After the Chelyabinsk meteorite on Earth can fly his brothers

August 25, 2013. It's about 20 cars. All of them «born» giant asteroid 2011 EO40 and move about on the same path, which fell into lake Chebarkul meteorite. On 24 August 2013 scientists reported Carlos and Raul de La Fuente Marcos, from the Complutense University in Madrid. According to them, about 40 thousand years ago due to the gravitational field and the temperature difference asteroid 2011 EO40 collapsed, creating a whole asteroid swarm, which constantly moves between the Earth, Mars and Venus. It is to this group of space objects and treated Chelyabinsky meteorite.Having Read more [...]
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In India, the building of the elementary school down the landslide

On Wednesday, August 18, at the primary school building in one of the villages in the North of India there came a landslide caused by heavy rains. Killing at least 18 children, finding several more underway. The tragedy occurred in the village of Bageshwar that in the state of Uttarakhand. It is reported that at the time of the landslide in the school building was 30 people. Body 18 children already discovered by rescuers working at the place. Search another 10 students and two teachers continue, however, as noted by the local authorities, the chances of finding them alive, almost none. All Read more [...]
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In Israel thermometers showed more than 50 degrees Celsius

It's hard to believe, but the temperature in Israel has not yet reached its peak, although August 2010 is already being hailed as the hottest summer in history. On Wednesday, August 18, the temperature in some regions of Israel had crossed the mark 50 degrees Celsius, according to the website of the 2nd channel ITV. So for example, thermometers in Haifa showed 52 degrees Celsius, in Tiberias and Spele - 50 degrees Celsiana better case in other cities of Israel, be'er Sheva — 47 degrees in tel Aviv 44 C... Easier, all while «escaped» Jerusalem — there were Read more [...]
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In Kharkiv region \»swartwout\» insects

From one misfortune to another - that's what happens in Ukraine. Rain, heat, floods - so it took half the year. And at the end of the summer, people still actively began to attack insects. For some, this is only a minor troubles. But many people do not suspect that you are allergic to the bites of mosquitoes and midges. Yes, the buzzing mosquitoes and biting flies very dubious pleasure. Kharkov Anatoly Gil more other suffers from invasion of mosquitoes and midges. Men allergic to insect bites. — Was bitten by a wasp or bee - I don't see it. In addition, in the area of the throat is very Read more [...]
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The mortality of rabbits began in the Kemerovo region

In Prokopevsk area in several villages began mass mortality of rabbits. For the night people lose on 15-20 Pets. The breeders call each other to warn of the scourge. Veterinary service district no warning, quarantine and emergency vaccination to declare in no hurry. Say, normal gemologically disease, just in the area have not been such a massive intrusion. The villagers insist that animals in pain crying, when you die, that they never saw. The mortality of rabbits registered Tarantasca, Kings, new Safonov, Tikhonovka and Tirane. Source:  SAN Read more [...]
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Western Australia drought-stricken

Wheat production in Western Australia in the current season will be reduced by one third, according to the regional grain Association in its latest report. Due engulfed the state drought production volume will not exceed 5.5 million tonnes. Meanwhile, the share of Western Australia accounts for 40% of national production of culture. For comparison, at the end of last season, local farmers set 8,25 million tons of wheat. In its report, analysts grain Association assessed the production and other crops. The barley harvest is forecast 2 million tons, 190 thousand tons compared with the previous Read more [...]
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In Novosibirsk machine fell through the asphalt

The ground went from under the wheels! In Novosibirsk the machine fell to the asphalt. Julia Dronova, the owner of the car: «Food, not bothering anyone at a very low speed. And suddenly: BAM - and fail. As can be seen at the place where it happened, this is the place where recently conducted patching. Next we see the same patch. From a few days to a few weeks ago this place was carried out some repair work». The owner of the machine called the repairers and the traffic police. After 40 minutes it arrived on scene repair team. Repairers examined the place and went away, saying Read more [...]
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Registered a large release of substances from the Western hemisphere of the Sun

Photo: TESIS The Sun on the morning of August 18, occurred one of the largest in this year ejections. Emission registered by the LASCO coronagraphs, established at the European satellite SOHO and watching the Sun in the wide field of view - from 6 to 30 solar radii.According to their data, the event started around 9 am Moscow time (at this time thrown out of the Solar plasma reached a height of about 800 thousand km and became visible in the field of view of the coronagraph). About 11 a.m. the front of emissions reached a height of 2 million kilometers, and about 13 hours a height of 6 million Read more [...]
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The production of sugar cane in South Africa will be reduced due to the drought

Photo: site Sugar production in South Africa, the leader of the black continent on the development of the product, because of the drought will be reduced to a minimum level over the past 15 years. To this conclusion came analysts of the national Association of sugar producers. By the end of the season, which ends in March 2011, the South African farmers expect to produce only 2,14 million tons of sugar. Close to such a record crop in South Africa was only 1995 year, when the farmers were able to produce only 1,67 million tons of sugar. In one interview, the head of the national Read more [...]
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Due to climate changes in the Samara region are dying rodents

Gradual climate change, heat waves and drought in summer, dry and warm winters affect the functioning of all organisms in our region. In particular, over the last few years has significantly reduced the number of rodents that live in the national Park \"Samarskaya Luka\". — Due to the climate change community structure, population, — told the Chairman of the Samara regional socio-ecological Union Sergey Simak. - I am doing research rodents, but it is worth bearing in mind that weather changes are effective on all types of organisms. This long-term trend, Read more [...]
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Flood in Algeria

Seven people were killed in floods that occurred this week in the North of Algeria, said on Thursday the Algerian news Agency APS. According to the meteorological and rescue services, heavy rains that continue in some Northern areas of the country since last Tuesday, overflowed usually dry at this time of year Ueda (beds periodic streams). Inundated several villages, highways, destroyed several bridges. Meteorologists forecast that downpours in the next few hours will cease. At the same time, the rescuers expect to increase the number of victims of the floods, because, according to them, in some Read more [...]
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Tropical storm Fernand formed off the coast of Mexico

August 26, 2013. Tropical storm «Fernand» formed in Sunday off the coast of Mexico. This was reported by the experts from the National centre for monitoring hurricanes, located in Miami /Florida/. Now «Fernand» is 40 km to the East of the Mexican state of Veracruz. The wind speed at the center of the storm reaches 72 km per hour. According to meteorologists, the cyclone is moving towards the West at a speed of 14 miles per hour and, according to forecasts, today will reach the coast. In some areas of Mexico declared a storm warning. Atmospheric phenomenon is classified Read more [...]
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The storm \»took\» several roofs in the Tambov region

The storm \"took\" several roofs in the Tambov area and left without light dozens of villages \"From the house can only go barefoot around the water, the gardens went under water,\" say the inhabitants of Tambovka. Last night before in Tambov, Ivanovo and Constantine districts shower podtopil streets and gardens, the element blew the roofs off several houses and a garage and left for the night without light almost all the villages in the territories. On Wednesday evening in Tambovka there were no signs of storms. Even Amur emergency Department, which is usually very sensitive to any potential Read more [...]
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In the County of Zinjan Heilongjiang province tornado destroyed 924 buildings

In the propaganda Department of the Committee of the CPC of the County of Zinjan Heilongjiang province confirmed correspondent 19 August, about 16:00 broke out on the territory of this County hurricane touched 12 villages destroyed 924 built on 5 thousand mu fell crops in parts of the districts interrupted the supply of electricity and broken connection, 3 man wounded. Urgent rescue operations are not interrupted even during the night. Source: People's Daily Read more [...]
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Hail in Ormarsson district of the Chuvash Republic

In Ormarsson district of the Chuvash Republic instead of the desired and expected rain «suddenly there came hail» while the size of the individual than hailstones reached 3 cm in diameter, said the administration Urmarskogo district. «Killed many young rooks and jackdaws, spent the night in the crowns of the trees, the carcass of which lie in this morning on earth, some of them sitting, souvlis. With trees almost knocked off and lying on the ground a small crop of fruit and berry crops — apples, pear, plum, sloe, etc. Have a broken window panes, damaged cars. Read more [...]
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Status of geological catastrophes of nature in China is still heavy

Photo: In the first half of this year, the number of geological disasters of nature has increased in 10 times compared to the same period last year. On related issues in an exclusive interview interviewer. Xinhua said the head of Ministry of land and natural resources, the inspector General of public lands Xu Shaoshi. Xu Shaoshi reported that in recent years, especially this year the situation with the disasters of geological nature has escalated. From January to July of this year in China occurred in total events 26009 disasters of geological nature, among them human sacrifices Read more [...]
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On the beaches of New Zealand jumped 73 China

Last night on distant beaches of New Zealand jumped 73 China. As the \"\" reports with reference to the Associated Press, 58 animals were killed. The representative of the volunteer organization \"Project-ions, said that currently the volunteer rescue team trying to save the lives of the remaining 15 species of whales. He said that over the salvation of each animal are at least five people. All surviving whales are in serious condition. Source: Free Press Read more [...]
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The hurricane made dead 15 Testomat in Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod. 20.08.2010. As the press service of the government of Nizhny Novgorod region, resulting from the hurricane, more than 15 thousand homes were left without electricity, which account for about 40 thousand people. Most from the last storm suffered outlet Arzamas, community activists, Kstovo, Bogorodsk, Bolsheboldinskom, the resurrection, Lyskovsky, Knjagininskaja, Pavlovsky, Pochinok, the Saviour, Semenov, sechenovskiy, Chkalovskaya areas. And in Nizhny Novgorod from strong wind fallen tree damaged the gas pipeline on the street Gorokhoveckaja in Kanavinsky district. Now on Read more [...]
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Spain. Floods

Source: Lead Read more [...]

The wheat crop in Syria suffers from drought and yellow rust

Farmers Syria for the past three years suffer from drought, and in the current season in the wheat fields of the country hit a new trouble - yellow rust. In June, the USDA reported that the outbreak of Phytopathology in Syria wheat harvest season will amount to 3.3 million tons, which is 18% lower than the previous year, and 35% less than the record for Syria indices of production. According to experts, the most affected by drought and rust areas, yield losses range from 35 to 50%. In the season 2009/10 wheat crop in Syria amounted to 3.2 million tons, despite the fact that the government has Read more [...]
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