On the Minusinsk hurricane

On the Minusinsk hurricane Last night Minusinsk suffered from the hurricane. If not tropical, but also a decent force. Wind felled trees, the demolition of slate from the roof, tore the wires. And all this was accompanied by heavy rain. To get around the city transport was problematic because of the water collected in the lowlands of the streets and lots of broken branches on the roads. There were no casualties, but from fallen trees were damaged cars, power lines and rooftops. \"Minusinsk city economy\" began to eliminate the consequences as soon as the wind has abated. First of all it was Read more [...]
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Earthquake about five points occurred in the Irkutsk region

An earthquake with the intensity of the tremors about 5 points occurred in the Irkutsk region.

The epicenter was in the South-East of the region near the district center Elance.

In Irkutsk sensors recorded 2 points. According to the regional Ministry of emergency situations, victims and destructions, but the authorities and the police have organized a detour site.

The epicenter was in the South-East of the region near the district center Elance.

Source: STRC Novosibirsk

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Five people were killed when the volcano eruption in Indonesia

August 10, 2013. Volcano Located in the province of East Nusa-Tenggara in Indonesia began an eruption which killed five people, reports Agency on Saturday Xinhua. According to media reports, the lava flows have destroyed several houses in the village Rocherolle (Rokirole). Local authorities began evacuating population. Located on the island of Palue near the North coast of Flores island volcano Rokatenda, sometimes also referred to as Palm, rises from the sea Flores just at 875 meters, but its base is about three kilometers under water. The largest on the planet Indonesian archipelago is part Read more [...]
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In Peru victims Morozov became more than 400 people

In Latin America, it is winter. In Peru from hypothermia killed more than 400 the Minus man 23 C for Peruvians — unprecedented frost.  In mountainous areas, frozen river, there are power outages. To stay warm, the locals are forced to put on all his clothes, reports vesti.ru. The government will organize special centers where you can eat a hot meal, get a blanket and something warm. As previously reported, in Peru due to unusually cold weather state of emergency was declared. Such cold weather in the country was not observed for 50 years. Source: Focus Read more [...]
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The heat has left Eastern Georgia without electricity

Unusually intense heat, led to a temporary cessation of operation of high-voltage power lines on the West of the country, caused a power outage in Tbilisi and most surrounding areas and cities. In the last days in most parts of Georgia, the temperature is kept at around 37 - 40 degrees Celsius in the shade. On the eve of the day in almost all cities and regions of Eastern Georgia was disconnected the power supply. As a result of termination for one hour of electricity supply in Tbilisi was stopped the movement of subway trains. Several thousand passengers in cars and stations, out Read more [...]
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The sun is showing \»slight nervousness\»

Photo: swpc.noaa.gov On the solar disk are three groups of spots. The group in South-Western quadrant continues to decrease in size and to become simpler. The other two groups are very small and simple. Over the past day they brought eight flashes per-class x-ray range. With the onset of the current day, the situation is somewhat more complicated: on the background of regular outbreaks In-class at 09:00 UTC recorded outbreak With-class. The geomagnetic field remained calm. In the next 24 hours the Institute of applied Geophysics name Fedorov predicts flash With- class geomagnetic field - from Read more [...]
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Climate change will increase the number of immigrants from Mexico to the United States

Climate change will lead to a significant reduction in crop yields in Mexico that may encourage its population to migration - in particular, by 2080 in the United States can immigrate to 6.7 million Mexicans, or 10% of the working population of the country today, U.S. researchers reported in an article published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Michael Oppenheimer (Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University and his colleagues quantitatively assessed the impact of changes in yield rates of migration of the population, and subsequently apply the calculations Read more [...]
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Poland was hit by torrential rains and storms

Tropical heat after Poland was hit by torrential rains and storms. Authorities fear an outbreak in the last months of the flood wave. Institute of meteorology and water management of the Republic warns of local rises of water level in rivers to critical levels. A difficult situation has developed in the małopolska province in the South. The representative of the press service of the administration of the province Monica Frenkel said that «if the rain continues, the threat of flooding likely». «All depends on how intensive will be rainfall in the coming days. We are Read more [...]
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In Eastern Afghanistan when mud flows killed 11 people

Eleven people died in the night of Wednesday in Eastern Afghanistan at the gathering with mountains of debris flows caused by heavy rains, said the radio station «Salam Watandar». According to the head of the Department for combating the effects of natural disasters Host province of the engineer Akbar, mudflow destroyed dozens of homes and dozens of hectares of gardens in the Host city, the administrative center of the homonymous province and in the district of Musahar. According to Akbar, five people drowned in the mud, three more missing. In counties Dawlatshah, Alishing and Hag Read more [...]
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The night the storm made dead 76 settlements in the Central regions of Ukraine

In the night 26 on 27 July as a result of adverse weather conditions (rain, wind gusts), and activation of automatic protection systems transmission lines in two areas deenergized 76 the settlements. As reported today by the Ministry of emergencies of Ukraine, in particular, in the Vinnytsia region without electricity remained 60 settlements in Zhytomyr — 16. To restore electricity settlements attracted teams in the company. As reported yesterday, the UHC has warned about the deteriorating weather conditions. Today, July 27, in Ukraine, except for the Eastern part of the Read more [...]
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In Siberia in the middle of the summer my house was freezing

The Urals and Western Siberia are under the care of the anticyclone centered near Yekaterinburg. At night when cloudy weather and low wind in the night of Tuesday, July 27, Mound the air is cooled to +5,9, Omsk to +7.5 degrees. It is these values and become new absolute minima for that number. Northern winds blowing on the Eastern edge of the anticyclone, make their way to southern Siberia, and blowing Arctic air. And on the night of Thursday the Tomsk region and the North of Novosibirsk with clearings, in the wee hours, the air will take a light frost to -1 degrees. But these freeze only for Read more [...]
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Chinese authorities are preparing for the end of the world?

March 23, 2010. Shanghai authorities began the construction of a huge vault, which is scheduled to be completed in 2012. Learning of this, many Chinese began an Association with the famous film-catastrophe \"2012\". A few days ago on the website of the Shanghai government announced that by the end of 2012 will be built 3 vault area of over 20 thousand square meters. In these shelters will be completely offline for more than 30 days to live about 20 thousand people. The Hong Kong edition \"Dagoba noted that at the local Shanghai satellite TV late at night in the news suddenly vclinic message about Read more [...]
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Incredible images of the sky in the North-East of China. Photos

China. A local resident of the city of Decin province haluzan captured an unusual picture of the sky above the city. The sky was covered with black clouds, which moved with unnatural high speed. The whole picture was reminiscent of scenes from movies about the end of the world, says the author of the photographs.Source: The Great Era Of Read more [...]
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Drought in China has left without water for more than 3 million people

August 15, 2013. In June in 11 provinces of China have established a strong drought. Since then, from natural disasters affecting more than 27 million people. Direct economic loss to date is estimated at 12 billion yuan (about 2 billion). The drought has caused shortages of drinking water. On August 13, difficulties with water experienced more than 3 million people in Hunan province in Central China. Over the past two weeks, this indicator has increased by two million people.see also: From the heat in China people die In addition, the province has a new meteorological record the temperature Read more [...]
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China continues to suffer from flooding. Expect even bigger disaster

In many provinces of China still does not stop floods, heavy rains, landslides and breakthroughs dams. Many rivers were overflowing. Continuously growing number of victims and the increasing amount of economic damage. Almost the entire territory of Shaanxi province on July 22, once again experienced heavy rainfall. In 19 counties fell from 100 to 200 mm of rainfall. According to local management for flood and drought on 24 July, heavy rains affected 3.65 million people evacuated 360 thousand people killed 100 people, 149 missing, destroyed 25 105 houses damaged 21 track; almost all the affected Read more [...]
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Trees cannot withstand heat

Monday - heavy day not only for people, but - in practice - for trees. on July 26 at the intersection of Antonov-Ovseenko and XXII Congress of the Communist party was formed tube: huge branch fell right on the roadway. Fortunately, no injuries - no one was hurt. However, the owner of the car parked directly under the ill-fated tree, will soon have to part with a certain amount: broken windshield, hour - and it is only obvious damage. According to the owner of the car, no mechanical damage to the tree was not provided. The branch fell on the car directly in front of its owner. Apparently, the Read more [...]
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In Estonia fell sharply, the temperature of the water

Because of unexpectedly falling temperature of the sea water by the Estonian beaches are forced to forego the pleasure of a dip. Rare brave men ran into the sea knee-deep. A sharp temperature drop in the sea happened on Sunday. So, on the beach kakumei water has cooled to a record for the summer +4, although a day earlier here bathed in +25. Red flags posted on rescue stations all Metropolitan beaches, as well as in Vosu, reports Reporter.ee. As rescue workers say, the water was so cold that even in a wetsuit to measure it was extremely unpleasant. Despite the temperature 26 28... Read more [...]
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In China increase torrential rains that caused flooding

In China forecasters predict a strengthening of torrential rains have already caused flooding in the South. According to the latest data, were killed or missing, more than 100 thousand people. It is reported that in South-Western Sichuan province from the area floods evacuated more than a hundred thousand people. The flood caused huge economic damage, one way or another disaster affected 120 million Chinese. Residents fear a repetition of the tragedy of 1998. Then Yangtze river overflowed as a result of prolonged heavy rains have killed more than 4 thousand people. Source: Radio Liberty Read more [...]
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Torrential rains in China has washed away the road \»Sichuan-Tibet\»

Due to heavy rains in China stopped traffic on the Tibetan section of highway Sichuan-Tibet, which, according to experts, will be restored only on July 28, that is, not earlier than one week, RIA PrimaMedia with reference to the news Agency \"Xinhua\". The other day on a large area of Tibet was hit by torrential rains, which caused mudslides and other geological disasters. Under the blows of nature flooded farmland, destroyed roads, canals, and bridges. The Department of transport Tibet reported that in connection with this movement in Tibetan stretch of highway Sichuan-Tibet temporarily impossible. Read more [...]
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China. The flooding. Video

Source: Lead Read more [...]

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