TOLSTIKOV Henry A. (01.21.1933, Moscow Kangurt Tajik SSR), chemist, Academician. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1987), Corr. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1981), Dr. of Science in Chemistry (1969), prof. (1970). Hon. Worker. Science and Technology BASSR (1975). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the Kazakh University (1957). In 1957-68 he worked at the Institute of Chemical Sciences of the Kazakh SSR, 1968-93 in the head. (1984-93 before. Preez. BFAN, then Bash. SC RAS). Since 1993, at the Institute of Organic Chemistry SB RAS. Regular. scientific direction. Worker. problems Read more [...]
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Tolmachev, Nikolai Gurevich

Tolmachev, Nikolai Gurevich (31.10 (12.11) .1895, ECAT. 26.05. 1919 der. Red Mountain near the station. Transfiguration Petrograd Province.), Sov. desks. and state. figure. Of family official. Graduated from Rostov-na-Donu real School (1914), studied in the Petrograd Polytechnic. in-ones. Pers. RSDLP (1913). Since 1916, pers. Petrograd desks. com-ta. Summer of 1916 led to illegal work Avg. William participated in the February. roar., in the 7 th (April). Vseros. Confer. RSDLP (b). Since the summer of 1917 he worked in the city of Perm. Participated in the Democratic Conference in Petrograd. Returned Read more [...]
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Tolmachev, Vladimir Yakovlevich

Tolmachev, Vladimir Yakovlevich (1876, in Lufia. Perm. Lip. 1943, Shanghai), one of the first eq. archaeologists, Inst. number of archaeological. memory. W., the founder of archaeological. maps Wed W. (1915), a full member of. Wole (1907) and Orenbah. Scientific Archive Commission (since 1908). Rod. in impoverished noble family. Father James A. served as a notary in Shadrinsk. In 1896, T., graduating ECAT. high school, he entered the St. Petersburg. Univ of Physics and Math. Faculty and parallel to the Acad. thin. In 1900 he also entered the archaeological. Inst, once on the second course. From Read more [...]
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TOKAREVA Maria (25.03 (06.04) .1894, Nikolaev 27.01.1965. Sverdl.), Actress, Nar. Art. RSFSR (1950). Rod. family servant. Acting skills gained in the Ukrainian kult.-raising on the island of Enlightenment. Theatrical career began in Simferopol, continued in Tbilisi, Mogilev, Nikolaev, Bryansk, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl. Season 1913-14 worked in the touring troupe M.Dalskogo. From 1931 to Sverdl. Drama Theatre. TV images were subject to dramatic and tragic sound, as well as typical. Roles: Shura (Egor Boulichev and other Gorky, 1933), Spring (Spring Love K. Trenev, 1934), Anna Karenina (Leo Tolstoy's Read more [...]
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Tobolsk Province

Tobolsk Province formed by the decree of December 12. 1796 instead of Tobolsk governorship, established on January 21. 1782 (Siberian lips.). Ter included. Zap. Siberian Plain, in the northwest h. Zauralye. Subdivided into 16 y. In 1804 Yu-east. h. lip. into separate Tomsk province. Tobolsk Province. has grown to include 9 y., 1824 10 Ter. Zauralye part was part of Turin, Coorg. y. Counties were divided into komissarstva. In 1822-38 of Tobolsk Province. temporarily allocated Omsk region. In 1822-1882 Tobolsk Province. part of the Siberian zap. gene-l-governorship. Bordered on the northeast by Read more [...]
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TOBOLSK of p-tion n. Tyumen region., Is located in a bend of the river. Irtysh at the confluence of the river. Tobol, 247 km north-east of from Tyumen. T. DOS. Cossacks in 1587 and has long been p. In Tobolsk. Siberia. On the lips. reform of Peter I 1708-1710 was T. c. Siberian province., Which included nearly all of Siberia and W. (1708), then q. Governorship of Tobolsk (1782) and, finally, c. Tobolsk Province. (1796). Originally us. T. were service people, but with the development of industry and trade and increased Posadskoe us. In the XVII-XVIII centuries. in were plentiful. tanning workshops, Read more [...]
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Loom goes to the museum

     It is a tradition that the historical-revolutionary Museum annually conducts several target expeditions. So this year must complete three: ethnographic, botanical and mineralogical.     Ethnographic expedition route ran through the eastern part of the Prigorodny District, covering the villages of the former parish Bashkarskoy: old Bashkarku, Novopanshino, Bizova, Sartakova, Yuzhakovo, Sizikova, Kaygorodku.Brought back from the expedition wooden pail and stylized pad on the gate in the form of a two-headed eagle     What drew attention to Read more [...]
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Tiuna Vasily Filipovic

Tiuna Vasily Filipovic (20.12.1900 (02.01.1901) der. Saltykovo, Okhansky y. Perm. Lip. 04.01.1998, Perm), economist, desks and owls. figure, prof. (1959). Rod. family cross. Graduated Sivinsky school teacher. 1916-18 teacher; 1918-19 pers. and the deputy. prev. Ust-Bubinskogo volrevkoma; 1919-23 political commissar Cr. Ap. He graduated from the Perm. University (1927). 1927-51 on the owls. and desks. work. 1951-61 Rector of Perm. Univ. 1958-62 Dep. Armed Forces of the USSR. Hon. Scientist of the RSFSR (1971). Author 147 scientific. works, including 19 monographs. Load. hordes. Tr. Cr. Sign. (1944, Read more [...]
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Titov Grigory

Titov Grigory (01 (14) .01.1907, der. Titus, Vyatka. Lip. 02.07.1981), singer (bass), Nar. Art. UDM. ASSR (1949), Honored. Art. Russia (1950). He studied at the Teachers College of Izhevsk, where engaged in the choir, received his first lessons in vocal. 1926-31 worked in the villages. school choir soloist 1933-39 UDM. RADIOKOM-ta and the Song and Dance Ensemble. Since 1947 (after the end of Moscow. Conservatory, cl. N.I.Speranskogo) worked in the UDM. music-dramas. Theatre soloist since 1951 UDM. Philharmonic. T. Executing a bass classical and nat. repertoire (op.Don Juan V.Motsarta, Ruslan and Read more [...]
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Josip Broz TITO

Josip Broz TITO (25.5.1892, p. Kumrovec, Croatia 04.05.1980, Belgrade), leader of the Yugoslav and Intern. communist movement, before. League of Communists of Yugoslavia (LCY) (1940 -1980), Marshal (1943), three bunks. Hero of Yugoslavia (1944, 1972, 1977), Hero of Socialist Labour. Labour Yugoslavia (1950). In 1910 he joined the Social-Democrats. Party of Croatia and Slavonia. In 1915 he was in Russia as a prisoner of war in 1916 he was sent to Kungur Perm. lips., was elected before. -ta war. Worked on w / d st., Made contact with the local Bolsheviks, led the propaganda of war, defending their Read more [...]
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Tirlyanskoe wheel

In it you can just believe, if you look at the wheel from a distance but when you approach closer, you see that the diameter of the wheel ravenprimerno pole and the meter and do not become clear what forces must be thread to a mah.inu way to turn and drag. And in fact there is not a flood at the same time. More precisely in this sense misrepresented that flooded the plant and he did not recover. A wheel takihbylo two, and they worked flywheels  nadvuh sheet rolling mills. Bringing them to an electric motor. Wheels tedostalis plant davnym- long, even from the German owners of the trading house Read more [...]
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Timofeyev-Resovsky Nikolai

Timofeyev-Resovsky Nikolai (06 (19). 09. 1900 28.03.1981 Moscow, Obninsk), biologist, Dr. biol. Sciences. (1965). Honorary member of. American Acad. Sciences and Arts of (1973). Rms. pers. German Acad. estestvoispytaniya (GDR) Leopoldina (1969), and others. Rhode. in a noble family. He graduated from Moscow State University (1925). 1925-45 he lived in Germany, 1945-55 was imprisoned. 1955-64 worked for W., Head. Dep. Inst biology UFAN. From 1964 he worked in Obninsk and Moscow. T., R. one of the founders of radiation genetics and biogeocenology, radiobiology, biophysics, population genetics and Read more [...]
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Boris Timofeev

Boris Timofeev (18/07/1882, Dalmatov Perm. Lip. 13.04.1920, Moscow), writer. Rod. in the family of a local doctor. He graduated from the ECAT. gymnasium (1901). He studied at the honey., Then at the Law Faculty of max Moskov. University, but did not graduate. First publ. Manuf. Dead knots (1913). Author pov. and stories Pelageyushka, a servant of Christ (1914), Nicander of Nicholas of Myra (1917), Marika (1918). His Mfr. dedicated wiring. intellectuals, village., spiritual quest in Russian. people. Roman Bowl mournful (1918), the first in Russian. literature of the major mfr. of the world. war. Vol Read more [...]
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Technical masterpieces

    "August 15 Uralvagonstroya site offers children technical station. It has six laboratories: photographic, transport, electrical, electronic, model aircraft and joinery locksmith. Reception children station is already open. It will study 400 children". This post was published in the original newspaper "Vagonogigant", №187 on August 15, 1935 year from the archive fairgrounds Uralvagonzavod.     Children's technical station Dzerzhinsky district in 2010 for 75 years. Many children were brought up and trained technical skills over the Read more [...]
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TECHNICAL AND SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL COMPANY association of scientists, specialists and office. organized by industry Manuf. By the beginning. XIX century. D has emerged as a leading mining district. This determined the creation in 1825 of ECAT. the nation's oldest mountain NTO, which played an important role in the development of Russian. mining science, training Mining Engineers and technicians in the study and synthesis of experience creating ur. s mountain-ing. At the initiative of the Society of Mining in ECAT. Rock music is created., organized magnetic and meteorological observatory. In Read more [...]
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TET Peter E.

TET Peter E. English mechanic. From 1836 he served in the Russian met. z-dah, including 16 years working in the U., where he served as Sec. ur mechanic. s mountain-ing. T. supervised activities ECAT. fur. f-ing, on a swarm in his drawings were made locomobiles, steam machines, and dec. mechanisms. In 1844, T. DOS. on the outskirts of ECAT. Melkovskuyu fur. f-ku, a swarm owned the rights of the tenant. MY company. steam machines, in DOS. designed for sea level. angry. ? Mines, private and state-owned met. z-ing. Since the late 1850s TV returns to England and Melkovskaya f-ka rented G.I.Gulletu. Read more [...]
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Tertyshna Anatoly T.

Tertyshna Anatoly T. (26/01/1939, Serov Sverdl. Region.), Historian, historian W. From the family of workers. He graduated from the east. Faculty t USU (1965). Since 1965 ass., Assoc. Prof., 1986 First Vice-Rector USUE. Dr. ist. Sciences (1988), Professor (1989). Hon. of Science (1996). Author of over 100 scientific. publications. One skilled in the region. Social-ek. and watered. Russian history of the twentieth century. known historian W. Vol .: Modern Historiography history of the Urals period Civil War (1918-1920). Sverdlovsk, 1984 (co-author.) Historiography Soviets Urals during the October Read more [...]
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Teptyars (Presumably from the Persian deftyar special kind of agrarian records), ethnographic group priur. (Head.) Tatars etnososlovnogo mixed origin. Developed in the first half. XVIII century. in DOS. of Representat. Turkic and Finno-Ugric peoples of the Middle Volga (Tatars, Chuvash, Udmurts, Mari), who settled on the patrimonial lands of the Bashkirs in the position pripuschennikov and subsequently subjected to a strong Tatar-head. influence. During the XVIII-XIX centuries. in the T. entered a large h. landless Bashkirs. T. Russ actively used. pr-tion as a soc. Bashk support during colonization. Read more [...]
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Teploukhov Fyodor

Teploukhov Fyodor (2/8/1845, of St. Petersburg. 12 04.1905, p. Ilinskoe Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip.), In Russian. arborist, botanist, archaeologist and ethnographer William Rhode. the son of a St. Petersburg Forestry. school / s and Mining Sciences A.E.Teplouhova. He graduated from the Perm. Gymnasium (1863), Tarandskuyu forest Acad. in Germany (1868), Peter the agricultural and forestry Acad. (1872) with a degree candidate. Forestry. Since 1872 ind. Chap. forester, in 1875-1905, Ch. forester Perm. undivided estate Stroganoff DOS. school of forestry in the estate. One of the first org-tori Perm. Read more [...]
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Teploukhov Alexander E.

Teploukhov Alexander E. (12.8.1811, p. Karagaj Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip. 18.04. 1885 s.Ilinskoe Solikamsky y. Perm. Lip.), In Russian. forester, an archaeologist. Rod. family serf paramedic Countess S.V.Stroganovoy. Graduated from two-year Ilinskoe School (1824), St. Petersburg. Stroganov school with / x and Mining Sciences (1830); served in St. Petersburg. office Stroganoff; trained in Tarandskoy Forest Acad. in Germany (1833-1838). Received his freedom (1839) and taught at the St. Petersburg Forestry. school with / x and Mining Sciences (1839-1847). Since 1847, Ch. forester, from 1864 to 1875 Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).