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In Yemen, the victims of the strongest showers began 23 people

Torrential rains in northwestern Yemen resulted in the deaths of more than 23 people and flooded many villages, cutting off the path for rescuers. Told Itar-Tass in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country in the south of the Arabian Peninsula. Abundant rainfall, continuing day after day, led to the break of dam in the district wasabi Safil. Gushing water flooded nearby villages. Residents of many villages were left without electricity. In addition, the rains have caused mudslides in some areas, destroying homes and hospitals. Many people were trapped under the rubble of collapsed Read more [...]
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Typhoon Conson hit China

Typhoon «Conson»From which two days ago hit the Philippines, reached China. Authorities were warned in advance about the possible threat, so to the disaster have been canceled all flights, thousands of Chinese people have been evacuated from the most dangerous areas. In the Philippines, the number of victims of the hurricane has reached 39 people, and 84 are unaccounted for. When approaching the Philippines wind speed «Conson» reached 120 kilometers per second, however, after the impact of such a destructive force, faced by the inhabitants of the Philippines, Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic and Slovakia due to the heat melts the asphalt

In the Czech Republic and Slovakia from the intense heat melted asphalt road. For this reason, the decision to close to traffic devyatikilometrovy land speed international motorway near the city of the west Bor. Repair work will last there until the end of August, told Itar-Tass in the regional management of public utilities. Slovakia also consider the possibility of a temporary cessation of movement on the most affected areas of the heat speed highway between the cities of Trencin and Zilina, in the center of the country. In these hot days, when the air temperature in both republics Read more [...]
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On Belarus hurricanes and storms hit

In Belarus after the heat came hurricanes and thunderstorms. The natural disaster has affected dozens of settlements, one person was killed by lightning. The most powerful impact of elements occurred in the Gomel region - where residents were left without electricity 70 villages. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred off the coast of Greece

Photo: EMSC Earthquake of magnitude 5.4 occurred on Friday in the eastern part of the Aegean Sea near the Dodecanese islands belonging to Greece, according to the USGS site (USGS). The earthquake occurred at 11:11 local time (12:11 MSK). The epicenter was located in the Aegean Sea 125 kilometers north-west of the Greek island of Rhodes. The earthquake at the depth of 159.4 kilometers. Information on casualties or damage were received. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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In Germany, due to the heat evacuated passengers trains

Under the conditions established in the Europe of hot weather, German railways are facing serious problems. In Germany, the railway were forced to evacuate people from several teams that refused to air conditioners. Source: Conduct Read more [...]
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Heat gained control of virtually all the Land

Heat gained control of virtually all the Land. To this conclusion, which again makes one think of the phrase \"global warming\", American scientists have come. Receiving data from the satellite, they recorded a record high temperature on the entire surface of the planet. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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On the border of USA and Mexico due to the floods stuck 22 thousand trucks

On the border of USA and Mexico stuck around 22 thousand trucks. Travel on the highway is closed for more than five days due to the flooding of the roadway. Flooding in this region called the hurricane \"Alex\" a few weeks ago, and a new tropical storm has only exacerbated the situation. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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To the north of Japan hit deadly rains

August 11, 2013. Last Friday, on the Tohoku and Hokkaido regions hit torrential rains. Just over an hour received 100 millimeters of rain. Downpours caused a landslide in Iwate Prefecture, which led to the death of 91-year-old woman. Another landslide "buried" under the soil at home, which were home to eight families in Akita Prefecture. Three people were injured ralichnye severity searches five tenants continue.In the city of Odate just over an hour 120 millimeters of rain fell. The rains have caused flooding. As a result, 16 families had to be evacuated. For four local residents who could Read more [...]
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Spiral anomaly in the sky over Australia

An unusual phenomenon was recorded in the sky over Australia 5th June, at approximately 5:50 a.m. Witnesses described the object as white, misty sphere with a spiral tail. The object still hung in the air for about a minute, and then slowly flew to the East. The object was removed towards the sea, while not disappeared over the horizon. The dimensions of the object can be compared with a small, twin plane, but witnesses claim that it was not a plane. A similar case happened in Norway last year, then a similar phenomenon was destroyed at the test of Bulava. Australian anomaly trying to explain Read more [...]
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Earthquake prediction in Greece

Developments in Greece - M 5.1 - AEGEAN SEA - 2010-07-16 18:53 UTC Events in Greece are being further developed. Today (July 16), another event occurred with the following parameters: (M 5.1 - AEGEAN SEA - 2010-07-16 18:53 UTC) Magnitude: 5.1 (according to the USGS - 4,7, possible adjustments in seismologists) District: Aegean Date / Time: 16.07.2010 18, 53 UTC Coordinates: 39.29 N, 24.07 E Depth: 10 km Location of the epicenter of the earthquakeDeep earthquakes in the Greek area - M 5,3 - DODECANESE ISLANDS, GREECE - 2010-07-16 08:11 UTC July 16 was of deep earthquakes in the Read more [...]
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Barack Obama slept Washington earthquake

In the vicinity of Washington an earthquake of 3.6 on the Richter scale. It was felt by many residents of American capital and employees of the White house, according to CNN. The earthquake, which lasted 10 seconds, was extremely strong. The last time Washington was shaking in 1974, but then we were talking about the earthquake measuring 3 on the Richter scale. Many residents of Washington natural disasters seriously frightened. Someone ran into the street, someone had left the house in horror hoping that nothing bad will happen. After a short time of their concerns with employees of various Read more [...]
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Japan, China and the Philippines suffered from severe flooding

South-East Asia was hit by hurricane winds and torrential rains. Swept over the Philippines typhoon killed 22 people, another 12 are unaccounted for. Most of the largest island of the archipelago of Luzon, where the capital of the country was left without electricity.Asia drowned. Powerful showers fell on Japan and China - this can not remember even the old-timers. On the island of Kyushu in full swing evacuation of local residents: from dangerous areas in the coming days will remove more than 100 thousand people. Water flows tempted highways and railways, destroying bridges and houses. In Read more [...]
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The volcano Eyjafjallajökull out of steam

on July 13. The eruption of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in southern Iceland, which has created a huge problem for flights in the European continent in the spring of this year, apparently, ended, Swedish scientists. Now from a volcano erupts already not ash or lava and white couples, reports PRIME-TASS. \"We cannot exclude the possibility of resuming its activity, but this time she probably stopped\", - said the employee of the Seismological Institute in Uppsala Reinier Bodvarsson.Measurements at the Swedish stations show, the scientists noted that the katla Geopark, the eruption of which, Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies in Belarus. Photo report

Rainfall in Minsk In recent weeks, the weather has presented a number of surprises. This is clearly evidenced by the photos.In the festival Vitebsk - hot weather In Lida hurricane damaged roofs Effects of the hurricane in the Gomel region The Gomel region roadside restaurant "Chabarok" suffered from the elements Workers of road maintenance management number 41 RUE "Gomelavtodor" while clearing the road Gomel-Chernigov. More than 1,600 trees felled in Lida Source: Belarusian portal TUT.BY Read more [...]
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Port-au-Prince after 6 months

Police raise the flag of Haiti before the earthquake destroyed National Palace. On paper, there are several major projects for the reconstruction of government buildings (15 of 17 destroyed), but no official decision has been made, and the future of these structures remains unclear. (AP Photo / Alexandre Meneghini) When a disaster happens, the population of Port-au-Prince poured on the half-lit streets. Collapsing house turned into a deadly trap. In open areas, parks, golf courses grew campgrounds. Corpses lay everywhere, covered with cloth, cardboard, or blatant at all. Most of the dead were Read more [...]
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Flooding in Blagoveshchensk destroyed the entire crop

August 13, 2013. In the Amur region, which also flood victims, expected in the coming days a new storm and squally winds. Local authorities to adopt measures to prevent accidents and emergencies. On the eve of the big water reached Blagoveshchensk. The city flooded more than 800 homes.Nearly 45 thousand hectares of farmland have flooded, and 10 times more water-logged fields, where you can still catch anything to save - the scale of the floods in the Amur region casts doubt on the future of the Amur farmers. 70 percent of the crop grower Leonid Kazakov typically implements the Amur in nursing Read more [...]
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In Moscow, hotter than Africa

In Moscow in recent days hotter than in Africa. These days in the capital of Chad, N'Djamena desert - only 28. And in the capital of Russia - to +34. And if the capital itself will be saved, then beyond this heat perceive cool. Across the country - "thirty." Warmed time zones from Moscow to the Far East. The temperature of the temperature of the body, so the body tends to fall into the water - it is cooler. Ministry of Emergency Situations watching synoptics - those watching the weather. Burning heat no better snow drifts. From the heat of the forest burn very quickly overheat transformer Read more [...]
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Unrestrained element in Derbent, Dagestan

Residents of Derbent from the rubble after heavy rain. In the town were destroyed and flooded the house. On the streets, and piles of stones. Suffered and the ancient fortress, built in the VI century. Source: The fifth channel Read more [...]
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Petersburg waiting for tornadoes and tornado

In the heatwave, established now in St. Petersburg, the Northern capital may occur corydoradinae phenomena. This was reported by Rosbalt, doctor of technical Sciences, Deputy Director on science of the Center for interdisciplinary research on environmental problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences Gennady Menzhulin. He said that traditionally tornado dangerous places are the Great plains of the USA, however, this type of weather, which is established now in the Northern capital due to the current changes in standard ways SYNOPTIC formations (cyclones and anticyclones), is transferred to us. According Read more [...]
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