In the United States set up a sperm bank in the case of animals of the Apocalypse

August 11, 2013. Issue is a strange color, because the field while still filled with cows, sheep, goats and other animals that provide us with food, writes However, the Ministry of Agriculture has created a special storage of semen of animals in Colorado. It is located in Fort Collins. And now here is stored about 700 000 copies of sperm from 18 different species of animals that float in the liquid nitrogen in anticipation of some catastrophic events that could end life on Earth.When we talk about the impending danger, we think less about giant asteroids and more of the Read more [...]
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In Iran, because of the heat closed government offices and schools

Today, July 10, in Iran because of the heat closed government offices.

The air temperature in the Iranian capital Tehran reaches 48 degrees Celsius.

In most provinces, a few days also closed schools and higher education institutions.

Source: Komersant

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Moldova asks the international community for assistance in response to the floods

Moldovan authorities are asking for help CIS, EU, USA and other countries due to the difficult situation created as a result of severe flooding in the floodplain of rivers Prut and Dniester. "Recently, the Republic of Moldova was hit by severe floods, which have resulted in destroyed 500 houses and objects of social and cultural facilities, suffered thousands of hectares of agricultural land, many of the roads and bridges are severely damaged," - said in a release sent to RIA Novosti letter to Prime Minister of Moldova Vladimir Filat these countries and organizations. By eliminating the effects Read more [...]
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Mexico poured torrential rains. Video

In Mexico, do not cease torrential rains that had last week has brought to the region Atlantic cyclone. According to the latest figures, the rampant disaster killed at least 12 people and destroyed hundreds of homes. Authorities had to evacuate 18,000 people, dozens of settlements are still without water and electricity. According to estimates of the officials, the damage will be about $ 800 million. Meanwhile, the cyclone moves to the south and closer to Chile. In the ocean, fishing vessels in distress, not better the situation and on land. In the city of Concepcion, flooded streets, broken Read more [...]
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In the suburbs hail the size of a walnut

Despite the fact that the outside temperature is not reduced (today, July 10, she was five to seven degrees above normal), the rains and thunderstorms. In the center of Moscow is a fine rain. A storm began in the suburbs. In Noginsky district went hail the size of a walnut. Drivers in shock - in the morning had to hide from the sun, and now - due to hail. The weather changes every two hours - that the sun, the clouds. However, stuffiness does not decrease. According to meteorologists, the thermometer will rise next week to plus 36 degrees. In the shade! Until the evening sun on July 10 will Read more [...]
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Mode emergency declared in 3 Mexican states due to floods

In Mexico evacuated about one hundred and eighty thousand people Due to the heavy rains that brought hurricane "Alex", the water level in reservoirs and rivers on the border with the United States reached a record of recent decades. Water is threatening to break the dam on the Rio Grande. Border towns are in danger of flooding. Bridges across the border closed. Under water for thousands of homes. Due to flooding caused by Hurricane "Alex", has already killed at least 15 people, four more are unaccounted for. More than one hundred and thirty thousand inhabitants northeast of Mexico were left Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Moldova. Photo report

Emergency services businesses of electricity and housing and communal services of the Transnistrian city Grigoriopol eliminate the effects of the hurricane that hit the city on the eve of the weekend and led to the collapse of the cliffs electrical wires and trees. As the correspondent of "New Region" at the headquarters of the Civil Protection (PP), gale-force winds and heavy rain band passed through the center of the city. The main blow fell on the highway elements of the republican values ​​Tiraspol - Kamenka, which due to broken wires and trees had collapsed block. According to Read more [...]
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Heat waves in Belarus

The thermometer has already crossed the 30 degree mark. And tomorrow, weather forecasters promise to plus 34. Belarusians went to the parks and waterways. Beaches are filled, ice cream and soft drinks - like hot cakes. Meanwhile, doctors recommend these days happen less in the sun. Especially careful in the heat need to be people with cardiovascular disease, the elderly and drivers. Doctors also strongly recommend not to quench their thirst drinks selling. Truly tropical heat will be in Belarus next week. According to weather forecasts, the air warms up to plus 36 and even at night Read more [...]
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Ukraine poured rain

For several days in Ukraine almost non-stop heavy rains come. Downpour "damped" 9 areas. Only in the Carpathian podtopilo one hundred and fifty settlements. The country has developed an emergency. Coming out of the banks of the river damaged road bridges, dams and roads washed away. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that because of the rains, strong winds triggered protection of power lines, resulting in a de-energized 33 settlements in the Kiev region, 27 — Cherkassy, ​​25 — in Nikolaev, 20 — in Vinnytsia, 10 — Read more [...]
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An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred in Chile

Photo: EMSC An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred on Monday in Chile, information on casualties or damage, as well as the threat of a tsunami were reported, according to the USGS. Tremors were reported in at 00.10 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), or 4.10 MSK. The earthquake's epicenter was located 78 kilometers north-east located in the north of the Latin American state of Calama. The earthquake at the depth of 91.3 kilometers. In late February, Chile earthquake of magnitude 8.8. According to official figures, victims of floods steel 497 people. Insurers estimated the damage from the earthquake Read more [...]
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Flooding in the Far East

Amur Oblast. FloodingAugust 11, 2013. No comment. Source: Conduct  Governor of the Amur Region: water falls, but still a lot of problemsAugust 11, 2013. In the Far East by the floods affected more than 11.5 thousand people. In the Amur region due to heavy rains the situation has deteriorated dramatically. Flooded nearly 750 homes, which is home to approximately 1,200 people. More information about the flood situation on the phone told the region's governor Oleg Kozhemyako. Source: Conduct   Risk Zone: Khabarovsk prepares for record floodingAugust 11, 2013. In the Read more [...]
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The heat melts the equipment in St. Petersburg and asphalt

Air temperature in St. Petersburg, July 6, rose to 30 degrees Celsius. On combat duty came watering machine. Streams of water they cool the red-hot roadbed, not allowing it to deform. As the correspondent of "BaltInfo" the press service of the Committee for the Improvement and Roads of the city administration, the machine will pour asphalt from early morning until late evening. "Under the existing regulations, the asphalt must be watered with water every 6 hours if the temperature rises above 25 degrees. Now the city is about 30 degrees, "- explained in KBDH. As for the high-tech equipment, there Read more [...]
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In southern China floods continue

Floods in southern China, which have not ceased due to rain and thunderstorms, but in July 2010 led to the deaths, according to preliminary data, 50 people, 15 people remain unaccounted for, said Sunday the Chinese media with reference to the data of the local authorities. "Just hit more than 17 million people in the provinces of Zhejiang, Anhui, Fujian, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan, Guizhou, as well as in the central submission Chongqing. From dangerous areas authorities were forced to evacuate about 600 thousand people, "- said in a statement. According to media reports, has suffered Read more [...]
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Severe thunderstorm and heavy wind in Ulyanovsk

Severe thunderstorm and gusty winds hit the Ulyanovsk on Sunday evening, in some areas of the city smashed trees and electrical wires broke, told RIA Novosti the head of the press service of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry in the Ulyanovsk region Elena Sikharulidze. «A lot of calls received in the service „01“ in connection with the broken trees. Call from the north, center, Lower Terraces», — Sikharulidze said. Witnesses also reported that on the streets of the Federation and Red Army in the Leninsky district of trees torn Read more [...]
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In the carpet of the raging elements

No sooner had the carpet (Vladimir region) to recover from the June disaster, as the city hit a new hurricane. Fortunately, this time there were no casualties. On Saturday, July 10, a hurricane swept through the central part of the city outskirts, he bypassed. Wind accompanied by heavy rain and large hail, in a few minutes was flooded roadway on Mayakovsky Street. Felled trees, twenty, six of them fell into the roadway. Damaged power lines, roofs of houses and the roof of the kindergarten № 8. According to the official site of administration Kovrova, civil defense and emergency Read more [...]
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Natural disasters will become climate norm

Powerful hurricane in Udmurtia

Debesy. Udmurtia. Thousands damage struck a powerful hurricane Debesskomu area. He was in the midst of the elements the previous evening, July 11. As the correspondent of IA "Susanin" Head of Administration Debesskogo district Andrey Ivanov, rampant disaster led to the demolition of the roof 11 buildings, including three in the district center. As already reported, "Ivan Susanin", roof lost Central District Hospital Debesy village. The wind tore the coating on the area of ​​660 square meters. The approximate damage from the disaster is estimated at 300 thousand rubles, said Andrei Read more [...]
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Muscovites suffer from the invasion of poplar moth

Abnormally hot weather, set in Moscow in mid-June, gives the townspeople all new troubles — in the fight against stuffiness in apartments Muscovites have also opened the hunt for Poplar mol, which in a lot of flies in the open windows and balcony doors, RIA Novosti on Monday. Daytime temperatures in Moscow and the region from mid-June is kept at around 26 degrees Celsius above. During this week the weather forecasters predict up to plus 37 degrees and almost no rain. «In the evening, we flock to the clouds of this moth. She somehow gets into the house, even if you Read more [...]
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In India, lightning killed 32 people

Stormy monsoon period collects victims in the north-east of India: in the last three days in Bihar lightning killed 32 and injured 17 people. "Very often pass electric" spears "get farmers working in the field," - said on Monday an official of disaster management staff. Farm Bihar - one of the most populous in India. The state government has announced that the family of each victim of a lightning strike is highlighted assistance in the amount of 100 thousand rupees (a little more than two thousand dollars). Monsoon season "lightning deaths" lasts in Bihar from June to September. Source: Read more [...]
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