Hurricane in the Novgorod region

15 thousands of people in 370 settlements Novgorod region last night were left without electricity. The reason is the hurricane that swept across 4 the North-Eastern areas. Perhaps best of flood-affected village lubytino. This hurricane residents lubytino will remember for a long time, the weather had changed in an instant, replaced the bright sun came pouring down rain and squally wind around 30 meters per second. Fortunately, no injuries: all 7 people received minor injuries, another — the fracture. In the morning have been stories raised a storm in the air the dog that Read more [...]
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In the Amur region flood

While throughout Russia are struggling with drought and fires in the Amur region count the damage from the severe flooding in the last 10 years. The worst hit village Norsk. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Managed over Australia. Not seen Sydney (video)

In Australia because of the smoke is not actually seen in Sydney. In clouds of dust plunged the harbour bridge and the famous Opera house Visibility on the roads — not more than two hundred meters. Because of the fog, all arriving in Sydney flights plant in Melbourne, reports the daily star. Similar situation is observed in Brisbane. Behind the smoke seemed to have no houses, no runway of the local airport. Source: Focus Read more [...]
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Pakistan. Flood

Source: Lead Read more [...]

Residents of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky scared seven earthquakes

Residents of the capital of Kamchatka were terrified by a series of aftershocks that occurred the day before. As reported by the \"New Region\" in the far Eastern regional center (FERC) EMERCOM of Russia, a powerful quake occurred before 15:56 local time (07:56 GMT) 112 km South-East of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The earthquake occurred at a depth of 50 km with a magnitude of 6.7. It was felt in Petropavlovsk with the power of 4 points. This stimulus was preceded by an earthquake that occurred in 111 km South-East of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at a depth of 50 km with a magnitude of 4.6. Later, Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin declared a state of emergency due to heavy rains

On the South of the island due to heavy rains declared a state of emergency. Rains in the region did not stop for three days. Only for the last day fell more than half of the monthly precipitation.Sakhalin rains wash away the roads and fill the housecholodny front brought torrential rains to the island. Only for the last day there fell more than half of the monthly precipitation. The water in the rivers in the South island rose on the meter. According to forecasts, another day the rain just will not stop. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The weather in China is losing its way

July 16, 2013. In the South China rescuers to evacuate tens of thousands of civilians in the safe zone. At least one person was killed as a result of Typhoon \»morning\», which hit the southern regions of the PRC on 14 August. At the same time, in Hunan province, located to the East, a tornado leveled a few hundred homes, leaving homeless locals.

Source: RT

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In Tatarstan burn forests and dry river

In Tatarstan since the beginning of summer are extreme temperatures. The air is heated to 50 degrees. And this despite the fact that precipitation was not for several months. Dry ponds, forest and peat fires occur. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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In Riga the machine fell to the asphalt. Video

Photo: К In Riga, on the street Nicholas, 21, failed asphalt and into the pit failed car - stick out only the rear part of the machine. As reported by the State fire and rescue service, the people in the accident were not injured. At the moment, from under the asphalt is visible only in the rear part of the roof of the car. Employees of Fire and rescue services to prepare the technique to pull the car from Amico was the cause of the tragedy is still unknown. The original versions of the two - burst water line or due to prolonged rain has washed away the asphalt and he failed. Source: Read more [...]
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In the settlements of the land has dried up wells

The shortage of drinking water because of the heat and drought observed in the localities of the several towns and districts of the Republic of Udmurtia. Minister of construction, architecture and housing policy of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Khodyrev reported «Interfax-Povolzhye» on Friday, in the cities Votkinsk and Mozhga «the population feels the shortage of water due to the interruption of water supply during the day». According to him, a similar pattern is observed in the municipality Analsaga, Balazinska, Votkinsk, Glazovsky, Grahovo, zavyalovsky, Karakulino, Read more [...]
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Great parade of planets 6-7 August 2010

In the near future, namely 6-7 August 2010 will be quite interesting astronomical phenomenon. Six of the planets - Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus will form almost a straight line (within 5 degrees) (perfectly straight lines with the participation of such a large number of planets naturally not the case, so the position of the planets within a few degrees is considered to be one line). The earth will be in the middle between Jupiter and Uranus on one side and Venus, Mars and Saturn on the other.From the Earth it will look like this:This parade is notable for the fact Read more [...]
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In the Leningrad region seven people were killed during the night of the hurricane

Heavy wind defeated villageAs a result of hurricane seven people were killed, including a teenager. Another 14 were injured, two of them with severe traumatic brain injuries delivered by helicopter in the Institute name of emergency medicine. Squally wind damaged 153 transmission line. Thousands of people were left without electricity. The greatest blow fell on Priozersk, Boksitogorsk, Tikhvin, Kirov and Vsevolozhsk district.In the area of the hurricane hit children's holiday camps. So camp \"Mayak\" evacuate. The way to \"the Seagull\" punch rescuers. At the very epicentre of the disaster, Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of natural disasters and their consequences. No. 17

People are under the construction crane that fell due to strong winds during a hurricane con son in Paranaque, Philippines. The wind speed during hurricane reached 120 miles per hour. The result was a broken wire electricity, and trees uprooted. ( A few shots of recent natural disasters and their consequences. Pictures are clickable. Past fotoostry: sixteenth, fifteenth, fourteenth, thirteenth and twelfth.Firefighters removed the streets Xiao, district Oiaeua, southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan. As a result of landslides after heavy rains in the provinces of Yunnan, Hunan Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.7 happened in Iran

Photo: emsc The earthquake of magnitude 5,7 happened on Friday in the North-Eastern part of Iran, more 100 people were injured, reported by Press TV, citing geologists and local authorities. According to local geological service, the impetus occurred in 18:21 local time. The epicenter of the earthquake was located at a distance of seven kilometers from the town of Torbate-Hadera in Khorasan province. The center of the earthquake was at a depth of seven miles. According to the head of the city Mojtaba Salecan , 110 people received injuries of varying degrees. One of them is in critical condition. While Read more [...]
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August is going to be hot

All the current troubles of forest fires is the result of an unprecedented heat that prevails in Russia for more than a month. There were hopes for the rains that forecasters promised these days, but they did not materialize. And the situation is likely to deteriorate. At least the forecast at the beginning of August disappointing. By the middle of next week, temperatures will again reach 35 degrees and no rain. Alexander Belyaev, Deputy Director for science of the Institute of geography Russian Academy of Sciences: \"we Should keep in mind that the situation will be even more critical than Read more [...]
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Because of the drought shoaled Okamiden

In the Tula region due to drought shoaled of an Eye. The river now you can easily switch to Ford. And the exposed bottom opened up many surprises. In a dried up riverbed already found and defused nine bombs during the war. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Khabarovsk: the water level in the Amur river rises rapidly

August 17, 2013. The outskirts of Khabarovsk, located near the banks of the Amur river, already in the flood zone because of the rapidly rising water level in the river. The city administration informs that in the southern and Northern districts of Khabarovsk flooded the basements of several homes. Water pours plots. The water level in the Amur from Khabarovsk reached 630 cm, and hydrologists predict a further rise of water up to 7-7,5 m The Minister of health of the Russian Federation Veronika Skvortsova said that in the Khabarovsk territory evacuated about 300 people. On Sunday in the region Read more [...]
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Ryazan region:\»Fire in Martinosugababe from hell\». Video

Fire in Kartamazovo Ryazan OBLASTNOE shooting. Source: Read more [...]
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Powerful fires broke out in Canada due to lightning strikes

For the last two days 64 new forest fire broke out in the canadian province of British Columbia. According to the forest Service, 10 of them are caused by careless handling tourists with fire, others the result of lightning strikes. The largest fire in the lake Pelican lake is spread on the area of 2.5 thousand hectares; 30 km from lake William lake was burned 1.8 thousand hectares of forests; in mountain Caribou in the area jade fire destroyed 1.2 thousand hectares. Since the beginning of the fire season, according to the forest Service, the province recorded 1 16 thousand fires, forest destroyed Read more [...]
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