Hurricane will have the capital strength. Video

In North-West Russia eliminate the effects of a powerful hurricane that without electricity there were more than a thousand settlements, inhabited by almost 100 thousand people. All because of a storm front coming from the North. Squally wind felled trees, poles, and tower cranes. There are victims. NTV correspondent Ilya Buhtaev - with details. On-site wind, played some 20 minutes. But this time it was enough to pretty to mess up the houses for the workers, and at the same time and scare them to death, play with accessories like cardboard to lay on the ground and two high crane. Early Read more [...]
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The drought destroyed 44% of crops in Udmurtia

Drought in Udmurtia suffered 413 of the agricultural organizations and farmers. On this day, August 16, at the lighting of the President of Udmurtia said the Minister of agriculture of the Republic Alexander Korobeinikov. According to information from areas of the total area 1008 thousands of hectares of crops ruin was 44% or 399 thousands of hectares. The total amount of material damage to agricultural producers of the Republic is more 3 billion rubles. At the same time, the situation becomes worse, consequently, grow and material losses. Given the situation, the Ministry of agriculture Read more [...]
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The terrible summer 2010

Abnormal temperature in June 2010 in comparison with average temperatures of June 1971-2000. (NOAA) on August 10. According to experts of the center weather \"Phobos\", last July was the hottest ever in the history of Moscow meteorological observations. In terms of scale, anomalies, duration, and extent of impact the heat had no analogues in the more than century-old history of weather observations. So, the average temperature was 26.1 ° C, exceeding the rate of eight to ten degrees. During the month the temperature hit about ten records. In addition, was registered by a new absolute maximum Read more [...]
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Winter in mid-August. In the Murmansk region snowing

The main news is offering us the weather. Today she was told area residents that the summer is over and it is time to prepare for the fall or even winter. And hinted seriously. In Murmansk in the morning was a plus 3, and blew continues to blow a strong wind, storm warning. And in the center of the Kola Peninsula, in the Khibiny was already snowing. What to expect in the near future? A storm warning has been announced today on the territory of the Murmansk region. Wind gusts of up to 25 meters per second, on coast - to 31. In some areas, in Kirovsk and Apatity, even the snow fell, he fell at Read more [...]
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Icelandic volcano falls asleep

The government of Iceland stated that seismic activity beneath the volcano, which caused the aircraft so many problems this summer, gradually fades. This means that the eruption also will gradually cease, although now until the end is still far away, and too early to be complacent: the neighborhood can drown in the mud. Sigurlaug Hjaltadottir from the Icelandic meteorological service said that the activity of the volcano gradually declining. The main danger for local residents is now in the sludge, which is formed by a mixture of volcanic ash and water from heavy rains. Recall that the eruption Read more [...]
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In passenger aircraft in Colombia hit by lightning

Photo: Colombian passenger aircraft Boeing 737, on Board of which there were 121 passengers and six crew members on Monday crashed while landing on the Colombian island of San Andres, one person was killed and 114 injured, Reuters reported with reference to the control service for flights. «The plane was flying Bogota — San Andres and landed during intense storm, when he was hit by lightning», — media reports said the commander of Caribbean aviation group air force of Colombia Gustavo Barrera. According to the Colombian edition of the Tiempo, Read more [...]
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Grain production in Tatarstan fell seven times

Photo: Became known the preliminary results of the harvesting campaign in Tatarstan. Figures published by the Ministry of agriculture and food of RT, create a truly dramatic picture. 99% of the fields have been harvested, while assembled in just 668,2 thousand tons of bread. For comparison: last year, which was also considered to be arid and bad for the village, were collected 4.5 million tons... FROM RECORDS TO ANTI RECORD The results of the harvesting campaign in Tatarstan this year exceeded the worst expectations. Recall that in late June, the Minister of agriculture and foodstuff Read more [...]
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From the flood in the far East suffered for 50 thousand inhabitants

August 23, 2013. Severe flooding continued in the far East, has already affected more than 50 thousand people. The water came to Khabarovsk, where he began the evacuation of local residents. Read more about this tells RT correspondent Paul Scott. Source: RTRead more [...]
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Temperature records 2010

Abnormal temperature in June 2010 in comparison with average temperatures of June 1971-2000. (NOAA) High temperatures this summer are celebrated not only in Russia but all over the world. According to NOAA (National oceanic and atmospheric administration research) June 2010 was the warmest on Earth in the history of meteorological observations. The average global temperature land and the surface layer of the ocean in June was 16.2°C, 0.6°C above average June temperature in the 20th century. The average temperature of the land surface of our planet in June amounted to 13.3°C, which 1,07°C Read more [...]
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In Poland a strong storm swept

In the South of Poland passed a strong storm. There massively evacuate tourists and count the losses. The main blow fell on the area of Krakow. Salt mine Wieliczka, which is one of the main tourist attractions of the country, evacuated more 900 people: hurricane damage the electrical network of the mine. However, victims could not be avoided. As a result of a lightning strike in the town of Chelazzi in the South, the tree fell on the car, the driver of the vehicle died, informs TSN. For the last time Poland had already passed through several strong summer storms. In addition, the country is Read more [...]
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In the Perm region ten thousand peasants were left without water

Experts of Rospotrebnadzor Perm banned to supply water into the houses of the village of New Lyady from the Sylva river. As a result, ten thousand inhabitants the second day without water. Because of the heat wave in the river Sylva several times increased the number of algae. Algae accumulate in the shallow water and rot, while river water is allocated manganese — its concentration in the river has reached such a number that the township filtration plant was not able to deal with it. Eventually sanitary doctors took the decision to ban the supply of the Sylva. Now and specialists, Read more [...]
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The earthquake on the Aeolian Islands in Italy — 7 affected

Strong aftershocks, magnitude 4.6 on the Richter scale, were recorded today on the Aeolian Islands in Italy, reports ANSA. According to preliminary data, the earthquake injured 7 people. They are all taken to a local hospital with minor injuries. In the capital region - Lipari-registered minor destruction of buildings. The epicenter of the earthquake was located at a distance of 6 km from the island, under water at a depth of 19 km The publication reports that the earthquake caused the convergence of landslides. Information about the victims being specified.The Aeolian Islands earthquake The Read more [...]
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The heat has brought the nature of the mind. Blossom cherry and mountain ash

In one of the hamlets of Latii in Ludza region in mid-August blossomed cherry tree, and in Jelgava - Rowan. As the portal reports elhassani Boris Zaozerskaâ, August 5, on the branches of the mountain ash next to bunches he noticed the new inflorescences. Blooming mountain ash grows under the Windows of his house on the Boulevard Castes. Cherry, according to the newspaper Ludzas Zeme, blossomed on the farm \"Ciekurkalna\". The tree is covered with flowers in spring, while the leaves with cherry already partially sunken. Villagers recall that one day they almost fall blossomed Read more [...]
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Chinese village funnel destroys the house. Video

Giant sinkhole appeared in one of the villages in the Chinese province of Hunan. Funnel already destroyed 20 homes and continues to grow. For the first time the villagers Nissan (Ningxiang) noticed a small hollow in the ground back in January. However, did not give him much importance as the size of the cavities was insignificant. Now funnel reaches 150 meters wide and 50 meters deep. Funnel already destroyed 20 homes. But residents fear new destruction, as the failure continues to grow.Source: InterRight Previous news on the topic: · Another failure of the soil in China. Photo · Read more [...]
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Minsk suffered from the elements

Gusty wind, which swept through the capital city on the night of 17 August, has brought a lot of inconvenience to the inhabitants. Tuesday morning on the street Brilevskaya residents of the area were themselves trying to get their cars out from under a fallen Linden. — We called in the MOE to remove trees near the entrance, go is simply impossible. Our application was put in a queue. Apparently, cases around the city a lot, — they say they are. — And you will see that near my house, — takes a man to his house on Chkalov street, near which fell a large Read more [...]
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About the weather and climate

Source: The first channel Read more [...]

In Moscow because of the heat blossomed Apple trees. Photo

Abnormal for August phenomenon recorded in the North-West of the capital in Strogino the floodplain. About a dozen Apple trees bloomed in Moscow. This is the second blooming for the year 2010. Previously, these natural anomalies in the Metropolitan region was not observed. Blossoming Apple trees can be caused global warming - told Life News head of the landscaping of the garden \"Hermitage\" Alexander Safonov. Repeat flowering occurs from strong solar insolation, high temperature, severe drought. This year coincided at the same time all three factors. The period of formation of flower Read more [...]
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In the Czech Republic and Slovakia was hit by a storm and heavy rains

In Central Slovakia is now a real disaster. In the city of Handlova threads already carry with street cars, uproot trees. And water all arrives. To be saved, people have to climb on the roof. Floods of this magnitude in this region has not been for several decades. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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The rain has caused flooding in several villages in the West Georgia

August 25, 2013. Strong torrential rain, which on Sunday was more than an hour in Adjara region in Western Georgia (Samegrelo), caused flooding in seven villages, destroyed roads and bridges linking the settlements, local residents were left without a crop and livestock. According to Georgian media, powerful streams of water destroyed three bridges in the villages Leah, Palauni and in the heart of Tsalenjikha. The water broke into houses, flooded garden plots, walnut and other plantations and almost completely took away already harvested. According to reports, in several villages of the district Read more [...]
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Europe is experiencing a new wave of floods and hurricanes

Source: The first channel Read more [...]

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