In Turkey navodneniefilm

Six people were killed and one injured in the floods and debris flows in the province of Khorasan district of Erzurum in Turkey, CNN Turk reports. Seven people are missing. Heavy rain began in the afternoon, writes TRT Russian. Highway Erzurum-mush closed because of the ravages of floods. Source:  Armenia News , Lead Read more [...]
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The failure of roads in the Kaliningrad

Truck \"drowned\" in the old pavement on one of the streets of Kaliningrad. on 7 June. Restoration work on the street and Park in Kaliningrad, where under the wheels of the truck fell in the road, will begin in the near future. Fully open movement there will be no earlier than next week. While in the city administration wondering what could cause such a sudden failure of the roadway artificial voids in the Kaliningrad earth, or the carelessness of the workers. When the road on the street Park sank a few meters down, people here were few. But those who have seen with my own eyes how strong German Read more [...]
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Cotton bollworm devours crops in North Ossetia

Caterpillar cotton bollworm, which is a pest for more than 120 species of cultivated and wild plants, including cotton, maize, chickpea, tomato, hemp, tobacco and soybeans, hit almost 100% of farmland in North Ossetia, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the Minister of agriculture of the Republic Robert Zaseev. \"Cotton bollworm is a caterpillar, which is still in our fields were recorded in a single case, and in the last week to ten days it massively appeared in our plants,\" said he. According to Zaseeva, most agricultural pests spread to areas of farmland right Bank, Mozdok and Ardon Read more [...]
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The Crimea was attacked by unknown insects

Unknown midges emerged in Western Crimea. Their bites cause tourists and locals strongest Allergy . While doctors have no cures such damage, and traditional medications do not help. As reported by Rosbalt, affected adults are covered by a painful rash with severe swelling. Have bitten children appear red blisters and toddler's body swell. Ambulances are regularly bring new patients, resulting in the intensive care unit of the city hospital Evpatoria was almost full. The specialists do not have information on how to deal with the new threat. Traditional antiseptics and anti-inflammatory Read more [...]
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Poltava home shattered to pieces

on July 20. In Chernivtsi region was settled out of 95 people with 25 houses in the village Horowi of Putilkovo district. The landslide area is 20 hectares. \"Our home spun like a match box. We fell down, the home of the son generally somewhere in the direction of slip. I'd never seen before. Very scary,\" says local resident Maria Boychuk. And her husband shows a crack in a brick house so that it fit the hand. Damage through. None of the houses cannot be repaired. People still have temporarily relocated to the tourist base. Living conditions and the new housing they are not happy: - Read more [...]
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Every third inhabitant of Namibia in danger of starvation due to drought

August 13, 2013. Strongest over the past 30 years drought struck the country on the South of the African continent. Weather forecasts, rainfall in Namibia in the near future is not expected. Almost a third of the population, according to the UN, is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. According to UN estimates, more than 700 thousand inhabitants of Namibia may face food shortages, reports Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. Among them more than 100 thousand children under five years of age. \"We are faced with the most severe drought in decades, some areas of the country are in a critical Read more [...]
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In the Zeya, Amur region, appeared funnel

on may 31. In see under the new city water line that runs from the dam Zeya hydroelectric power station to the treatment plant, the vortex formed. Its diameter was about 20 meters. Support conduit concrete structures collapsed onto the bottom of the funnel - reports \"\" with reference to the press service of the regional emergency Department.  As it turned out, two days ago, on may 29, Zeyskaya HPP increased water discharge. In the end, in place of the inlet conduit trays wet soil, which led to the formation of a crater. On the life of the citizens of the incident has not affected Read more [...]
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Moscow weather forecasters: \»To this heat it is impossible to adapt!\»

Forecasters Moscow the weather Bureau warned: output capital heated even more, up to +33...+38 degrees. Such temperature is 10 degrees above normal! But for heavy body not only anomalous heat, but the heat of the afternoon. Oxygen in the air now and a half to two times less than usual. Such extreme weather is almost impossible to adapt, according to meteorologists. Even healthy people get hurt because of the heat and lack of oxygen may receive sleepiness, decreased performance. In order to endure abnormal hell, experts advise:take a contrast shower.drink at least 2 liters of fluid Read more [...]
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In the center of Dnepropetrovsk failed truck

July 20 at 8 : 00 in Odessa at the turn of the other Karl Marx-street Furmanova failed truck ZIL carrying turf. This was reported in UGAI in Dnipropetrovsk region The truck driver was hospitalized. The causes of the incident are established. According to preliminary data, the failure of the road surface was formed as a result of the destruction of the storm drain that led to the degradation of the soil.Source:  UGMK.INFO Read more [...]
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The plume from the eruption of Shiveluch volcano stretches for 150 miles

Ash plume from the eruption of the northernmost volcano of Kamchatka — The Shiveluch stretches for 150 km, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the representative of the Institute of Volcanology and seismology Feb RAS. «Seismic stations of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences has registered more than 100 local earthquakes near the volcano in the last day. Separate seismic event was accompanied by emissions of gas and ash from the crater of Shiveluch and retirement fiery debris avalanches», — said the Agency interlocutor. According Read more [...]
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In the far East typhoons this year is simply no

Head Of Pamidronate, Boris Kubay Head of Pamidronate predicted weather for the second part of the summer June was pleased the city hot weather, it seemed that the summer was a success. But the last two weeks coast of Primorsky territory covered by the fog, from time to time is a drizzle or rain, and the sun was a rare visitor. About what is happening in the heavens and when will the \"real\" summer, told the head of Pamidronate Boris Kubay.Boris Viktorovich, tell us what happened with the weather, why replace the hot and Sunny June came cloudy and cool July. Should all be Vice versa... Read more [...]
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In Russia drought killed 10 million hectares of crops

Not less than 10 million hectares crops were destroyed by drought in Russia. This was stated by Minister of agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik, noting that this 32% from the crops in those regions which have suffered from drought. She also said that in the regions affected by drought, shortage by coarse and succulent fodders is seven million tons. \"Pulpwood consumption by coarse and succulent fodders in the year is 77 million tons. It is the norm to have solved all the problems of forage resources. Today we have requested from all regions of the balance, and we see that there is Read more [...]
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In Lviv region soaker podtopil residential home

Photo: On the eve of the Lviv oblast soaker podtopil residential housing, flooding the bridge and damaged asphalt in Sambir district, according to Ukrainian portal The rain continued for two hours. Especially got Sambir district, Lviv region. The result have been flooded two basement houses, 16 plots of land, 4 of the well. Only in the village squirrel flooded 5 plots of land. In the village of Big susica there was a threat of destruction of the cemetery. Flooded was a pedestrian bridge that connects the two villages. Raging element also damaged the road \"Big susica — Read more [...]
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Heavy rains pedophile houses in Karachay-Cherkessia

In the heavy rain in the night of Friday, six houses in the village Casinomost Karachai region Karachaevo-Cherkessia flooded, - said the head of the administration of the rural settlement Azret Ali Karaev. Garayev said that debris flows that come down from the mountain gorges, damaged roads and flooded the gardens of the villagers, the water is in the basement and in the courtyards of houses. The head of the settlement also stated that victims among the population there, and the reconstruction work will begin immediately, as water will fall. In the data point is calculated the damage Read more [...]
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In Udmurtia develops bee epidemic

Veterinarians Udmurtia concerned about: bees this year were to get sick more often. Diagnosis «European foulbrood» — registered seven points of the Republic of Angola, Karakulino, Sharkan areas. And another seven apiaries identified another quarantine disease — carabids. Here the list Debyossky, State, Zavyalovsky, Kambarka, Sarapul areas. The quarantine was declared, carried out anti-epidemic measures. Disease of bees are not dangerous to humans, but dramatically affects the quality and quantity of honey. Experts call the main causes of the virus — Read more [...]
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In Lapland snow

In the night of 22 to 23 July in Lapland first snow fell. It is very rare even for the Northern part of Lapland in July. The first snow there usually falls in late August - early September. The snow had melted during the day. He was seen only in the morning and in the afternoon it was not observed. The temperature in the region dropped to zero degrees. The lowest temperature was 1.2 degrees below zero. However, the southern parts of Finland heat is sweltering. Snow in July in Lapland were not observed already 21 year. Forecasters explained it rare storm front passed over the area Read more [...]
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The flood in the far East will go down in early September

August 14, 2013. Flooding in the Russian far East can stop by early to mid September, the situation will depend on «behavior» Pacific typhoons, said at a press conference in RIA Novosti, the head of Roshydromet Alexander Frolov. «We will strongly depend on Pacific typhoons. By early September, may decrease the amount of precipitation in case of unfavorable development of the situation can be (the flood will stop in the middle of September», Frolov said. He noted that even if the rain will stop by early September, the water will slowly go from flooded lands, from 10 days Read more [...]
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South China was hit by Typhoon \»Chante\»

The wind speed at the epicenter of up to 160 kilometers per hour. Felled hundreds of trees and support of transmission lines. Hurricane rips roofs off homes, flips the car. Local authorities have reported two dead. For a hurricane are prepared and in the North-Western provinces - there's also declared a storm warning. Source: The first channel Read more [...]

In the North-East Turkey, the heat suddenly changed the strongest storm

Strong winds accompanied by rain and hail. According to preliminary data, were killed 6 people. The footage, taken by a witness showed the storm destroys one of the city's markets. According to forecasters, for the day had the monthly norm of precipitation. Many rivers were overflowing. In the mountains off landslides and mudflows. The disaster has destroyed a few dozen houses. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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Heavy rains threaten the Czech Republic flood

North and West of the Czech Republic may suffer from floods, triggered by an abrupt change of weather. The temperature dropped from 34 to 16 degrees, there is a strong wind and heavy rains. Overflowed the river bílina. In other reservoirs, the water level also increased sharply. In Prague there are reports of heavy rains that flood the basements of hundreds of homes in dozens of settlements in the North and West of the country. The wind, which sometimes acquires the scale of hurricane felled thousands of trees. A cold weather front moving through the territory of the Czech Republic Read more [...]
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