Climate records troubles threaten humanity

Temperature anomaly, which contributed to the spread of fires in Russia, it turns out, has a global dimension. According to American scientists, July of this year on the planet has become one of the warmest in the history of meteorological observations. The average temperature around the world amounted to plus 16 and a half degrees above was only in 1998. What else threaten such records to mankind? Climatic anomalies occur this year across the globe. And scientists, of course, try to solve them. Meteorologists try to carefully measure: where indicated tenths of units is now indicate hundredths. Read more [...]
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Torrential rains hit North-East of France

In France on Sunday was declared «orange», the third four-point scale, scale, level of anxiety due to heavy rains in 12 northeastern departments. So strong precipitation in the nature of climatic anomalies, given that a week ago in 42 of 96, principally in the Western and southern departments of France because of the drought was imposed strict mode water saving. Especially heavy rains fell on Sunday in the Eastern regions of the country — Alsace and Lorraine, where rainfall exceeded 60 mm Due to the strong precipitation came from the banks of the tributaries of the Rhine — Read more [...]
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Landslide in China. Photographic. Part 2

Attention! There are scenes of violence and cruelty! Nervous not to look. According to the latest official data of the Chinese authorities, in a landslide in Gansu province, killing 702, disappeared 1042 person. However, locals say that killed about 4 thousand people. Central media are doing on this disaster advertising officials.A large landslide that occurred on August 7, at least five villages of the County Joco were completely destroyed from the face of the earth, several villages were severely damaged. Just in the County is home to 47 thousand people, most of whom are currently experiencing Read more [...]
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Landslide in China. Photographic. Part 1

Torrential rains that hit the North-Western province of China Gansu, caused devastating landslides, the victims of which are already thousands of people. Eight settlements of the County Josui, which suffered the most from the elements, has been effectively erased from the face of the earth.ClickableRescuers carry the Board to pave the road through the mud in the city Josui. (Ng Han Guan / AP)Rescuers pulled from the rubble of the 52-year-old Limo Shengtai that 60 hours spent in the trap. (Zhang Hongxiang / AP)Two lifeguard stand amid the ruins of Read more [...]
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In St. Petersburg during a thunderstorm dropped two cranes. Video

In St. Petersburg and suburbs deteriorated weather, started strong wind gusts up to 22 m/s In the South-West of St. Petersburg city fell two construction cranes, each of which had a height of 53 meter, said «Interfax» in the Main Department of EMERCOM in the Northern capital. It happened at the site well the corner of Lenin Avenue and the streets of Valor. Traumatic brain injury received typist crane, she was hospitalized. The cause of the collapse could be squally wind. In addition, during a thunderstorm about 15.40 on Prospekt Engelsa, 10 facing the tram and a car, injured two Read more [...]
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The failure of the bottom of the lake in Louisiana

August 22, 2013. Unusual natural phenomenon captured U.S. residents staying near the lake on the border of Louisiana and East Texas: their eyes within seconds of the land with trees smoothly «gone» in the lake. It is known that earlier this place was a forest, however, as a result of seismic activity a year ago formed the failure, which was filled with water. The activity is still ongoing, which, apparently, was the reason of such natural phenomena. Source: Eng. Apollo Read more [...]
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Photos of floods in China

Source: Related news: > Flooding in northeast China has brought massive destruction. Photos > From flooding in the Chinese province of Jilin, may have killed more than 5 thousand people > China. Floods Read more [...]
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Flooding in Colombia. Footage of the miraculous salvation. Video

Dramatic footage of the rescue operation managed to remove the witness in Colombia. There is a powerful flood had caught 3 passengers and taxi driver. To evacuate them from the car had through the window. The girls were rescued. And when it came to the driver - something unexpected happened. Turbulent flow car was deployed, the poor man fell into the water, and it took over. As it turned out later, the man was unhurt after a few hundred meters it caught rescuers. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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Floods in Europe

Source: Lead Read more [...]

The rains flooded the private sector of Blagoveshchensk. Photo

Pouring eve in Blagoveshchensk rains flooded the private sector. In some homes located in areas Krasnoarmeyskaya street, close to October, as well as hospital and battery, is water. People say that this year so much of their heats for the first time. They complain that the district has no Sewerage system, no livevox. Blagoveshensky pump water from their homes and plots of land, but it does not decrease. In urban rescue service correspondent of IA \"Amorino reported that for the past day specialists went to call several times in different parts of the city. In the control service Road maintenance Read more [...]
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Floods inundate Europe. Video

Central Europe suffers from floods. The most difficult situation in Slovakia, where flooded several towns. They actually cut off from the world — roads turned into streams of water and mud. Hundreds of residents were forced to leave their homes, there are dead and missing. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The storm left without electricity 13 thousand residents of the Pskov region

The storm left without electricity 13 529 thousand residents of the Pskov region. As reported Pskov News in the press service of EMERCOM of Russia since the Pskov region, on Sunday, August 15 operational duty of the Chief Directorate of the MES of Russia in the Pskov region received a message on predicted adverse natural phenomenon. In the period from 15.20 18.20 on in the region were expected thunderstorms and brief wind gusts of up to 15-18 m / sec. In the area 19.50 minutes, the passage of a storm front had indeed been increased wind gusts of 17-22 m / s. This resulted in an emergency shutdown Read more [...]
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China bought about 1.2 million tonnes of maize

This year, China imported from the USA about 1.2 million tonnes of maize. This is more than ten times the volume of imports of cereals in the past few decades. The Chinese authorities refused to explain the reasons which led them to take this step. According to the edition of The Wall Street Journal, in June of this year the trade ship, filled American corn, arrived at the port of Guangzhou Bohai Gulf. This was the first time in the last 15 years and was of great interest to analysts and international observers. Up to the present time in China arrived already 5 of such courts.China, Read more [...]
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Night storm left in the dark 17 settlements of the Tver region

Storm front that brought this night in the Tver region hurricane, and damaged more than 30 lines. The element came into the area on August 15 at about 21:00 and raged all night. Today it became known that as a result of hurricane winds and heavy rains in Vesyegonsk the area were damaged 16 lines, were left without electricity 7 settlements. To combat the effects of storms sent 1 team. The electricity supply was disrupted in CRH and 10 villages Firovsky district. There are two teams at a heightened pace restore job 17 power lines. The damage to the electricity system Spirovska district, up to Read more [...]
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The storm left in the dark about 25 thousand of Novgorod

Storm wind blowing across the Novgorod region Sunday night and Monday night with speeds up to 15-24 meters per second left in the dark about 25 thousand people, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the «Novgorodenergo». «According to at 9.00 GMT, fully or partially de-energized more 100 Power lines and over 800 settlements, mainly small villages», — said the Agency interlocutor. The most serious damage to the energy Department objects registered in Borovichi, Malaya Vishera, Moshenska, Novgorod, Poddorsky and Soletskiy areas. De-energized a number Read more [...]
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Czech Republic. Flood

Source: Lead Read more [...]

Melting ice and submarine landslides

August 19, 2013. If melting ice at the poles will actually lead to a rapid rise in sea level, the pressure on the coast of the continents will lead to underwater landslides - American scientists predict. Submarine landslides occur in every continental slope (underwater the edge of the continent, where the underwater parts of the lithospheric plates adjacent tectonic plates of the oceans. Such avalanches can cause dangerous tsunami, reports Live Science. Almost half of tectonic shifts in the underwater landslides that occurred over the past 125,000 years, falls between 8 000-15 000 years ago. Read more [...]
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Scientists predict a new series of magnetic storms

Photo: Monitoring of the Sun shows that the visible part of the disk at the present time there are two groups of spots. They are small in size and have a simple configuration. In the group 1099 two days ago registered flash class S, which was accompanied by the ejection of coronal mass (full-halo). A day later, the same group also registered a flash class C5. According to the forecast of scientists of the Institute of applied Geophysics name Fedorova, the magnetic field perturbation shock wave coronal mass ejection is expected 17 August. From midnight 16 August index of geomagnetic Read more [...]
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In Mauritius earthquake magnitude 6,3

Photo: EMSC In the Republic of Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian the ocean, recorded magnitude earthquake 6,3. The earthquake was at a depth of 10,65 km of the Epicenter aftershocks were located in 900 km from the capital of the country Port-Louis, reports the national geological service of the USA. Data on casualties or damage has not yet been reported. Source: Day.Az Read more [...]
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In Azerbaijan the cases of wolf attacks

Photo: site RUS-OXOTA.RU Due to the increasing cases of wolf attacks on domestic animals in Northern Azerbaijan cattle in some regions of the country will be vaccinated against rabies reported in the press service of the Veterinary service of the Ministry of agriculture of the Republic. «The increase in the attacks of wolves and stray dogs on cattle has led to the need to start vaccination against rabies», — told the Agency. The veterinary service said that vaccination of cattle will be conducted in those villages where there were incidents of attacks on animals, transmit Read more [...]
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