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Flooding in Sudan has left without shelter 600 families

Prolonged torrential rains have caused severe flooding in the province of Bahr-El-ghazal in southern Sudan, who left without a roof over your head 600 families, said in a Saturday radio «The Mirai». According to journalists, in the locality of Avail on the North of the province destroyed 10 residential areas. The Minister of state for information and communications Sudan bona Mauian Makuac (Bona Mauein Makwach) reported that homeless people were placed at the site where the construction of the airport. «This is a temporary solution until such time as the water will chline Read more [...]
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Hurricane with a speed of 160 km/h hit the Kamchatka

August 29, 2013. South Kamchatka attacked powerful cyclonic vortex. The pressure in its center is 985 hPa, and gusts of strong wind accompanying intense rain showers in places reach 44 m/s (160 km/h). Hurricane turns the bus stop, picking up banners in places fallen trees. It was reported by the representative of the local meteorologist. According to preliminary data, in the welter there were no injuries. Residents and visitors of Kamchatka should refrain from camping. Rescuers advise citizens not to leave their homes, not to release to the street children, drivers to refrain from driving, as Read more [...]
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Tornado in Eastern Cuba

One person was killed and six were injured to various degrees of severity as a result of tornadoes in the area Campechuela in the Eastern province of Granma. On Wednesday informed the Cuban official sources. According to the newspaper \"Granma\", the victim of disaster was the 26-year-old woman, six three victims were hospitalized. Tornado, accompanied by heavy rainfall, destroyed 16 homes and damaged about 40. In addition, damage was caused to the agricultural plantations. According to latest information, the authorities evacuated from the dangerous area of more than 70 people, according Read more [...]
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What is the metropolis residents the chance to escape in the event of a disaster?

No need to be an expert in the field of security, not to see the obvious: all systems and services in the metropolis working with overloads and crashes can happen at any time. As shown by August, in large cities, sometimes \"spoils\" the air, lost electricity and water. According to experts, in the future natural and manmade disasters will only increase. Than it threatens citizens, tried to find out \"NO\". And it turned out that in the worst case the city and its inhabitants to these disasters is simply not ready. So, people have forgotten how to keep your home canned food, flashlights and first Read more [...]
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Giant sinkhole swallows car wash. Video

Publication date - August 24. In the aftermath of the floods in the North East of the state of Georgia, was formed by a giant funnel, which absorbs standing beside the car wash building. Parking badly damaged asphalt. Reports The Associated Press. Source: Opposing Views, TV Atlanta Read more [...]
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Hurricane In Samara

Photo: As reported in the regional search and rescue service, the incident occurred in the eighth hour of the evening on August 25, in the district of the Samara river station. Hurricane wind, accompanied by rain and hail knocked a large tree at the intersection of Leningrad and Maxim Gorky. A tree fell on a kiosk selling ice cream, under shelter from the bad weather was hiding people. \"Three women pressed metal roof tents. Rescuers had to use a special technique to deliver them. One of the women suffered much stronger than the rest, — the piece of metal Read more [...]
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A tornado passed over Jurmala

The tornado formed over the Latvian resort town of Jurmala on Saturday evening, about the victims, until, according to the Internet portal Delfi. According to Delfi, near the concert hall \"Dzintari\" in the center of Jurmala tornado was spotted about 20:30 local time (21:30 GMT). State fire and rescue service of Latvia stated that its duty had not received a single call in Jurmala, which could be associated with the tornado, according to the Internet portal.Source: RIA Novosti, DELFI Read more [...]
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Floods in China. Photos

China still does not stop the floods and heavy rains, which killed and disappeared thousands of people, destroyed tens of thousands of buildings. According to the Ministry of land and natural resources of the PRC, in the first half of this year there have been 10 times more natural disasters than in the same period last year.Source: The Great Era Of Read more [...]
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Sat come down from the mountains in Kabul

Heavy rain fell on Wednesday in Kabul, resulting in the sixth municipal district of the city from the mountains came down the mudflow destroyed about 100 homes, reported on Thursday, local private TV station «Tolo». According to him, the mud flow has killed two and injured several of the inhabitants of the affected area of the city, located at the foot of the numerous mountains. Old-timers say that I do not remember such natural disasters in Kabul for decades. To date the Kabul municipality has not provided any assistance to the affected residents, notes «Tolo». The Read more [...]
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In the Poltava region due to bad weather deenergized 40 settlements

Photo: 40 settlements were left without power as the result of complications weather in Poltava region. This is stated in the press service of the Ministry of emergency situations and population protection from consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe. In the night 28 on 29 August due to rain, hail and strong wind gusts 20-25 m/s triggered automatic protection of power lines. De-energized towns in 5 the districts. According to the MOE, to resume power supply to the involved teams in the company. The situation is under the control of the Main Directorate of the MOE in the Poltava region. Let's Read more [...]
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Latvia is threatened by earthquakes

In order to prevent negative consequences from possible earthquakes in Latvia it is necessary to create a network of local stations seismological observations, according to the draft of the new civil defence Plan, prepared by the Ministry of internal Affairs. As the authors document, although Latvia and is not located in a seismically active zone, the facts of history and statistics indicate the possibility of occurrence are quite strong aftershocks. In the period from 1976 through 2004 in the Baltic region was recorded eight quite a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 3.5 to 5 points Read more [...]
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At least 14 people suffered from the earthquake in southwest China

At least 14 people were injured during the earthquake of a magnitude of 5.0, which occurred on Sunday in southwest China, according to Xinhua news Agency, citing a statement from the local authorities. According to the U.S. Geological survey, the earthquake occurred on Sunday, 8.53 local time (12.53 MSC), affecting Sichuan, Yunnan. The epicenter of the tremors was located at a depth of 32.8 km. As a result, in the province of Yunnan 13 people were injured, around 7.3 thousand homes were destroyed, said the head of the local administration Zhou Inbin (Zhou Yingbin). Another man suffered Read more [...]
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Sweden: the Mass extinction of elks

August 31, 2013. In the forests of the southern regions of Sweden recorded mass extinction of elks. Primarily affected young individuals. The researchers suggest that the cause is still unknown phenomenon Mora animals may be global climate change. The most difficult situation on the island of öland. During the week there died out a few dozen animals. At the moment the local herd is not more than 300 heads. According to the experts-hunters, one of the reasons for the high mortality of moose is increased for the last time, the density of animals in terms of square kilometers. It is considered that Read more [...]
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Face the world food crisis due to the cost of grain?

The grain harvest this year was reduced due to natural disasters in different parts of the world. Global suppliers of grain, including Russia, limit the export price for wheat growing. Speculators trying to cash in on the General panic, the media think about the prospects of the world food crisis. Experts believe that in the near future disturbances and riots on the grounds of hunger is not expected — good yields of previous years will delay the interruption of food supplies. But what happens next? For Ukraine, the Russian factor in the grain plays an important role. Let Read more [...]
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In the Vladimir region, due to the drought killed a third of agricultural crops

Will prices increase food or not, depends from what crop this year will bring together farmers. The current drought order spoiled the results of the farmers. The harvesting campaign is in full swing and we can calculate what will go in the winter. In the fields of Yuryev-Polsky district visited Elena Maslennikova. A good while from farmers heard a little. According to the preliminary results of the harvest, and remove managed not all, one-third of the crops died. A particularly difficult situation of food grains: from the Vladimir region 150 thousands of tons received only 10%. Potatoes Read more [...]
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Syria: thousands of people fleeing drought and famine

About 800,000 people have fled their homes in North-East Syria, because of four years of drought and a complete lack of public infrastructure. The United Nations reports that most of them moved to camp without electricity or running water near the city. Residents complain that in this area there are no schools for children and nowhere to work to feed their families. Those who remained in the villages, sell their property and are dependent on the UN and the Syrian government. World food programme, which started to operate in the region, provides food to about 200 thousand people. Source: She Read more [...]
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In Nizhny Novgorod the wind knocked about 1000 trees

This was reported today by the Vice-mayor of Nizhny Novgorod Sergey Gladyshev during operational meetings at city hall. According to him, over the weekend in the squally wind in Moscow and Sormovo districts of Nizhny Novgorod was felled about 1000 trees. According to Director of housing and engineering infrastructure Nizhny Novgorod Sergey mol'kov, in Avtozavodsky district, about 1,000 homes were left without electricity. Have been disconnected from the power supply 10 houses down the street Alekseevskaya, 6 houses down the street Batumi, 12 houses on the street Filchenkov, 2 houses down the Read more [...]
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Hurricane Katrina : five years later

Hurricane Katrina was formed on 23 August in the Bahamas. Before the hurricane reached the coast of the U.S., he was assigned to the 5th level of danger on the hurricane Scale the Saffir-Simpson. Approximately 12 hours before meeting with the coast, the hurricane weakened to the level 4 category. The wind speed during hurricane reached 280 km/H. on August 27, 2005 passed over the coast of Florida near Miami and turned towards the Gulf of Mexico. On Monday, August 29, 2005 hurricane reached the South-Eastern coast of the United States in the district in Louisiana and Mississippi. In the area hit Read more [...]
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SAHO has lost 90% of the crop due to drought

Company Siberian agrarian holding (SAHO, one of the leaders of the Russian agro-industrial complex) for the year will bring together about 200 thousand tons of grain in the original plan of 450 thousand tons, said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the holding Pavel Skurikhin. \"Last year we collected about 330 thousand tons of grain and sold it below cost. This year we are with our Rostov fields removed about 85% of what was planned, in the Tula region, about 30 percent, in Ulyanovsk - about 10% of the plan, that is, 90% of lost and has actually removed the wheat yield from 2.5 to 3.5 Read more [...]
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Tatarstan lost about 300 thousand tons of grain

According to the Minister of agriculture and food of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Akhmetov, this year, instead of the expected 1 million tons of grain was produced about 700 thousand tons. Because of the drought Republic has never carried such significant losses, he said. Even in difficult weather conditions 1981, when the straw had to import from Kazakhstan, gross harvest bread amounted to 1.7 million tons, reports IA \"Tatar-inform\". In order to survive until the new harvest, Tatarstan you must have more than 3 million tons of grain. In the reserve there are 1.5 million tons. Hope intervention Read more [...]
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