A thunderstorm broke out over Vienna

Vienna airport «Schwechat» temporarily closed due to heavy storms that erupted in the night from Friday to Saturday on the Austrian capital, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Thunder and lightning followed with an interval of a few minutes. According to the Austrian radio, only an hour in Vienna fell more than 60 litres precipitation is not square metre.

Source: RIA Novosti

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Pine break like a match

While scientists scratching their heads trying to understand what is happening with the weather, we learn to adapt to its capricious nature. Extreme events are increasingly disturb the quiet life. Rain, heat, hail, hurricane... to Tame the elements is impossible. But to deal with its consequences constantly. To see how this happens, I went on the footsteps of the most devastating this year windstorm, progulyavshih at the end of July in 10 districts of Mogilev region and caused a damage of about half a billion rubles. One of the most affected - Mogilev district. JSC \"agricultural complex \"Zoria Read more [...]
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The rain caused chaos in Washington. Video

Rainy weather in the late summer of characteristic areas of East coast America, but the storms that swept through the capital on the eve of and the surrounding States of Virginia and Maryland, made him worry many. The President of the security officials said the White house after gusts of Gale-force wind blew construction fencing in the Northern part of the territory of residence of the head of state. Tropical rain break working under voltage equipment, a fire broke out that the builders were able to repay their own. Storm front hit Washington in the morning, many were either going to, or had Read more [...]
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Manila submerged

Philippines. Manila. on August 19. Flooding caused by heavy rains and tropical storm \"investment destinations\". (JAY DIRECTO/AFP/Getty Images) August 21, 2013. Torrential rains and tropical storm \"investment destinations\"coming now to Taiwan, China and Japan, has caused severe flooding in the capital of the Philippines - Manila. In many parts of the movement on the streets is only possible by boat. Closed public institutions, including schools, universities, banks and most private companies. According to the National Agency for emergency situations, killed 8 people.Philippines. Manila. Read more [...]
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Gale was dead two districts in the Rostov region

Almost 2.5 thousand residents of the Rostov region remained without light in the night of Friday due to squally wind, obervables transmission line in two areas. On the eve of the emergencies Ministry sent out to subscribers of mobile networks storm warning — that wind gusts are expected to 30 meters per second. The prediction came true, and late in the evening in the Rostov region was ruled by this hurricane. As reported the press service of the Department of prevention and liquidation of emergency situation in the Rostov region, the most affected of the Azov and Salsk areas. In Read more [...]
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The village of Azerbaijan suffered invasion by rodents

Photo: radikal.ru Frontline villages of Agdam region of Azerbaijan was invaded gray mice, which destroy crops, reports regional correspondent Visited. According to farmers, rodents multiply at an alarming rate, but the location of the site in a front area, in sight of the enemy greatly complicates the control of rodents, which for one night destroy 150-200 kg of tomatoes. Farmers reported that the Executive power of the district gave them pesticides against rodents, however, go on crops is dangerous, and therefore use of these preparations is not sufficiently possible. Source: Vesti.Az Read more [...]
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Sand storm in Saudi Arabia

The Central area of the Kingdom was covered by sand storm, and the wind is moving at a speed of 50 km per hour. The raging element caused major traffic accidents. Due to poor visibility in the city of TAIF faced 30 cars. In these accidents serious injuries received more than 35 people.Source: LiFun Read more [...]
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Weather anomalies: in Kazakhstan flowered snowdrops

Residents Qostanay region were confused, when in the midst of August saw snowdrops in the woods — the first flowers of spring. They were found in the forest local mushroom pickers. Experts note that blooming snowdrops in August — «this abnormal phenomenon». For several months in the region remains hot weather, and the days were heavy rains. Presumably, heavy rainfall could cause the appearance of snowdrops. It is possible that these flowers may appear in our forests, because in Russia the heat subsides for two months. Only in Moscow during this time were beaten Read more [...]
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Rural deprived residents of Kholmsk drinking water. Video

The river instead of the streets, shortage of drinking water, destroyed the railroad. 30 thousands of residents of the city of Kholmsk on Sakhalin are struggling with the effects of the cyclone, which poured on them more than the monthly rate of rain. Local dam didn't withstand the pressure, dirty water and sat rushed into the city and into the reservoir. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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From floods in the Chinese province of Jilin, may have killed more than 5 thousand people

Chinese correspondents and local residents suggest that as a result of severe flooding in Jilin province killed more than 5 thousand people. The authorities are still not reported its version of the fatalities. Since July, heavy rains are in 174 villages of the province. Suffered five cities. On the morning of July 28, a strong stream of water literally washed away several surrounding villages Huadian city. \"In the last few days the city crematorium full. Corpses too much\", told The Epoch Times a resident of the city of Jilin, doctor of Chinese medicine by the name of sun.His 17-year-old Read more [...]
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Moscow attack the pests

Photo: wikipedia.org Moscow attack the pests. Bugs in dorms and flats do not give people peace. They are subtle, but very dangerous. In the Moscow office of Rospotrebnadzor concerned: in the capital, dramatically increases the number of bed bugs. Daily from Muscovites rang with a request to eliminate pesky insects. Bed bugs are parasitic wingless, blood-sucking insect. During the day hides in dark places, night attacks man, sucks blood, usually from 3 to 8 in the morning. Live bugs to 14 months. Scratching, irritation and Allergy — it is, perhaps, the smallest injury, which can Read more [...]
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In North Ossetia are struggling with the invasion of insect pests

Photo: from the website nature.doublea.ru In eight rural district of North Ossetia measures to combat cotton worm, which is a dangerous pest of agricultural crops. As reported by the correspondent of the \"Caucasian knot\" in the Department of agriculture Ardon area, there has already been processed 1900 hectares of corn, more than 500 acres of soybeans, 1600 hectares of potatoes and 500 hectares of vegetables. According to the chief agronomist management Aslan Kulaeva, in the area of the cotton worm damaged from 20 to 30 percent of corn crops. Processing fields prone to pest attack, carried Read more [...]
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In Spain and Portugal forest fires capture all new square

In the North of Portugal the fire crept close to human settlements. Local residents currently come into the fight with the elements. And in Spanish Galicia burned more than 100 acres of forest.Italy. Forest firesPortugal. FiresSource: Lead Read more [...]
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Floods in the Republic of Niger

Almost 70 thousand people were left homeless as a result of the ongoing severe flooding in the West African Republic of Niger. Such data released today, the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). In the heavy rains flooded the third largest African river — Niger, which caused enormous damage to agriculture and transport infrastructure that is economically underdeveloped countries. Destroyed a significant part of agricultural production. In the province of Maradi victims of mudslides caused by heavy rains on Friday became two children. According to the UN, Read more [...]
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Unprecedented earthquakes threaten Europe

August 19, 2013. The French newspaper Le Monde has published the latest results of a study aimed at assessing the risk of earthquake in the next 50 years. A new European study confirms that Romania is among the countries with the highest seismic risk on the continent, according to an article published by the French newspaper Le Monde.\"The unprecedented earthquake potential in Europe\" under this title published an article by Pierre Le hir in the French newspaper, which refers to the results of a study conducted by an international team of 50 professionals. He first used the same criteria Read more [...]
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The potato has had it. Because of the drought…

In Russia killed about half of the crop \"second bread\"... Fried, mashed, fries, pie, stewed with prunes, boiled with dill. Potato dishes this year run the risk of becoming an exquisite delicacy. Domestic farmers speak of catastrophic crop failure and about the upcoming price increases. To gain Russian consumers volunteered Belarusian potato growers who have Bulba was born on glory. According to preliminary estimates of experts, this year in Russia killed more than half of the potato harvest. All, according to Rosstat, potatoes planted 2.2 million hectares. So, a million of them this year Read more [...]
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The weather on the planet just went crazy

Natural disasters hit the Ground - virtually all corners of the now fires, floods, landslides. While Ukraine and Russia suffer from high, causing heat, fire and smoke, Europe and Asia pouring rain. The disaster has struck Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria. From the weather in the Old World already killed 14 people, and forecasters warned of new storms. The number of victims from the \"big water\" in India, China and North Korea is already in the hundreds. European meteorologists say that all the matter in the extensive areas of high pressure over Russia: they may not give the clouds to leave Read more [...]
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An earthquake of magnitude 6.6 occurred near the island of GUAM

Photo: EMSC Near the island of GUAM, there was a new earthquake — magnitude 6.6. According to information from the U.S. Geological survey, earthquakes have been recorded August 14, Casa 01 minutes in UTC 390 km from the city Hagatna. The earthquake was located at a depth of 22.5 km. Data on casualties or damage has not yet been reported, tsunami warning also until the announcement was not. On the eve of the 373 km from the island of GUAM were recorded earthquakes of magnitude 7,2. GUAM is part of the Mariana Islands in the Western Pacific ocean and is the largest strategic military Read more [...]
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Because of the heat wave in Central Russia attack poisonous spiders

This summer, Moscow attacking spiders. Such of their number in the capital in years past was not observed: now predators lying in wait for the victim at almost every bridge over the Moscow river and other water bodies of the city, on the walls of houses, in trees, in the hallways and even inside the apartments. It is believed that arachnid middle band are not dangerous to humans, but it's not entirely true: we are individuals that can attack people, and to contemplate the evening, these hunters are not all pleasant. And although most of them are just common garden spiders, the situation is Read more [...]
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Packs of wild dogs attacked the Saudi city

Flocks of feral and starving dogs attacked the city of Arar, on the border of Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Dogs occupied three residential quarter of the city, and attack in search of food, shops, warehouses and homes. Local edition Ikhbariat Arar describes the situation in the city: « In addition to attacks against people, you can see dogs dragging on city streets dead animals and garbage. Appeared specific risk of spreading infectious diseases. We cannot deal with dogs, because they gather in huge flocks». The newspaper adds that the authorities do nothing to save the city from dog Read more [...]
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