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Rumania hit severe flooding

In some European countries, the heat is replaced by natural disasters. At this time, severe flooding struck the Romania. In the famous province of Transylvania in the south of the country flooded several villages. Now there are search and rescue operations. In the disaster zone are about fifty people: because of their fuzzy roads did not manage to evacuate. Source: TV Channel "Zvezda" Read more [...]
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Temperature records of summer 2010

Summer of 2010 dawned in Russia abnormally hot. In many regions of the country were set temperature records.July 12 in many cities of European Russia were updated record the maximum temperature. In Ulyanovsk, the air warmed to 33.2 degrees, 39.3 degrees to Volgograd, Astrakhan to 40.9 degrees (39.1 degrees the previous record was celebrated in 1897). In Makhachkala, the air were heated to 38.2 degrees (34.8 degrees versus 1954). Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Photos from the natural disasters and their consequences. №16

Villagers walk through a flooded street in the Punjab. The main river and adjacent channels overflowed, and the authorities were forced to warn people about the dangers of traveling to New Delhi by road National Highway 1. (European Pressphoto Agency) Some pictures recently occurred natural disasters and their consequences. Photos are clickable. Photos from the past: the fifteenth, fourteenth, thirteenth, twelfth and eleventh.Debbie Rich tourist hiding from the sun in the shadow of World War II Memorial in Washington. On the East Coast heat wave struck, and the temperature in some regions Read more [...]
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Hurricane raced over Belgium

Thirteen people were injured in Belgium as a result of the storm swept over the country, said the fire service of the kingdom. Under the impact of elements on a Wednesday evening hit the southern part of the country and the central region of Brussels. Among the wounded — eight students from the town Zhodon where during a storm roof collapsed school, where in the evening held a sports festival. The rest of the victims were injured by falling trees. In the southern cities of Belgium damaged the roof of the set of houses in blue hurricane completely tore the roof off the church. Read more [...]
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Stavropol pours water

At that time, as the entire central Russia faint from the heat on the Stavropol collapsed real flood. At the edge of the area Blagodarnenskogo already declared a state of emergency. The day here fell two and a half monthly precipitation. Downpour lasted for several hours. During this time, the flow of water flooded homes, washed away roads and disrupted transport. Element led to the death of the crop. In the area of ​​disaster turned out to be more than half of the total arable land. And weather forecasts were not encouraging: Showers and thunderstorms will continue, and the wind increased Read more [...]
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On Belarus Hurricane and grozy.Video

In Belarus after the heat came hurricanes and thunderstorms. The natural disaster has affected dozens of settlements, one person was killed by lightning. The most powerful impact of elements occurred in the Gomel Region — where residents were left without electricity 70 villages. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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In Sudan, as a result of torrential rains flooding occurred

August 12, 2013. In Sudan, struck the Nile state torrential rains caused flooding, resulting in 36 people dead. According to reports from the capital, Khartoum, destroyed more than 5,000 homes in rural areas. This state is located north of Khartoum. As reported by Radio Omdurman, the element is not spared the Sudanese capital and its suburbs. Four hours last Friday the city had the monthly precipitation, and it has become, according to local media reports, in the lake. The rains were accompanied by squally wind gusts, in the end many of the old residential buildings were destroyed, significant Read more [...]
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Planet overheated

Global warming marches on planet Earth. Temperature has all new records. As said Thursday experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration United States (NOAA), such a hot June in the current season, it was not in the history of meteorological observations, which are held in 1880. According to the scientists' observations, combined land and ocean temperature was in June +16,2 ° C, that 0.68 degrees above normal for the month norm. Very much the planet warmed, according to NOAA, in Peru, in the central and eastern United States, Eastern and Western Asia. Was higher Read more [...]
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New seismic event

Cascadia subduction zone in the north-western United States (Figure authors work). The earth trembles, not only because of volcanoes and earthquakes, friends. Scientists at Washington University (Seattle, USA) described in detail the recently discovered phenomenon called "deep concussion» (deep tremor). Strictly speaking, this process should be called non-volcanic tremor. Previously it was thought that it induces a flow of magma beneath volcanoes. Now scientists know that this phenomenon is happening deep under the ground, long before the earthquake, in an area where two tectonic plates "scratch" Read more [...]
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Heavy showers and thunderstorms hit the France

Heavy showers and thunderstorms hit today at the near to the Atlantic part of France. Temporarily were flooded the streets of many cities, including Paris. Rampant disaster resulted in the death of one person in the department of Côte-d'Or — it has fallen tree. In the departments of the north and west of France, as reported by the rescue services, «affected a large number of citizens». In the department of Ardennes, three women were injured by falling tree in their tent. The condition of one of these — heavy. In the same department of the wind speed Read more [...]
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The oxygen content in the air is reduced

Period of hot and dry weather, set in the Moscow region in late June, has its drawbacks. One of them is the reduction of oxygen in the air. This negative fact in the coming days will be observed not only in the central regions of Russia, but also in most other areas. Thus, in Moscow, the normal amount of oxygen contained in the air is 280-290 grams per cubic meter. In the next few nights is the number to more normal levels and reach 272-275 units, and the day will decrease by 10-15 units and will be about 259 grams per cubic meter. In the abundance of oxygen is in the Magadan and Kamchatka Krai, Read more [...]
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In the Astrakhan region in response to the drought emergency mode is entered

In the Astrakhan region in connection with the abnormally hot weather decision of a regional commission on emergency and fire safety regime introduced an emergency. The regional government agency «Interfax-Yug» reported that in the region moisture reserves in the first meter of soil declined significantly. Topsoil withered almost completely. In the provincial Ministry of Agriculture agency also said that as a result of drought occurred the death of cereals, vegetables, melons, forage crops, potatoes on a total area of ​​3.9 thousand. Hectares. There is a death of natural hayfields Read more [...]
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In Moldova, due to dam flooded hundreds of homes

In the south of Moldova, the river Prut continues to rise, three villages in the area Kantemirovsky (Gypsy, Geltosu and Gotesht) are under threat of flooding, reports "New Region". According to information received by the Moldovan news agency, due to re-break the protective dam was flooded more than 180 homes in the villages of the abundance and Sereteny. It is reported that the day before the dam broke through in the area has been strengthened, but the night before the 300-meter section of the dam again not stand the pressure of the water. The victims were placed in a college town Read more [...]
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Ivanovo region due to drought imposed emergency mode

The situation in the agricultural sector of the Ivanovo region recognized emergency in all 21 metro area introduced a state of emergency, said «Interfax» spokesman for the Economic Development of complex regional government Anna Nikolaeva. She noted that because of the hot and dry weather in ten municipal districts of the region, spring crops were killed in the area of ​​8 thousand. Hectares of the 57 th. Hectares. «According to preliminary estimates of the damage caused to the economy of the region drought will be more than 100 million rubles. Last year, grain yield was Read more [...]
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Strongest hurricane on Kavkaze.Video

The Caucasus hurricane with downpours and hail. In Derbent impact of elements hit the main attraction — fortress Naryn-Kala. For fifteen hundred years it failed to destroy neither war, nor the time, but now in the ancient walls of the gaping holes — are the consequences of the mudflow, which provoked rains. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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The upper layer of the atmosphere of our planet, for unknown reasons shrunk

Photo: July 16th. / ITAR-TASS /. The upper layer of the atmosphere of our planet recently greatly shrunk and scientists can not yet find the explanation for this phenomenon. It is the most external layer of the atmosphere called the thermosphere and is located in the interval of heights from 90 km to 600 km above the Earth's surface. He is now recovering. Such events are not something very rare, but the extent of the latter phenomenon is literally shocked scientists. «This is the biggest contraction of at least the last 43 years», — said the head of research Read more [...]
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Earth got into the flow of the solar wind from the coronal hole

Considerable diversity in the soporific monotony of the quiet Sun has made the region in 1087, showing the high flare activity over the past two days. According to the Institute of Applied Geophysics name Fedorov, July 14 at the end of the day included two C-class flare. On the night of July 15 in connection with the passage of a coronal hole disturbance of the geomagnetic field has increased by 5 points and reached the level of a weak magnetic storm (G-1). According to the forecast, July 15-16 flare activity expected to be low to moderate. The geomagnetic field is generally calm Read more [...]
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The heat in China kill people

In Zhejiang Province from heat killed 15 peopleAugust 8, 2013. The intense heat seriously affected the lives of local residents and the production in Zhejiang / China Eastern /. According to statistics of Zhejiang Center for Disease Prevention and Control centers of their origin, from June 1 to August 7 this year from sunstroke already killed 15 people, which is 3.75 times more than in the corresponding period last year. In years past, this is quite rare.According to the provincial meteorological station, as of August 8, a 35-degree or higher heat in Zhejiang has continued for 37 days in Read more [...]
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Ukraine suffers from the heatwave

In Ukraine is a heat wave. According to weather forecasters — most strongly warmed air today — in the north — up to 34-plus. Almost as many — in the east. Over the weekend in these regions is expected to — under 40 to degrees. Ukrainians are experiencing extreme temperatures — in the story of our correspondents. For two nights in a row ... he sleeps in a baby playground in the yard. The flat panel nine-due stuffiness sleep impossible. Eugene Maystrenko, resident of Donetsk: — The house has a terrible fever, what to do — Read more [...]
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Argentines enjoyed unexpected snow. Video

In some countries, the weather is unpredictable. In Buenos Aires, snow fell. Despite the fact that it is winter in Argentina, a similar phenomenon - a huge rarity. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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