In Chernivtsi region was the tornado

Photo:archive of RIA Novosti About a hundred houses were damaged in the tornado, held on the evening of July 19 in the Chernivtsi region of Ukraine, informs radio «Freedom». Are the words of eyewitnesses, according to which the tornado raged around half minutes, but during that time a large number of homes were left without roofs, part of the damaged wall. Human victims are not present. At the moment, going door-to-door bypass of the affected houses, Commission of the city administration determines the damage. The head of Chernivtsi meteorologist Tatiana Negatiave said that the Read more [...]
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The thermosphere of the Earth went into collapse

The top layer of the Earth's atmosphere recently underwent a sudden large reduction. This was reported in the research center of NASA. The layer of gas called the thermosphere currently being restored again. This type of collapse is not uncommon, but its magnitude is shocked scientists. \"This is the biggest contraction of the thermosphere, at least for the last 43 years,\" said the study's lead author John Emmert from the Naval Research Lab, USA, published the research results in the journal \"Geophysical Research Letters\". \"This is a record of the space age,\" said the scientist. The collapse Read more [...]
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The disaster in the Rostov region

In the evening of 19 July on the territory of the Rostov region in the South pointed to the increasing wind, rain, storm. As a result of natural disasters in many parts of the region were affected buildings and created an emergency situation. Thus, according to the Department for the prevention and liquidation of emergency situations of the Rostov region, in Zimovnikovskyi area in peasant farming \"steppes\" on grain and the store was blown away five thousand square meters of the roof, the damage is established. In Veselovsky district in the hamlet of Middle Manych cut four sections of wire transmission. Read more [...]
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Algeria has suffered in the floods

August 12, 2013. Torrential rains caused massive flooding in the southwestern Algerian province Adrar in which 11 people were injured, one of them is currently in critical condition in the hospital. Literally 45 minutes in Adrara've had so much water that its threads were damaged more than 130 buildings. 29 of them were completely demolished powerful streams of water, 103 more buildings, including residential houses were damaged partially. The Governor of the province of Abdulkader Baradei reported that the people were left without a roof over your head for the elements already provided with Read more [...]
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More than 500 penguins found dead on the shores of Brazil

On the Brazilian coasts were found discarded on land penguins. This trend lasts for several days. In total, there were found more than 500 the penguins. Now scientists are trying to determine the cause of death, the BBC reports. Penguins usually migrate from Argentine Patagonia, along the coast of Brazil at this time of year. According to preliminary data, they could die from lack of food. Source: Arguments and Facts Read more [...]
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The rise in global sea level

Scientists warn that rising sea level will soon become a serious problem. However, some regions will suffer earlier and more than the other. In particular, problems threaten those countries, where the rainy season promises more abundant rainfall than usual. First of all climatologists worry Bangladesh and India, especially since the Indian ocean seats began to fill the land. In the Equatorial regions, in contrast, are expected severe drought. The cause of the increase in global ocean, the melting of polar ice, however, scientists believe that the reason is not only harmful emissions Read more [...]
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The epidemic in Panama destroyed 30 species of amphibians

The epidemic of fungal diseases in the national Park named Omar Torrijos (Panama) in 2004—2006 destroyed about 30 species of amphibians, and 40% of the species diversity of amphibians in this region, however, is likely to disappear five previously unknown species, scientists have reported in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Chytridiomycosis, caused by the fungus Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, affects populations of amphibians around the world in the last 40 years. In mountainous areas of Central America, scientists estimate Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.3 has occurred off the coast of Papua New Guinea

Photo: EMSC The earthquake of magnitude 6,3 happened on Tuesday off the coast of the island of New Britain, belonging to Papua New Guinea, according to the website of the U.S. Geological survey. The epicenter of the earthquake that occurred in 05.18 local time (23.18 GMT Tuesday), was located 70 kilometers South-East from the town of Kimbe on the depth 35.9 km. About casualties or damage reported. Over the last few days roughly in the same area occurred for several earthquakes. Quake magnitude 5,1 was recorded on Monday. On Sunday at intervals of 30 minutes, there were two strong earthquakes Read more [...]
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On the main Avenue of Tbilisi failed asphalt

On the main Metropolitan Avenue Rustaveli failed asphalt. In the accident the traffic stopped on the spot works emergency team. According to the company \"bilogical\"asphalt pavement roadway Avenue was damaged due to heavy rains, which led ultimately to the failure of the road. During emergency events, the traffic on the Avenue is temporarily stopped, the movement of vehicles is carried out on adjacent streets. At the moment the prospect is under reconstruction. Source: News-Georgia Read more [...]
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Hurricane in Moscow dropped about 700 trees

Residents of the East and South-East of Moscow last night felt like the heroes of a disaster movie. These areas have a strong hurricane, knocked 700 trees they fell on the car, knocked out of the balcony Windows, tore the wires. Hurricane in Moscow dropped about 700 trees The hurricane that hit several districts of Moscow last night, knocked 690 trees, and at least one tower crane, reported \"Interfax\" a source in law enforcement bodies of the capital. \"The hardest hit East of the capital, where he fell 550 trees. Hundreds of trees were felled in the South-East of the city,\" he said. According Read more [...]
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South America was covered with snow. Video

In South America almost 200 people have died recently due to abnormal cold. The temperature drops to minus 23 degrees. Even though now it is winter, so frosty it was not never. Snowdrifts to reach a height of 2 meters. In Brazil, Bolivia and Uruguay freeze homeless. And in Argentina, trying to warm by a faulty stove, death was having 26 people. In Chile and Peru, people gather at indoor stadiums where get warm clothes and hot food. In addition, considerable damage caused to agriculture - from lack of food animals die.South America is now looking for a way to warm up. Chile, Paraguay and Read more [...]
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Seismoprognosis from January 2010

Based on the data of the multichannel system WBG for December 2009 - January 2010 were identified parameters and coordinates of future events. Information about upcoming disasters was sent a letter No. 216 dated 29.01.2010 (mirror in the address of the RF President D. Medvedev A. For information from the administration of the President a letter submitted to the Ministry of emergency situations of the Russian Federation.Dear members of the Russian Expert Council! Inform You that the planet before extraordinary planetary events: cycle of the strongest hurricanes on level 4-5 categories and Read more [...]
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In the Baltic spotted blue-green algae

Due to the unusually hot weather on the surface of the Baltic sea formed a \"carpet\" of blue-green algae. At high concentrations, they may pose a threat to human health. Swim on the beaches of the Baltic sea while you can: scientists track the speed and direction of spread of dangerous unicellular. The latest images from space show that \"carpet\" of blue-green algae length 1.6 thousand km and a width of 190 km stretches from Finland to the Pomeranian Bay in the Northern part of the German island of Usedom and to the Northwest of the island of rügen. That is, they cover 377 thousand Read more [...]
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In southern China was hit by Typhoon \»Utor\»

August 14, 2013. On the southern regions of China today hit Typhoon “Utor”. The brunt of the hurricane, the wind speed at the center of which is over 150 miles per hour, occurred in Guangdong province, where in some districts as at 16:00 local time /12:00 MSK/ forecasters recorded a loss of 250 mm of rainfall. This is reported by the local weather service. Authorities issued a warning about possible floods and avalanches landslides. According to forecasts, in the night from Wednesday to Thursday the 11th in a row in this year, the Typhoon will reach Hasni Zhuang Autonomous region. With the Read more [...]
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Ураган в Лефортово. Фоторепортаж

20 июля. В основном на кадрах улицы Боровая, Сторожевая, Юрьевский пер., Наличная ул, Солдатская.Источник: Read more [...]

In the Samara region because of the heat sources dry up

The water level in wells in the Samara region due to the hot weather has plummeted, the wells are dry, the water in some localities served in the house for hours, informed the Agency \"Interfax-Volga region\" several districts of the region, experiencing the shortage of drinking water. \"On the one hand in the wells sharply sat flow rate, and on the other hand - a lot of water is taken for irrigation. That's why we have the shortage of drinking water. In our area the complexity of water directly in the district. Here we did the graphics for the water supply, according to which water is supplied Read more [...]
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In Tatarstan due to the drought affected 2.8 million hectares of crops

As a result of drought in Tatarstan suffered almost 2,8 million hectares of crops, of them died over 1,1 million, said the President of the Republic Rustam Minnikhanov. «Tatarstan for the second year in a row is experiencing severe drought. And in 2009, the drought has been 23 municipal district in the current — all 43», — said He in an interview «Interfax» in Thursday. «In the Republic of everything possible was done to obtain good results, but the drought has made adjustments. Nevertheless, the prices of bread, despite the low yield of grain Read more [...]
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The a 6.2 magnitude earthquake occurred off the coast of Vanuatu

Photo: EMSC The earthquake of magnitude 6,2 occurred off the coast of the island nation of Vanuatu in the Pacific ocean, according to the website of the U.S. Geological survey. According to the service, the earthquake occurred in 05.04 local time (09.04 MSC). The epicenter of the earthquake was located at a distance of 115 kilometres North-East of Luganville — the second largest city in Vanuatu, located on the island of Espiritu Santo, and 285 km North from the capital city Port Vila. The earthquake at a depth of 35.2 km. Information on casualties or damage were reported, there Read more [...]
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Five cities in Italy because of the heat assigned the highest level of risk

The national service of civil defense of Italy awarded five cities — Rome, Genoa, Sicily Messina, Frosinone (Frosinone) and Campobasso (Campobasso) in the center of the country — the higher the red danger level due to stifling heat wave which hit these days on the Apennines. According to the published Wednesday special Bulletin, ten cities assigned to the second, orange level alarm. However, on Friday in connection with meteorologists predicted a return to Italy African anticyclone, which will bring the country to the South 40-degree heat, the alarming list will Read more [...]
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