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Volgograd region lost harvest

Source: Conduct Previous News: · Emergency Mode is entered because of the drought in the Volgograd region · In the regions of Russia because of the heat declared a state of emergency · Drought in Mordovia and agriculture · Russia lowered the forecast of grain yield due to drought · In June, the nature of mankind drowned and roasted Read more [...]
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Frost can strike in the Chelyabinsk region

Frost can hit for some areas of the Chelyabinsk region in the coming days, subzero temperature expected during the night in the mountain regions, according to the website "Meteonovosti." In recent weeks, in some regions of the country, on the contrary, there is an abnormally warm weather. Of central Russia there are reports of crop damage due to standing for many days of heat and lack of rain. "In the coming days in the mountainous regions of the Chelyabinsk region is expected frosty nights. Seventh-eighth day of July, nighttime temperatures in the Chelyabinsk region - 11 ... 12 degrees, and Read more [...]
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Firebird Russian land

Source: Conduct Read more [...]

Kliuchevskoi of Kamchatka lava flowed

During the last hours of the glow of the lava flow was observed from the village Kozirevsk. According to the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical Service of the Russian Academy of Sciences, on a volcano marked thermal anomaly: background temperature minus two degrees, in the vicinity of the crater - plus 65 degrees. Per night on a volcano going to 400 seismic events. Now steam and gas from the crater Kliuchevskoi rises to a height of 800 meters. Threats people eruption can not be held. Recall that the height of more than 4700 Kliuchevskoi meters. Last poishodit powerful eruption here Read more [...]
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7 magnitude earthquake in the south of Fiji?

Magnitude: 7.0 Time: July 8, 2010 12: 47: 37.3 UTC Depth: 15 feet Coordinates: 21.78 S 176.16 E 15 Source: EMSC Comment: 7 points - the average score is outputted from the sum of all the seismic stations have registered it (or any other) earthquake. Following the link can be seen that the maximum magnitude was 11.4. A two stations have recorded 9.6 and 9.7 points. The rest were given the results of up to 0.4 points. How true this system estimates the average score - a question. Read more [...]
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Above the village of New Sanzhary storm swept

  The village Lelyuhovka on Novosanzharschine due to storm an old lime tree fell on "Daewoo Lanos"Belonging to a policeman. Evening of July 5 above the village of New Sanzhary storm swept. Wind tore rooted trees and threw it into the car, tore the power lines of the roof. Local talk, it all began with thunderstorms. In the distance there was a black cloud, which grew rapidly and covered the entire sky. Rain began to walk the wall. Water in the streets was knee-deep. Wind bear its high speed. — As white light were out of sight, and I wept and prayed, — exclaimed Read more [...]
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Kemerovo road collapsed three meters

A huge hole appeared in the middle of the road in the Kemerovo Yesterday, the capital of Kuzbass motorists were surprised to see that part of the road on the street went to the two-core depth. In the literal sense of the word. In the middle of the roadway was formed about the size of the failure of two meters wide and five in length, and a depth of about three meters. By happy coincidence, the pit is located on only one of the four-lanes of the road, and because of its appearance, and although a little difficult to move, but not to block it. Now, the state of emergency work roadster. The details Read more [...]
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Sun cooked Earth surprise

photo: The sun formed one of the largest active regions this year On the invisible side of the sun there is not yet visible from Earth's active area. It will go into the field of view of the Earth 10? July 11 and will remain until 24? July 25th. Area may lead to the most significant recent increase in X-ray background in Earth orbit. One of the biggest this year of active solar regions in the coming days will go into the field of view of the Earth. According to the laboratory X-ray astronomy Sun LPI likely, it will get in the directory until NOAA free number 1087. Area is currently still on Read more [...]
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Drought killed in Russia 9 million hectares of grain

Abnormally high temperatures in some regions of Russia led to a large-scale drought has killed already, according to preliminary data, 9 million hectares of grain, Viktor Zubkov said. He promises that the problems with the domestic demand for grain will not have the authorities have accumulated solid stocks due to previous harvest - about 24 million tons of grain. The situation in Russian agriculture due to drought seriously difficult: according to preliminary estimates, affected about 9 million hectares of crops, but problems with the provision of domestic demand for grain will not, said First Read more [...]
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Flooding occurs: thousands of Russians caught in the disaster zone

August 9, 2013. Over the past day flooded regions on the map of Russia became even more. To distress the Far East, the Urals and the Volga added. In Bashkiria in the flood zone were more than 500 homes, hundreds of people were evacuated.After heavy rains washed away the road, traffic at 11 sites completely blocked. In one district of Bashkortostan, where he immediately flooded 10 settlements, declared a state of emergency. The critical situation is in the Chelyabinsk region, where over the past day, according to forecasters, fell more than two months of normal rainfall. In the disaster area Read more [...]
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In Azerbaijan, a plague of locusts

Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has announced a state of emergency (PE) due to locust infestation in the central part of the country, said on Friday, the press service said. Moroccan and Asian colonies of locusts destroyed the green of trees and shrubs up to 25 hectares of artificial roadside stands along the highway Navoi-Hajigabul (about 100 kilometers west of Baku) Azerbaijan. «Despite the adoption of relevant services of the Ministry and local structures measures, including, inter alia, the use of drugs, fertilizers, additional planting and irrigation, to handle Read more [...]
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North Sakhalin earthquake of magnitude 5.1

On the night of July 10, at 02:17 Sakhalin time, in the north of the island there was an earthquake. According to the USGS site, its center was located at coordinates 52.184 ° N, 142.168 ° E at a depth of 20.3 km. Magnitude 5.1. As reported on the website Sakhalin Tsunami Centre with reference to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk seismic station, the magnitude of the quake was 4.8. An earthquake of magnitude 4 felt Nogliki. According to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in Sakhalin region, «victims, destruction and panic among the population does not». Source: Read more [...]
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In Tambov region due to drought regime introduced emergency

Today, July 9, in the Tambov region introduced a state of emergency. As IA REGNUM news in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia in the Tambov region, increasing the temperature to 35 degrees Celsius, a shortage of rainfall resulted in the death of crops in 23 districts of the region over an area of ​​278 thousand. Hectares. According to management, the total area under crops is more than 1 million 217 thousand. Hectares. In all categories of farms as a result of drought expected shortfall of 1.3 million tons of the harvest of grain and leguminous crops. Damage, according to revised data Read more [...]
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Tremors of 3.5 points disturbed Stavropol

Photo: EMSC In the Stavropol region, an earthquake 3.5 points. Tremors were recorded in Stavropol and Nevinnomyssk. "According to updated information from the attendant seismic city of Kislovodsk, in the MSK 22.29 on Friday, July 9 at around 44.6 degrees north latitude and 41.6 degrees east longitude at a depth of 10 km recorded an earthquake of magnitude 2.8, the power of 3.5 on the Richter scale in the midst "- informs" Interfax "referring to a source in the regional emergencies department. To check the location and evaluation of damage a few attendants MOE units left the scene. Results of Read more [...]
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July 11 — a total solar eclipse

July 11, 2010 total solar eclipse will occur this unique natural phenomenon can be observed in the most optimal location - on Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean. It is reported citing RIA "Novosti". The solar eclipse occurs only at new moon. The shadow of the moon in the new moon usually falls past the Earth. Twice a year, when the Moon crosses the plane of the ecliptic, the Moon's shadow falls on the Earth's surface. Easter Island, in the days coming eclipse, expected present invasion of tourists.Solar eclipse is an excellent opportunity for research in astrophysics. An excellent Read more [...]
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Tornado Kolpino, a suburb of St. Petersburg

As a result of the tornado in the suburbs of St. Petersburg Kolpino was damaged six cars, the TV channel "Russia 24". The footage broadcast by the channel, it is seen as a whirlwind lifts into the air passenger car and pours it into a parking lot. People will not be affected, RIA "Novosti".On July 9, after 18 hours Kolpino locals are very rare for our latitude phenomenon of nature - a brief tornado. How to tell "Fontanka" witnesses (in the near future we will put a video filmed), the house 56 to the factory car park avenue behind the fence were parked "Lada" 9 model. According Read more [...]
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Odessa captive element. Photo report

Tiraspol highway, about 20 kilometers from the city Downpour July 9 was a complete surprise to many citizens. And for some - a nightmare. While the authorities count losses, Odessites struggled resist the elements ...In Odessa, the hurricane knocked trees and provoked Tube Trees and branches that had fallen due risen wind and rain made it difficult to drive transport in the Primorsky district of Odessa. Told the "Reporter" operations duty Extreme Rescue Fedor Alekseev. "For the last hour we have received 7 calls with complaints about the consequences of the disaster. Basically trees fell Read more [...]
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Heavy rain fell on Severodvinsk. Photo report

This flood in many areas of roads and defeated poplar throughout the city - is the result of the shower, which was raging today in Severodvinsk. Huge puddle after today's rain and hail formed in particular on Victory Avenue and Lenin, with the bridge on Congress Avenue Labor motorists had to literally overcome by swimming. Some machines even lose their license plates here. Also around the Severodvinsk could watch a lot of broken trees. As we are assured in the service of salvation, the people did not suffer material damage is also to no avail. At some time during the period of rainfall observed Read more [...]
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The floods in India killed 60 people

In India, floods due to heavy rains, killing about 60 people, more than half a million homeless, according to "Interfax-Kazakhstan" with reference to the Interior Ministry. The most difficult situation is in the south, in the states of Assam and Kerala. Emerged from the shores of lakes and rivers flooded many villages located in the lowlands. According to the head of the government of Assam Tarun Gegoya, "providing assistance to the population and rescue operations are already underway in full swing." Go to Search and Rescue joined forces. Deployed about 700 temporary camps where evacuated peasants. Recall, Read more [...]
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Around 4 million people were affected by heavy rains in China

Seven people were killed and three unaccounted for, 3.96 million people were affected by heavy rains in Hubei province (central China), lasting from July 3, according to Xinhua news agency. As of July 9 in Hubei from the water element suffered 53 county and 247.73 thousand hectares of agricultural land, brought down more than 5.5 thousands and damaged 27.64 thousand houses. In a matter of urgency were evacuated more than 103.92 thousand locals. "Due to the flooding in Hubei Province, the State Committee for reduction of disaster losses and the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China on Friday on Read more [...]
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