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\»Morning\» reached China

August 15, 2013. Tours to the Islands near China's Guangdong province was canceled due to Typhoon \"morning\", which brought to the region by torrential rains and Gale-force winds. It's already 11 Typhoon, which falls this year on the territory of the PRC. When he reached China, the wind speed at its centre reached 150 kilometers per hour. This was the reason for falling trees and billboards, as well as high waves in the sea.All fishing boats Tuesday is forbidden to go into the sea and local residents urged to stay home. Meanwhile, on Thursday morning \"morning\" reached the southern province Read more [...]
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Earthquake of magnitude 4 points occurred on lake Baikal

In the Western Czech Republic first reported tornado

In the Western Czech Republic first reported tornado. This is unheard of here earlier phenomenon confirms the theory of accelerating climate change and global warming on the planet. \"Natural disasters, characteristic of non-European territories subject to intensive influence of humid tropical climate, watched the villagers Clean, near the city of Rakovnik,\" he told reporters today the representative of the Czech hydrometeorological Institute Radek Dvorak. Victims and no serious damage as the tornado passed Cisco. In the surrounding forests broken and uprooted hundreds of trees. Source: ITAR-TASS Read more [...]
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Serpukhov in an instant became the epicenter of the hurricane

Gently, Fox

The Istra walked hurricane

On the Istra district of the Moscow region was hit by hurricane, reports RIA \"Novosti\". In Istra strong winds knocked a tree. It fell on the bus. The incident occurred at about 18:15 GMT on the bus stop located close to the new Jerusalem monastery. Information on casualties yet. At the scene officers arrived, the road patrol service. Eyewitnesses reported a traffic jam on the Volokolamsk highway at the entrance to Istra. Several trees fell on the roadway. Because of the hurricane in the Istra district of damaged power lines, no traffic lights, streets traffic jam. On Saturday night the storm Read more [...]
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USA plagued by floods and heat

In most of the U.S. doesn't stop a natural disaster: in the East of the country have established a lingering heat, and in the center of the country continues severe flooding. The damage caused by the exit of the river banks, is estimated at tens of millions of dollars. Source: Lead Previous news on the topic: · In Iowa because of rain broke through the dam · Chicago goes under the water. Video · Tired from the heat Europe began to flooding · In Western Europe rages powerful ciclovida · Italy was hit by hurricanes Read more [...]
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Climate brings unpleasant surprises

Torrential rains caused flooding in Bulgaria

Photo: from the archives 26 Yulaev rains caused severe flooding in the Central regions of Bulgaria. The plight declared in the town of Union, where water flooded industrial zone, hospital, kindergartens and more 500 houses, as well as in a number of settlements located in the town of Pazardzhik. In Plovdiv with the water pressure fails Sewerage, here flooded streets and basements. Rescuers and firefighters pumped water and construct a temporary dike. In various parts of the country occurred landslides, many roads washed out. Due to torrential rain recorded dozens of accidents, some Read more [...]
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The drought has turned the fields of the Volgograd region in scorched postinumero

A state of emergency due to drought declared in 31 of the 33 districts of the Volgograd region. In Pallasovsky district were killed 100 percent spring . On average, the sun had destroyed half of the crops, the situation continues to deteriorate. According to weather forecasts, in the last decade of July pass without rain, and the temperature reaches forty-degree mark. The poor harvest of grain will cause problems in livestock. «We have nothing to feed the animals, pastures no, we drink water for stock, but its not enough», — told RIA Novosti shepherd Andrew Soltow from Read more [...]
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The sun has spots

Geophysics continue to monitor developments on the Sun. According to the Institute of applied Geophysics. Fedorova, the disk light presents two groups of spots. One of them, located near the Central Meridian, decreases in size and becomes a simple configuration. Another group in the northeast quadrant of the increases and becomes more complex. During the July 25 registered two burst In-class x-ray range. The geomagnetic field of the Earth remained calm. According to the forecast Heliophysical service, 26 and 27 July solar activity will remain low. Possible subspace in the optical Read more [...]
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On the impact of climate change on human behavior

August 9, 2013. Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California at Berkeley, in his article for the journal \"Science\" reported that even small fluctuations in temperature and precipitation will lead to a significant increase in the risk of violence and social upheaval. Very likely the result of climate changes on the Earth and the air temperature increase to 2°C by 2050 is to increase the number of conflicts between people. However, for some nationalities Africa will be enough warming by 0.35°C to potentially dangerous conflict, for example, the civil war, became 50% Read more [...]
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Europe has been preventing Armageddon

The European Union announced an international competition to protect Earth from asteroids and comets. In four months, officials hope to choose the most effective and economical plan of salvation. How serious the proposed projects, «The Morning Of Russia» said member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Yuri Karash. Source: Lead Read more [...]

In Israel, the heat escaping in shopping centers and in the sea

Suffer from the heat and in Israel. Even for a country where 100 days per year plus 30 degrees, this summer was too hot. All Israelis strongly recommend going into the street, to bring drinking water. She is now the weight of gold. Therefore, in the fountains do not bathe. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The heat kills the Japanese

Extremely hot weather has set in Japan. Already more than 60 people died from heat stroke, another 15 thousand landed on the hospital bed. Locals, desperate to find salvation in modern technologies, seek the help of an ancient Buddhist rituals. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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At the Astrakhan field was attacked by hordes of locusts

In the Astrakhan region due to the dry and hot weather of the field attacks a record number of locusts. Insect, literally sweeping plants in its path, may leave the region without a crop. The area has already declared a state of emergency. In our category \"Mobile reporter\" - a cadre of eyewitnesses invasion. The author of the material Nattti writes that the locals are fighting off the insect in all ways - burning fires and noise that the locust scares. Earlier, the Governor of the region Alexander Zhilkin proposed to put the locusts ate. This struggle with unwanted insects not only eliminates Read more [...]
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Tornado in Montana claimed the lives of two people

The Montana swept tornado (Photo: AP) Tornado hit the remote and sparsely populated area of the state of Montana in the North-Eastern United States, two people were killed, one was injured. Last Monday, the hurricanes have affected the County Sheridan and Daniels, then shifted in the direction of the state of North Dakota, where weakened. People died on the ranch in 21 mile from the village Reserve, reported by medical examiner district Sheridan David Fulkerson. Tornadoes happen in Montana enough rarely, said RIA \"Novosti\". Source: Komsomolskaya Pravda Read more [...]
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A huge fire in the Nizhny Novgorod region: eyewitness VIDEO

In an average strip of Russia fires covered thousands of hectares of forest. The most difficult situation — in the Nizhny Novgorod region. There already were affected by fires around 50 thousands of hectares of forest. As reported by channel «Russia 24» with fire fighting in five districts. All the elements had already covered an area of over 18 thousands of hectares. Fire destroys not only the forest and home. Video huge fire in the city of the middle school Nizhny Novgorod region sent in the category «Mobile reporter». Eyewitnesses PE compare the fire element Read more [...]
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In the center of Lviv exploded into a fireball

Lightning exploded about an hour a day near the building on prospect Shevchenko, 11, reports «Interfax-Ukraine» with reference to the witnesses.

According to preliminary data, the explosion no one was hurt. Details are yet to be identified.

Lviv is the day it rains, the day had been stormy with lightning.

Earlier today it was announced a storm warning in Transcarpathia due to heavy rainfall and increased river flow.

Source: Criminallaw

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Lightning burned the administration of the Arkhangelsk village

The fire, caused by lightning, destroyed on the eve of the administration building, one of the villages in the Arkhangelsk region, said Tuesday the press service of the regional Ministry of emergency situations. «On Monday, remote fire Kargopol received a call — in the village Siraya burned two-storey administrative building. On the first floor of the house there was a library, on the second — the administration of the MO „Oshevensk“. The fire was caused by lightning, caught in the roof of the house», — the statement reads. In Read more [...]
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