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In Iowa because of rain broke through the dam

As a result of dam on the river Maquoketa in Iowa is the evacuation of hundreds of residents of several localities. The incident occurred due to heavy torrential rains, not stopping in the Central regions of the United States. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Tired from the heat Europe began to flooding

In Poland and Italy to replace the heat came the rains and strong winds. The wind destroyed the trees in people's heads, highways flooded. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Heat removes water border between Asia and Europe

Because of the heat has many shallow rivers. Once deep Ural on some sites it is possible to Wade across, without wetting his feet. The main river of the Orenburg region still heavily polluted the environment corrupts not only the strong heat that water blossoms, but numerous companies Orenburg. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Tornado in Voronezh. Eyewitness video

Witnesses of unusual natural phenomena today are citizens of Voronezh. Swept over the city a real tornado.Tornado in Voronezh: blame dry convection Residents of Voronezh before witnessed unusual natural phenomena. Above the city there was a real tornado. It is noteworthy that the sky was cloudless. Forecasters say that this tornado-like phenomena can sometimes observed in clear weather. Here's what they said Вестям.Ru leading expert of the Center weather PHOBOS Leonid Starkov. Usually tornadoes are formed in a moist and unstable air mass. \"We got used to the fact that they overhang Read more [...]
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Who is to blame in this weather: expert commentary

The word \"high\" in the last time flashes in the weather constantly. Everyone already knows that the current heat caused by the standing high. About what is high and what is the mechanism of its influence on standing for 4 weeks heat, in an interview to \"Russia 24\" told the researcher of the Center for weather PHOBOS Elena Woloshuk. \"Anticyclone is an area of high atmospheric pressure, says Woloshuk. - The highs are very different in origin. Scandinavian anticyclone bring us one weather, the Siberian anticyclone in winter usually brings us extreme cold and clear skies. At the same time, Read more [...]
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More than 20 people were killed in landslides in Indonesia

At least 21 people died and more than three thousand were injured in Indonesia for the last day in floods and landslides caused by heavy rains, said Sunday, DPA reported, citing local authorities. Most affected by the disaster, the inhabitants of the island of Buru in the province of Maluku in Eastern Indonesia, where a landslide has destroyed dozens of homes. Victims of the disaster there were 18 people. Three more people were killed in the province of South Kalimantan on Borneo island. Landslides and floods, which are increasing in number in Indonesia during the rainy season, annually Read more [...]
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Floods in the North of Vietnam

At least eight people were killed and two were missing in the floods and mud flows in the North of Vietnam, according to the associated Press, citing a statement by the national Department for control over natural disasters. According to the report, published Sunday on the official website of the Department, the disaster caused by the Typhoon Chante (Chanthu). Seven people, including three-year-old girl, were killed in the province of ha Giang, another two-year-old girl drowned in the neighbouring province of Lao Cai. Went missing two employees of coal mines in the province of Cao Read more [...]
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The earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred in Samoa

Photo: emsc The earthquake of magnitude 6 occurred on Sunday in the South Pacific ocean off the coast of the Islands of Tonga, Samoa and Western Samoa, reports the website of the U.S. Geological survey. The epicenter of the tremors recorded in 07.39 MSC were 237 miles from Apia on the island of Samoa. The earthquake at a depth of 41 km. About the destruction and casualties not reported. The threat of a tsunami is not. In October 2009 near the island of Vanuatu in the South Pacific ocean was recorded several strong earthquakes of magnitude greater than 7.0. The strongest earthquake of a magnitude Read more [...]
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Chicago goes under video

The American city of Chicago was hit by torrential rains that caused massive flooding. Because of the flood had completely block the traffic on the Federal highway, which connects Illinois with neighboring States. At the entrance to Chicago was formed many kilometers of traffic jams. The police, observing the disaster zone with air, said that he saw several water-logged and abandoned cars. The fate of the owners of the cars remains unknown. In the Chicago water covered several blocks. Authorities evacuated residents of several apartment buildings. A total of 40 thousand people were left without Read more [...]
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The heat will tear the planet increasingly

August 15, 2013. The atmosphere of the planet heats up, and it happens regardless of human activity or emissions of carbon dioxide. This is indicated by the results of a study published by the American, Spanish and German scientists. According to experts, the heat, like Moscow 2010, will tear the planet more often. In an article published in the journal Environmental Research Letters a group of authors from the universities of Pittsburgh, Madrid and Potsdam, described two scenarios. According to optimistic forecasts, the number of extreme weather events, including the so-called heat waves will Read more [...]
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In Western Europe rages powerful ciclovida

In Western Europe rages powerful cyclone. The rains caused severe flooding in Poland and southern Germany. Flooded the main highway, a hurricane tore shingles from roofs. In neighbouring Austria was large hail. He smashed glass in homes and damaged dozens of cars. Due to the bad weather crashed a small helicopter — the car fell in the forest, the pilot was killed. In Northern Italy the wind picked up and brought to the streets of garden furniture, roofing and light barriers. There are victims. In one of the towns collapsed wall of a house, under the rubble can be people. Read more [...]
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Italy was hit by hurricanes

One person was killed and about 20 were injured as a result of hurricanes that swept the Northern regions of Italy. As reported by ANSA, the staff of the Department of civil protection are still working in the town near Padua Montegrotto, where the weather was damaged residential buildings. Suffered and the inhabitants of one of the Venetian Islands - Palestrina. The Governor of the Veneto region Luca ZAIA already declared a state of emergency in the affected disaster areas who have suffered damage to several million euros. 45 families were evacuated in the area of Brescia in connection with Read more [...]
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In Belarus set heat records

On Friday in six cities of Belarus was beaten temperature record of July. As reported in Vitebsk on July 23 was 34,7°C is the highest temperature in July for 78 years of observations. In Senno (Vitebsk region) yesterday was recorded 34.5°C, 0.1°C above absolute record set here a day earlier for 66 years of observations. In Klichev Mogilev region the air is warmed to 34.7°C - beaten by an absolute record July for 53 years of observations. Hotter here was only in August 1992 (36,1°C). Two more cities of Mogilev region 23 July recorded the absolute record July for 66 years observations: Read more [...]
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In Saudi Arabia in the floods killed 14 people

In the mountainous regions of Saudi Arabia in the floods killed at least 14 people, reports Bi-bi-si. It is noted that the flood brought torrential rains that lasted in the region for several days.

As a result, damaged many roads, about 400 people were evacuated.

Recall that the largest flood, caused by heavy rains occurred in Saudi Arabia in late 2009. Then in the port, Jeddah, located 60 km from Mecca, killing more than 100 people.

Source: RBC

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Grain Apocalypse

Price on drying cereals weekly jumps 10% Anomalous heat, who settled in Russia and some European countries, makes you panic grain traders. On the news almost daily lowering of forecasts of cereals collection their costs are growing at unprecedented rates in the tens of percent both in our country and around the world. Even harder in anticipation of the grain Apocalypse rising prices of flour and butter. Russian regions one after another declared a state of emergency and fear of harvest, half of the smaller projections. As a result, the cost of grain may this year be doubled.Rising prices Read more [...]
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A storm with thunder and rain left new York without light

Over new York swept a heavy storm with thunder and rain, leaving thousands without electricity people. The national weather service U.S. warned of the possibility of tornadoes in the suburbs of new York city and in nearby States — New Jersey and Connecticut. According to meteorologists, the storm was caused by a collision over the region of warm and cold fronts, ITAR-TASS reported. Raging over new York and the surrounding area gusty winds felled trees and broke off the transmission line. Reported one killed in the state of new Jersey. He killed a man fallen on him, a Read more [...]
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The nature of madness: the geography of natural disasters

Natural anomalies are observed in almost all parts of the world. In the American state of Iowa because of the threat of flooding evacuated hundreds of people. After heavy rains, one of the levees could not withstand the water pressure. In Europe they go back to the showers. And in South America - the coldest winter in the last 50 years. About the geography of natural disasters - report \"Russia 24\".USA, Iowa. Four minutes to gather everything you need and minute - to sit in the car and go to a safe place. After heavy rains in the American state of Iowa one of the dams did not withstand the Read more [...]
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The NADIS: appeal to readers

Message to readers In connection with the events in the region of the Philippines three earthquakes with M=7 and above, we are forced to make adjustments to our forecast for Greece and extend the period of expected events up to 3-4 September 2010, because the first time we are faced with a similar situation. We will continue to implement open and regular monitoring of seismic situation on the planet and especially for the region of Greece-Turkey. We remind you again that we consider the planet as a whole. However, we invite to cooperation all sensible people and are ready to provide our customers Read more [...]
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Drought raises prices

At last, next and precalculation meeting of the Saratov regional Duma in the framework of the \"government hour\" was discussed on the regional target program for the conservation and restoration of soil fertility of agricultural land as a national treasure of the Saratov province. Interesting topic, especially given the open droughts. About the drought, however, say now to all, and the rating of mentioning this word is breaking all records. Perhaps with this in mind, the regional Minister of agriculture Alexander Igolkin, talking about plans for fertility, decided to be original and about the Read more [...]
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The government of Buryatia because of the drought enter emergency mode

A state of emergency due to drought is introduced Monday in Buryatia, where the intense heat had affected more than half of the territory of the Republic, reported «Interfax-Siberia» press Secretary of the President of Buryatia Alexander Druzhinin. According to him, from 30-degree heat were the most affected 12 from 20 areas, significant losses are 58 agricultural farms. «On some reseeding forage crops that have suffered most, you need at least 200 million rubles», — said the Agency interlocutor. Source: INTERFAX-SIBERIA Read more [...]
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