Earth | The survival encyclopedia - Part 82

Flooding in Iowa

One person died due to severe flooding in Iowa. As reported on Wednesday, representatives of the local authorities, the victim of the disaster was a young girl, whose car was swept away by the flow of water from the road into the river. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people evacuated from the disaster zone. Only in Ames left their homes for more than 55 thousand people. According to representatives of the emergency services of the city, the water has flooded the street at a meter and a half. In another city of the state of — Colfax — breaking the record flood of 1993, Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.1 has occurred in Mexico

August 21, 2013. The earthquake of a magnitude of 6.1 has occurred in the environment in southern Mexico, according to the website of the U.S. Geological survey (USGS). Earlier, Reuters has reported a magnitude of 6.4.

The epicenter of the tremors was located 23 kilometres from the city of San Marcos, the focus lies at a depth of 34.8 miles.

Other details, as well as data on casualties or damage has not yet been reported.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Throughout the Sverdlovsk region declared a drought emergency

The decision on the introduction of emergency the night before it was signed by the Commission of the government of Sverdlovsk region, chaired by Anatoly Gredin. As reported by the \"New Region\" in the press service of the regional Ministry of agriculture, because of the drought, agricultural production suffered significant damages in excess of 500 million rubles. Especially from the hot and dehydrated summer has hit South-Western and southern parts of the region - Artinskian, krasnoufimsky, Acidkill, nizhneserginskiy grams and Kamensky. They altogether have 18 percent of the cultivated area Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 7.2 occurred in Ecuador

Photo: EMSC The earthquake of magnitude 7,2 happened on Thursday in the Central part of Ecuador, according to the website of the U.S. Geological survey. Tremors were registered at 11.54 on UTC (coordinated universal time, 15.54 time. According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located 139 km East from the town of Ambato. The earthquake at a depth of 186 miles. About the victims and the extent of damage is not reported. Source: RIA Novosti Novosti Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic appeared poisonous spiders

In the Czech Republic spread poisonous spiders. Their bite can be fatal for children and poses a serious threat to the health of an adult. Scientists have linked the occurrence of dangerous insects with global warming, which resulted in the change of climate in Central Europe. «Spiders that live in the tropics and subtropics, already feels at ease in the temperate zone. A considerable number of them settled in southern Bohemia. Previously, except Africa and Asia, they lived just South of the European continent», — announced today by the expert on ecology františek Zwettler. It Read more [...]
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The apartment is a resident of Kaliningrad visited fireball

Strong charge of electricity was almost burned the whole house. Three days, Raisa Mikhailovna, she poured tears. For the first time in her life she was faced with inexplicable phenomenon. That night, in a dream, says the woman, she felt like someone hit in the back. And Raisa Mikhailovna woke up. A glowing ball of light flew into the window through the tiny loop. RAISA KOSHLYAK, A RESIDENT OF KALININGRAD: \"The ball flew and as you get! If a brick! And flies in the ventilation. Then it exploded, the details spill out! The apartment is hardly recognized. And in the mobile - flash, and it Read more [...]
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Kostroma and districts of the region recover after the hurricane hit

Broken cars, broken harvest, dangling power lines. The long-awaited after the sweltering heat of the storm the night before was accompanied by wind, rain and hail. The locations of the disaster drove our crew. Hailstones the size of walnuts. In the photo , you can see how powerful was the impact of the disaster. In Kostroma the larger icicles fell by Davydov and Volga districts. And in Chernorechye hailstone gathered in the whole snowdrifts. But, as eyewitnesses say, this is not the limit. In the village of Karimova near Kostroma hail struck the roof, destroyed the greenhouses. This pumpkin Read more [...]
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More than 50 people were killed in floods in Yemen

Floods in Yemen caused by heavy rains have killed since the beginning of July the lives of 53 people, reports on Thursday to the associated Press, citing the country's authorities. According to the Ministry of internal Affairs, a difficult situation now in the city of hodeida, located on the red sea in 220 kilometres West of Sana'a. It is reported that the water level in the city is growing, which move on the roads by car becomes almost impossible. The flood also caused serious damage to agriculture - water flooded substantial areas of farmland. The government of Yemen to help the victims and Read more [...]
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The Haiti earthquake was caused by an unknown fault

Tectonic fault, guilty of the earthquake in Haiti, was previously unknown to geologists The catastrophic earthquake that devastated in January of this year, Haiti was caused by processes occurring in a previously unknown fault in the earth's crust, according to experts. This event, they add, may be the first indication of the presence in this area of the Atlantic large seismic zone. Port-AU-Prince, capital of Haiti, is the Enriquillo fault-Plantain garden; it initially laid the blame for the January tragedy that killed 200 thousand lives and left homeless 1.5 million people. But now, scientists Read more [...]
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On Sakhalin because of the cyclone flooded 20 houses. Video

On Sakhalin island in the southern half of the island went cyclone. As a result, in the city of Kholmsk 20 houses flooded. Residents have already moved to a safe place. Washed away and roads, for example, in Dolinsk district. Now it is trying to recover. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The machine fell to the ground in Barnaul. Video

A few unpleasant minutes had to go through Barnaul motorist. In the eyes of the master of his machine fell to the ground. Pipe burst and the water had washed away the soil directly under the Parking lot. Before the arrival of rescuers owner cars could only observe what is happening. After a few minutes with the help of the rope was pulled the car to the surface. The owner of the cars has announced that it will sue the utilities. Source: NTV Read more [...]
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Rains in China has led to new landslides. Video

In China, heavy rains may disrupt rescue work in Gansu province. There the number of deaths due to landslides is more than a thousand people, hundreds are missing. Weather forecasts, rainfall will be at least another two days. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Environmentalists are sounding the alarm: in the United States massively dolphins die

August 21, 2013. American scientists are sounding the alarm because of high mortality of dolphins on the East coast of the USA. On the beaches of new York, new Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia for the last six month found 228 dead dolphins. For unspecified reasons, they jumped ashore and died. Once on shore, dolphins can no longer return to the ocean without assistance and die within a few hours. As a rule, on land released only old, sick or wounded individuals. In the National management of the U.S. oceanic and atmospheric stated that these figures are many times greater than average, Read more [...]
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Stains caused the Sun to Wake up

The Sun appeared in the five groups of stains, which covers a part of the visible surface of the heavenly body. This unusual phenomenon was immediately forced scholars to talk about the possible «awakening» The sun after a long sleep and the beginning of its activity. The shots of space solar Observatory SOHO were recorded five groups of stains that have received appropriate indexes 1093, 1095, 1096, 1097 and 1098. «Maybe the Sun really wakes up from an unusually long and deep slumber?», — asks the author dedicated this phenomenon notes in the blog Universe Read more [...]
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Peruvian authorities are struggling with the bats-vampire

Photo: customers FOCUS The Ministry of health of Peru sent a brigade emergency ambulance in a remote area of the Amazon basin with the aim to counter an outbreak of rabies distributed South American bats-vampire, reports the news service of the BBC. Four children from the tribe Agwagon in the North-East Peru, died from the bites of blood-sucking bats. Workers of the Peruvian Ministry of health already have vaccinated more than 500 people, bitten by mice-vampires. Source: Reporter Read more [...]
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Fires in Brazil: burned several villages. Video

In the South-West of Brazil was established dry and hot weather, resulting in fire Amazonian Selva. Rescuers unable to cope with the elements. Kills thousands of hectares of crops have burned a few villages, passes Local residents are forced to spend the night under the open sky. Hospitals are overcrowded victims. The most common diagnosis — carbon monoxide poisoning. Official information about the victims of the disaster has not yet been reported. Source: Focus, Lead Read more [...]
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The hurricane left without light 700 townsmen. Video

Photo: From the archives of RIA Novosti Several hundred residents Novopokrovka electoral district of the Krasnodar region were left without electricity due to hurricane force winds, obervables transmission line. \"As a result of hurricane winds speed reaching 30 meters per second, near the village of Novoivanovka was dangling a few lines power lines. Because of this, without light remain about 700 local residents,\" - said to \"Interfax\" in the main emergency Department in the region. According to preliminary data, the wind was fallen trees and broken tiles on several houses. Currently Read more [...]
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Village near Tula attacking hordes of flies

Real disaster was in the holiday village Leninsky district invasion of flies. Pesky insects for two weeks terrorize jaded of tourists. Get rid of flies can't even use all sorts of means: do not save any tablets or coils or spray with spray. Many children in the village there were disturbing symptoms: vomiting and lack of appetite. \"House flies, especially in such quantity that can be a potential source of dangerous diseases\", — says head of Department of nature of the Tula regional Museum Alexander varnish. Source: TV Tula Read more [...]
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In Spain and Portugal raging strong fires. Video

In Spain the victims of the fire was a few people. Heat does not give fire to stop the onset of fire. Difficult situation in the North of Portugal. There forest fires come close to human settlements. More than a hundred local people are already evacuated from the dangerous region. To fight with fire was thrown aviation. However, due to strong gusty winds to localize foci failed. To the rescue operation was also joined by two French military aircraft. Source: Capital TVRead more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 7.2 occurred near the island of GUAM in the Pacific ocean

The earthquake of a magnitude of 7.2 occurred on Saturday local time to the South-West part of the U.S. island of GUAM, according to the website of the U.S. Geological survey. Tremors were registered at 07:19 local time (01:19 GMT). According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was located at 348 km South-West from the village point Hagatna on Hume. The earthquake at a depth of 20 kilometers. About the victims, the extent of damage and the threat of a tsunami is not reported. Source: RIA Novosti. Read more [...]
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