I'll tell you for why it was called Fubley! Before she got her nickname, it actually was not: it belonged to no one in it, no one needed no name nobody could summon, and no one could tell where he was and what it was fed into all the world long winter. From the warm shops, entrances of houses and yards musorok its distilled local dogs, such as hungry as she was, but proud and strong affiliation with his gregarious areas. She was lonely even in the midst of its own. These are. Remember, you have probably been in the class of any fat studious and well-mannered boy, whose appearance and asked to Read more [...]
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Mikhail Frunze (pseudonym. Arseny Trifonich)

Mikhail Frunze (pseudonym. Arseny Trifonich) (20.01 (01.02) .1885, Bishkek, 10.31.1925, Moscow), Sov. State. and military leader. From the family of a military paramedic. Graduated from high school, he entered the St. Petersburg. Polytechnic. Inst (1904), is arrested for the roar. activities and expelled from St. Petersburg. In 1905 hands. the first Council in Ivanovo. Twice sentenced to death (1910, 1914), exiled in Verkhoyansk. In 1917 the chief of cum. Police in Minsk, pers. the executive committee of the Minsk office of the Council. dep. and before. Council of the cross. dep. in Minsk and Read more [...]
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Frolov Marcian P.

Frolov Marcian P. (06 (18) .12.1892, Bobruisk 30.10. 1944, Sverdlov.), Composer, pianist, professor. (1939), Honored. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1944). Rod. in the family of the employee. In 1919-21 he studied composition at the Kiev Conservatory (cl. R.M.Gliera). He graduated from St. Petersburg. Conservatory (cl. I.Miklashevskoy Piano, 1924). 1928-34 taught at Sverdl. muses. College, 1934-37, 1943-44 cond. Sverdl. Conservatory, from 1935 head. composition department. Prev. Sverdl reign. Dep. UK RSFSR (1932-44). Load. hordes. Tr.Kr.Zn. Op cit .:. Enkhe Bulat-Bator (1940); Oratorio poem about Read more [...]
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Frolov, Kozma Dmitrievich

Frolov, Kozma Dmitrievich (06/29/1726, Polevskoi zd -09.03. 1800 Barnaul), outstanding hydraulic engineer and inventor. Rod. in the family of an artisan, education in the z-dskoy school. From 1744 F. on a mountain in the state of service Polevsky s-yes, in 1751-1753 worked at the mine Gumeshevskom, participated in the exploration of mineral deposits on r.Yaike, in 1758 for org-tion of mining operations directed to Olonets lips., 1759 worked on Berezovsky angry. mines where invented the original machine zolotopromyvalnuyu to-heaven was introduced in Manufact. and improved the process of washing Read more [...]
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Alexander G. Friedlander

Alexander G. Friedlander (02 (15) .07. 1906, St. Petersburg. 13.09.1980, Sverdlov.), Composer, conductor, professor. (1980), Honored. Art. RSFSR (1958). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from Leningrad. Conservatory (1933, cl. A.V.Gauka). 1939-41, 1947-74 conductor of the symphonic orchestra. Sverdl. Philharmonic 1941-43 Ch. conductor Sverdl. Theater op. and Ballet Song and Dance Ensemble UrVO. Since 1946 teacher of Ur. State. Conservatory. Op cit .:. Snow (1962), Pitertsy (1965) Cake from Heaven (1970); ballet The Stone Flower (1944, 2nd ed. 1947 3rd 1975); Bride (1958); choreographic Read more [...]
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French-lemezinsky plant

But first, the plant was named Lemezinskim, by the name of the forest cottages on the shore of Inzer. The fact that Lemeza this location is very close to Inzer and location of the plant to Lemezit only about 5 miles. Well, under the charcoal burning forest was set aside by the banks to the upper right Lemeza Lemeza what they say skeletons coal stoves and coal piles at the former villages Lemeza Yurt and Berezniki. Lemezinsky plant in 1890 built Ufa merchant Alexey Semenovich  Sofronov. This is one of 2-Sofronova brothers, after whom is named Ufa Sofronovskaya Sofronovskaya marina and mountain Read more [...]
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French meadow on the river Inzer

I began to dig information uniformly and eventually learned subsequently. Was this place Metallurgical zavodik who built the shareholders at the end of the 19th century. A corporation that was called "the French-Lemezinskaya Company." Small factory was fed an iron and steel ore extracted in the mines near the village Inzer. And the finished product, his molten iron, floated on barges to a huge water down to the white and on to Ufa. Zavodik did not last long and was closed in 1904, when the Russian Empire economic crisis broke out. Despite this trace is left of it a lot. This is the place where Read more [...]
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FRANZHOLI Lyudmila Timofeevna

FRANZHOLI Lyudmila Timofeevna (11 (23) .07.1896, Vyatka 12.06. 1992 Irbit Sverdl. Region.), Actress. Rod. family watered. exiled. She graduated from the Petrograd hud.-drama school. Creative work early. in clubs Vyatka (1918-20). Since 1920 worked in dramatic works Kostroma, Rostov, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl. 1947-78 W. theaters, including 1950 in Irbit. Best role: Vassa (Vassa Zheleznova Gorky), Euphrosyne (Dowry Ostrovsky), Berseneva (Rift B.Lavreneva) Filitsata (Truth is good, but happiness is better Ostrovsky), Clara Zetkin (Blue Horses on Red Grass M .Shatrova). Author: SV Fedorov Read more [...]
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This table was a sign to all tagilchanam the beginning of the last century, and now it is a museum exhibit the history of Nizhny Tagil Mining and Metallurgical College of Cherepanovs. Part of the display table was not so long ago: passed it here founder of the museum and local historian Paul Karpovich Shilenko, keep this piece of furniture as a family heirloom. By the way, in the early twentieth century, the image of this table was almost in every family, because it was him tagilchane photographed in the famous photo studio Shestakov. He is now one of the most interesting exhibits of the hall Read more [...]
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Photojournalist Nicholas Gorbatovsky

     Without a notebook and pen to introduce journalist difficult. And only the newspaper people know that there is another important component. His professional career can be considered failed if you do not have permanent assistants freelance writers, press photographers, from time to time "bear in its beak" something interesting. These people work for a newspaper in his spare time activities, snatch him from the rest, from school, from friends, but leave his rare hobbies that require masses of time and effort, yet can not. Some of them will eventually become our Read more [...]
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Photograph monocle?

In the last issue of "SH" we have already talked about the unusual exhibition "Old world charm", opened in the main building of the Nizhny Tagil Museum. And the readers can get an idea about the people and the taste of our great-grandparents at the turn of this century and the last, learn, how they dressed, how to furnish an apartment, decorated table, from what they ate and drank. But one of the sections of the exhibition was "behind the scenes". A section of this essential, as it allows you to see the era of Art Nouveau in the guise of people who lived then they came to us in the old photographs. Read more [...]
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Photo exhibition “Wildlife RB-2012”

For the fifth year of the photo contest "Wildlife of Bashkortostan", "become attached" to everything that is related to this event! Wonder, and how I lived without the fuss and exciting moments - fees for a master - class: exit onto PA area that holds a contest despite the fact that promises us "heavenly office", and despite the fact that the meeting was going just a couple of the participants ... getting ready, going, planning, experience, dream ..! and with all this, always smile when I think what a warm and spiritual meeting ahead of us ... This year's photo contest carries natural park "IremelHotel." Read more [...]
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Photius I. Shvetsov

Innovative tendencies manifested in the work of many inventors practitioners who worked on the Tagil factories. However, to expand production require specialists with higher technical education, in the perfection owning foreign languages, the former informed of all achievements of world science and technology. One of them was FI Sweden. Even AN Demidov was forced to admit: Sweden in great detail familiar with the technical portion and generally in this regard, it may be the most capable man in the Urals. In 1820, a talented young man from land, graduate school Vyisky factory at the order of the Read more [...]
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DEFENSE FUND cash and mat. values, to-rye voluntarily have made citizens in the cities. WWII for the needs of French. Proposal to establish a FO workers were made in July 1941, concurrently. in dec. p-tries gos Islands. One of the first of this initiative was made by the team at the U. Yegorshinsky TPP (Sverdl. Region.). Initiated an explanation of the value of fundraising. At the prom. enterprises org. rallies, cit., where a slave. made the decision to allocate to FO monthly one, two and three-day salary to the end of the war. Three days of defense established a slave. Uralmash, Rusakovskaya Read more [...]
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Folkloristics URAL

Folkloristics URAL the science of folklore, covers the range of problems of identifying, collecting and systematizing the repertoire to Inst. groups, genres and Dep. Manuf. oral cum. creativity. First Sb. ur. folklore collection of proverbs, compiled in the 1720s VNTatishchev. Outstanding memory. nat. cum. poetry became Ancient Russian poem Kirsa Danilova. Initiators, and sometimes artists conceived Inst. at this stage were the capital of science and culture, to-rye awakened interest in folk.-collecting activities of the Urals. Since 1860 activated folk. ethnographic activities lips. gas. and Read more [...]
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FOLKLORE MUSIC URAL mnogonats. in nature, due to the diversity of nat. of us. region. Ranges of resettlement of peoples to ter. U. intertwined it contributes to the decomposition. ethnic contacts, manifested in music. folklore. Max. studied the head., Komi, Udm., in Russian. musical and folk. tradition. Bash. muses. Folklore. The roots of the head. folklore in the culture of the Turkic pastoral tribes who lived on the southern. D at the end of the IX to the beginning. XIX century. In the folklore of the Bashkirs joined echoes of pagan and Muslim beliefs. Regular. holidays in the spring and summer; Read more [...]
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In XV—XVII centuries. oral poetry of the peoples of the Urals was lively and exciting phenomenon. Finno-Ugric peoples existed actively cosmogonic myths, explains the emergence of the world, various deities, humans, animals, and etnogonicheskie myths that told about the origin of a particular ethnic group; Cro­IU that existed mythological tales of gods and lower epi­cal songs, stories about culture heroes creators of tools? Skilled craftsmen. Myths Mansi, Komi zyryan and Permian Komis drew about a picture of the universe. God-demiurge (Yong Komi, Mansi Numi-Torun) Prica­linking Read more [...]
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FOKIN URAL Nicholas T.

FOKIN URAL Nicholas T. (27.11 (10.12) .1891, der. Ryazanka Samovskoy par. Karachevsky y., Bryansk Province. -04.02.1938, Orenbah.), Sov. commander. He served in the arm. He became a lieutenant with the 1911, then the battalion commander. In Cr. Arm. the brigade commander, the division commander, the corps commander. Pers. RCP (B) with 1918 After being wounded in the South. fr. and firing on indefinite leave has held a number of prominent part. host. posts. Awarded two hordes. Cr. Sign., Angry. weapons. For distinguished service to Ur. fr. 1919-20 given the right to be called Fokin Ural instead Read more [...]
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Finno-Ugric Peoples

Finno-Ugric Peoples peoples speaking Finno-Ugric (Finno-Ugric) lang. Finno-Ugric lang. constitute one of the two branches (along with Samoyed) ur. lang. family. Linguistic principle Frank-U.N. are divided into groups: Finnic (Finns, Estonians, Izhorians, Vepsians, Livs, Vod), perm. (Komi Zyrians, Permian Komis, Udmurtia), Ugric (Khanty, Mansi, Hungarians), Mordovia (Mordvinians-Moksha, Mordvinians-Erzya), Mari (Mari) and Sami (Lapps). F.-U.N. settled on the ter. Northwestern. Europe from Scandinavia to the U., Volga-Kama region, the Lower and Mid. Tobol region. Num. Russia in approx. 4.4 million Read more [...]
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The film has got to the point

    December 24, 1989 by Central Television has been shown a half-hour video "Taghilsky option" Sverdlovsk Committee Television and Radio Broadcasting. He got a huge resonance was replicated and was all but kroev television channels, regions and republics of the Soviet Union. And it all began.     In April 1989, I proposed management committee to remove movie an interesting economic innovation in Nizhny Tagil. In the beginning of July at the offices came Up. Deputy Chairman of our teleradiokomiteta Nikolai V. Antonov said that in his wire Moscow, Central Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).