In the Bryansk region and Udmurtia because of the drought was imposed emergency situation

In the Bryansk region because of the heat and drought was imposed emergency situation In connection with the anomalous heat the Governor of the Bryansk region Nikolay dynein signed a decree on the introduction of emergency in the region, reported the press service of the regional administration. In the text of the order reads: «In connection with the established on the territory of the Bryansk region in may — July 2010 abnormally hot weather, which led to the death of crops on the square 64.895 ha, pursuant to the Protocol of the Commission on prevention and liquidation of emergency Read more [...]
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Two powerful earthquakes have occurred in the Philippines

Photo: EMSC Two earthquakes of magnitude about 7 occurred in the night of Saturday in the Philippines, the danger of a tsunami is not, stated on the website of the U.S. Geological survey. More powerful aftershock was the impetus that occurred in 6.51 local time (2.51 MSC). Its magnitude was 7,4, and the epicenter was located 115 km South-West of the city of Cotabato on Mindanao island. The magnitude of the initial quake was 6,9. According to the American Pacific tsunami warning center, the danger of a destructive wave no. The second largest on the planet Philippine archipelago is part of the Read more [...]
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Flood in Pakistan

Because of the floods caused by incessant rains in some provinces of the country entered a state of emergency. Most from the disaster suffered such province of Pakistan, Balochistan, Punjab and Sindh, in many communities are inundated entire residential neighborhoods. At the moment we know about more than 30 dead. In rural areas affected provinces to the local population is urgent humanitarian assistance. Army helicopters they delivered the medical supplies and food. Generally, the rainy season continues in Pakistan since mid-July to end of August. Source: Facts Read more [...]
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Algae in the Baltic sea threaten the lives of marine plants and animals

a carpet of blue-green algae Record summer temperatures, fertilizers for agricultural farms and the lack of wind contributed to the formation of giant carpet of stinking seaweed, which covered vast areas of the Baltic sea and threatening as marine flora and fauna, and seaside tourism, the scientists warn. 377 thousands of square kilometers of blue-green algae, grown on the area the size of Germany, were detected by satellite cameras. Infected weeds zone extends from Finland and the southern coast of Sweden to the Danish island Bornholm. Scientists from the German sector of the world wildlife Read more [...]
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On the coast of Florida was hit by storm

Tropical storm Bonnie hit the coast of Florida. It brought heavy rains and strong winds with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. Currently the storm \"Bonnie\" is moving in the direction of the Gulf of Mexico, where tornadoes were stopped work on the purification of waters from oil.Source: Lead Tropical storm Bonnie\" Read more [...]
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Colombia. Floods

Source: Lead Read more [...]

Liven in Kaunas, Lithuania. Photos

On Friday evening, the weather forecasts came true - tropical heat turned into heavy rain. Torrential rains flooded the streets, šiauliai. As reported by DELFI reader, crosses it rained for about 17 hours. Zatepleny streets, sidewalks, yards, water drains cannot cope with the water. Some cars stalled engines. Wind gusts reached 15-20 meters per second. In places it was rain with thunder and hail. The air temperature ranged from 18 to 33° Celsius.Source: Read more [...]
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In the Philippines, more than 30 fishermen were missing due to Typhoon morning

August 13, 2013. At least 33 fisherman from Eastern Philippine province Catanduanes missing due to Typhoon «The morning». According to authorities, the sailors set out to sea on Saturday, ignoring the storm warnings. According to the national Committee for civil defense, due to the Typhoon in the province of Bicol region evacuated about a thousand people, in the ports of renewal of canceled flights vessels waiting more than eight thousand passengers, cancelled many flights. In some areas of the main Philippine island of Luzon broken power in several provinces canceled classes in schools. Read more [...]
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In the U.S. state of Wisconsin eliminate the strongest effects navodneniefilm

Due to heavy rains in the Northern U.S. banks came out of the river. In Milwaukee flooded dozens of streets. On one of the intersections formed a huge failure. According to witnesses, it all happened very quickly. One of the cars did not have time to brake and crashed down. Driver rescued — he was hospitalized. Due to the floods closed the local airport. Weather forecasts, improving weather in Wisconsin in the near future is not expected. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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Tornado in the Kerch Bay. Video

June 22, at five o'clock in the waters of the Kerch Bay appeared a few tornadoes. They were born in the Straits, passed along the embankment and almost went to the territory of the fishing port! This amazing natural phenomenon observed many fact and yachtsman Eugene modafilin shot on the camera. The survey clearly demonstrates how the tornado was 50 yards from the yacht \"Jupiter\", miraculously meet with her. We learned from the captain of the \"Jupiter\" Dmitry Makayeu, as he felt this close to the tornado. \"I was charging tourists. They all complained, as they have no luck on Read more [...]
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Unknown bought the entire European stock cocoa

The price of cocoa beans has updated the 33-year high after a trader on July 16 actually bought the entire European stock chocolate beans. This party would be enough to make one chocolate each inhabitant of the planet, writes the British The Daily Telegraph. Buying 241 thousand tons of cocoa beans is the largest operation on the market for 14 years. After the transaction price wyroku 0.7% up to a maximum of 1977 and reached 2732 pounds per ton. This increase occurs on the background of several years of poor crops in Ghana and côte d'ivoire, in the main regions where it is cultivated this culture. Read more [...]
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In the UK dying butterfly

Replica (photo Ashley Cooper / Corbis) Half of the ordinary and garden species of butterflies in the UK is under threat of extinction. The number of some species in the last three years was reduced to a critical minimum because of the poor summer weather and such long-term problems, as the intensive development of agriculture, which had lasted for half a century. Negative impact on insects also provides habitat fragmentation: populations are isolated, which, of course, reduces their number.According to the charitable Organization for the conservation of species of butterflies, die seven of Read more [...]
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Lightning struck in the berries

Yesterday under Kauguri in the forest from lightning suffered two berries, inform the emergency medical services. The service representative Laura Bundule said that such injuries ambulance had ever experienced. A girl of 18 years and a boy of 21 years were collected in the forest blueberries, when the storm began. Lightning struck the girl, and the discharge through the body held the gold chain on the neck. As a result, she scorched hair and traces of burns on various parts of the body. Burns are not as bad as if she was the victim of a fire. Second berries lightning caught off guard Read more [...]
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Nature has no bad weather

Debris flying in the air during a tornado that struck the coastal town of Lennox head, Australia, 3 June. Hurricane raised 12 houses and destroyed 30; strong winds tore meter track, injuring six people and thousands were left without electricity. (ROSS TUCKERMAN/AFP/Getty Images) Over the past few months powerful hurricanes and storms brought chaos and destruction to many parts of the world downpours in Central Europe and China, tornadoes in Australia, the state of Montana and the U.S. Midwest and severe thunderstorms in the northeast. Now, tropical storm Bonnie sweeps by state florid, heading Read more [...]
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More than a month in the Solarium

Source: Lead Read more [...]

Comparison of volcanoes

Volcano EA spoil a vacation in the spring of 2010 encouraged the editors of the American magazine GOOD to make a chart of the most destructive and the most deadly eruption in the history of mankind. Immediately to the left shows the weight of the eruption of the Icelandic volcano. The main message of infographics is that on the planet at the same time can be about 20 active volcanoes, 16 of which have the title \"decade volcanoes\", they all are located close to densely populated areas. Imagine what it would be if one of them wants to ruin your vacation?clickable Source: Discovery Amelito Read more [...]
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Kabardino-Balkaria has suffered from mud flows

In Kabardino-Balkaria count the damage from mudslides in the mountainous area. The disaster has damaged about 20 houses, some of them cannot be recovered. By accident no one was hurt, but stone stream is destroyed money, documents and all belongings of the residents. Damaged gas and water lines. Those who sat bypassed, now they are afraid of new approaches. In Kabardino-Balkaria have already created a special Commission, which will count the damage caused by the elements, and will help to eliminate the consequences. Source: The fifth channel Read more [...]
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Failure swallowed the light and SUV in Wisconsin, USA

on July 22. Major failure destroyed the pavement, took over the traffic lights and the SUV in the Eastern part of Milwaukee on Thursday night. The driver was able to escape and was not injured. The police told FOX6 that the SUV is still running until will not use up the remaining gasoline. The hole formed at the corner of Oakland and North Avenue. Police say the pit may increase if the rain will continue. Construction crews are working on removing the SUV out of the pit.In the USA the machine failed in 6-meter pit on the road In Wisconsin under one of the busiest highways washed away the Read more [...]
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Photos: flooding in the Amur region — rush fail

Because of the flood of the river Zeya near Blagoveshchensk almost completely flooded a nearby village Vladimirovka.In the Konstantinovsky district of the Amur region, several villages were cut off from «big land».The authorities claim that the flood created an unprecedented large-scale grouping of forces numbering about 30 thousand people — representatives of Executive authorities, rescue workers, military personnel.Swollen rivers have destroyed the track Konstantinovka — Blagoveshchensk. According to the Ministry, in 15 districts of the Amur region Read more [...]
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In Peru due to extreme cold, declared a state of emergency

From natural disasters suffer and South America. In the highlands of Peru declared a state of emergency. The thermometer shows a record minus 27 Celsius. Frosty weather holds for the second week. Source: Lead Previous news on the topic: · South America was covered with snow. Video · In Argentina froze to death nine people · Annual record cold recorded in Brazil · In Brazil the first frosts hit · The Argentines rejoice unexpectedly fallen snow. Video Read more [...]
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