic consumption of grain in Russia is 77 million tons and reserves are estimated at 24 million tonnes due to two unusually rich Read more [...]
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All work station …

In Alchevs’k flew fireball

Last Saturday, a few apartment houses Alchevsk visited fireball. Uninvited guests frightened residents and disabled the appliances, which was connected to the mains. Fortunately, none of the people have been hurt. "How many years in the world live, never seen anything, and never thought I'd see - tells about an event №62 inhabitant of the house on the street. Gorky Ella S., - On the street roared and sparkled - horror. I ran out of the apartment to close the door to the building (the husband said that the lightning like drafts), and here it appears from a neighbor's phone call. Bluish Read more [...]
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East USA got heat stroke

Intense heat wave covered the eastern United States. The temperature rose above 38 ° Celsius over a large territory, from South Carolina to New Hampshire. In Baltimore on Tuesday recorded 40,5 °, in Philadelphia on Tuesday and Wednesday - more than 38 °. And farther north, the heat was perceived more difficult because of the high humidity. Temperature records were set from Burlington to Baltimore. Tuesday in Baltimore meteorologists recorded 40,5 °, against 38,3 ° in 1999. In Philadelphia, the temperature reached 38,8 °, Trenton - 40 °, leaving behind the previous record of 1999 (38 °). Read more [...]
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Yenisei changed the color of the water

Flooding in Missouri in the United States: two dead

August 9, 2013. Heavy rains have caused flooding in the state of Missouri. Only on the night of 7 to 8 August there received more than 250 mm of precipitation. In addition to Missouri, the threat of flooding is also declared in Kansas, Arkansas and Oklahoma. And in Tennessee evacuated a residential complex. According to weather forecasts, the weekend rains continue, which can only worsen the situation in the region. Source: RT Read more [...]
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Heat and power grid

In Toronto, due to a power failure no light left about 250,000 homesJust two troubles - 34-degree heat and a massive violation of electricity - drastically complicate life on Monday evening the residents of Toronto. In the evening peak electricity consumption a major fire broke out at a major substation in the west of the city, and no lights were about 250 million homes, according to ITAR-TASS. Disabling a serious impact on public transport: according to the Transport Committee of Toronto, temporarily stopped the movement of subway trains on the branch "Blore-Danforth." Trams and buses Read more [...]
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