Street Motina

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Lenin Street

    The biggest and the most beautiful street in the the city of Nizhny Tagil is named after Lenin. But not always, it is so called, not always was so. The beginning of its existence out in the distant past. Its appearance is associated with the first years of life Tagil. Since 1720 started the development of the mountain and the High construction of the Nizhni Tagil ironworks. The labor force first Demidov and his son Akinfiev recruited from different sources. Attributed to the peasants of the surrounding villages are employed beglye.staroobryadtsy. Of them and create a settlement. Read more [...]
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Street Red Army

    From south to north, from the shores of the pond to the river Tagil necks (Left-bank tributary Tagil) almost 3 km long street Red Army. She crosses the street from the Urals, Lenin, Marx, Lomonosov Moscow State University, News, Pioneer, River Tagil, Serov, Veterinary, Mountain, advanced Taghilsky Kriul three nameless alley. Astronauts, Vogulsky, Lebyazhinsky and the Coast.     Until 1930, this street was two names from the pond to the river Tagil Arzamasskaya from the river Tagil River to the neck of a new path.     Arzamasskaya street I was in Tagil Read more [...]
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Street Constantine Pylaeva

    This street in the village of railway Bow is named after the man who does not so long ago walked here, politely hello, talking with friends.     In the prewar years, Konstantin Pylaev, which was a little over 20 years, worked fitter in the train depot. Growth slightly above the mean, lean, smart     What distinguished this guy? He was always sustained, even in dealing with people, "Never psyched", As they say in train depot, but was looking for a way out of any position worked intently. Between eyebrows lies deep furrow, and eyes, is always Read more [...]
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Karl Marx Street (Shamin)

    Street Shamin one of the main streets of the past. Broad, trading in mainly built up in the central part of the big houses. But she did not transport was due to the steep and long climb up the hill from the Green bridge. All goods, horse-drawn carts, which took place through Tagil plant, delivered by a sloping road past the main the plant (now City Hall) through the center to other paths.     Began this Street from the Green River Bridge Therese Tagil from Tagil plant and went to Perm Railway. Her home, business part was up to the intersection with High (Pervomajskaya). Its Read more [...]
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Zakharova Street

    In the history of Nizhny Tagil Anatoly F. Zakharov entered as the first Director of Metallurgical Combine.     He Uralets native, who was born in the village of addiction. He studied at the Visimsky school, where at one time gain knowledge Mitya Mamin (DN Mamin-Siberian) Having finished the Ural industrial Institute (later renamed the OIP), A. Zakharov 25 years working in the Ural plants. Talented engineer and organizer production, it is a lot of effort and energy given to the development of industry, especially Metallurgy of the Urals, and including the Lower Tagil. Read more [...]
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Street heather

    The history of the street began in the XVII century. Thrice she changed the name: it was Simbirsk, then the Revolution, and later gave her the name of heather. And is it is at the foot of the mountain Veresova, which was renamed in the Alexander 1862, in connection with the construction there of Alexander Nevsky church.     Stretches Street nearly the entire Galyanku from east to west - Tagil from pond to Chernoistochinsk tract, high school number 90 as be blocked her path. Shore, where there are the first houses is quite high, to it approached the raft. With him Read more [...]
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Street Beliavsky

    Named NI Beliavsky named small unassuming street in Dzerzhinsk the area near the Palace of Culture. I.V.Okuneva. Previously it was called the Belarusian. New name given in honor of the Hero The Soviet Union Nikolai Beliavsky accomplished the feat in the years Great Patriotic War.     Nikolai worked Bielawski carpenter at Nizhniy Tagil woodworking factory. Peace profession. Peaceful life. War mixed plans had to take up a rifle, to defend the motherland.     Section commander of the 147 th Guards Infantry Regiment, 49th Guards Infantry Division of Read more [...]
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Street Alexander Avenue Lenin

     "Nizhny Tagil is a real city, concludes an extensive urban industry: its population of over 31 thousand people, there are stone houses the main factory management, the manor house, the factory hospital, mansions factory employees" IJ Gorlov, professor of Kazan University, 1846Street view from the house Alexander AA Lyubimov. Photo 1900sView avenue named after VI Lenin. Photos 2002     From Predzavodskoy area to the east was the main street of the village -Aleksandrovskaya. In the history of Tagil street was renamed several times: first, poetically Read more [...]
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UKTUSSKY PLANT MATERIALS construction industry, the company, founded. in Sverdl. in the postwar period on the basis of s-dry-pressed bricks yes. In 1970 it was attached to the Elizabethan brick and similar zd in the village. Ore, and in 1985 another 2 shop Sverdl. s brick-yes the Siberian tract. As a result, he became one of the largest brick-s-ing the USSR with a daily volume of Manuf. to 117 million units / g (1976), repeatedly taking first place in the All-Union competition. In 1992, two workshops as Naib. obsolete have been stopped for the reconstruction, Mfr. bricks had fallen to 70 million Read more [...]
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UKTUSSKY PLANT Regular. in 1702-1705 on r.Uktus (r.Patrushiha), a tributary of r.Iseti. Dam were built, two blast furnaces, 4 hammer, forge, jam, a mill, 2 coal, degotny, fur barns. In 1708-1709 due to the threat of attack Bashkirs company was reinforced the prison, tank obstacles and slingshots. Regular. s-dskoy products are cast iron, iron, structure, anchors, boilers, tools, nails, as well as bombs, grenades, kernel buckshot. From 1713 early. smelting of copper in the two furnaces. Large h. Dskih s-products was sent to Moscow and Tobolsk. In 1721, when the s-de College was established Siberian Read more [...]
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Uktusskie mountains. River Patrushikha. Elizabethan pond

Uktusskie mountains are very famous even beyond the Urals: it held the All-Union and international ski competition, there is a series of ski jump (40, 80, 100), including the artificial turf for the summer training in the winter time work Resorts sports associations "Labor", "Dynamo", "Labor reserves"SKA. From the top Uktusskih Mountains offer beautiful views of the Sverdlovsk village Uktus and Nizhneisetsky pond. Historically, it is also interesting placeIt is here, on the river Patrushikha (in the old days was called Uktuskoy) flowing at the foot of the mountains, Read more [...]
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Uksunyoki river western and southern Karelia.

Uksunyoki - The river flows through the territory of the republic of Karelia. Applies to Baltic Basin District, sub-catchment Lake Ladoga. River Uksunyoki proceeds from north-west to south-east. Originates from the lake in Teronvaranyarvi Suojärvi region of the Republic of Karelia. Further proceeds by Pitkarantsky district and near the settlement Uuksu flows into Lake Ladoga in the north-eastern part. Localities. Uksunyoki river flows in a fairly deserted area. In the direction of flow of the river on the banks of the river bed is two localities of: in the area of ​​the village Suojärvi Raikonkoski; Read more [...]
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Ukrainians (Mitrofanov) Gavrila Semenov

Ukrainians (Mitrofanov) Gavrila Semenov (1675 Olonetsky y. -1750, Nevyansk), a prominent figure in ur. Old Believers, one of the hands. Vygovskogo common life, the Old Believers writer. On Vyge with 1695 in the beginning. XVIII century. moved to the east of Russia. Lived in the Urals (on p. Obve) in Tobolsk, in the deserts of the Old Believers in the Tyumen y. Then settled on the sea level. z-dah A.N.Demidova. Established himself as an experienced and energetic Fizzledowser administrator. With his participation was opened Altai copper and silver ore, built Kolyvanova Resurrection s-dy. Households. Read more [...]
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Slope of the river

Slope of the river - attitude fall river on any part of the length of the latter. Slope River expressed in relative size as a percentage (%) or per mille (‰). The longitudinal slope of the river, usually decreases from source to mouth, but in some rivers, depending on the nature of the terrain, such as rocks and soils in which passes channel, change in the slope along the river can be of different types. Determination of slope on sites created by water level in a period of low, stable conductivity. For the whole of the river are common bias by averaging the slopes of its individual sections. Read more [...]
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Uyskoy with., p-tion n. Chelyaba. region. Located 186 km from Chelyaba. Titles. gave r.Uy, in the bend of a swarm, by decree Orenbah. Commission, the governor Iset prov. Colonel Bahmetev June 23 (July 4) in 1742 laid the fortress. Originally the fortress was intended to host. and military service of the grain carts Isetsky edge in Orenbah. From 1744 Cossack fortress began to attract Uyskoy for service on the border line. In 1762 the fortress was 137 servicemen Cossacks had approx. 100 houses, wooden church. Regular. occupations of the residents were arable farming, fishing and hunting. In D held Read more [...]
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Uinskoe with., p-tion n. in Perm. region. Located at the confluence of r.Bolshoy Uy in r.Aspu 185 km from Perm. In 1749 Kungurian merchant Timothy Shavkunova on land leased from the Tartars, was DOS. Uinskoe Copper zd around-cerned originated us. point. In 1862, with the development of copper sandstones zd was stopped, and the people with. became engaged in DOS. c / x Mfr. W. u. collective farm named after Lenin. S. has the local history of the Muses., Song and Dance Ensemble. W. homeland math, Acad. Belarusian Acad. E.A.Barbashina Sciences (1918-1969). 4 km from the W., on the avenue. Shore Read more [...]
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Nodes Tobolsk Dungeon

Foresee: the reader will be surprised to see this headline. In fact, talking about the cities and towns of Stone Belt, that is, that the relatively limited bandwidth of the populated territory that lies along an ancient mountain range. What has this Tobolsk? Already he could geographically to the Urals is not tied. Not only geographically, but geologically not attached, because the Ural ridge as geological formation, goes deep into the bowels of the earth's crust and have not felt at the confluence of the Tobol and Irtysh. All this is true, but not so. Once all the huge Ural-Siberian region developed Read more [...]
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Narrow Gauge Railway

    Narrow Gauge Railway Nizhny Tagil - Ently-in Duck, the original Track 883 mm, built in 1895-97 years. for the transport of coal and timber, altered to 750 mm in 1960 .; in May 1998, it was movement of the stations Kedun bulls Gorbunovo - Antonovskaya Ditch Chauzh Bobrovka Ural - Ently-Shaitansky (city Visim)-dependence of the duck.    Stykovenie with broad gauge station Kedun-bulls trehrelsovoy scheme. Until 1981 road belonged NTMK, then they put in loading and transport management (PTU), which was composed of NTMK until 1989 and moved to maintenance Vysokogorskogo Read more [...]
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NARROW Fedor Spiridonovich

NARROW Fedor Spiridonovich (08. 02 (20.02) .1867, p. Konevskaya ECAT. Y. Perm. Lip. 07.03.1936, Sverdlov.), Izv. U. org-tor of choral and Regency case, teacher, trainer. Rod. family cross. Upon completion of courses singing letters from A.D.Gorodtsova (1899) became his assistant and successor in the org-tion of free choral courses W. (1900-18). In 1918-21 Instructor singing fin. cum. education in 1922-36 hands. section schoolteachers singing U. Math. uch of its development. programs of Op. arrangements for choir songs. Lit .: Rogozhnikova G. The life and work F.S.Uzkih // Scientific and methodological Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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