The DPRK. Floods

Source: Lead Related news: > North Korea. Flood Read more [...]

Austria. Torrential rains

Source: Lead Related news: > In Austria flooded the city of Zellerndorf > In Austria has had record rainfall. Video Read more [...]
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India. Floods

Source: Lead Related news: > Due to the floods in India has killed 60 people > India. Floods > India: flood in travelling on a budget. Photos Read more [...]
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In the United States tornado wiped off the face of the earth a few farms

A powerful tornado swept through the territory of the U.S. state of Minnesota. The tornado wiped off the face of the earth several farms, raised in the air, garage and truck. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The raging element: the European Union calculates damage

The European Union counts the damage from flooding in Central and Eastern Europe. Under the blows of nature was Poland, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania and Germany. Eight people died, dozens were missing. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Poland. Flood

One of the cities of Poland went under water In the heavy rains and storms in Dolnoslaskie Voivodeship of Poland as a result of the spill of the Verdigris river flooded the city of Bogatynia, one person died, reported on Saturday by the local authorities. According to the head of the provincial crisis center Krzysztof Dereni, \"a few hours is the evacuation of people from the roofs of houses\". \"The place is patrolled by helicopters and amphibious, but the situation is so serious that I had to engage in military action. In operation to help rescuers from Germany,\" he said. However, burmester Read more [...]
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Photos: worst drought in Namibia for 30 years

The worst situation is in the North-West of the country, in the Kunene region, where for the second year it did not rain. In the region there is almost no pasture, which is a huge problem for the local himba tribe, engaged mainly in cattle. UNICEF estimates, for assistance to victims of drought in Kunene need 22 million dollars.  The President of Namibia, Hifikepunye Pohamba in may declared a state of emergency. The government created a special Committee, which distributes food and water, but critics argue that the government could do more. The government rejects criticism.  «Roads Read more [...]
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Pakistan. Floods

Source: Lead Related news: > Photographic floods in Pakistan > Pakistan. Floods > In Pakistan, floods and outbreaks of cholera > Flooding in Pakistaniat > In Pakistan severe flooding in 80 years Read more [...]
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Storm in Daugavpils — felled dozens of trees. Photos

Latvia. Today, August 8, at Daugavpils hit storm with the rain and the storm. The weather started to rage at about 16.00 and at the moment most likely retreated. And now the photos on the portal Грани.lv.Source: Грани.lv Read more [...]
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A tropical downpour hit Vladivostok. Video

A tropical downpour that hit on Monday early morning in Vladivostok, resulted in flooding of some areas of the city. Under the water there was lots of busy highways. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Their grain Russia while only leave yourself

Moscow introduced a temporary ban on grain exports. While it is expected that it will last until the end of the year. To go to such measures forces of natural heat, which will result in reduced yield. Such problems experiencing not only Russia but also the world market as a whole.Unimaginable heat made bread \"bubble\"\"Stock no sore\", - explained Vladimir Putin's decision to enter before the end of the year temporary ban on the export of Russian grain. This issue was discussed at the meeting of the government Presidium. This measure is intended to offset associated with drought yield Read more [...]
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In Estonia, a storm wind was dead 30 thousand houses

On the night of August 8-9, throughout the territory of Estonia was stormy wind, accompanied by heavy rains and thunderstorms, resulting in no power left 30 thousand homes. According to the press-service energy company Eesti Energia, especially affected settlements of the southern part of the country, where the wind was reached 36 m/S. According to the rescuers suffered by one person. In the cities of Tartu and otepää winds tore roofs off houses and knocked down several trees. In Tallinn strong wind was not, was only heavy rain with thunder and lightning. All crews Eesti Energia and partner Read more [...]
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In another district of the Sverdlovsk region declared a state of emergency

In another district of the Sverdlovsk region declared a state of emergency due to drought. Losses from the shortage of grain in the Sverdlovsk region can reach about 113 million. YEKATERINBURG. 9 August. In another district of the Sverdlovsk region declared a state of emergency due to drought. In the danger zone was krasnoufimsky district. According to the head of the Department of agriculture Krasnoufimsky district Sergei Ladygin, total destruction of the plants here have occurred in the area of 12 thousand hectares. Damage to a greater or lesser extent applied to all farms in the area. Let's Read more [...]
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Perm region has suffered huge losses in the harvest

17 thousand hectares of crops have been harvested in the Perm region. According to the chief engineer of LLC \"Radkowski\" Chernushinsky district Paul Alikina, Kama bear huge losses. \"The farm is already compressed 6 thousand hectares of rye and the yield was not more than 15 quintals of grain per lap. Although in the past hectares of crops were given up to 40 quintals. The situation is the same with potatoes. The most optimistic forecast is 100 quintals per hectare, whereas in 2009, the yield reached 300\" - quoted Alikina \"New companion\". Most of postradali crops located on the South Read more [...]
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Floods in Pakistan: a landslide buried two villages

Landslides caused by heavy rains buried under a two villages in Northern Pakistan. Rescuers recovered from under the mud flows 28 bodies, many missing More 14 people were killed when a truck perepravlyavshy from one river to another, washed away by a powerful stream. The Pakistani authorities have recognized that they cannot cope with the disaster. In addition to the elements, which makes it difficult rescue work, there are not enough people who are able to assist, and technology, BBC reports. In Sindh province in the South of the threads already broke one large dam. According to engineers, Read more [...]
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The streets of Croatian cities around the bears. Video

Because of the heat they lost their eating habits: the sun in the forests of dried mushrooms and nuts, and animals had to go in search of food in the surrounding villages. To help the bears came locals — they fed them fruit, meat and bread. Zoologists hope that with this support, the animals will survive times of famine. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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The heat was very strong for a thousand years

Such hot weather, which is observed on the territory of Central Russia in recent times, was not observed at least a thousand years. According to the head of Roshydromet Alexander Frolov, easing the temperature regime is to wait until 20 August. «We have „archive“ hazardous weather situations for a thousand years. We can say that over a period of a thousand years nothing like this, from the viewpoint of heat, on the territory of our country did not arise», — told Frolov during a press conference held on Monday. The Minister also said that the cooler weather Read more [...]
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Rain floods in the Magadan region

August 20, 2013. According to the Kolyma CGMS, in the period from 17 to 20 August, as expected, on the territory of Magadan region fell from 120 mm to 204 mm of rainfall. Only in the past day day 19 - the night of 20 August in the Magadan region heavy rains brought up to 52 mm, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug to 18 mm. Cause heavy rains became active cyclone before the next rains passed through the South of the Far East, then crossed the waters of the sea of Okhotsk and went out on the coast of the Magadan region. Heavy rains caused floods on the rivers of the Magadan region. August 20, due to flooding Read more [...]
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The mudflow killed 16 people in the capital of Sierra Leone

Powerful mudflow is brought in Monday to the collapse of houses in Freetown, the capital of the West African state of Sierra Leone, 16 people were killed, five were severely injured, reports the AFP news Agency, citing a source in the local police. «We have cordoned off the area of the derailment of the thread, as the other houses, possibly, strike», — said a source. Victims of the tragedy that occurred early in the morning on the East of the capital, died in his sleep. The reason for gathering debris flow became torrential rains. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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The state of emergency imposed because of the drought in the Kursk region

By order of the Governor of Kursk region Alexander Mikhailov in the agro-industrial complex of the region entered a state of emergency, the press service of the regional Department. The adoption of this measure due to the drought in the region, said in a statement. To date, the total amount of damages farmers Kursk oblast is estimated at 1 billion rubles, the area of dead crops amounted to 90 thousand ha. in Addition, 20 thousand hectares of sugar beet is under threat of destruction due to the steady-state weather conditions. Source:  Interfax Read more [...]
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