The invasion of butterflies in Belarus

Eyewitness account: \"Just watched brother and saw unprecedented for Belarus, and in particular to Vitebsk spectacle: the millions (I'm not exaggerating) small moths the size of a large moth concealed by the cloud of their bodies the whole bridge. At a speed of 60 km/h we flew in a cloud of nasekomykh, and in the glass slammed the flow of butterflies as we drove into the clouds with hail. When we left the clouds, the whole radiator machine was scored by kamikaze moths, and the windshield had to wash for 5 minutes, to at least see something.The poor guy on the Harley, going 50 meters ahead Read more [...]
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A photographic survey of the floods in Pakistan

Pakistani women pray at sunset by the river Rabbi in Lahore on 2 August. (AFP/ Getty Images / Arif Ali) Floods are already destroyed the mountainous regions in North-West Pakistan, destroying entire villages, reached the heart of the country. River out of banks, have already caused the deaths of 1500 people, and another 100 thousand victims spread of infections. New showers in the North-West threaten the main dam. Salvation 3.2 million people suspended due to degraded roads, bridges and broken lines of communication, and survivors complain about the inaction of the government. Many countries have Read more [...]
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China threatens new tropical storm

August 19, 2013. 14 August in the South China city native of Yangjiang County (Guangdong province) on land went Typhoon \"Utor\". By now we know about the three dead and five missing people. Tens of thousands of local residents were evacuated. Soon residents of China awaits a new attack. Approximately 300 km from the coast of Taiwan was formed tropical storm \"investment destinations\". According to the forecasts of meteorologists, to land in China he can come out on Tuesday. It is expected that over the next few days \"investment destinations will increase. For a short time may be assigned to Read more [...]
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The hurricane in the Leningrad region was delayed

In the Leningrad region declared a storm warning. Forecasters again promised a sharp deterioration of weather - thunderstorms, rain and hail. In the MOE, in turn, speak about the threat of emergency situations in the power supply system of the region. What is it people don't need to explain. After the hurricane blew over the area last week, thousands of people still live without electricity. The relationship is not working everywhere. In addition, empty store shelves and the question which now are all from small to large: when the region will return to a normal life?Busy work day - you need Read more [...]
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Brazil was hit by an unprecedented snowfalls

Meanwhile, the Russians suffer from abnormal heat, on the other side of the world almost fifty degrees colder. In some areas of Brazil together with negative temperatures was hit by an unprecedented snowfalls. Antarctic cyclone brought in the southern province of these storms. Strong wind, absolute humidity meter drifts. Local residents, who are not used to such vagaries of nature, spreading his hands: what to do in such a situation, they just don't know. In the southern hemisphere now is winter, but cold weather here never was. Usually the temperature is kept above zero. Source: The first Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in Makeyevka exploded transformer

The second state of emergency in the city of Makeyevka, Donetsk region for two days. Abnormally hot weather can not stand, power plant equipment. Blast for a few hours paralyzed the work of the companies and 500 workers Bazhanov mine urgently evacuated. Yesterday we wrote about that in Makeyevka because of some unknown, who set fire to a field of dry grass, failed substation. As a consequence, almost stopped the continuous production at the coke - coke had to manually extinguish, miners mine due to the lack of voltage a few hours could not rise to the surface, and residents of the city choked Read more [...]
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In Donbas from the heat can jerk piles

The heat wave has hit the piles Donbass — they can not withstand 40-degree temperature and begin to smolder. Experts warn that there is a risk of explosions, officials calm — reasons to worry. «In principle, the problem of smouldering heaps for the region is not new, but the current heat actively contributes to the fact that they can burn», — told Piotr Paszkowski, Deputy Director of the Donetsk scientific research Institute of mine-rescue work and fire safety. This is dangerous, primarily because of emissions. Among the products of the burning Read more [...]
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Balls of fire

Photo: From the archive site Forests burned for three days, and now he was covered in black spots, and in different places, it periodically arise noiseless smoke. When the fire has killed the forest opposite the village Grimace on land to his brother on the other side of the don, the wind threw the pieces of bark. It shook him almost more than the fire. He said: \"the War of the worlds, AND I heard it from a third person. First it said the daughter of my colleague, student. The fire caught up with her friends at the hostel, and on the Big Voronezh forum, which in Thursday's online Read more [...]
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Asphalt suddenly fell through the driving a jeep in Vladivostok. Video

By turning the ring on the street Bagration under the SUV failed asphalt. Nobody was hurt, however, to independently leave the pits, the car failed. Driver Mitsubishi Challenger rode on the Russian side Veselkova. Usually at this time on the ring Bagration car thread tight and no cars go fast. But the motorist managed to pass only to the middle of the ring. David, the driver of the Mitsubishi Challenger: \"in Front of me was driving machine, normally went, exactly went and got failed asphalt and then you can see for yourself\". Under the wheels Mitsubishi failed not only well Luke, but Read more [...]
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Two earthquakes registered in the area of the Kuril Islands

Photo: EMSC Seismologists for the last day has registered two underground impetus in the area of the Kuril ostrovov, the magnitude of the strong was 6,1, said Friday PREDSTAVITEL far Eastern regional center of EMERCOM of Russia. «The first earthquake of magnitude 6,1 happened on Thursday morning Southeast of Simushir island (Northern Kuriles). The second quake of magnitude 4 registered afternoon Southeast of Simushir island at a depth of 33 kilometers», — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, the earthquake in settlements in the region was not felt. Victims, Read more [...]
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In Yekaterinburg dry top-Makarov reservoir. Photo. Video

Reservoir, the water of which comes in Yekaterinburg, dry from the heat. Top-Makarov reservoir, the water of which comes in Yekaterinburg, dry from the heat reported today, August 6, Vice-mayor of Yekaterinburg Konstantin Krynn. \"Instead of a huge water mirror in its place - the grassy field, only in the Central part of the reservoir is still noticeable bends of the river Chusovaya,\" said he. As previously reported, \"УралПолит.Ru\"the question of the city's water supply will be addressed by Nyazepetrovsk cascade water will actually arrive in the city of Ufa and will make a way Read more [...]
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Ukraine comes desert

The fires in Russia and neighbouring regions of Ukraine drew attention to the problem, which has long spoken in Europe, but which was little disturbed by Ukrainians. For Kharkiv climate change may indicate the onset of the steppes. At the conclusion of biologist by profession, Chairman of the Kharkiv environmental groups \"Pechenegs\" Sergei Shaparenko, climate change has accelerated. According to him, Ukrainians today obviously see what the environmental organization said in the beginning of 1990-X. In the Kharkiv region, says Saraireh already installed restoratively climate — Read more [...]
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Zip-killer in Kazakhstan

Photo :from the archives On the beach in Astana lightning killed 35-year old woman and injured a dozen people. It happened yesterday at about six o'clock in the evening in the Park, located in Esil district. Lightning struck the ground, one woman was killed instantly, 11 holidaymakers have suffered burns, including six children from two to 15 years and were hospitalized. Cases of lightning in people are not rare, but that's to be saved after this can the lucky ones. In July in Latvia lightning struck the young couple, collected in the forest berries. 18-year-old girl received burns to the Read more [...]
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The volcano Sakurajima refilled the Kagoshima ashes

August 19, 2013. In the city of Kagoshima, southern Japan, declared the operation to clear the streets from volcanic ash. Again. Nearby volcano Sakurajima the 500th time this year, he «woke up». Despite frequent eruptions, banal they are not.\" A column of steam and ash rose to five kilometers up, and the streets Kagoshima plunged into darkness. Source: BBC Russian Service Read more [...]
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Belarus is a country of tornadoes

Photo: From the archives August 6, at a press conference in Minsk main SYNOPTIC Republican hydrometeorological centre Olga Fedotova said that recently in Belarus are more likely to commit tornadoes.The increase in the number of tornadoes, according to her, due to fluctuations in climate and new technical possibilities for registration of this natural phenomenon. Often tornadoes occur locally and register them ordinary people - shoot camera or camcorder. The last time the weather service recorded tornado in June 2009 in Chechersk district of Gomel region). Tornadoes in Belarus occur on small Read more [...]
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Parade of the planets can be seen tonight

Tonight Russians may witness the rare phenomenon - parade of planets. Stumbling blocks can be managed from burning peatlands. Parade of the planets - is a phenomenon in which a small area of the sky going three planets: Venus, Mars and Saturn, the \"guests\" which will also visit mercury. Here's how to explain this unique phenomenon, a senior researcher at the State Institute named Sternberg, Moscow state University Vladimir Surdin: \"Parade of planets is when several planets are close enough to each other from the point of view of the observer. They say that they \"line up\", but it's too Read more [...]
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Americans are plagued by heat and high humidity

In 19 U.S. States from Texas to new York announced a warning about extreme heat. As ITAR-TASS, the government 19 U.S. States officially warned today residents about the need for caution in extremely hot weather. According to the National weather service of the USA, in all of these States have established extremely high temperature from 37 to 46 degrees Celsius. Everywhere the case is aggravated by high humidity. In the country over the last week from the heat already killed 9 people. Mostly victims of high temperatures become elderly and poor people who cannot afford air conditioning. Authorities Read more [...]
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In Finland hit a record number of lightning

Finland has a ten-year record of lightning strikes per night. Meteorological center reported that last Wednesday from noon to 9 PM was registered 23 thousand lightning discharges. Over the last decade, about the same number of digits was registered on July 19, 2003, when the lightning struck 21 500 time. A large part of the discharge was caused swept over the Western and Central Finland hurricane «Fans». He was dead 15 thousands of farmers in several provinces, and repair damaged fallen trees, power lines can take several days. As reported «Interfax» in some places Read more [...]
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In Finland a hurricane. Video

In Finland, a hurricane, and there were heavy downpours. Lowland flooded, washed out roads. In the Central regions interrupted by the railway. Strong winds downed thousands of trees. Under fallen trunks — cars and homes. Everywhere — dangling wires. No light left thousands of people. Now go and restoration work — apparently, they will take more than one day. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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The sun sends to the Earth energy of the tsunami\»

After a long 9-year period of unusual calm of the Sun with the onset of August there occurred a sudden and sharp rise in its activity, according to the influential British science weekly New Scientist. August 1, on the surface of the Sun leading astrophysical observatories were registered two giant flash. Having a magnetic nature, they were accompanied by two powerful explosions that led to the release of huge masses of energy. Some experts says about the true cosmic tsunami\". The peculiarity of the situation is that coming from the Sun stream of excited particles is directed towards the Earth, Read more [...]
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