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In India 17 people killed by lightning

In the Indian state of Bihar during thunderstorms and heavy rain last night, 17 people were killed by lightning and over 20 received serious burns. «Among the dead — ten men, five women and two children, all of them — residents of rural areas. The authorities decided to allocate compensation to the families of the victims in the amount of 100 thousand rupees (2,1 thousand dollars) each», — said Wednesday «Interfax» the representative of the Department of disaster management of state government. «Lightning death» annual Read more [...]
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In Poland hurricane consequences. Video

In Poland, thousands of people were left without electricity due to numerous accidents on the power lines. Damage received and houses. Killed a motorist who was in the car at the moment when it fell the tree. And in the German state of Hesse due to strong tornadoes also wrecked cars. Some buildings were blown off the roof. Somewhere there was a power cut, stopped working telephone, no Internet. In the aftermath of the involved two and a half hundreds of firefighters and rescuers. Source: The First Channel Read more [...]
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Because of the heat in cranes residents of the Rostov region flows of low-quality water

The heat in the Rostov region have provoked in include reservoir cyanobacteria — blue-green algae. From contaminated water affects residents of the city of Konstantinovsk. For several days the townspeople felt out of the faucet and the smell of dust, and herring, and even manure. Such fluid scary not to drink and use for bathing and washing. Now the water is much lighter than I was three days ago, says Eugene Susalla. Yesterday, she was like «Tarragon». Already half pension she bought pure water, while to get used to now it can't. Says, life drank raw water from the Read more [...]
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Scientists can’t think of a way to counter warming

Modern technologies, which should prevent a further increase in the level of the oceans due to rising temperatures on the planet, ineffective in the long term To such conclusion scientists using computer models reviewed five of these methods. The results of the work of specialists published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, reports with reference to the Bi-Bi-si. One of the consequences of continued growth temperature on Earth is rising ocean levels, which can lead to flooding of a significant part of the populated areas. Recently, ecologists have Read more [...]
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Yuzhnouralsk town Kasli left without water due to the shallow pond

Since yesterday, August 24, residents of Kasli sit without water: the main source of water has almost dried up due to drought, and now the authorities need to urgently resolve the issue with an alternative. As the correspondent of \"New Region\" in the city of Kasli, due to severe drought has seriously reduced the level of the sole source of drinking water - Zatsepina pond. The scale of the destruction experts still can not estimate all measurements will be made later. Local authorities have found a way out is to arrange water from another source - the lake of Kirati. Of course, this will Read more [...]
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In Colombia began the eruption of Galeras

Colombian authorities began to evacuate about 9 thousand people living near the volcano Galeras eruption which began on Wednesday, in the region of high alert «red» degree. In this area has focused more 400 police to assist the civilian population. To receive evacuees prepared nine shelters in the city of Pasto (nariño Department) near the border with Ecuador. As said on the radio the chief of the National police, General Oscar Naranjo (Оscar Naranjo), representatives of the forces of law and order ensure residents safety of their personal property, as well as encourage them Read more [...]
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Strange phenomenon in Santiago. Video

Strange phenomenon in Santiago, Chile as a red circle in the sky, on the eve of the earthquake...Shooting dated February 26, 2010. Source: Read more [...]
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In Dagestan because of the drought was imposed emergency situation

Because of the heat wave in 26 of the 42 districts of Dagestan introduced a state of emergency. Losses from lost crop can be about 360 million rubles. As BelTA «Caucasian knot» in the MOE of Dagestan, abnormal high temperature has caused great damage to agriculture. The loss of the crop was recorded on the square more 24 thousands of hectares. Recall that hot weather was a cause of forest fires in Dagestan. The fires were recorded 26-27 July on the territory of the forest GU «Makhachkala forestry» GU «Peri-urban forestry» GU «Derbent forestry». Read more [...]
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Japan is the next target of the tropical storm Kong-Rey\»

August 30, 2013. Tropical storm Kong-Rey\" is deleted from Taiwan and, apparently, concentrating on Japan. Precipitation brought by the storm could cause flooding. In the coastal cities of Taiwan Jiayi, Tainan and Kaohsiung flood waters rise up to the second floors of buildings. In class cancelled several trains from nursing homes evacuated 29 people.According to the forecasts of meteorologists, on Saturday Kong-Rey will appeal to the Japanese island of Kyushu, and then head towards the island of Honshu. Throughout the weekend there is expected rainfall, according to the portal \"Kong-Rey Read more [...]
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Flood flooded dozens of gardens and cottages near Khabarovsk

Dozens of gardens and suburban areas are under water on the Islands and on the left Bank of the Amur river near Khabarovsk due to rise of water level in the river, told RIA Novosti on Thursday representative Khabarovsk interregional Union of gardeners. «Flooded villas and gardens, located in lowland areas on the island and the left Bank. This year, thanks to timely information in the media, the cottagers have time to harvest, move furniture and equipment in attics», — said the source. According to Khabarovsk meteorologist, the level of the Amur from Khabarovsk on Read more [...]
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Hurricane battered roofs in Novosibirsk

Hurricane battered roofs and the nerves of people. On Monday, the region was hit by the disaster, and the loss count today. The name of the boy was not given, but the nickname he already has: «Petrel». In the light of God, the child is asked just before the storm. Sergey Romancin, chief physician Kaczkowski RSD: «Just in the area of the operational unit was ripped 14 sheets of slate. Clearly, the roof was revealed: there was numb in one of the chambers of the surgical Department. Fortunately not suffered operating, because at that time was preparing cesarean section. The Read more [...]
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Sharks are on the verge of extinction

The subject of hunting: according to the world organization for environmental protection (UNEP), the whale shark, the largest shark in the world, is currently the meat a delicacy. Scott Tuason/GETTY IMAGES They say that the Australian naturalist Steve Irving went from a Chinese restaurant, if was found that there serves shark fin soup. Speaking out in defense of sharks, however, have not stopped the practice of their capture, and did not prevent the reduction in the number of sharks. According to the red list of International Union for conservation of nature, at least 35 species of sharks and Read more [...]
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Carbon monoxide-summer-2010: what hides the smoke of the fires?

Unfortunately, all weather and climatic trends I outlined at the end of last spring-early summer, continued unfortunate for Russia August. Heat and drought, and then fires first forest, and then vynashivalsya entire villages from the center of the country to the Urals, has put many regions of the country to the brink of a state of emergency, and power — in a deadlock. This is not surprising: according to scientists, such prolonged heat and drought was not in Russia more than a thousand years, and the official statistics of the observation confirms the increase of 1.3 degrees mean annual Read more [...]
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People in Spain suffer from the heat. Video

Residents of Spain would be happy now at least some rain. On the South of the country was established 40-degree heat. It is nearly 10 degrees above normal for August values. Because of the heat they changed the work schedule for many enterprises. Shops, for example, work only a few hours per day, according to «Russia 24». Local residents suffer from the heat: — To work under the burning sun, on hot asphalt awful. — Very poorly. Should be prohibited from working in Seville. Source: Lead Read more [...]
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Indonesia earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2

The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.2 happened today to the South of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. According to the representative of the national seismological service, the epicenter of earthquake was at a depth of 26 km and 145 km from the city of Tapan. They were clearly perceptible in the radius 206 km Information on casualties or damage were reported. According to experts, the occurrence of a tsunami is unlikely, according to ITAR-TASS. The Indonesian archipelago consists of more than 18 thousand Islands stretching along the equator on 6,5 thousand km. Largest island country surrounded Read more [...]
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The invasion of the crocodiles fought off the desire among residents of Chicago to swim

When five-year-old American nick Pauline was walking with her mother on the street Raquel along the Chicago river, he looked in his toy binoculars and suddenly got scared, and cried: \"Mother! Mom! In Chicago-river crocodile!\" It was hard to believe in something like that. It's like if someone from the inhabitants of the Russian capital saw the alligator in the Moscow river. But nick really saw the crocodile, which as if nothing had happened sailed geese and ducks. Passers-by were shocked by this scene. \"Why suddenly crocodiles were in the waters of the Chicago river? Will they be able to survive Read more [...]
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Hundreds of thousands of people affected by severe floods in Chad and Niger

About 110 thousand people were injured in the Republic of Chad, due to severe floods caused by incessant all last week by strong rains. This is stated in a communique published today the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs /OCHA/. As follows from the document, the strongest torrential rains fell immediately into nine regions of the country. Thus, according to OCHA, some part of the territory of Chad are not available for analysis, and therefore, the current number of victims could rise after data collection in other areas. The authorities have appealed to their foreign Read more [...]
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In Sicily intensified Etna

Photo: Archives On the largest active volcano in Europe, located on the Italian island of Sicily, the height of which exceeds 3 thousand meters, since yesterday there has been a significant activity. Crater, located on the top of mount Etna continues to hear a great roar and pulled out the black clubs gases mixed with ashes. In the last hours of registered four of the explosion which was accompanied by a weak seismic activity. However, according to scientists from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Catania substantial reason for concern, as registered in the Read more [...]
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7 people were killed in heavy rains in Turkey

At least seven people were killed when mud flows and landslides terrestrial rocks in the Turkish black sea province of Rize, caused by heavy rains, said on Friday the local authorities. «Six people are still missing, at least seven were injured», — said in a live TV channel NTV, the mayor of the city of Rize Khalil, Bacardi. According to the head of the city administration, «Rize is experiencing the largest natural disaster in its history». According to reports from the affected areas, the flood caused severe damage to many residential and administrative buildings. Read more [...]
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In Australia +35°C

August 29, 2013. In Australia +35°C! \"So what? you would say. - This is Australia!\" The peculiarity lies in the fact that in Australia it is winter, and such high temperatures in the winter here it was not very long ago. In August 1946 in the town Oodnadatta in the Northern part of South Australia was established winter record +36.5°C. In 1960 winter weather tried to update the record heat, reaching 36,2°C. From the recent natural disasters in South Australia, it is worth mentioning winter Hades 2009, when all the same Oodnadatta registered +35.3°C. This winter, despite the fact that she Read more [...]
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