The heat turned off the power unit of Novovoronezh NPP

The reason for the shutdown was the damage from the high temperature of the transformer. The remaining two units operate in the specified mode. Unit 3 prepares to start and inclusion in the network. Supply the region with electricity will not suffer because of an accident. The radiation background at Novovoronezh NPP and in the area of its location is at the level corresponding to normal operation of the units and does not exceed the natural background natural values, informs the press service of the plant. Numerous fires in the area do not threaten the plant.Novovoronezh NPP Novovoronezh Read more [...]
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In the far East formed the crest of the historic floods

August 19, 2013. The situation with the historical flood in the far East are far from prosperous settlement, but at the same time a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. The main positive news ? the peak of the rains passed, which helped to shape the crest of the flood on the Upper Amur. Now comes the most important and dangerous stage ? its passage across the far Eastern part of the great river, the total length of which exceeds 2500 km. According to the morning monitor, August 19, on the small rivers that form the watershed of the Upper Amur, the water went down.But ahead ? the problem Read more [...]
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In Yakutia began freezing after abnormal heat

In some areas of Yakutia air temperature due to the cyclone and the Arctic air of the night fell to three degrees,the reported on Wednesday a representative of the Yakut Department of Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring. \"If only ten days ago, almost on the whole territory of Yakutia and even on a cold pole in Oymyakon, near Okhotsk sea coast - the temperature was raised to 32...35 degrees Celsius by the end of last week the temperature dropped to the level of 13... + 18 degrees,\" - said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, now in Yakutia due to cyclone broke Arctic air, and Read more [...]
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In Finland raging hurricane

A strong storm flows generated over the Baltic sea, attacked Finland storms comparable to hurricane ASTA, which caused great destruction and loss of life in the Leningrad region on 29-30 July. In Central Finland, in the town of Uurainen near jyväskylä tornado struck the camp, several people were injured. A large number of trees fell on cars and houses, at least one person wounded lying on his tree. Hurricane deenergized thousands of households in Pirkanmaa, Central Finland, häme. Woods knocked in North Pirkanmaa and in the town of Keuruu, according to the Finnish portal Yle. Source: Read more [...]
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A strong 6.1 earthquake in the Aleutian Islands area

Photo: EMSC A strong earthquake of magnitude 6,1 occurred on Wednesday, August 4 at 12:58 UTC off the coast of the Aleutian archipelago, according to the USGS. According to seismologists, the epicenter of earthquake was in 60 km South-West of the island Tanaga included in Andrianovka Islands. The earthquake at a depth of 44 kilometers. Of the victims, the destruction and the threat of a tsunami is not reported. Andeyanov Islands are located in seismically-active zone — the largest earthquake of magnitude 8.6 and 7.2 magnitude occurred here in 1957 and 2007, respectively. Source:  Read more [...]
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Failure of the soil on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment, Moscow

\"In the area of the Kotelnicheskaya embankment collapsed to the ground. The depth of failure is about seven meters\"- said a source in law enforcement bodies of the capital. \"On the scene left the group prefectures headed by the Deputy prefect of public services\", - said the representative of the Prefecture of the Central administrative district of Moscow. According to sources \"Interfax\", the cavity was formed around the house 1/15 on Kotelnicheskaya embankment. In the area of failure on the asphalt appeared and a crack length of about 10 m. Currently, the site of the failure Read more [...]
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Thailand. Flood

Source: Lead Previous news on the topic: · Torrential rains caused flooding in Thailand. Video · China. Floods · India. Floods · Romania. Flood · North Korea. Flood · Pakistan. Flood · Read more [...]
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Pakistan. Floods

Source: Lead Previous news on the topic: · In Pakistan, floods and outbreaks of cholera · Floods in Pakistan. Photos · In Pakistan, severe flooding in 80 years · Pakistan. Flood · More than 90 people were killed in Pakistan due to heavy rains and floods Read more [...]
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Near Bobruisk was tornado

3.08.2010. Eyewitnesses recorded tornado in the village of Titovka near Bobruisk. Says an eyewitness - foreman on the harvesting of lignin Nicholas Field: \"All around abruptly darkened, the sun had closed the dusty cloud. I was five metres from the tornado and began to shoot happening on mobile. Feelings will tell you, just horrible. From this post came the freezing cold, very unpleasant and scary. The fear experienced workers who saw this phenomenon. Dust, cold and all this moving mass was heading in the direction of the Mogilev highway. There were several boulders weighing about thirty Read more [...]
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In addition to the heat of the Sun sent down to Earth anomalous magnetic storms

The sun today gave earthlings another bad gift. After the heat sent a magnetic storm is the strongest over the past few years. That feeling these days is worse than ever, known to all.On Earth began in a strong magnetic stormTonight disturbances in the magnetosphere almost reached a record this year level. Before the planet got a powerful burst of plasma, which occurred on the Sun even on weekends. The flow of charged particles recorded space Observatory NASA. The Americans warned that weather-sensitive people can feel bad. Magnetic storm will last until at least Friday, but just scientists Read more [...]
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The poisonous air that undermines the health of Muscovites

The situation in the metropolis in the medium depends on the wind direction. Dense fog coming from the South-East, has covered the city, making the existence of Muscovites unbearable. The suffocating smog everywhere, the smell of burning reached Moscow subway, highway immersed in the caustic mist. Even healthy people barely carry natural anomaly, complaining of insomnia, and fatigue.Appearance on Pushkin square, the staff of the Institute of pulmonology with their tubes and flashing counters made among Muscovites a splash. Burnt by the smog and heat people wanted to know how much Gary has Read more [...]
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The regions affected by drought

I think that looking at the number of regions affected by drought and where the vast majority imposed a state of emergency, it's time to think about their food security. Moreover, the concern really is. As heat and drought is not over, it is possible that new areas will be lit on this map. We will update as new data. Clickable map Read more [...]
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August snowfall in Karaganda

August 15, 2013. August snowfall. That night the residents of Karaganda witnessed unusual precipitation. According to witnesses, from the sky fell the snow, however, the pink color. MICHAEL PRIVALOV, journalist: \" I've been photographed. Here the highlights are. It's snow, snow. When the rain, glare there are none. I put on \"Facebook\" time, temperature. Here was 12 degrees. Eyewitnesses said that the snowfall in Karaganda started after 10 PM. Deposits covered rooftops. However, meteorologists snow is not recorded. On this day, forecasters predicted rain, and the news was skeptical. However, Read more [...]
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Biting midges mutants bring Ukrainians to the intensive care unit

Bites of unknown insects have caused the hospitalization of two people in the Kherson region. Last Saturday, a 51-year-old woman and a three year old girl were taken to Novotroitsk district hospital with a severe allergic edema. What kind of insects with its bite can bring the man to the hospital bed, entomologists don't know yet. According to one hypothesis, it can be bloodsucking that breed in local estuaries and mutated in a high temperature environment. Experts say the surge in the breeding of many species of insects associated with abnormal heat. In Kiev bred snails kind brepolis with long Read more [...]
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In the Volgograd region, the drought had destroyed half of the crops

The hot summer had a detrimental effect on grain crops in the Volgograd region: drought had destroyed half of the harvest, the affected areas are provided with financial assistance. «Adversely happened agrometeorological conditions in June-July of the current year on the territory of the Volgograd region. There are four hazards: soil and atmospheric droughts, dry winds and the complex of these adverse events», — told «Caucasian knot» acting Chairman of the Committee on agriculture and food administration of the Volgograd region George Volkolupov. Changeable Read more [...]
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The Klyuchevskoy volcano gushes hot lava hundreds of meters

The highest active volcano of Eurasia — Klyuchevskoy in Kamchatka gushes of hot lava to a height of 300 meters, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Institute of Volcanology and seismology Feb RAS. «Flowing lava in the crater of Klyuchevskoy can see at night the villagers Keys, located 30 kilometers from the volcano», — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the seismic stations in the area Klyuchevskoy daily register 490 local earthquakes and continuous spasmodic volcanic tremor. The eruption of Klyuchevskaya began in August last year. In Read more [...]
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In Papua New Guinea earthquake of magnitude 7

The earthquake of magnitude 7 occurred off the coast of the island of New Britain, belonging to Papua New Guinea, reported in Thursday on the website of the U.S. Geological survey. The epicenter of the earthquake occurred at 08:01 Thursday local time (02:01 GMT), was located at 142 kilometers to the East of the city Kandrian on New Britain island, hearth tremors lies at a depth of 81 km. About the threat of a tsunami and the damage is not reported. Indonesia and Papua New Guinea are part of the so-called \"Pacific ring of fire\" (powerful tectonic fault), characterized by high seismic activity. In Read more [...]
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Magnetic storm will last until August 6

Photo: TESIS Started yesterday magnetic storm will last at least until August 6.About this informed the head of the Central predictions of geophysical situation Sergei Gaydash. According to him, at the end of the previous day began small magnetic storm, which will continue in the coming 24 hours. On Thursday geomagnetic conditions will remain perturbed, possible periods of magnetic storms. To 6 August the situation should normalize, but on Sunday, 8 August, scientists are again expecting the increase of geomagnetic activity. Recall that a magnetic storm caused the ejection of plasma, which occurred Read more [...]
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In the Perm region entered a state of emergency due to drought

Press-service of administration of the Perm region reports that because of the continuing dry weather in Perm damaged, in this regard, the region claims to additional support from the Federal budget. In the message of the press service reads: \"By order of the government of the Perm region, in the region in connection with the situation associated with destruction and damage of crops due to drought, a state of emergency. First of all, the problems touched producers of grain and vegetables, whereas forage for livestock in the Perm region harvested in sufficient quantities\". Regional Read more [...]
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The sun is something interesting

A picture of the sun from August 4, 2010 at 14:59 UTC Photo: swpc.noaa.govAnd this picture for 5 ugusta, it is obvious that the surface of the sun strongly lit compared to yesterday's snapshot. 20 minutes after this picture has changed - the image below. Online monitoring of the site, you can see that some images SOHO has not been updated since yesterday. What caused this interesting phenomenon, we can only guess. Photo: Photo: Read more [...]
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