From floods in Pakistan affected about 20 million people

Increasing the scale of the disaster in Pakistan, where the strongest area for 100 years floods are already 20 million people. They lack food, drink and drugs. Exacerbate the situation outbreaks of cholera and dysentery. According to the latest estimates, the struggle with the elements now require nearly half a billion dollars. Liquidation of consequences of floods today in Islamabad, UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon discussed with Pakistani President Asif Zardari. Source: The first channel Read more [...]
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In Krivoy Rog market fell to the ground. Photos

Today around 6 in the morning, there was a collapse of the soil in the yard shopping complex located in the heart of the Central city market address street Uritskogo, 5. By the time of arrival of the photographers worked technique to cover the formed aperture, the depth of which is about 20 m Area cordoned off by officers of the special unit Berkut . According to witnesses, the cavity was formed in the place of storage containers with goods, which was under the earth. Many of them were learned, but how many of the more than 20, is currently not known. Don't want to think about the consequences Read more [...]
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Map of fires. Help

Hello! Today we found a civil society \"Map of fires\". We consider it our duty to place a link to this resource on our website. The fires are still raging in Russia, so if you have the time, physical resources, clothing or equipment to help people, do it. Completely nothing fails. Any help will benefit You in karma. With respect. Administration Read more [...]
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Poisonous snakes attack Vladivostok. Video

Went to the beach — he was in the hospital. Poisonous snakes can ruin the rest is not only the city, but visitors from other regions. However, to meet the creeping reptiles even in the city, and service for catching snakes do not exist. That met with a snake, Alex realized through two holes that are left in the skin. Leg instantly swelled and turned blue. From the Russky island to the hospital arrived quickly — lucky that rested near the people on the boat. The Board was not the only one bitten. Such patients in hospitals in the region this year a large influx. Andrey Read more [...]
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Off the coast of great Britain, the southern dolphins

At the North-East coast of England are increasingly common dolphins, the traditional habitat of which is much further South. We are talking about ordinary, the bottlenose Dolphin and grey dolphins. But white-Dolphin and porpoise that prefer cooler water, began to catch the eye of a scientist considerably less. The reason for this phenomenon experts see increasing sea temperature. \"This is another evidence that the usual proliferation of some species of whales and dolphins are changing under the influence of a supposedly global warming, \" commented Tom Brereton, participant of the \"northeast Read more [...]
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Natural disasters continue to test the strength of European countries. Video

Another hurricane swept over the Central and southern parts of Poland. Wind-breaking trees and tore roofs off houses. Under the Krakow lightning hit the substation and left in the dark tens of thousands of people. In the city due to heavy rains were under the water streets and squares. With the effects of a major flood fight in Spain. In the province of Murcia flow of water in the sea has washed away dozens of cars. In many communities flooded basements and first floors of the houses. In the province of Cordoba in the floods killed 3 people. Fully or partially destroyed hundreds of houses that Read more [...]
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In China marked a disastrous drought

In China, there is severe drought. According to official data, completely destroyed 322 thousand hectares of farmland, 2,35 million people have difficulties with drinking water. From drought were the most affected: Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Shanxi and Hebei in Northern China, Hunan province (Central China). Since the second decade of July, under the influence of the subtropical anticyclones, in some parts of the southern regions of China no precipitation, and maintains high temperature. The average daily temperature in the country amounted to 22.6 degrees and set a new record since 1951, reports Read more [...]
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The hurricane made dead 500 settlements in Belarus

In Belarus liquidate the consequences of hurricane winds and heavy rains from the storm. «As a result of strong gusty wind and rain storm over the past few days have been dead more than 500 settlements», — reported today in the Ministry of emergency situations. Experts are rebuilding, and remain de-energized 10 settlements, informs ITAR-TASS. In the rampage of the elements in some points of the Vitebsk, Gomel, Minsk and Mogilev oblasts also damaged the roofs of the houses. According to the MOE, the affected people there. Meanwhile, in all regions of the country again Read more [...]
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South of the Indonesian capital flooded in spite of the dry season

Almost 600 homes in the South of the Indonesian capital, remain in the environment under the meter layer of water after coming out of the banks after heavy rain the river Pesanggrahan flooded them the day before, reported the website of the newspaper Jakarta Globe. Authorities Jakarta explain this situation in the midst of «dry season» what happened 14 months ago, the collapse of the dam reservoir SITA-Guntung near the capital, which killed more than a hundred people, has raised the water level in the river Pesanggrahan 40 centimeters, and restoration work has not been completed. Read more [...]
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Rescuers scare deprived of the shelter of Chelyabinsk new cyclone

August 25, 2013. Survivors of a powerful flood of Chelyabinsk are waiting for the next disaster strikes. Ural cyclone is coming. With him will come heavy rains and thunderstorms. MES Chelyabinsk region issued today emergency warning: region moves powerful cyclone, similar to that in the beginning of the month left dozens of South Ural residents homeless. The representative of the Ministry of emergency situations of the Chelyabinsk region: \"In some districts of the Chelyabinsk region heavy rains, storms, strong winds of up to 17-22 m / s. The greatest potential for increased weather on 27 August Read more [...]
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Bread will be twice less

The intense heat made the South Ural peasants to begin threshing wheat early. In Chebarkul district cleaning began almost a month ahead of schedule. Prolonged heat \"helped\" the wheat to ripen prematurely. All works have to simultaneously harvesting haylage, silage, hay and threshing grain. This is a huge burden on mechanics and technique. On the harvest thrown all the human and technical resources. The heat deformed the wheat stalks was born undersized (mostly 20 centimeters in height instead of the reference 50-70, making it difficult threshing), rare, with a small spike. Loading also Read more [...]
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Warming ocean corals in the West Indonesia

Photo: Sharp increases in water temperature in the Indian ocean had already killed about 80% of the representatives of some species of corals near the shores of the Western Indonesian province of Aceh, said on Wednesday the website of the newspaper Jakarta Globe, citing a study conducted by an international team of scientists. «I am willing to predict that we saw in Aceh mortality of corals — but this is an emergency — accompanied by something similar around the Andaman sea», — said study participant Aussie Andrew Baird (Andrew Read more [...]
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In Krasnoyarsk at the end of summer bloomed lilac

Residents of one of the districts of Krasnoyarsk wonder: what to do to meet the spring or wait for autumn? In mid-August under the window bloomed lilacs. This is usually may-June, but this year all the rules. Biologists assume that because of the rains and the cold weather has Bush lost the biological clock, and he interpreted anomaly, as the beginning of spring. Or maybe lilac something knows about the imminent warming?!.. Source: Type icon Read more [...]
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Stocks of corn in China is rapidly melting

Photo: Stocks of corn in China significantly decreased relative to the level of the previous year, making it difficult to contain the prices of the goods on the local market, according to the local operator of the grain market Sinograin Corp., specialising in the storage of grain. According to the Director of the corn exchange Dalian, in General, the stocks of grain in China is satisfactory, however, due to the fact that a large quantity of corn in the country goes to the production of forage feed, its reserves are rapidly diminishing. Adverse weather conditions in China this season Read more [...]
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Spain. Flood

Source: Lead Read more [...]

A photographic survey of natural disasters and their consequences. No. 18

Pakistani soldiers passed child, helping people to be evacuated from flooded after heavy rainfalls district in the Towns, near Multan. (AP Photo/Khalid Tanveer) A few shots of recent natural disasters and their consequences. Pictures are clickable. Past fotoostry: seventeenth, sixteenth, fifteenth, fourteenth and thirteenth.South Koreans escape from the heat on the beach in Busan. More than two million people come to the beach close to the largest port of Busan, while millions of others went to the beaches along the East and West coasts of the country. (AP Photo/Yonhap, Cho Jung-ho) The Read more [...]
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Near the island of GUAM, there was a new earthquake of a magnitude of 6.2

Photo:EMSC Near the island of GUAM, there was a new earthquake — a magnitude of 6.2. According to information from the U.S. Geological survey, earthquakes have been recorded in 19:28 EET in 378 km to the South-West, Hagatna, RBC reports. The earthquake was located at a depth of 53 km Data on casualties or damage has not yet been reported, tsunami warning also until the announcement was not. Recall, August 14, at 373 km from the island of GUAM were recorded earthquakes with magnitude of 7.2. As a result of this earthquake killed nobody. On the same day in the area Ogham were re-recorded Read more [...]
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In one of the villages Rivne oblast zip preys on people

Sometimes we're in the midst of a completely strange things that even contradict the usual. For example, a well-known truth that lightning never strikes twice in the same place. But residents Bereznivskomu district, Rivne region, have been able to see otherwise. This locality for some time, do not leave alone lightning. One thing, if the discharge gets to people once in a half year. Quite another when the lightning strikes three times a week. There are already people are beginning to think, and against the will climb thoughts about a certain mysticism. Two cases occurred in a field near the Read more [...]
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In the near future the prices of basic foodstuffs could double

The largest retailer X5 Retail Group Metro Cash & Carry, Auchan\" and \"Dixie\" - began negotiating campaign with suppliers and product manufacturers to keep prices wrote on August 16, the newspaper \"RBC daily\". According to representatives of trading networks in new supply contracts, the cost of basic goods grocery basket - bread, cereals, milk, grew more than twice. Manufacturers refer to drought and predict further price increases.According to the head of Department on public relations of X5 Retail Group Maxim Trapeznikov, the company has received the first letters from suppliers Read more [...]
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