Hudayberdin Shagit Akhmetovich

Hudayberdin Shagit Akhmetovich (08 (20) .10.1896, d. Psyachino now Hudayberdin Ufim. Lip. 21.12. 1924, Moscow), participation. roar. movement in the head. owls. desks. and state. figure. Rod. family cross. He studied at the Madrasa Hussaini in Orenbah. (1909 14). Outcast. in the first world. war. Pers. Socialist-Revolutionary Party. (May 1917 March 1918), the RCP (B) with a 1918 On Feb. 1917 pers. Ufim. Muslim Brothers. Military Shuro (Council) region. someone that the party lion. SRs and pers. Socialist-Revolutionaries. Muslim Commissariat, Ufa Province. Commissioner on the head. cases Ufim. Read more [...]
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Huba right tributary of the MSTA.

Huba - River flowing in Malovishersky Novgorod region. Is a right tributary of the MSTA. Belongs to the basin of the Baltic Sea, Lake Ilmen and the basin of the rivers - MSTA, Volkhov, Neva. The direction of flow of the river from its source to the village Shelyaiha - southwest. Next to the village Vlichki - north-west. After the village well water river flowing again Huba in the south-west. Source of the river is located in the swamp mosses Spassky. Mouth of the river is 88 km from the mouth of the river MSTA, near the village of exhibition. The river Huba from source to mouth is 67 km away. The Read more [...]
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Chronology of construction

1980 year August. August 28 of a vertical mine shaft on the future station "Ural" removed first excavator bucket land. The next day was established party organization Sverdlovsk Metrostroi. She was elected secretary of a mining engineer, surveyor Yu.A.Pestryakov. September. At the station "Ural" unfolded evaluation assets. October. The construction of the trunk № 7. near the station "Dynamo" organized callout utilities. November. First orders metrostroevtsev (on steel forms, anchors, mining complexes, and other equipment, materials, tools) are available on Uralmash, Read more [...]
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Chronicle of events 1918

    February 19 I Regional Congress of the Red Guards in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg decided to enroll all the teams of the Red Guard Reserve Red Army.     March 7 First Tagil detachment under the command of VG Perepelkina aimed at Dutov Front.     May 18 is formed Alexis squad Vysokogorskoto mine.     May 29 uprising Czechoslovak Corps. In Tagil passes citywide meeting of enrollment in the ranks Red Army and the general meeting of members of the RCP (b) of the organization of the Red Army.     June 1 began to take shape North-Ural-Siberian Read more [...]
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Christiansen Lev

Christiansen Lev (28.02 (12.03) .1910, Pskov 13.10., 1985, Saratov), ​​musicologist, teacher, collector, Inst. and promoter of music. folklore, Honored. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1956). Rod. in the family of the employee. Graduated from Moscow. Conservatory (1938). 1938-41 he worked at the Department of Arts of the SNK of the RSFSR, 1941-47 hands. dec. concert org-tions, 1943-59 Regular. and thin. hands. Lv. cum. Choir. 1943-44, 1949-58 taught at Ur., 1959-85 in the Saratov Conservatory. H. was a deputy. prev. hud. Methodological Council on prof. nat. collectives Dept. of Culture of the RSFSR. Read more [...]
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The Christianization of the Uralic peoples

Christianity arrived in the Urals in the north-west, on the same roads that anciently elected ushkuyniki Novgorod and Moscow rati for fleecing tribes Perm (Komi), Voguls (Mansi) and Yugra (Khanty-Ostyaks). But it should be noted that missionary activity was ahead of the actual colonization of the region. Ural region was basically baptized before they became a full part Moscow principality. Former rulers of these territories, Novgorod, no work was who and how to manage the Ural tribes in which the gods are believed. If only it was that they snatch. Novgorod, if you managed during the raids, stripped Read more [...]
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Spine Yusha

Yusha ridge located in the central part of the Southern Urals, to the southwest of the array Large Yamantau. This is one of the ridges thousanders. The length of its small, only about 10 miles a minute. Spine Yusha perfectly clear with Beloretsk route when going from Intermountain towards Byeloretsk. For turning on Mezhogore begins very long climb to the ridge. The left is the rocky outcrops, a mountain Danube Suygan any differently Yusha. The highest point of the ridge Yusha - anonymous tip of 1109 m, located in the central part of the range. But very often, and especially the local population Read more [...]
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Spine Uraltau

Uraltau - the longest mountain range of the Southern Urals. Uraltau length is 290 km, with a width of 10 km U20. The ridge stretches from north to south across the area Bashkortostan through Baimaksky, Burzyansky Beloretsk, Abzelilovsky and Uchalinsky areas. He also captured part of the Chelyabinsk region, passing among the towns and Zlatoust Miass. North of the source of the Ural River, on the border between Uraltau continents Europe and Asia. Further, in the north, crosses Uraltau in BolshoyUralsky ridge.In comparison with the ranges of the central part of the Southern Urals, Uraltau not differ Read more [...]
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Spine Uvan. Mountain Uvan

Map ridge Uvan:  View Ridge Uvan. in a larger map Uvan, a mountain range in the Chelyabinsk region array., Stretches from SW to NE in the upper right bank. Yuryuzan. Uvan divided into two parallel rows, Big and Small Uvan. Major tops Uvana: The Big Uvan (1222.4 m.) And Small Uvan (1014 m.). In addition, on Bolshennom Uvan there are two unnamed top of 1054 m. And 1054 m. With the Russian Bashkir Uvan word translated as "mound." There is a legend that is buried under a mound poor shepherd, whose heart could not stand the betrayal krosotki Ai. In general, the ordinary story of the ill-fated love, Read more [...]
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Dry Ridge Mountains (Dry Mountains)

Map of Dry Ridge Mountains:View Dry Ridge Mountains. in a larger map Dry Ridge Mountains (Chelyabinsk region). Stretches from SW to NE, is a watershed pp Lemeza (lion. Tributary. Shem) and Neil (lion. Tributary. CATA) in NW. The SE almost papallelno Ridge Dry Ridge Mountains lies bunks. Coupled with the southern spurs and are associated with dry mountain ridges Bairamgul and Small Kareda length of the ridge is about 45 km. The large width of the ridge 10 km. The central ridge is a plateau, wooded height of 1000 m., With small tops, meadows and stone placers. The highest points from north to south: Read more [...]
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Ridge Saldys

Spine Saldys is in the area between the Great and Lesser Inzer, beginning after the village Inzer. When you are traveling by rail from the station towards the Inzer Aygira, past roaring, right across the river you will see the ridge Saldys. There is just brand new broad gauge railways separated from exciting the bulk. The length of the ridge is about 20 km. Saldys does not apply to the ridges-thousanders. Complex crystalline rocks, as it refers to the central zone of the Southern Urals. From a tourist point of view, nothing really exciting on the ridge Saldys not. He absolutely overgrown forest Read more [...]
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Spine Nurgush

Map ridge Nurgush: View Ridge Nurgush. in a larger map Nurgush Ridge (MR Satkinsky Chelyabinsk region.) Stretches from SW to NE, is a watershed pp Large Kalagaza (right tributary. Yuryuzan) and Small Kyl (Pool Lake. Zyuratkul) in NW. Its length is about 42 km altitude above 1,000 m, the highest point of the Big Nurgush (1406 m) in the northeastern part of the range. This peak is the highest point and the Chelyabinsk region. Meaning of the word Nurgush. Usually the word Nurgush translated as "radiant bird" from the head. nur - "Ray", "light" and kosh - "Bird". But authoritative toponymists Urals Read more [...]
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Spine Nurali

Map ridge Nurali: View Ridge Nurali. in a larger map Nurali mountain range in the southern Urals, in rep. Bash., Extended meridian at the source p. Miass (rights. Tributary. Iset). Length of 8 km and a height of 700-750 m, the highest point of 752 m in the C part. Connected to a bridge (628 m) with xp. Siritur. Covered meadow vegetation, logs, gorges and thick forest carts. - (N.Rundkvista, O. Zadorina, Encyclopedia Ural, 2013).  Title of the ridge, of course, came from the Bashkir Nurly light., That all right with respect to the ridge, as it is composed of light wood and treeless. But usually Read more [...]
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Spine Mashak

Map ridge Mashak: View Ridge Mashak. in a larger map Mashak mountain range in the southern Urals, in rep. Bash. Arc stretches from SW to NE in the upper left bank. Yuryuzan (lion. Tributary. Ufa). The convex side of the arc facing the NW in the upper reaches of rivers Small Inzer (right tributary. Inzer) and Little Katana (lion. Component p. CATA). Length of 30 km, the height of communication. 1000m. N.Rundkvist, O. Zadorina, Encyclopedia Ural, 2013   More significant tops from north to south: Mr. Kharitonov (1224 m.), The Bear (1308 m.), The Broad (1332 m.), The Sentry Stone (1303 m.), The Wide Read more [...]
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Ridge Small Yamantau

Map Small Yamantau: View Small Yamantau. in a larger map Ridge Small Yamantau (Bashkiria) lies far away from the confluence of rivers and Small Inzer Inzer. In the north-west ridge bordered by Belyagush ridge from the south district. Small Inzer separates it from xp. Karatas, who is orographic prodlozheniem Small Yamantau the south and in the east there is a huge mountain ranges. There's the little hills rises in all its beauty Big Mountain Yamantau. Ridge Small Yamantau small, its length is only 7 km away. The ridge is composed of 2-parts. South, with a maximum height of 867 m. And north, where Read more [...]
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Spine trap

Trap or Kapkalka small ridge east of Mount Big Yamantau, on the right bank of the river Big Inzer. The highest point of the ridge traps (Kapkalka) - 1175 meters. The length of the ridge is 3 kilometers. On the eastern slopes are mountain meadows, glades, the western slope - Zalesov. As everywhere in the Southern Urals, there are traces of the total logging. It is necessary to see that on a roll of the creek into the river Kapkalka Large Inzer once was a village a trap, where they lived dispossessed special immigrants. Currently, the village was only a glade. With Bashkir word "trap" is translated Read more [...]
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Spine Inzer rack-wheel

Map Inzer rack-wheel: View Ridge Inzer rack-wheel. in a larger map Inzer rack-wheel (Bashkiria) stretches from SW to NE in the upper left bank of the river. Tirlyan. Inzer rack-wheel ridge really small, its length from north to south, just 8 km away. The highest point of the ridge Inzer rack-wheel - anonymous tip in the central part of the range 1161 m. Attractions ridge Inzer rack-wheel. Spine Inzer rack-wheel is a lot of enthusiasm for lovers of unusual colorful landscapes. This rock bastions, cliffs and unusual crests. Ridge deserves to roam and climb on the rocks a rafting day long. And he Read more [...]
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Spine Zilmerdak

Map Zilmerdak: View Ridge Zilmerdak. in a larger map Zilmerdak, a mountain range in the southern Urals, in rep. Bashkiria, meridian stretches between the valleys of rivers Zilim (right tributary. Snow White) by Yu and Inzer (left tributary of the river. Sim) on C. The length of 78 km, the height above 700-900 m, the highest. point of 912 m (rocky ridge, alpine meadow), in the SW part of the range of 13.5 km in from the village. Tolparovo. Others. tops: Kiyauygan (831 m to the center. part) Kaltyshtash (796 m, in the second part). Folded sedimentary rocks vylkanogennymi. 2 km to the NE from the Read more [...]
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Spine Becht

Spine Becht (someone calls him a plateau) is near the village of Verhnearshinsky. This is a continuation of the ridge and Kumardaka Bacto each other. Some tend to believe Becht northern extension of the ridge Kumardak. Some, by contrast, the southern extension of the ridge bacta. Yet, Becht has its own title on the cards, although consonant with the word "bacta". With all of this, the population of the village Tyulyuk where ridge Bacto breaks its opposite ends, calls Bacto not on another Becht or Bikta. So of course, that in due time Becht was all part of the same ridge Bacto and its extension Read more [...]
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The keeper of the book heritage

     Scientific library of the museum, one of the oldest but the Urals. Its historical destiny is tied up with the fate of Russia, and so amazing, mysterious, and sometimes tragic. It was reflected in the mirror the complex composition of the library fund, which absorbed the fragments of numerous book collections of pre-revolutionary Tagil (private, public, school, etc.), and "persons" the books themselves their title diets often "decorated" several wide variety of possessory signs.     Particularly interesting and large soma over 6,000 books Read more [...]
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