Nigeria due to heavy rains threatened by an epidemic of cholera

Nigeria is threatened by the epidemic of cholera in the last three months of this disease died at 352. It is reported by the associated Press, citing the Ministry of health of West African States. As stated in the report of the office from June 12 from 36 States in the country were registered more 6,4 thousand cases of human infection with cholera. «Epidemiological evidence suggests that the whole country is under threat», — stated in the Ministry of health. Cholera — acute intestinal infection caused by bacteria of the species Vibrio cholerae. Distributed, Read more [...]
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The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.1 happened in the North of Peru

Photo: EMSC The earthquake of a magnitude of 5.1 happened 550 kilometres North of Peru's capital city Lima, data about victims and destructions, reports the website of the U.S. Geological survey. Tremors were recorded on Friday in 08.41 MSC. The earthquake was located 120 kilometers from the city of Pucallpa at a depth of 133,6 kilometers. It already 17 the sensitive earthquake in Peru since August. Through this region undergoes Pacific «fiery belt» where 85% of all earthquakes in the world. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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Hard without bread

Imagine what would happen if the drought this summer has not happened near Moscow, and under Chicago or near Beijing. Lester brown introduced - and he was afraid. Lester brown (Lester Brown) - perhaps the leading expert in the world on food security. A prolific author, he wrote more than fifty books and repeatedly personally rewrote the rules of debate in the area of food policy, for the first time making it his book \"Man, land and food\" of 1963. His most famous book \"Who will feed China?\" spoke in Washington, London and Beijing; the subject was the performance of agriculture in the Read more [...]
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West Germany pouring rain

Prolonged heavy rains in the West of Germany led to the flooding of large areas in the Federal States of lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia. In the past days here on one square meter fell over 190 liters of precipitation, which is much higher than the monthly rate. In osnabrück and the district of Steinfurt Friday declared a state of emergency. In the locality Steinfurt level of water in the streets exceeded 30 inches, and in the river Hase water rose of 2.51 meters above the norm, said the mayor Boris Pistorius. «This never occurred in the history of weather observing», — Read more [...]
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Milan suffers from invasion of rats

Photo: Archives Prestigious area of Brera in Milan's historic centre was subjected to this invasion of rats. Wrote about this on Friday, the Milan newspaper Corriere della Sera. Rodents have chosen some Central squares and parks, where they freely poking about on the grass, and even climb on the branches of the trees, seeding horror regulars local bars and restaurants, RIA «News». «Daddy, look how funny squirrel!» — the cry of a child who saw a rat on the tree, does not evoke emotion among residents Brera, where the square meter costs about 8 thousand Read more [...]
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Fitover destroyed the potato crop in the Murmansk region

Now many potato fields in the Murmansk region are burned to ashes. Just a few days the plants were shriveled and blackened. Farmers worry and complain about certain emissions from industrial enterprises of the region. A resident of the village Verhnetulomski Galina Konstantinovna with bitterness shows what is left from the harvest. The garden to the pensioner was a good help, and now the potato plots only the charred stalks. Themselves tubers little more peas — did not grow. The same attack all the neighbors. If in the past year, on average, collected 140-160 buckets of potatoes, Read more [...]
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Dagestan farmers save the harvest. Video

In Dagestan podschweit losses, which caused the region's unprecedented drought. More than one third of agricultural land turned into a scorched wasteland, under the scorching sun die even weeds. Caucasian farmers are pinning their hopes on the grape harvest, which can still be saved. During the summer field Alibee Ibragimov turned into a lifeless desert. Because of the incredible drought, the farmer lost crops of spring barley. Find here a spike impossible in the land of formed cracks half a meter depth. Farmers have no choice but to count the losses. AliBey Ibragimov, farmer: \"Approximately Read more [...]
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Karymsky volcano emits plumes of ash to a height of up to 4.5 kilometers

Karymsky volcano on the Kamchatka Peninsula on Friday threw plumes of ash to a height of up to 4.5 km, told RIA Novosti the representative of the Kamchatka branch of the Geophysical service of Russian Academy of Sciences. Karymsky is considered one of the most active among the 29 active volcanoes of Kamchatka. «Seismic stations in the past few days has registered around the volcano about 60 local earthquakes. Surveillance Karymsky difficult, however, seismic data suggest that some local earthquakes were accompanied by volcanic emissions. The height of the weakest of them was 2.5 kilometers, Read more [...]
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In Latin America, the cold caused the deaths of hundreds of people

Unusually cold winters in South America claimed the lives of hundreds of people. The lowest temperature of minus 23 degrees Celsius) was recorded this week in Peru. During the week, according to official data, the country from influenza and frostbite died 112 people. In Argentina from frostbite died 16 man, even 11 people died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning from worn-out furnaces. Most of them homeless, and residents of poor neighborhoods. In Paraguay and Brazil from the cold has killed several thousand head of cattle. In some regions of Peru and Bolivia canceled classes in schools. Heating Read more [...]
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The hurricane left the tambovchane without a roof over your head

Yesterday on August 26, Tambov region was struck by a powerful hurricane. In addition to gusty winds residents may day, Starowiejska and Leninsky districts experienced a thunderstorm with hail. Hurricane passing on human settlements, left behind ripped roofs from houses and ragged wire transmission lines. On the whole trajectory of its movement, you can see the fallen trees. In the village Podgornoe Starowiejska district with local schools demolished the roof. Repair work began immediately upon completion of the disaster. At the moment, damaged the roof is already patched. In addition to the Read more [...]
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Scientists explained the reason stabilize global average temperature

August 29, 2013. Scientists engaged in the study of the process of global warming, said that, despite the increase in the share of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, over the last 15 years, the average temperature of the planet was almost unchanged. This fact suggests the presence of a deterrent, ensuring stabilization of the temperature. It was found that such a break is provided by abnormally low temperatures in the tropical Pacific ocean. Scientists at the SCRIPPS Institute of Oceanography in California Yu Kosaka and Xie SanPiN in an article published in the journal Read more [...]
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In Minsk for the second time in the season bloomed chestnuts

Nature once again all messed up. The trees fit to drop their leaves, and then stuff like that. The biological clock of urban flora have strayed from the usual course. Across the alley along the square on the branches - solid anomalies: and fresh herbs, and fruits, and full-blown \"candle\". But in the spring, they say, landscapers, chestnuts are unlikely to please the Minsk flowers. Source:  Capital TV Read more [...]
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In Iran an earthquake 5.9

Photo: EMSC Iranian state television reported earthquake of magnitude 5.9 points in a remote area in the North-East of Iran. It is reported that the earthquake started at 23:23 local time (19:23 average), 300 kilometers from the city of Damghan in the province of Semnan. During the disaster, two villagers were killed and 40 wounded, dozens of homes were destroyed. The USGS has estimated the strength of the earthquake of 5.7 points. Source: She Read more [...]
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Designed to be extremely accurate model of mantle currents and movement of lithospheric plates

Research has earned a spot on the cover of the current issue of the journal Science. Geophysics from California Institute of technology and University of Texas at Austin developed an accurate model of mantle currents and movement of lithospheric plates. The model successfully combines data on processes of different scales. You know, say that convection in the mantle leads to the huge movement of lithospheric plates, but the result of these shifts is strongly influenced by the interaction of the latter with each other. At their borders formed a huge number of separate areas of mutual influences Read more [...]
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The earthquake of magnitude 4.0 occurred in Central Italy

Photo: EMSC The earthquake of magnitude 4.0 happened Saturday morning in Central Italy, according to the national Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology. Tremors were recorded in the region of Umbria in 9.08 (11.08 time in the mountain area near cities Montefalco (Montefalco), Foligno (Foligno and Spoleto (Spoleto). According to seismologists, the epicenter of the earthquake was at a depth of eight kilometers from the earth's surface. Data on victims and destructions. Source: RIA Novosti Read more [...]
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France swept tornado. Video

In the East of France a powerful tornado swept in two villages. He tore the roofs off several dozen houses and scattered tiles on all streets. Even large trees were uprooted. No one was hurt, but rescuers day shoveled debris. Locals say that they have not seen. Interestingly, the tornado lasted only 15 seconds, but left after a serious fracture, TV channel «Russia 24». Source: Lead Read more [...]
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The coming food crisis

Global food safety system is experiencing a constant voltage on the verge of collapse, and the Russian fires and Pakistan floods aggravated an already difficult situation. In a world in which, for the first time in human history, a billion people suffer from chronic malnutrition, reserve for unexpected losses was small. But the tragic events of this summer with special distinctness revealed the vulnerability of global food markets. Terrible fires and deadly drought in Russia has killed not less than one-tenth of the entire wheat crop, which led to the imposition of the ban on exports Read more [...]
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In Kyrgyzstan mountain lakes at any time can withdraw from the shores

Some mountain lakes of Kyrgyzstan may at any time withdraw from the banks and flood the surrounding villages. These are the forecasts of experts. Moreover, several dangerous reservoirs are located near Bishkek. Geologist amanbay Sarnogoev about tough character lakes native land knows firsthand. The study of the outburst reservoirs scientist has spent almost 45 years. According to him, the danger of lakes lies in their proximity to human settlements. \"on August 9, a breakthrough occurred in the lake in Kochkor. Destroyed the waterworks and irrigation canals. Fortunately, there were no human Read more [...]
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Klyuchevskaya volcano spews ash and lava

In Kamchatka, the largest in Eurasia the Klyuchevskaya Sopka volcano ejects ash from the crater to a height of one kilometer. The plume of ash stretches for tens of kilometers. On the South-Western slope of the giant spits out a stream of hot lava. During the day it happened more 100 earthquakes. Hazard for human settlements no, inform «Вести.Ru». Klyuchevskaya Sopka is the highest in Eurasia active volcano. The height of the giant — 4 thousands of 750 meters above sea level. Giant is 32 kilometers from the village of Keys on the Eastern Kamchatka, where five Read more [...]
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The wind left in the dark inhabitants of the nine districts of Belgorod region

More than 36 thousand people were left on Saturday without light in the Belgorod region due to squally wind, according to the Central regional emergency center. Rain, accompanied by heavy wind, reaching 15 — 20 meters per second in Saturday night caused power outages in nine districts of Belgorod region: Belgorod, Shebekino, Yakovlevsky, Gubkinsky, Stary Oskol, Grajvoronskogo, Korochanskiy, Noviy Oskol, Krasnenskoye and the city of Belgorod. «According to the data 20.50 GMT Saturday corrupted 89 lines de-energized 888 transformer substations. On restoration of power supply Read more [...]
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