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Precipitation monthly precipitation recorded in Primorye

As a result of atmospheric fronts from China, over the weekend in the South of Primorsky Krai was almost monthly norm of precipitation. The showers were held in Nakhodka and Partizansk, informed the press-Secretary of Pamidronate Barbara Koridze. On Friday in Primorye due to projected rainfall was declared a storm warning. \"Weekend Primorye were in the zone of influence of atmospheric fronts, which came from China and Korea. Heavy rain began on Saturday and continued into Sunday,\" said Koridze. The rain was accompanied by decrease of temperature for three to five degrees. The heaviest rains Read more [...]
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In Argentina froze to death nine people

An unusual cold snap that engulfed most of the territory of Argentina led to the deaths of at least nine people. A cold front from the Antarctic led to the decrease of temperature in Patagonia, in the South of the country to -14 °C in the North to 0°C. According to one of the non-governmental organizations, almost all died from hypothermia - homeless inhabitants of Buenos Aires. Deep freeze was felt also in Chile, Peru and southern Brazil. In Paraguay, Uruguay and Bolivia also recorded deaths from hypothermia.In Argentina from hypothermia died 14 people At least 14 people died from hypothermia Read more [...]
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Bright red sprite in the stratosphere

August 13, 2013. On the edge of earth's atmosphere, where the dark sky line meteors and gentle light shining noctilucent clouds, sometimes you can see the odd shape of lightning. Scientists say that the sprites is as beautiful as it is mysterious. Jason Örns (Jason Ahrns), graduate of the University of Alaska, made a photo of bright red sprite over Oklahoma city on August 6. A specialist in the study of the Aurora that day was onboard the U.S. National center for atmospheric research, carrying out regular flight. \"During the flight we had not seen the sprites, but found them later on the records Read more [...]
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In the Transnistrian city of Bendery hurricane consequences

on July 19. In the Transnistrian city of Bendery municipal services and employees of the headquarters of the civil protection liquidate the consequences of the last Saturday of the hurricane, the correspondent of \"New Region\". As noted today at hardware meeting the head of the city office of civil defense Sergey Sirotenko, hurricane with rain and hail caused damage to the urban economy, the wind speed reached 25 meters per second. According to Sirotenko, immediately after hurricane emergency services were found on the roads and sidewalks 57 of fallen trees, the wind stopped 65 of the power Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in the Pskov region has killed 50 tonnes of trout

Because of the heat at CJSC «Veternik» in gudowska district of the Pskov region were killed 50 tons of trout. As the correspondent SHARES the main fish farms Irina Kirillova, the company suffered damages of not less than 7.5 million rubles. The cause of death of fish was strong overheating of the water.  It was heated to 28-30 degrees and maintained this temperature long enough. For trout is a normal water temperature is 20 degrees, it can withstand water at 26 degrees, but not for a long time. «We did all he could to save the fish. And used to pump water and air were filed, Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in 26 regions of Russia imposed a state of emergency

In connection with the anomalous heat in 26 the subjects of the Russian Federation and 558 areas introduced a state of emergency. As the press service of EMERCOM of Russia, last week the modes of emergency was introduced in ten subjects and 152 municipal districts. The most difficult situation is in the territory of the Central Federal district. \"Currently, the control of the EMERCOM of Russia is furnished in natural fires on the territory of the CFO and the environment associated with the threat of destruction of agricultural crops caused by drought in southern, Volga, Urals, Siberian and Central Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Ulyanovsk

Another hurricane blew yesterday in the area, and caused considerable damage to the district formations. Most from the heavy winds hit Novomalyklinskii district — demolished the roof of a local shop, left without electricity camp and burned the house. Not spared destruction Cherdaklinsky, Staromainsky areas. In Ulyanovsk same storm killed three people. Read more about the damage caused by hurricane damage Ulyanovsk online\" said the head of the TER and housing Novomalyklinskii district Rinat Saifutdinov. According to him, the most significant destruction happened in the Read more [...]
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Eastern Kazakhstan swept by a devastating hurricane

Eastern Kazakhstan swept by a devastating hurricane. Several areas were hit by heavy rains, gusty winds, and storms. In addition, in some areas was large hail. In Balkanarama he was the size of a chicken egg. Suffered regional center — Ust-Kamenogorsk. Within minutes the streets were flooded, and many trees have fallen, were left without electricity for about 7,000 people. To eliminate the consequences of the storm began early in the morning. Along with public services, street cleaning connected citizens. But most of all was the power: total area was almost 12 thousand Read more [...]
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Russia threatens African swine fever

Russia threatens African swine fever. Deadly animal virus spread from Georgia to the South of the country three years ago. Its distribution in North and West are constantly evolving. As noted today at hardware meeting with the President of the Udmurt Republic, the head of the Republican administrations of the Rosselkhoznadzor, flash, ASF — so the vets called disease — already registered in the Orenburg region. In Udmurtia — dozens of large pig farms. They grow 90 percent of the national herd. To prevent mass infection of livestock that can lead to Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in Gomel exploded transformer substation

More than thousands of customers, including hospital, were left without electricity due to the explosion in the transformer substation of Gomel. According to the press Secretary of the regional Department of MES Ruslan Gabriev, the accident occurred on the night of July 17. The message about the explosion at the substation SS-110 \"West\", located on the street 8th Nonresident, received from citizens at 0 hours and 24 minutes. The cause of the accident was the high temperature. In particular, as established professionals, there has been damage to the high-frequency coupling capacitor Read more [...]
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The Ebeko volcano threw a cloud of gas

Active volcano Ebeko, located seven kilometers from Severo-Kurilsk on the island of Paramushir Islands Kuril Islands, woke up, throwing on Sunday the gas cloud to a height of 200 meters, said on Monday, RIA Novosti the representative of Sangermaine. After the catastrophic tsunami 1952, destroyed Severo-Kurilsk, the town was moved to another location. It was selected without carrying out volcanological expertise, so calm and at the Western wind volcanic gases reach the city, and residents feel the smell of hydrogen sulfide and chlorine. «According to the meteorological station Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in Moscow burning peatlands

In connection with the established in Moscow and the Moscow region by the hot weather in the region is deteriorating situation with burning peat. In some areas already clearly felt the smell of smoke and fumes. This noticeable cooling in the region forecasters do not expect until at least August. According to the press service of the Moscow Department of the Ministry of emergency situations, almost 30 new natural fires on an area of about 40 hectares occurred in the morning of Monday, July 19, Moscow region, their fighting was attracted aviation MOE. In particular, the fires were recorded Read more [...]
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Underground, the heater will melt the Greenland ice

August 12, 2013. Climatologists reported that unusually thin crust beneath the surface of Greenland partly explains the abnormally high rate of melting of its ice cap, as the hot magmatic masses beneath the surface serving as one giant «boiler», reports the journal Nature Geoscience. The temperature at the foot of the glaciers, and accordingly, their condition, at the same time depend on the flow of heat from the Earth and temperature fluctuations on the surface. Thanks in Greenland there are areas where the foot of the glaciers melt, and which are located adjacent to absolutely untouched Read more [...]
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More than 20 people suffered from the heat in Japan

Monday, July 19, was the hottest day this year in Japan, from heat stroke in the country were injured and sent to hospital 23 persons, 19 of them in Tokyo, further hospitalization is recommended seven, reported on Monday broadcaster NHK. Almost on the whole territory of the country the temperature rose above 30 degrees. In many areas the temperature rose above 35 degrees. The hot weather has been established in Kyushu Prefecture Oita - 36.8 degrees in the shade. In Central Tokyo in the afternoon the temperature reached 36.4 degrees. A sudden heat was a surprise after the relatively Read more [...]
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The strongest effects of drought in the Chelyabinsk region. Photos

Drought like this in Russia was not observed for nearly 40 years, told RIA Novosti the Russian presidential Advisor on climate Alexander Bedritsky. Photo: from the beginning of June in the Chelyabinsk region the weather is hot plus 30...35 degrees, mostly without rain. According to the Ministry of agriculture of the region, there is an emergency in nine agricultural areas because of the drought.According to preliminary data, in the Chelyabinsk region ruined 518 thousand hectares of crops, including 430 thousand hectares of grain crops. Photo: ravens at the dried field. In Uvelsky area due to Read more [...]
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Earthquake in Japan — 6,3

Magnitude: 6,3 Time: July 18, 2010, 13:42:49.4 UTC Coordinates: 132.98°E 48.50°N Depth: 10 km Source: GEOFONRead more [...]

In Ukraine element made dead 100 settlements

One hundred settlements in different regions of Ukraine were left without electricity in Tuesday night because of the rain and strong winds, the press service of the emergencies Ministry. «In the night from 19 to 20 July as a result of adverse weather conditions and due to the operation of automatic protection systems transmission lines in eight regions de-energized 100 settlements», — the message says. So, without light remained in the Ternopil region — 28 settlements in Kherson — 23, in Mykolaiv — 20, nine in Dnipropetrovsk Read more [...]
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Failure of the soil in Dnepropetrovsk

Photo: Truck ZIL half fell to the ground today around 8:20 on the corner of Furmanov street and Karl Marx Avenue, opposite the stub 10 th bus-stop. This was reported by an eyewitness of the incident Yuri Andreev. According to him, at the bottom of the resulting failure was water. Presumably, the cause of the incident was a utility basis of the road surface waters from an underground reservoir. Literally 10 minutes later at the scene came the ambulance, the driver suffered only minor injuries. Source: In The City Read more [...]
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On Kamchatka volcanoes erupt Kluchevskoye

Photo: In Kamchatka from the crater of the volcano Klyuchevskaya on height 300 m is a fountain of fiery lava. There was also the emission of ash to a height of 800 to 1500 meters, gas-and-ash plume extends from the crater to the East more than 10 km This was announced today a branch of the Geophysical service of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Two other Kamchatka volcano — Shiveluch and Karymsky — also active. On the Shiveluch registered the emission of ash to a height of 1200 meters and gathering debris avalanches. On the volcano Krymska gas-and-ash Read more [...]
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In Belgium, the heat killed 520 people

Heatwave in April-June in Belgium has become a cause of premature death 520 people, reported on Tuesday, the Belgian Institute of public health. «In the period from 1 April to 30 June, we recorded growth in the number of deaths in our country. Increased air temperature and the peaks of ozone concentration were the main causes of this excess mortality», — the message says. It notes that victims of heat waves have become mainly older people. In Belgium in June, the thermometer reached 36 degrees Celsius. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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